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29 Answers to Questions and Statements made by Readers

- Government bonds usually crash before stocks do and it usually occurs when people have no more faith in the national government being able to pay off their national debt and so they stop buying government bonds.  When people stop buying government bonds they reduce the amount of money circulating in that national economy which governments needs to create a particular atmosphere of confidence for investors and citizens. 

- 50% of all US pension fund assets are presently invested in the stock markets & only 20% in Treasuries. Money invested from pensions that go into stocks are initiated because national governments in the past were diverting funds away from the government pensions and were under funding it in the past.

- Losing government pensions will cause riots all throughout America (and the Western world).  If the government decides to step in and save pensions however, its interference will cause hyperinflation. The USD (and Euro) would be worthless as currencies. This would leave us recreating the Weimer Republic of Germany in the 1920's.

- A budget deficit arises when the government has more annual debt (from over borrowing from banks, mismanaging the money, or from corruption) than the taxes collected to eliminate that debt. In order to eliminate debt -governments must either sell government bonds to make money, eliminate their public service workforce and privatize their economy, or raise taxes on its citizens.
- Indebted national governments can either: (a) take a World Bank/European Central Bank/International Monetary Fund bailout (which will result in forced austerity measures on its citizens) OR (b) burn the bondholders & walk away (leaving the national government with no credibility from investors and businesses.  Therefore, reducing the amount of money needed to sustain the government and allowing taxes to be enforced on its citizens in order to sustain the government in place and run the government).

- Presently, we are at the point of
the end of “No-Alternative-To-Dollar Era”.

- If a major war were to break out, stock markets around the world would crash.  This occurs because many fragile economies depend on trade and tourism to make any profit.  If trade routes are disrupted (due to war) and travel banned (due to safety fears because of war), economies would not be able to make profit.  No economy can make profit when their trade routes are disrupted.  Alliances between countries fighting the same enemy would be reinforced in order to allow trade to continue between themselves.  This would allow trade amongst trading blocs.  However, the disruptions would forever eliminate many already weak companies and eliminate many jobs.

- Due to living in the “information age”, all national governments hire internet trolls to go on Facebook, YouTube, Commentary sections of national newspapers, etc. in order to push out propaganda for the government’s benefit (as well as the benefit of their allies). Trolls also monitor counter arguments created and written against their propaganda.  Many government trolls have different aliases which they switch back and forth from in order to avoid detection by the public.  National governments are also known to hire hackers for their own purposes and objectives.  In the near future, the “information age” will become a thing of the past when censorship comes into play with the ending of Net Neutrality and the “Internet Kill Switch” is activated.

- Usually when a disease breaks out suddenly it goes from "Patient Zero" to Pandemic.  Sadly, you will never be able to determine for sure who “patient zero” was (which is problematic to understanding what caused the pandemic in the first place).  This problem only fuels speculation and conspiracy theories and the inability to find the right diagnosis to eradicate the pandemic in the early stages of contagion.  This is why Ebola, H1N1, and SARS can spread so fast through populations.  People have to find how a disease spreads, where it originated from, who “patient zero” was and how it started.  Easier said than done.

- No matter what, "war always comes home": (a) In the form of taxes needed for wars/occupations abroad, (b) money needed to be printed and borrowed in order to avoid raising taxes on citizens, (c) soldiers returning home with mental and physical injuries.  Moreover, whole regions, in many countries across the world, are employed by the “War Machine” (in one facet or another) therefore the, “Overnight peace” slogan that idealists and liberals envision cannot come to fruition.  “Overnight peace” would cause overnight layoffs, massive unemployment issues, and massive amount of stock falling -therefore liquidating huge amounts of money from companies, families, and individuals.  Whole communities and households would become disrupted if “overnight peace” were possible and that is why it is not only impossible, it is unrealistic.  Secondly, removing a military power out of a region (even a drug lord in any location) would not stop the war overnight and create peace but would instead create a power vacuum which causes “turf wars” and “power struggles” to beginThis leads to massive upheavals, disruption to life, and leads to massive death tolls -as was the case when Russia left Afghanistan in 1991, after Pablo Escobar was killed in Columbia in 1993, and when the leadership of the Gangster Disciples in Chicago were imprisoned by the police in 1997.  “Overnight peace” is more of a leftist Utopian vision and not based on any resemblance to everyday reality.

- Presently, many major Corporations are firing people and then using that additional money to “Buy Back” their own company's stocks so that the scarcity that remains on the markets looks profitable and attractive to investors.  If investors do not invest in a company’s stocks then a company contracts in size and has to fire more employees.  Firing more employees though is not a problem to most companies as long as they do not lose profit.  Profit is the bottom line and as long as the company is productive with a shorter labor force, then the company is still successful.  That is why companies are making so much profit presently in the stock market. 

- Creating a "Bank Holiday" prevents a “Bank Run” and buys a national government time to find a buyer in order to stimulate the bank.  Depending on the size of the bank, usually a central bank will print money allowing for a national bank to stay afloat.  If a buyer is not found, the bank will face liquidation because a “bank holiday” cannot last more than 5 days.  Therefore, the bank must find a buyer immediately before the holiday ends and a “bank run” occurs.  “Savers” will find out that banks do not have all their money and therefore when a “bank run” occurs the bank will become dissolved overnight.

- A “sell off” in the stock markets occurs in an instant.  Once it starts, no one can predict with accuracy where it will stop and what the impact of the “sell off” will be on national stock markets, companies, a national economy, or the citizens of any country.

- There is good debt if you can invest in something that will bring you money.  There is bad debt that will make you lose money.  Knowing which debt, you have and adjusting accordingly to it allows you to succeed and to make profit.  By reducing bad debt, you avoid paying interest.  Good debt enables you to make profits (ex: owning a house and renting the top floor and bottom floor and using that profit to make off the mortgage of that house while using your own salary and that of your family to either pay off the mortgage of that house or buy another house and do the same thing).  In other words, good debt pays itself off and allows you, over time, to make profit; Bad debt just builds interest and eventually can overwhelm you.

- The uncertainty over a separate Scotland currency could cause financial instability all over the EU in September 2014. What currency would Scotland use? And how would it affect the Euro, USD, and the Pound that it would trade against presently?  The E.U. is an already fragile economy and if Scotland leaves, it will be weakened even further.  Scotland’s independence vote on September will have major implications on the EU possibly causing the E.U. currency to crash (worst case scenario).

- The "Skyscraper Curse" is also an allegory represented perfectly in the myth of the Biblical story of the Tower of Babble.  The Tower of Babel was built expediently and it was filled with languages from different cultures.  However, the Tower of Babel popped out of thin air, overnight, and before long, people realized that it was built too big and too large and stood out like an eyesore that could be seen from everywhere.  The Tower of Babel reached to the sky and could be seen from everywhere and yet it was built like a “stack of cards” without having solid foundation underneath it.  Its height challenged God almighty in the sky and because of this it came crashing down.  This is similar to major cities in America in 1929 in places like Chicago and New York when the “Great Depression” hit.  Major cities popped out of nowhere because money was flying all around and people were investing in anything in order to make a profit.  However, all that “easy money” being borrowed was building things that it could not afford, and once the music stopped, all the players tried to pull out their money quickly and when they did
- the crash occurred.  When you build too quick and too fast, everything comes crumbling down overnight.  Many national economies presently have been built up with “Easy money” since the end of World War 2 causing bubbles in place that have been ready to pop since 2008.

- Cartels exist everywhere whether it is silver cartels, drugs cartels, weapons cartels, etc.  Nothing in the world exists without a monopoly or cartel running its affairs and influencing the business of the day.  The everyday individual has no affect on Monopolies or Cartels. Governments, possibly, can have an effect on Monopolies and Cartels through transparency laws however because many governments have shares in monopoly companies and cartels they choose not to go after monopolies and cartels aggressively.  Individuals who are outside monopolies and cartels and who play on the stock markets and borrow from banks are called “dumb money” because they are never in control of the game though they believe they are.  Cartels and Monopolies are found everywhere around the world and everywhere through stock markets.

- Ironically, many individuals give their lives whole-heartedly to God and say, “it is God controlling my life and the direction I head towards.  I serve his purpose and no one else’s”.  Many of these same people argue that, “God works in mysterious ways” and “we can never know God’s true intentions”.  These same individuals believe in “predestination” and “fatalism”.  When you believe you can avoid any catastrophe as if it is not meant for you because of your belief in God then you have counter argued your own argument and belief in God.  If you truly did have faith in God then you will not worry what the outcome is, you will be at peace with it because it is not you who controlled the events but God and therefore there is no problem with reality.  You are where you are supposed to be and reality is the way it should be.  What happened now and where you are now is what is supposed to have happened.  So if you want to strengthen your argument or belief in God, you can never be distressed over the situation that occurs.  However, many people have very little faith in God because they do not trust the direction that he is taking you and that you are on.  Secondly, if “God works in mysterious ways” and “you can never know God’s will” then why could God not work with the Elite in order to bring about the world that he wants?  I mean you are either arguing you know God’s will and the Elite are not part of it OR you have to agree that there is a chance and a possibility he is using the Elites to create the reality he wants.  God uses his best tools and best instruments and since the masses do not have the finances, influences, or political power to shape the world a certain way, that would mean God would be using the Elite as tools to bring about the reality he envisions.  So again, why would a true believer in God have a problem with the direction the world is headed in?  Reality just “IS” regardless of our feelings about it.  Lastly, in almost all “Holy Books” there are people who warn you of what is coming ahead and to prepare for it, so if God sent them to warn others, why would their lack of faith in God or their understanding in God, diminish God’s existence?  Their understanding is preventing further catastrophes not maximizing catastrophes.   However, moving forwards, one must understand that people as individuals are not morally good or immoral by nature or by conditioning.  In fact, majority of people are opportunistic and believe in self-preservation.  When you understand this, on an individual level and on a collective level, you will realize that the whole world and the events that have shaped the world center on opportunism and self-preservation.  Nothing more, nothing less!  Opportunism and self-preservation is what has enabled the world to be where it is today.  When you stop battling yourself and stop being defensive about the reality you have created inside of your own head based on the ideology you believe in, you will see the world (historically, politically, ideologically, spiritually, and sociologically) the way it needs to be in order to find peace within yourself and the events that are about to occur.

- Just because the media is not reporting it regularly, it does not mean it is not occurring regularly in the Western world and in the Developed World.  Presently, (a) Massive repossessions of cars and property are occurring to individuals all over the Western World.  (b) Massive store closures and store relocations are happening at an alarming pace all over the Western World.  (c) Massive amounts of property are being foreclosed upon in the Western world.  All three events occurring, not to mention many bankruptcies in the Western world are all occurring simultaneously.  Massive job losses are occurring in regional and national economies however they are also being hidden by fake job numbers from government agencies who are compiling, producing, and releasing these numbers to the media in order to create consumer and investor confidence.  Many national governments are just hoping to find ways to attract investors and keep the music going so people keep playing the game.  Hope of profits enables the music to continue.

- The creation of Kurdistan in the Middle East through the conflict with ISIS will destabilize Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey simultaneously.  It is not all about oil, as many people would like you to believe.  Oil is only a small part of the great geopolitical issues.  Destabilizing Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey allows Islam to be destabilized as well.  This is very advantageous for the greater world population because it allows the Middle East to be re-created the way the world needs it in order for the Middle East to progress forwards.  The Middle East can no longer offer anything useful to the world the way it has historically developed and the way it has been influence by Islam’s ideology.   Therefore, the Middle East has not given many items useful to the world (other than the West’s discovery of oil and the West’s investment of that oil once it had been discovered in order for profit to be made).  This present destabilization efforts throughout the Middle East presently, will forever alter the Middle East changing its identity for generations to come.  The Middle East has only contributed three things since the end of World War 1 (a location for money to be circulated through arms, a location for money to be circulated through oil, and a location for money to be circulated through tourism).

- We are at the point of the end of the “Public Service Workforce era” where money in the past was being diverted from taxes straight into the Public Service Workforce (and the unions that empowered it).  Presently, countries are diverting their tax earnings away from the public service workforce and into military prowess and influence therefore recreating the world the way, it was before World War 2 ended and money was spent heavily fighting against Communism, which meant an era before money was spent on the public service workforce.  The “Public Service Workforce era” has run full circle and has exhausted itself presently and why it is being ended presently.

- Canada being one of the biggest countries in the world (and yet having one of the smaller populations in the world) allowed for Canada to stimulate their economy from 2008 to the present through lowering of bank rates and development of commercial and private property. This unused land allowed investment to be made (ex: Ajax, Oshawa, Vaughn, Brampton, Markham, etc. which has popped up in the last 10 years -and sped up in the last 7 years). Therefore allowing for money to circulate inside Canada and allowing Canada to grow instead of stagnate like other Developed countries in the world who were caught in the Global Recession.  The unused land is why the Canadian economy did not falter heavily (but did everywhere else in the world).  This is because everywhere else in the world, countries do not have land to invest in and therefore no money to stimulate the national economy.  In most countries, repossession has to occur on already used lands in order to stimulate their economies.

- Many of the large infrastructure projects that Canada is embarking on presently cannot start with public service unions in place. Public service unions would cost too much to build it.  However, to reduce costs the government will create public work projects so that many people who are unemployed presently (and will be unemployed in the near future during the time of the Depression and World War) will work on these public work projects such as roads and pipelines.  This is why there are so many infrastructure projects on the table presently.  The Depression and War will allow a civilian workforce to be created in order to finish the major projects needed that are on the table today enabling Canada to be a stronger nation in the North American Union and an even stronger regional Global union in place.

- The Symbol presented is the “V for Vendetta” Mask (otherwise referred to as the Guy Fawkes mask).  Unfortunately, the Guy Fawkes rebellion failed as did the uprising in 1848 in Europe.  This is why choosing a defeatist mask as a symbol of revolution is very ominous for those hoping to overthrow the corporations in place and create a more Utopian world.  The elite would not promote rebellion and revolution unless they are prepared for it.  The war in Iraq in 2003 (in heavily populated city areas) has enabled information to be extracted in order to create strategies to be used by local and national police forces.  The information extracted from Iraq has allowed for the local and national police forces to get the training and mental conditioning needed to become more militarized and a military force inside their own countries.  Remember that this War will be fought on two fronts, domestic and international forever changing the identity and history of the present world.

- Simply put, all the countries involved are helping one another in eliminating what is at the heart of the problem for most countries in the Western and Developed world.  As the escalation to the war is ramped up and economic sanctions fly between the West and Russia, what is being precisely targeted by design is the economy and more so directly –unions in the economy.  Believe it or not, the sanctions placed by West on Russia and followed by retaliatory sanctions by Russia on the West in August 2014 actually enables the West to do what they have been wanting to do for so long –eliminate unions.  In fact, the last sanctions imposed by Russia on the West had to do with Russia stopping the importing of food from the West.  What people do not realize is that one of the main barriers to many of the Free Trades Agreements in place between countries all over the world is Farming Unions, Wheat Boards, and Farming Collectives.  For example, Canada was able to eliminate the Wheat Board in 2012, which had been in existence for over 70 years, and was a major problem in furthering any Free Trade agreements between Canada and the rest of the world.  Canada’s current Free Trade deal with Europe has stalled because of the Dairy Farmer’s of Canada and their concerns.  In order to weaken their stance against the Free Trade agreements, you need to cut their profits and therefore their incentive to disagree with the Free Trade deals and protest against it. This is exactly what stopping the importing of Western products into Russia will do.  It will weaken and even cripple many of the unions and boards in place in the Western world allowing Free Trade deal to be pushed through easily without any dissent.  Moreover, the worst a national economy gets because of the economic crisis started in 2008, a national government will be forced to: (a) either borrow more money from central banks, (b) devalue their currency (therefore causing inflation) by printing and pumping more money into the system, (c) by cutting the public service workforce (either by cutting it through government budgets or enforcing austerity measures), OR (d) by raising taxes on their citizens (which is problematic as it will cause citizens to renounce their citizenship and flee the country therefore reducing the opportunity to collect tax revenue).  As the global economy worsens and affects the West even more, the West will be forced to at best reduce their current public service sector workforce and at worst, eliminate their public service workforce altogether and privatize the entire system.  Abnormalities will occur in the public service workforce when it comes to libraries since corporations will not make profit from libraries, corporations will not want control over libraries.  However, salaries, wages, hours, and pensions in libraries will all be cut in the new economy being created presently.  This is why this is “political theater”.  This is why war between  China and NATO and Russia and NATO serves more than one purpose and is more than just about nationalism.  It is symbolic in so many ways.

-Whether it is population projections, GDP projections, mass produced products projections, poverty projections, etc.  Projections from any “expert” are flawed the minute it is made.  Projections can only be correct if everything remains the same throughout the timeline he/she has given you.  However, if one, even 1 variable alters, then the entire projection itself will have to be altered.  Since you cannot get projections every day (at best you can get altered projections every month from an expert on the same topic) the projection he makes will be wrong the minute he makes it.  This is why national governments and institutes will always pick the “rosiest” or “bleakest” projection before revealing it to the public depending on the agenda that is set and the objective they have in mind for the masses to believe in.

- Yes and No!  Governments cannot create jobs.  Governments can only create public service sector jobs.  Governments can only create incentives for the private sector, big business, and small business owners to invest in their country and their region and therefore create jobs.  Governments cannot create jobs.  The jobs the government creates is in the public sector and therefore funded, sustained, and maintained by taxes (which over time becomes unsustainable because of older populations, growing populations, a smaller workforce in major companies, and companies leaving to go to another area).  Government debt also creates a hole that the government must close up which is problematic for the government who will have to raise taxes in order to maintain the public service jobs already in place therefore eliminating their opportunity to create more public service jobs.  The only way governments can create jobs is to eliminate the unions in place therefore creating an atmosphere that will be attractive to foreign investors, big business, and small business owners to hire people (and therefore create jobs and avoid raising taxes).  Unions jobs and public service sector jobs compromise much of the present labor force in many Developed countries so cutting them is political suicide for a minority or majority government in place (therefore ensuring they will not win in the next election -which is problematic because giving up their office means giving up their future paycheck).  This is why governments refrain from taking on unions and why the Global Recession, Free Trade Agreements, and forced Austerity Measures will finally allow governments to do it.

- “Quantative Easing” by the U.S. Federal Government and other Central banks in Asia and Europe (from 2008 to today) have printed enormous amounts of money in order to sustain the current global economy in place.  “Quantative Easing” has allowed for governments bonds to be bought thus allowing governments to sustain themselves.  This has allowed: (a) national governments to run their countries, (b) individuals to keep faith with their national governments and not move themselves and their money elsewhere, and (c) also enabled investors to keep faith in the stock markets“Quantative Easing” is why the crash did not occur in 2008 when I thought that it would.  National governments also borrowed huge amounts of money to circulate their national economies (from 2008 onwards) which placed them in huge debt currently and with a decreasing GDP, this is very problematic for national governments currently.  To hide all of this negative news, national governments are manipulating their job data.  This allows for national governments to start tapering their “quantative easing” process which means government bonds and toxic debt will no longer be bought and money that was pumped into the stock markets is reduced.  Not purchasing government bonds weakens national currencies.  The original purchase of stock and bonds by “quantative easing” bought the national governments in place some extra time, enabled stocks and the stock markets to look appealing to investors, and enabled investors to keep circulating money in and around the economy -therefore sustaining the global economy itself.  Many investors at this time (from 2008 to present day), due to low bank rates, stimulated their national economy by buying property (especially in Canada).  This is more problematic today than it was in 2008 because now governments are indebted to central banks and individuals are indebted to national banks.  Tapering as well as the war will allow for the bubble to burst which had been created since 2008. The only issue left is what event (“false flag”) will trigger the bubble to burst and whether it will be a “soft landing” or a “hard landing” when the bubble bursts.

- No, I am not telling you that at all.  What I am telling you is that since the 1950's the masses in the Developed and Western world were “blessed” to be born in a timeline where social safety nets, pensions, health care, and education were possible for all.  All of these items are luxuries not something we are entitled to have forever.  We have been given an opportunity through the “birth lottery” to make the most out of our lives with all the things around us.  If you have gone into debt for one thing or another, you took the risk believing that it would be worth it in the end.  I hope that you have not gone into debt where one ripple here or there will drown you.  Make your opportunity count when you have it.  Upward mobility has not historically existed in many societies.  Since the 1950's in the Western world and in the Developed world, the masses have also had a chance in experiencing this.  Do not take your “blessings” for granted.  The “birth lottery” has given us more opportunities than most other generations in the past have ever been given.

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ISLAM: Islam is Not A "Religion of Peace" -ISIS is historical Islam (part 2 out of 3)

Religion of Peace?
1.) Here’s your Religion of peace in CHRONOLOGICAL JIHAD order:
Arabs (622-634)
Zoroastrian Persians of Iran/Baluchistan/ & Afghanistan (634-651)
India (638-1857)
Byzantine Christian (643-651)
Christian Coptic Egyptians (640-655)
Christian Coptic Nubians –modern day Sudan (650)
Pagan Berbers –north Africans (650-700)
Turks (651-751)
Spaniards (711-730)
Franks –modern day France (720-732)
Chinese (751)
Sicilians in Italy (812-940)
Armenians & Georgians (1071-1920)
Mongols (1260-1300)
Albania (1332-1853)
Serbs (1334-1920)
Romanians (1350-1699)
Bulgaria (1350-1843)
Croatia (1389-1843)
Poland (1444-1699)
Greeks (1450-1853)
Hungary (1500-1683)
Russia (1500-1853)
Austrians (1683)
The only places historical Islam did not wage jihad while causing the Arabization of whole areas and populations was in Australia, South America, & North America (though “stealth jihad” is occurring in those place presently). Everywhere else that historical Islam could reach -Islam waged jihad eradicating whole cultures, languages, and people in the process. (However, being unbiased, honest, and not using, “Kitman” or “Taqiyya” to win an argument I will acknowledge present day Malaysia and present day Indonesia as two countries that were not forcefully converted to Islam -for the most part. Both Malaysia and Indonesia fall in a “grey line category” since one would need to understand the geopolitical situation beforehand to understand how Islam was able to creep into those two countries. Either way, I will give Muslims, Malaysia and Indonesia because they are exceptions to the norm and an aberration, not the norm as Muslims would like to present to the world). Historical Islam spread through violence and jihad not through trade and commerce.

2.) Three main Jihadi groups that carried the banner of Islam after their conversions were:
Arabs –into Africa, Spain, Central Asia, and the Middle East
Turks (otherwise known as the “Ottoman Turks”) –into Western Europe and the Balkans

Mongols (otherwise referred to as the “Mughals”) –into India

When you understand how the Arabs got the Turks to finally convert after years of jihad on the Turks -you will understand why Turks themselves went about collecting tributes from besieged regions and areas. These tributes that the Turks asked for and received, which took the form of young children, enabled Turks to form their Janissary corps, which enabled them to sustain their Empire for as long as they did. What the Arabs did to the Turks when converting them to Islam is something the Turks did to entire peoples.

3.) Islam is not a “religion of peace” as “moderate Muslims” like to argue. The penalty for apostasy in Islam is Death. In other words, leaving Islam results in death. That alone proves Islam as a religion is not peaceful! Islam historically spread through Jihad and maintained control over its occupied population due to apostasy laws. Not through “trade” as Muslims would like to argue. Islam presently works the same way it did in the past. Islam is the fastest growing religion today because of two reasons (technically 3): (a) birth rate AND (b) prison conversion rate [and (c) since I said 3 -because other than Jehovah Witnesses and Christianity –there is not many religious groups going out there trying to compete with Islam and convert other people into their religion. Not Buddhists, not Sikhs, not Jews, not Hindus. In fact, from the three religions I mentioned above that are trying to “save us”, Christianity and Islam are statistically neck-in-neck when it comes to conversion rates]. Do not believe the “trading” myth Muslims love to perpetuate that Islam spread through trade and the flowing of ideas. That Islam was peacefully spread region-to-region by trade and embracing of cultures. No, historically that does not hold up. Islam spread through Jihad, resettlement of whole populations, law of saturation, and high birth rates (as it does presently in cities like France, Belgium, Ireland, Canada, Australia, etc.)

4.) ISIS is historical Islam. “Moderate” Islam is an aberration. ISIS is how historical Islam spread across the world, do not let anyone tell you otherwise! “Extremist” Islam that is associated with “radical” groups like ISIS is true historical Islam. “Moderate” Islam only existed during Colonization and after Colonization not before Colonization. Before Colonization, there were no “moderate” Muslims there was only Jihad.

 5.) Islamic Jihad comes in waves. Note the historical dates in chronological order of the timeline above. Islamic jihad and success does not happen overnight (for the most part). Jihad starts (usually after a “Da’wah” –invitation is issued). The invitation issued is technically an extortionist racket that the Mafia also used, a sort of “protectionist racket” as they say stating: (a) convert, (b) pay the Jiyza (so we will not attack you), or (c) we attack you. If that first Jihad wave is stopped in its tracks then the next generation of Jihadis continues the Jihad until whatever area was being attacked is subdued, resettled with Muslims, and the land is then considered Muslim land. This is similar to history unfolding today in present day reality. The first wave of immigrants to Western and Eastern lands after the end of Colonization came from Pakistan, the Middle East, Somalia, and North Africa -all in hopes of a better life than the life they had been living in their countries. This first wave (for the most part) was loyal to their Colonizers and embraced the country they immigrated into the. However, second wave and third wave of immigrants (which also includes native born immigrants of the First wave of Muslims in Western and Eastern lands –which would be the children and grand children of the First wave of Muslims that came, they are the “radical” Muslims you see today joining ISIS). As I stated, at the onset, Islamic jihad over non-Muslim lands and non-Muslim populations historically comes in waves.

6.) Many “moderate” Muslims argue that it is because of the West and their designs on Middle Eastern oil that Muslims are fighting Muslims. Muslims argue that historically, Muslims did not fight Muslims and it is a by-product of Colonialism, Nationalism, and Globalization. Muslims argue that without Colonialism and Nationalism being issues, Muslims would not fight Muslims and in fact, Islam is a peaceful religion. The problem with that is there are many occasions where Muslims square off against Muslims even before oil was discovered. There were Muslims fighting Muslims even before nationalism was formed. There were Muslims fighting Muslims even before Globalization was spread. There were Muslims fighting Muslims even before Colonialism had started. For example:
(a) Shiite vs. Sunni split starting from the 8th century onwards (and still continuing presently)
(b) Timur vs. Bayezid I, Ottoman Turks (in the 14th and 15th century) ; Timur vs. Nasir-ad-Din Faraj, the Mamluke sultan of Egypt (in the 14th century); AND Timur vs. the Delhi Sultanate (in the 14th century)
(c) Saladin vs. the Hashshashin’s (in the 12th century)

These 3 battles that I mentioned above are just a few times where Muslims fight Muslims. However, the reasons, battles, people involved, and the numbers dead are numerous. In fact, Muslims have only been ruled by “strong men” whether it is through a Caliphate, Sultan, Mughal Emperor, Military Leader, or Dictator. Whether it’s from the days of Mohammed himself or present-day Islamic states –Muslims have always been ruled by the sword. Muslims only know and understand violence and are ruled by violence. (Again, the exception to the rule is Malaysia who has a constitutional monarch in place since 1957. Malaysia again is the aberration not the norm). Muslim societies historically have not been peaceful. What is happening in Libya and what happened in Afghanistan after the Soviets left (with Muslims fighting Muslims for power) –that is historical Islam. Historical Islam creates power vacuums that only bloodshed and violence allows for those power vacuums to be sealed and controlled.

7.) Lastly, I leave you with a few quotes about historical Islam. Remember these when “Moderate” Muslims argue against ISIS and Radical Islam and state that ISIS and Radical Islam are not historical Islam. When “Moderate” Muslims say violence is not a part of historical Islam remember that in fact -violence is historical Islam. What is not part of historical Islam is Muslims protesting against violent Islam. What is not part of historical Islam is Muslims protesting against Islam forcing Arabinization on whole populations, and spreading fear and intimidation to achieve their goals. What is not part of historical Islam is Muslims protesting when Islam asks for tributes and asks for Jiyza payments. What is not part of historical Islam is Muslims protesting when Islam is raping women and pillaging village. What is not part of historical Islam is Muslims fighting tooth and nail against other Muslims in order to prevent harm being committed on non-Muslims and stopping the destruction of churches and temples. This is historical Islam. This is why Muslims are not protesting against ISIS yet there is major protests against Israel. This is why Muslims are not protesting to save the lives of the Yazidis but are protesting the lives of Muslims living in Gaza. Historical Islam does not value the life of a non-Muslim. That is historical Islam. That is why Islam is not peaceful, never was peaceful, and will never bring peace to Earth.

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Do You See It Yet? (NEW WORLD ORDER)‏

Dear brothers and sisters,

       Since 2005, I have been sending out e-newsletter outlining the future for all.  I was a bit over excited since I predicted these events to happen in 2008-2010 (since the Global Elite follow numerology and astrology).  2008 was the Economic Crash but did not lead to the Depression or the War I had envisioned unfolding.  However, what I seen occurring in 2008 is happening presently as opposed to earlier when I thought it would.  I again summarize the whole picture step-by-step to help you understand reality better.  Again I repeat, GET OUT OF DEBT so you will not over stress yourself and your body and live just for your debt.  A debt slave is a good slave and the best slave the Global Elite can create.  Go back and re-read my newsletters from 2005 until the present and you will see what I was trying to help you understand when I first started writing.  

Let's begin:
1.) North American Union - Illegal Immigration by the Mexicans in the U.S.A. and Amnesty for Illegal Mexicans that have crossed the border from Mexico into the US presently is creating that reality.  Canada will be America's "breadbasket" as well as the E.U.'s when both the E.U. and America release their power symbolically and allow for the 11 regions to be created.

2.) Mediterranean Union -‘To your descendants I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, 
the Euphrates' (Genesis 15:18). The Euphrates begins in Turkey and flows through Syria and Iraq before entering the Persian Gulf. If these boundaries were applied today, and depending on the route of the southern border from Eilat to the Euphrates, parts of Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, and even Kuwait and parts of Saudi Arabia would be incorporated(ISIS is a pawn on the chess board which will enable this to be brought to fruition.  They will be allowed to advance and grow until they are no longer needed and will be disposed.  When they are disposed however, they will have allowed a power vacuum to be created which Israel will rule over.  Zionists have been creating this for Israel for decades).

3.) Biological Weapon - "As a biological weapons agent, the Ebola virus is feared for its high case-fatality rate. Because of its rarity, the disease may not be diagnosed corrected at the onset of an outbreak. Reports suggested that the Ebola virus was researched and weaponized by the former Soviet Union's biological weapons program Biopreparat. Dr. Ken Alibek, former the First Deputy Director of Biopreparat, speculated that the Russians had aerosolized the Ebola virus for dissemination as a biological weapon.  The use of pathogens as weapons, while highly disturbing, is a real possibility. Preventative measures are not always possible. The Ebola virus is a prime example of a pathogen which can be used as a bioterror agent because of its virulence.  One of the most shocking calls for depopulation came from Dr. Eric R. Pianka, scientist at the University of Texas back in 2006. Pianka was speaking to an audience of fellow scientists, students, and professors when he proclaimed that 90% of the world’s population needed to be killed using a weaponized form of the Ebola virus. He stated that an airborne version of Ebola would be more effective than the HIV/AIDS virus has been since its release in 1979 because of the speed in which the victim dies".  (a) 
In three waves, the Spanish flu spread quickly, killing an estimated 50 million to 100 million people around the world. Starting in 1918 from a Military Base in the U.S.A. and spreading outwards rapidly.  (b) European settlers passed disease onto Natives through exposing them to infected blankets brought with them from Europe.  (c) Exposure and lack of containment will allow for a disease pandemic to cull populations world wide).

4.) Identity Change (which is needed for the New World Order) -Muslims believe that Islam is the fastest growing religion.  No!!  Only by birth rates are they the fastest growing religion.  In the past, Islam did not spread without violence.  It spread in two ways: (a) the law of Islamic saturation & high Islamic birth rates and (b) through warfare and forced conversions.  In fact, since 1492, Islam has been losing power and shrinking in influence. Since 1492, "the Reconquista", the Spanish Inquisition, the "Age of Discovery", Colonialism, World War 1 and the elimination of Muslim empires: Mameluke, Mughuls, and Ottoman, the creation of Israel, 9/11, War in Iraq & Afghanistan, and "the Arab Spring" -Muslims are in fact losing power and thus becoming more radicalized while simultaneously also creating an adverse reaction to Muslims in the West and East).  This new Identity Change that is occurring presently is pitting: the Western and Eastern civilizations vs Arabization.  Will eliminate Right Wing Militias, Unions and Unionists.  Will eliminate Communists and Leftists.  Will eliminate Conspiracy theorists.  Will eliminate the Public Service Sector economy.  Like all artificially created identities in the past, this new identity will be centered around the 11 regional Unions of the world and people being "Global citizens".

5.) World War 3 -Trade barriers between Empires was one of the main reasons that triggered World War 1. Trade sanctions between Russia and the E.U. and the USA is what is triggering the 3 World War (though the separatist issue of Ukraine is the "red herring" used for this War.  The separatist issue in Austria-Hungary was the "red herring" in World War 1).

6.) Global Depression -will eliminate the public service sector economy and union power.  This will allow for the global economy to be recreated without the use of human personnel to run the economy.
The Depression will also allow for a new monetary system to be created since the Petro-Dollar and the USD will be eliminated during this time.

7.) Elimination of Population through disease pandemics and through Conscription and War.  Massive emigration and dislocation
(as well as resettlement whether's it's through choice or forced) will occur changing all global regions and their their regional populations forever.  Many people will be institutionalized through Disease Pandemics, the "Mental Health Acts" (that are in play in society presently), and through the "War on Terror".  In this new reality, if you do not fit in, you will no longer be needed for society.  Hence, the reason identity such as "national" and "religious" identity presently are key issues in bringing this regional New World Order and the 11 unions to life.

        When you understand reality, you become the watcher and see how things unfold instead of feeling powerless and helpless.  You stop thinking in regards to fatalism and predestination and accept things as they unfold.  You stop thinking of things as "God's plan" and stop making excuses for your actions and choices.  You become accountable and you value the moments of your life and the experiences that life has blessed you with without feeling entitled.  That is why I was trying to give you this information through e-newsletters in the past.  To prepare for this present reality and the upcoming future that is being created.


- INTERNET CENSORSHIP and TECHNOLOGICAL CENSORSHIP are all on the horizon my brothers and sisters.  
You will not be the controllers of technology as advertised to you by the corporations and governments.
Technology and the regional rulers will control and limit you through the use of technology.

-When history is re-written in the future (as it always is by the rulers and their institutes after major global changes), the past (which is the present that we live in now) will be vaguely remembered by future generations.  Enjoy your present my brothers & sisters.  For it is all you have.  Enjoy every moment you have and realize life is precious.  Don't forget that.  See the events but don't get caught up in it.  Watch it, understand it, accept it, and appreciate the gift of life.  This is not the "End Times" as Bible Thumpers, Jehovah Witnesses, etc. will like you to believe.  However, it is the "End Times" for the way we lived in our civilization and the way our society revolved around "Easy Money".  A "New World Order" was created after World War 1.  Another "New World Order" was created after World War 2.  A "New World Order" will be created now.  That is all!!  Do not fear change.  Your life was purposeful though you might not understand it now (especially if you fear change).