Saturday, February 22, 2014

Poetic Perspective (part 12) - Real Forms

Look up at the sky and I find stars, look into the stars and I find light, look into the light and I find you
Look into the light and watch myself change form
I was floating in the darkness, the abyss of nothingness, where light could not penetrate
Now the rays of light that creeped in, has transformed me from here on in

A changed man I stand, a star floating in your glow, circling you, following you, wherever u may go
 I fear no passing away, for I shall return in another form
My energy used for other purposes, for life can never end
Heaven and hell are mental creations so how can 1 suffer when living in a world of sin?
Everything man touches in front of his eyes is doused in lies,
Sprayed over with blood, sweat, excrement, and semen

Lives passed away, many taken without given a chance
Hence we travel aimlessly in this universe, together with others, but truly alone in space like dust existing a million life times ago, now specks of sand
Life fleeting, never lasting, always changing and yet routine.
That is why it’s beautiful, tragic, a fairy tale and romantic

Its people you meet that make up your world
It’s things you read which create your thoughts
Your actions shape your reality
Your reality, your existence
The essence of life, a reason to believe in change, for nothing lasts forever, nor it is consistent

See things as they are, for its all you have left
 You’ll see beauty, wonder, love, and amazement
Miss out on it once, and who knows when the chance appears again in this existence
Take it all with a stride; take a breath when it goes wrong
Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, never let them be wasted, never think of them as futile or small
See the light not the darkness, see love not hate

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