Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Identity (part 7) -Deconstructing common beliefs about Purpose, Meaning, & Identity

Dearest brothers and sisters,

When it comes to finding purpose and identity, every one must find their own purpose by understanding the greater macro cosmic whole of where they fit into everything.  Individuals must not limit their understanding by crystallizing around an identity that was inherited from their "Birth lottery".  Though it can be helpful, it also shelters us from the reality of living in the real world.  It shelters us from living in the real world, day-by-day, moment-by-moment, and appreciating that every moment is another opportunity.  All we have in life is choices and opportunities, nothing else.  Nothing else!!

When you strip down reality to it's core and see the meaningless and purposelessness of reality, you also see the meaning and purpose of what it means to be alive.  You start seeing how choice enables you to be alive in the world.  Choice enables individuals to participate in each and every day that you are alive.  Choice enables individuals to participate  in each and every moment that you are alive.  You understand and accept that each and every second that you are alive, no moment is ever the same (though it seems that way).  The choice to just accept that you do have a choice, however small or big it may be at any moment, is a liberating experience that allows endless possibilities in your life that you will not know how it will play out (even after you pass away).  And I do not mean heaven or hell or the afterlife, I mean there are things you will choose to do or choose to be a part of while you are alive (even something as simple as a conversation will play on in other's lives after you pass away).

In every second, the "magic" of reality, the "magic" of existence, the "miracle" of existence -enables choice(s) to be made.  In each choice, there is the "miracle" and the "magic" of an opportunity.  That is all you really have in this world.  The opportunity in your mind to create a better reality.  The opportunity in your life to create the "real" you.  The opportunity in your life to be content and accept the reality you live in.  The opportunity to see people as they really are in the world.  The opportunity to not be controlled by emotions but to see our thoughts and emotions simultaneously as we make the choices we make based on the opportunities in front of us.  That is the "miracle" and "magic" of reality.  That is how "miracle" and "magic" connect us with God and all things simultaneously.

Crystallizing around an identity because of the "Birth lottery" is the easy way out.  Often, it is what separates us from being mature and realizing our own potential and place in the world.  There are many variables we cannot control.  The "Birth lottery" is one of them.  The place, time period, culture, social environment, gender that you are born into is due to the "Birth lottery".  How the economy and markets functions is another variable you will not control.

There are many things out of your control that affect the economy.  Some of them that alter and devastate and therefore alter you reality are:

(a) Weather (extreme cold, torrential rainfall, drought)
(b) War (civil war or the taxes needed to be raised for foreign wars abroad)
(c) Bad job market 
(d) Weak power grids (outdated, irreparable, unsustainable, or overused and stretched)
(e) Overpaid staff in the Public sector & Lack of Privatization(f) Over stretched governments due to borrowing for Public sector spending
(g) Natural Disasters (earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, flooding)
(h) Government Mismanagement (corruption, spending public money lavishly on private interests)
(i) Environmental Event (oil spill, train disaster).  Though it is out of your control, it does affect you.  The only thing you can do about it is use the "magic" and "miracle" of choice to create opportunities to better your life.  That is the only thing you can do when you are alive.  Seize opportunities and seize choices for each opportunity and each choice you make (based on the opportunity presented to you), creates other opportunities and other choices that you will have to make and live with.  That is what it means to be alive -having the ability and opportunity to make choices. 

Also, there are other items that we have choice over and do not have choice over (which will affect the opportunities and choices an individual may possibly make).  Many of these alter your lives:
(a) Bad Investments (property purchase, business venture(s), belief in a theory or philosophy, marriage, educational pursuit)
(b) Addictions (illegal substances, prescription pills, or alcohol)
(c) Mental Health Issues and Personality Disorders (depression, bipolar disorder, split personality disorder)
(d) Family (the relationship you have with your siblings and children; the structural relationship you have with your parents)
(e) Alimony, Child Support, OR Divorce Settlements
(f) Injury/Disease (to you or a loved one)
(g) Lack of Motivation and Bad Work Ethic/Bad Attitude(h) Childhood Trauma (physical or sexual abuse, forced incest, witnessing murder or sudden death)These are items, which affect and shape you and can limit the opportunities and choices you make because they will subconsciously, unconsciously, and consciously play inside your mind and the way you look at yourself, the way you look at reality, and the way you look at choices and opportunities in front of you.  They will always factor in, sometimes limiting your ability to grow and therefore limiting the ability to utilize your full potential when making choices.  None of these items listed above has to do with God, or Karma, or God's will.  An infantile view that must be disregarded and disposed of to fully understand your reality, yourself, and your choices and opportunities.  In life, majority of choices are not easy (though they seem that way).  Often we remove ourselves from choice as a defense mechanism once we have made it.  However, the choice we made still plays out whether we see it, choose to see it, or turn away from it.
The two lists mentioned above is the reason why no person has the right to judge another person.  You have the ability to judge another person, but unless you walked in that individual's shoes each and every second that individual was alive, you don't have the right to pass judgment on them.  For we can never know or understand a person's life, though we may see it and be a part of it.  It is wasted energy that could be expended elsewhere to better your life and the opportunities around you.  You cannot really live in the world and experience the choices and moments you have when you are using your time and energy focusing and judging others or thinking how they will judge you.

We also have to realize that "Birth Lotteries" affect many things in our life.  The eras we are born into are very different from each other (though they seem the same).  Eras are in fact very different from one another and are often incomparable.  For example:  (a) Materials that houses and property are made out of; (b) the ability to save money; (c) the costs of products; (d) the costs of living; (e) the standard and quality of living; (f) acceptable house sizes; (g) acceptable room sizes and the size of living quarters; (h) "wait times" in hospitals and in government offices, (i) the job market; (j) an individual's worth and commodification factor to his employers; (k) working wages in relation to inflation and taxes; (l) the use of technology; (m) the use of surveillance and security in society; (n) family dynamics and family relationships; (o) society’s over-saturation of post secondary degree and diplomas; (p) the needed skills and criteria to get a job;  (q) education level of a population;
 (r) p
opulation density in any given area; (s) d
isposable cash; (t) wages and benefits at the workplace.All of these things and many more are different from era to era.  Even 5 years is huge and cannot be properly compared in relation to something from the past or something that will occur in the future.  In fact, many changes occur in a 5 years span.  Though you may reminisce nostalgically, that is the only choice you have.  You cannot bring the past back in the exact way that it was.   In fact in the past 5 years: (a) the amount of cash in your pockets; (b) the amount of cash in your bank account; (d) the Consumerism mentality in society in regards to the usage of  Line of Credit/Credit Card/ Debit Cards to maintain a lifestyle; (e) Debt levels; (f) Transportation Quality; (g) Traffic Volume/Traffic Congestion have all changed.  Many of these items that have changed also affect the choices and opportunities you have presently
 and will have in the future. Many of these items affected you differently 5 years ago and for some, were not even a factor five years ago.  Therefore, do not allow yourself to be judged by others who have lived a completely different reality than you.  Each reality has it's similarities and it's differences, but the difference can be dramatic and life altering.  Do not base your self worth on how others judge you based on comparative ways of thinking (ex: comparing something 5 years ago to the present time).

Everything, anything, and all things in life are nothing more than distractions/ "time pass"/ escapism, and a framed sense of purpose/meaning. Everything in life is meaningless/meaningful, purposeless/purposeful, and relative to you -365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Whether it's:
(a) social interactions with others
(b) volunteer activities
(c) marriage and intimate relationships
(d) religious beliefs
(e) work/career
(f) education
(g) sibling involvement
(h) child rearing
(i) parents/elderly care
(j) vanity - shopping, working out, gossip, etc.
(k) leisure - trips, planning, watching TV, watching movies, watching sports, web surfing, reading, playing video games
All of these items affect the quality of life you live depending on the importance that you place on it.  The more of these you have in your life, the more "balanced" you seem to society and the more "normal" you seem to society.  However, what one sees as important, another person will see as unimportant.  That belief in the importance of what you do, will enable you to have purpose and distract yourself for yet another moment, yet another day, and yet another year.  The belief you have in something is what gives you purpose and meaning in your life.  The belief you have in something is what helps structure your day and affects your quality and expectation of life.

Overall, when you take away the belief in God, you still have reality.  When you take away hope, you still have reality.  When you take away purpose, you still have reality.  When you take away distractions, escapism, and  "time pass" you still have reality.  Reality does not change.  It lives on, no matter what you perceive or think of it.    How you perceive reality affects you more than it does reality.  How you perceive reality affects your whole life.  Understanding reality and what you want out of reality is the first steps in seizing what you want out of reality and making what you see possible.

1#  Ask yourself this when you are uncertain of anything: (a) what is the purpose of what you are doing? (b) who are you doing it for? (c) why are you doing it? (d) how did you get here? (e) where will this take you? (f) how much must I invest and is the investment worth it?.  In life, everything is a risk and everything is an investment because you never know what the future holds once you start something.
No culture, no region, no religion, no belief system owns God.  None of these control vibration/energy/spirit.  "In the beginning there was light", "in the beginning there was sound", "the nameless, the indescribable, the infinite, the eternal...".    Always remember that.  The connection you have with God is yours and yours alone.  No one can give it to you.  You have it whether you want it or not.  It is there whether you are alive or dead.
3#  Perceive reality the way you want. That's in your control. Opportunities and choices presented to you however, will depend on outside variables that you do not fully control as well as emotions and reactions and choices that you do control.  In each moment, there is a choice and a opportunity.
4#  Genuine Love, Genuine Indifference/Detachment, Genuine Jealousy/Envy, Genuine Pain/Hurt, Genuine Gratitude, or Genuine Ignorance.  These are the strongest vibrational energies in a person that will not only affect you and your magnetic field but also others lives and their magnetic fields.
5#  "Birth lotteries" affect everything.  The region you are born in, perception, lifestyle choices, "class"/caste, ways of thinking/thought processes, culture, religion, language you speak, gender, the labor market, cost of living, etc.  You can deconstruct many of these as you age, but you will not be able to completely eradicate them.  You will not be able to limit the affects that they have on you or have had on you.
6#  Don't fear the future.  Nothing in life is predictable.  Time will judge your plans and your dreams.  Time will test your resolve and your persistence.  Nothing in the future is certain.
7#  Humans haven't changed much from the living patterns and thinking patterns of the past.  Technology allows us to think we have and that we have evolved from who we were as people and a civilization in the past.  We are no better than we were in the past.  We just have more distractions at this present time to occupy our daily lives and our time.
8#  Beware of toxicity in all it's forms.  It eats away at you with time.  You can't save everyone but you can take away from the quality of life you live and the quality of thoughts you think.
9#  You are not the only one that affects your magnetic field.  Other people can affect your magnetic field as well.  Any of the vibrational energies in #4 can affect your magnetic field.
10#  Everything in reality is "noise".  Opinions, beliefs, 'facts', the literature you read, commentary and editorials you read, the entertainment sector, the media, and everything that is framed to seem informational.  All of it is "noise".  Decide what type of "noise" (if any) you want in your life.

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