Saturday, February 22, 2014

Poetic Perspective (part 14) - Killing Fields

Broken bones, charred remains
Starved children, power gained
Monopolized industries, private plans
Privatized lands, money in hand
Is it all worth it?
Depends on who you ask
Those that do not understand
Can’t comprehend
How this could even exist
Yet it continuously persists

Too difficult to reverse
So the masses turn away
What can you do if you turned numb day-by-day
Frozen inside, so you blankly stare
You cannot wish the pain, injustice, and misery away
It will exist tomorrow because it exists today
Nothing changes overnight
Processes occur that are out of your sight
Governments give foreign aid, hope played
Foreign aid empowers the military dictatorships to stay
Death squads are dispatched, street gangs sent
To ensure resources are protected and saved
Money absorbed into deep coffers, not a penny spent
No need for lives to be saved when money can be made

Regions fight over shares,
Homes destroyed, lives fractured, no one cares
Opinions and solutions appear from people that are not physically there
No solution, just continuation
Money and careers to be made, no reason for a resolution
The media sells a story, over time it becomes history and fact
If money is to be protected, then the media distorts the truth
Real story fades into the background
Lives vanished into the oblivion, without making a sound
A distraction is created to hide the truth, repeated regularly all day
A scandal, an event, something else needs to be sold
So the real story never needs to be known
So the real story is never told
The killing fields remain, dissenters contained
Those that speak out are labeled, categorized, stigmatized
Terrified, tortured before they pass away
Haunting to see the whole picture while trying not to lose your mind

Hard to swallow the whole picture while you try to live a “normal” life.

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