Sunday, January 4, 2015

Crashing Currencies & the New "Normal" in a Society with "Full" Employment

The New Currency War began Jan 2010 with the US “National Export Initiative”.  Currency Wars usually last 15 years and because of that, “You ain't seen nothing yet!”.


UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES OF GOVERNMENT REGULATION:  "A crackdown on corruption by China's government, coupled with background checks on Macau gamblers has money fleeing out of Macau". However, this government crackdown is leading to money now flooding into the Chinese stock markets and simultaneously because of it, drawing in "dumb money" into the Chinese markets therefore over inflating the value of Chinese stocks.


     Very few Canadians realize, that Canada depends on Oil profits. A shrinking oil economy means a shrinking national economy and job losses for many.  Since many Canadians have purchased houses and automobiles they could not afford and therefore are living check-by-check in order to pay their bills, this is very troubling for majority of Canadians and therefore the Canadian government (which will be on the hook).  Canada was insulated from 2008's Global Recession since money fled into Canada instead of fleeing out of Canada.  However, the money that fled into Canada during that time created a massive bubble in many sectors of society.  Anything that starts the race rapidly with steam loses steam somewhere later in the race.  Canada is at that stage now. Canada burst out of the gates in 2008 and expanded rapidly due to growing oil profits and the the growing property market.  Now that oil profits have dropped and job losses are popping up everywhere, Canada's bubble economy is going to pop with devastating effects for all Canadians as well as the Global Market.  Presently all Emerging economies such as Brazil, China, Turkey, Russia, etc. are all weakening and imploding.  Canada will soon be joining them.  The only outstanding question remaining is if it will happen before or after the election in October 2015. 

The definition of the new "normal" is always changing in society.  In the new global economy, the new "normal" is
(a) Institutes and Companies requiring more from their staff while paying less and simultaneously creating a glass ceiling where majority of jobs will be "dead end" jobs . Those with more seniority and more pay will be given less hours and less shifts because less services will be provided that require their skill set and therefore they have become expendable and thus will be terminated accordingly.
(b) No benefits, no job protection, and no job security.  
(c) Short term contract jobs.  Majority of staff hired by "third party" companies in all sectors of business to do "piece work" jobs.  Companies are cutting their dependence on staff and focusing on staying open instead.  Companies are focused on making profits and staying competitive by using workers only when they are absolutely needed.
(d) All public service union workers and auto union workers in Europe will be "bled dry" until Free Trade Agreements (such as TISA, TIPP, etc.) will be implemented therefore overriding all Union and Governments powers.
(e) Due to the huge Underclass of workers in most cities and towns presently, a job/career is similar to a lottery.  Sending out resumes online is similar to buying a lottery ticket hoping to win.  No amount of education will guarantee that you will attain a job or position because there are so few jobs available.

Jobs that are presently appearing in the New "working" economy in order to argue that the economy is "working" thereby drawing investors into the stock markets and therefore into a particular country's economy:
     "Third party" companies are now hiring staff for a:
- Minimum of 3 hrs. in order for them to be paid and not receive a 15 min. break (since 4 hrs. is required for a 15 min break to be applied).
- For an 8 hr shift, companies are giving a 30 minute unpaid break
- Companies are giving very little job training (with very few companies even paying workers for their training shift) and yet any problems encountered at work will fall on the shoulders of the worker and therefore open the door for his/her termination
     Employers are trying to minimize staff working hours in order to get the maximum benefits from staff work without having to give staff breaks.  Due to the large Underclass of workers, there are more workers than jobs available presently so Employers know you will either put up with any job conditions or go back to the job search. 

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