Thursday, January 29, 2015

What the West doesn't want to Admit about it's own Historical Narrative

1.) Since the 1800's there has been an entrenched Anglo-Franco-Judeo Empire in place. This include the "5 Eyes" network of: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.  This also includes the 53 British Commonwealth countries and the Zionist network in play
2.) Russia has nothing to hide about their historical past (unlike the West who from it's very inception has much to hide). Russia originated from Constantine, the Byzantine Empire, and Vladimir the Great converting to Orthodox Christianity.  However, the Roman Catholic Church originates from “The Donation of Constantine” which is a forged Roman imperial decree by which the emperor Constantine I transferred authority over Rome and the Western part of the Roman Empire to the Pope. Composed in the 8th century, it was used, especially in the 13th century, in support of claims of political authority by the papacy. "Roman Catholic theologians even admit that they themselves falsified the sacred books of other religions in order to win converts. As neither the majority of the people nor the lower clergy could read or write in the early Middle Ages, it is clear that the Roman hierarchy itself corrupted and falsified the true traditions. It is clear that Rome’s traditions did not originate from the lips of Christ or the apostles!"

3.) The Anglo-French-Judeo Empire was built on the destruction of Aboriginals and First Nations in Canada, Australia, and the U.S.A.  Through divide and rule tactics and with the help of the Roman Catholic Residential schools, generations of Aboriginals and First Nations had their past completely "white washed" from them.

4.) The West has always revealed that Hitler (and other "Fascist" regimes) and Stalin (and other "Communist" regimes) had "Ministries of Propaganda".  However, the West never revealed that it had a Propaganda Machine of their own in the past and uses it regularly (even presently) through Predictive Programming in Ads and the Entertainment Sector, the selection of Mainstream Media images and Mainstream Media stories, and also the selection of what is taught in Educational institutes -all of which control your thoughts, actions, reactions, and behaviours.


5.) The West screams Fascism and shows images of Hitler repeatedly through Social Institutes, the Entertainment Sector, and the Mainstream Media. However, it rarely brings up Stalin.  In fact, the more and more people realize it, everything that is occurring presently will allow for a Authoritarian society to take hold redefining identity and purpose inside society.  Just as Consumerism was used as a purpose in society for the masses in the West during and after the Cold War, a new identity and purpose will be created for the masses once the collapses are completed and crises are fully initialized. 

6.) The Anglo-French-Judeo Empire has used:
(a) Pirates (Elizabethan Pirates) and "Corsairs" who were authorized by the Government to attack foreign vessels.  They were used to attack the Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish in order to loot gold, sink ships, destroy and disrupt trade routes, and provoke war between ships (and nations).
(b) Drugs to start and wage wars on regions and countries: the Opium Wars against China to open China up to Western business, the War on Terror in Afghanistan to collect drugs for Big Pharma, and CIA Rendition flights which trafficked drugs and drug money from the 1970s (during the Vietnam War and Iran-Contra Affair) in order to create the "War on Drugs" boosting an already growing Privatized Prison Labor System.


7.) The biggest fear for Western governments is not Fascism, Communism, or Terrorism but Free Markets and Non-Aligned Movements which curtails Globalization, Bankism, & Consumerism and also simultaneously prevents Free Trade Deals & Corporatism.

8.) The promotion of the "Great Man" Theory allows the masses to believe in the "Lone Wolf"/"Lone Gunman" theory. That "he" and "he" alone did everything.  That nothing and no one else was involved.  This is why the Elites continue to pull the "Great Man" theory in educational institutes and use it in the entertainment sector.  This predictive programming allows for one to accept the "Lone Wolf"/"Lone Gunman" theory when it is used by the Mainstream Media.

9.) A Patsy in play (during a False Flag occurrence): (a) the incident will occur, (b) followed by a "get away", (c) then a shooting of a police officer will occur leading law enforcement to the Patsy's whereabouts, (d) the Patsy will be captured or killed by law enforcement.  (a), (b), and (c) occurred in the JFK killing with Lee Harry Oswald, the Boston Marathon bombers with the Tsarnaev brothers, and with the Charlie Hebdo killings.  The patsy is also like a pawn piece in chess.  He too has to be put into place before the incident occurs.  The patsy is often sent there by his handler with instructions yet unaware of what will be played out.  The patsy will then be pointed to and become the "fall guy".  No matter where the patsy goes, he has been duped into doing things, or going places, or meeting people in the past that will lead him being framed presently by the mainstream media and law enforcement who will create a narrative and timeline that will render him guilty before the verdict is even set.

10.) The Anglo-French-Judeo Empire used the 9/11 attacks to divert attention from America's faltering economy after the Dot-com bubble popped in 2000 and shifted it towards the Imperial ambitions of the think tank, Project for the New American Century's.  9/11 allowed for the destabilizing of the Middle East and North Africa, the evaporation of Pan-Arabism identity and Liberal Arab states that were in power, and the possibility of a Greater Israel became a reality for Zionists and Christian Zionists.





12.) Only under Military rule and Authoritarian regimes has the Catholic faith stayed strong (ex: Italy under Mussolini, Spain under Franco, Salazar in Portugal, the continent of Latin America, Philippines under Marcos, etc. Specifically in countries colonized by the Spanish or Portuguese.  In Liberal societies, Catholic faith has frayed and weakened with many converting to other religions, or becoming Secular, remaining Catholic by name but a non practicing Catholic, or becoming an Atheist).  The Catholic faith's educational system does not teach it's students a Catholic worldview or a Catholic history but a "watered down" version of Catholicism and Liberalism therefore not strengthening Catholic faith at all.  Only under threat, has the Catholic faith stayed strong and become a part of national identity.