Friday, February 27, 2015

Family Ties & Blood Lineages

     The masses believe that there exists Worldwide Criminal Networks and that local and regional Gangs use terminology and a lexicon of language that only Adepts, Gang members, and Gang Affiliates know about.  However, the same masses cannot believe that Bankers, Fraternal Societies, and Royal families also have Worldwide Networks and use terminology and a lexicon of language in order to move forward with their Global agendas and plans (that only they and their affiliates know about and understand).  That is the irony of the masses.  Saying you are knowledgeable and open minded and yet closing your mind around actual, existing, physical reality. 

     Strangely enough, all of this "mass delusion" came about because the masses are not fed this information inside of Educational Institutions and Social Institutions, the Entertainment Sector, and the Mainstream Media -even though all of them are funded and maintained by very few people at the top that operate and control the direction of the message and the direction that the institutions head towards when change is requested. 

     Even weirder is the fact that the masses believe Terrorists have "Sleeper cells" and "Moles" in countries all over the world and that "Foreign Enemies" of the country you live in use "Sleeper Cells", "Moles", "Spies" and "Secret Agent"s and yet you don't think Bankers, Fraternal Societies, and Royal Families also use them at their disposal.  Let that sink in for a minute and see how logical your reasoning is.  Especially when you can argue that one group of people can use particular people to carry out agendas but yet those with actual power, influence, and money choose not.    

     The masses continuously and regularly complain about elected government politicians and how things don't make sense to them when they play out in "real time".  However,  the masses can't think "outside the box" and realize that there are alternative narratives and other possible variables at play in any given time or any given situation that exist outside the institutions, the mainstream media, and the entertainment sector.  The masses choose to willingly ignore that truth exists outside of and institutional public relations spokespersons, truth exists outside of the paid professionals and academic "experts", and truth exists outside of the "spin doctors" versions and narratives of the truths. 

     No logical human being can argue against the fact that Economics dictates choices.  Since the Elite control economics they therefore control and manipulate the choices being made -not only on a political level but also on an individual level.  That is how the Elite control and influence behavior and thoughts on every single level of society.  Since the masses only believe what they see and hear and since the Elite control what is shown on television and the radio, the masses only believe what the Elite want them to believe and therefore are herded like sheep towards the slaughter (ex: global conflict, forced/mandatory vaccinations, investing during volatile economic climates, etc). 

     People must take responsibility and accountability for their thoughts, thought processes, actions, behaviors, and reactions.  People must stop blaming others for their choices and accept complicity in holding the illusionary reality together.  However, all of that first starts by understanding the reality that you live in.  Otherwise, you will be directed by the Elite and head towards a direction they need you to go and since the Elite have indoctrinated you through the Institutions, Entertainment Sector, and Mainstream Media that they control -you will do so willingly because you believe that the direction that they want you to head towards is in your best interests.  That is why EGO is a big problem inside of the illusionary reality you live in.  EGO blinds you to your actual reality and to your complicity in holding reality together.  EGO hides you from the fact that you are nothing more than a disposable commodity and useful instrument/pawn that the Elite decide upon in regards to your usage and purpose.  Finding a way to control your EGO allows for you to see through the illusional reality you live in and therefore "live in the broken".  Eliminating your EGO allows you to understand the choices you make on an everyday basis and stand behind your choices with no regret, no envy, and no malice towards anyone or anything.  

"Guelph" and "Welf" are the same family tree but just spelled differently
Alludes to earlier articles mentioning the Esoteric connections and knowledge that these families have with ritual vibrations, ritual geometry, ritual numbers, and ritual sacrifice.





"People choose to believe the Impossible but refuse to believe the Improbable" (People believe that everything that happens is God's Will and Plan AND yet those same people can't believe that the plan in place is currently engineered by a few families and fraternal networks).