Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Circle (part 1) -Politicians & why Society is built around half truths & speculations

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Many people live under the delusion that National Governments work for "the people".  That the government is voted in by "the people" and therefore represents "the people's" best interest.  In fact, it's a half truth.  The government does work for "the people", however, those people are not the masses.  "The people" the government works for are the "certain people" who represent Big Business and enable the economy to stimulate and grow.  If the economy is stimulated and booming, then it seems as if the government is doing it's job, therefore enabling the politicians to keep their jobs.  By enabling the economy to stimulate, it's enables money to be moved freely and jobs to be created easily for the masses, which in turn enables the economy to work, evolve, and expand.  This keeps everyone happy (especially the voters) and the government in place consolidating and holding onto their power.  Business and governments go hand-in-hand because the national governments in place in each respective country could not exist without working for business.  It is Big Business that enables the government to earn a living from a nation's population by feeding off of it's citizens taxes and the nation's wealth.  By enabling Corporate Tax cuts to exists, Big Business is able to stay in the country and therefore keep jobs in the country which in turn keeps the economy alive.  If  Big Business were to leave the country, then the national governments would have a faltering economy and therefore, will be voted out by the masses.  If the government falls, those in the current government would lose their jobs and would have nothing.   Then another party would form the government and would work together with Big Business in order to stimulate the economy and create jobs for the masses.  So ask yourself again, what interest would it serve the government in power for them to work for "the people"?  Is your answer, "For 'moral' and humanistic needs?"  So the government would do it for 'moral' and humanistic needs even if it meant losing their jobs and livelihoods and not being able to provide for their own families?  Hmmmm, let's think about that and if there is logic in that answer.  NO!, I didn't think so either.  The truth is, the government needs Big Business in order to survive, and Big Business just needs the manpower (the human resources) in order to expand and consolidate their own power and keep their shareholders (foreign and domestic) happy.  Big Business is solely about efficiency and profit.  The National government is solely about holding on to power.  The "people" are just tools to be used by both forces.

What we have in place today is nothing more than  sheer "Circus politics".  Governments who have no solutions and very little substance.  National governments who currently represent regions instead of the whole of their nation.  Governments who create distractions in order to avoid solving any of the real problems in place such as the problems plaguing the economy and other social issues in place.  Instead of solving problems, national governments are using "hot button" topics to distract the masses and divide them.  Governments who are keeping the masses living in fear, isolation, and alienation from one another.  These are all tactics used by national governments to hold onto power and avoid having to reveal Big Business's main objectives and agenda to you.  By using distraction tactics the government keeps the agenda of Big Business away from the masses.  This is done because it is not in their interest to reveal plans that are in place presently which favor Big Business.  The government's interest is solely in keeping power and enabling the party in power to keep their jobs.  By sticking to the script that they have been given by Big Business, the government in place is able to do just that.  That is why many times it seems as if governments do not have solutions or money to do what is needed to correct issues in society.  The truth is something different.  The truth is, unless the solutions fit what is necessary for Big Business to thrive and grow and consolidate, the government will not implement anything against the wishes of Big Business.  Especially when an economy falters.  That is when Big Business moves forward at a rapid pace with their plans and objectives.

The Government's only reveal a part of their global agenda when Big Business gives it to them and they do so in bits and pieces when the time permits.  Even then, when they do drop a piece of the puzzle to the masses, they let social commentators, analysts, the media, speculators, "experts", and professors argue over it first and create theories and ideologies without actually having the credible evidence to back it up.  These group of people mentioned above throw out theories, and arguments, and facts, and numbers, and quotes, and statics -but they don't have the whole picture because they only need a fraction of what the government has showed them in order to support their theory and the ideology that they are running with.  This above mentioned group doesn't need you to think for yourself or for you to see the whole picture for yourself.  All of this is done by the group mentioned above for their own benefit and for those that pay them for it.  For in truth, the simple fact remains, "you can never bite the hand that feeds you".  That is why the group mentioned above, sticks to their script and their ideas when they run behind it.  They become the "expert" on that one idea because it enables them to survive off of it and build a career and livelihood from it.  By not combining it together with other truths and the bigger picture and making it completely interdisciplinary and macro-cosmic and holistic what they do is keep perpetuating the half truths in society and by doing so they fragment society from seeing what is actually happening and what actually exists.  
All this does is divide up society even more and fragment society even farther than it is. 

That's why when things happen globally and it seems random, the masses are shocked because they didn't see it coming.  However, "truth is hidden in plain sight" and by paying attention to the signs and subtle messages that the Elite, Big Business, and the Government give you from time to time.  That is when you see, understand, and realize it was always in plain sight.  It is our ego and our fear that blinds us to this fact.  Reality is nothing more than a puzzle piece that you need to sit down and reflect upon and put together in order to understand what is occurring presently and what direction the national governments and Big Businesses in place are directing you towards.  When Big Business is involved, nothing is just random.  Though it seems random, nothing is random.  This is because there is too much money, energy, and time implemented into any one direction.  That is why what seems random is never random but directed and socially engineered behind the scenes by those that actually make it happen.  Since the media and the government do not report on these issues on a regular basis and let it exist behind the scenes, the agenda takes place slowly, carefully, but efficiently.

For the masses who are entertained by distractions and their every day living, who are afraid of social ostracism and believe they do not want to see the whole picture, though it is in their ability to do so (presently because of the internet and the libraries - and none of it being censored YET) that is as they wish.    However people who so choose to spend time to reflect and see the whole picture in front of them but do so using their knowledge of world history. By using their understanding of world economics.  By using their understanding of politics.  By using their understanding of interdisciplinary subjects, you will be able to understand what is occurring   Otherwise, you will be pulled along for the ride with no clue as to what is happening and what will happen next.  Politicians and those that make their living in this random field of speculations need to stick to the scripts they have been given in order to keep their livelihoods and keep relevant in mainstream society.  

The engineered global economic crisis occurring currently will enable Big Business to bring their plans to fruition.  It is not by accident that the national governments of the world are spending money on manufacturing, and on building up their "skilled" labor sector.  It is not by accident that they national governments are working on fixing their roads and highways presently.  THIS HAS HAPPENED  BEFORE IN THE PAST.  During the Great Depression, national governments worldwide spent massive amounts of money on the same projects national governments are working on today.  Expansion of roads and money injected into the "Skilled" labor sector has to do with the NORTH AMERICAN UNION and more so the NORTH AMERICAN SUPERHIGHWAY.  By enabling this to come into place the governments will be bringing the THIRD WORLD economy into the FIRST WORLD.  For example, during the Great Depression, "Much like in the United States, Canada decided to start numerous Public Works projects (such as highways, dams, bridges, and tunnels) in order to employ construction workers and pump money into the economy. By 1937, the Canada's unemployment levels began to recede towards their pre-crash levels. It was during this time that the Queen Elizabeth Way, Highway 2A (which would later become Highway 401), and the routes of today's 400-Series Highways were set. During this time, Highway 7 was also paved by hand and man-power from Peterborough, Ontario to Ottawa, Ontario, through some of Southern Ontario's roughest terrain.  Many Western nations used manpower whenever possible, to employ as many people as it could in order to stimulate their faltering economy and avoid any civil discontent"

These same SUPERHIGHWAYS that are being built are being built in order for BIG BUSINESS to expand globally.  By enabling BIG BUSINESS to expand globally, in a weak economy, it enables BIG BUSINESS to be able to exploit the global workforce in place and use them as they wish which causes further commodification and exploitation of the workforce.  That is why SERVICE SECTOR JOBS are growing presently at a rapid pace and the high paying jobs are leaving First World countries to go to Third World countries.  Big Business is consolidating their profits and slowly eliminating the Middle Class and creating an overhaul in society between the RICH AND ever rapidly expanding WORKING POOR.  The new Global economy in place presently and being consolidated further is built around SERVICE SECTOR JOBS.  Jobs where people can be easily replaced, wages are low, benefits are far and few, and BIG BUSINESS can move freely and easily without penalty.  In other word's a rich man's dream.  This is the essential application of HYPER CAPITALISM in place. This is the direction of where the FIRST WORLD is heading and where the THIRD WORLD has already been living since the Cold War began.

This is why national governments world wide are asking people to move and re-locate to other non-developed areas of the country.  Non-developed lands presently must be expanded upon and developed so Big Business can reach further into places they have not controlled previously.  This is why social engineering projects occur and are always implemented from the TOP DOWN, not the BOTTOM UP.  This is why, for example, in Canada presently, the national government is asking for people to move out to Saskatchewan, North West Territories,  Alberta, and Nunavut.  So that Big Business can penetrate into areas that they have not been able to fully penetrate into yet and want to expand into and exploit.  This is because there exists no underclass of workers there presently.  This means Big Business cannot maximize the profits it needs and in fact presently, it actually puts the workers in charge of their wages and hours, rather than the other way around in highly populated and concentrated urban cities and areas such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver -where very few high paying jobs exist and huge competitions exist for any position that offers higher pay or benefits.  Once an underclass is created in all areas, and the SUPERHIGHWAY that is built for BIG BUSINESS is in place, BIG BUSINESS will create the GLOBAL CITIZEN which finalizes a part of their global agenda.

Once money is implemented by national governments into these SUPERHIGHWAY projects and the Depression hits completely and the governments run out of money, it is the private sector (BIG BUSINESS) who will put money into the roads and into the economy causing massive privatization to occur.  Road tolls and Higher taxes will then be implemented on the masses for simple services that many took for granted presently.  The standard of living will be reduced and THIRD WORLD living standards and conditions will have been brought to existence everywhere.  This is why presently countries with SOCIAL PROGRAMS are failing.  Countries such as Portugal, France, Greece, Italy, etc. who are FIRST WORLD COUNTRIES with high standards of living for their citizens are being forced to implement AUSTERITY BUDGETS, AUSTERITY PROGRAMS,  AND AUSTERITY MEASURES.  In truth, the government is not making enough money from taxes because of the salaries that the public sector workers make and how they frivolously go about spending tax money for "pork and barrel politics" and the "cronyism" in place.  The national governments in place do not run on meritocracy.  The governments in place run on keeping a certain class of people in power and maintaining their stature in society.  This is how the National Governments, Big Business, and the Elite control the narrative of the story in mainstream society.  Once you can control the narrative of the story, you control the direction of the story, and with that said -you control what the public looks and asks for.  This is how national Governments works and how Politicians work.  

There are plans written long ago which are being implemented presently to ensure what Big Business needs will be done.  In Canada's case, when Canada's SUPERHIGHWAY is brought to fruition in the upcoming years, during the upcoming DEPRESSION,  and Canada has signed all the trade pacts in place and on the table today, Canada's national resources will be shipped freely throughout the E.U., in China, and with Trans-Pacific Partners -and the exploitation of their citizens will be complete.  There is money to be made during this opportunity for during crisis, opportunity occurs, but know where to look and what to seek.  Don't get caught off guard for the signs are in front of you.  Make the wisest choices when they arise and adapt accordingly to situations in order to provide for yourself and for your families.

"The simple opposition between the people and big business has disappeared because the people themselves have become so deeply involved in big business"

"Government or politics today is big business. Everybody makes money involving themselves in one way or the other, whether it's pollsters, whether they are policy wonks, whether they are pundits, whether they are those who believe that they must call it as they see it and then to be 'fair' about it".

"The incestuous relationship between government and big business thrives in the dark"

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