Wednesday, February 22, 2017

$15 to Oblivion & the Abyss (Enter A.I. & the Technological Revolution)

The Fight For $15: Facts, Fiction And Future!

      Allowing Wages to rise without correcting the Inflation that exists in a National Economy due to existence of the Private Central Banking System does not solve a problem.  In fact, it creates more problems due to the fact, Corporations who are in Debt will downsize their working staff and/or re-locate to another country or another area in the country where wages are far lower and workers are far cheaper. Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners who are also in debt (usually) will often downsize or face bankruptcy. Neither prospect is good for the worker and yet these are the same workers who clamor for $15 wages without any understanding of the Private Central Banking system and how it impacts the National Economy in existence in any country across the world. Private Central Bakers impact the currency which therefore impacts the national economy which therefore impacts regional and national jobs -it is that simple!

      Moreover, presently a third option exists for Corporations and Small Businesses and that is to replace their human workers with Artificial Intelligence systems/Automation/Robotic Workforce. Due to the debt usually involved in starting your own business Corporations, Small Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs are trying to stay afloat while competing in a "Crony Capitalistic" Marketplace where the Government interferes and allows certain businesses to thrive and survive while causing other business to weaken or/and collapse.  Those aligned with the Government and who are dependent on Government payouts survive while most other businesses that are not dependent on the government collapse.  For example, the Public Service Sector is heavily dependent on the Government in order to survive which means that the Public Service Sector is heavily dependent on Taxpayers to keep them afloat.  This is a problematic recipe for disaster because in a "Consumer Economy" and a "F.I.R.E. economy" disposable income is needed in order to allow money to circulate and re-circulate therefore keeping workers working and the economy active.

     The Government who is a "Money Changer" and an active, living Parasite feeds off of healthy, living bodies -the Economy, Small Businesses, and Taxpayers - and then uses that money to keep the Public Service Sector Workers/Unionized Workers alive.  The Government by feeding off of the healthy bodies in order to survive simultaneously also keeps alive "A buyer" in the marketplace therefore allowing for artificial prices to exist in the market therefore not allowing real prices to exist in the market. For example, this "buyer" exists in the Health Care System, Transportation System, and with the Education system where the Government is the main supplier, financier, and buyer of all 3 services therefore explaining rising Health Care costs, rising Transportation costs, and rising Education costs continuing to increase annually without improvement for patients or students and in fact having services and education continue to deteriorate annually.  Presently, we are paying far more for services with far less service and far less quality in place which is infuriating majority of the populous.  People are paying far more taxes and service fees/user fees but yet their "Standard of Living" and "Quality of Living" have fallen and simultaneously their Debt Levels have risen gradually.

      The Government by borrowing money from a Private Central Banking system, which is called "Keynesian Economics", creates a "ponzi scheme". The Ponzi scheme is heavily dependent on moving money around without allowing people to remove all the money all at once, since by doing so, this would collapse the entire Ponzi scheme and system in place within hours.  For example, the Government with the aid of the Education System, the Mainstream Media, and Government advertisements use Propaganda to instill the belief in people that Government Pensions will be paid to retired workers after their service to their Nation and to the economy.  However, without bringing in Immigrants to continue filling up the Pension Funds that have disappeared due to the Interest accrued from borrowing money from the Private Central Banking System, no money actually exists in the system in order to pay all the Pensioners and Retirees.  Immigrants are brought into Western countries to borrow from banks in order to start their lives and pay into the Government Ponzi scheme of pension funds in order to allow the Government Ponzi Scheme to exist and stay alive.

     This is why it is crucial for National Governments to keep alive the "F.I.R.E. economy" for two main reasons.  One it allows money to change hands continuously and in doing so it allows jobs to be created in the economy which occurs when a "bubble" is created in the economy.  Secondly (and mainly), because the "F.I.R.E. economy" allows for the Government to stay functional since the Government and all the services that they provide is heavily dependent on the taxes from Property to stay alive. If they lose the "F.I.R.E. economy" there will be a market crisis and "sell offs" of natural resources will begin which drops the "Standard of Living" and "Quality of Life" for Taxpayers even farther down from where it was before (ex: Greece)

Why Toronto (and Other Cities) Inflate Housing Bubbles to the Bitter End -to delay falling into a fiscal and financial sinkhole

     By pushing incentives inside of society through various means and measures at their disposable, the Government needs citizens to own Mortgages (not homes). Thus owning a Mortgage and being in Debt enriches Banks, Bankers and the Government while creating a particular stressful life for Individuals and Families who own these Mortgages while Inflation rises, "Costs of Living" rises, the Economy weakens, and Promises made regarding Pensions disappear.  In turn, over time, the stress from owning Debt and owning a Mortgage in a precariously weak economy erodes Family relationships and Individual relationships while deteriorating the Well being -mental, physical, and emotional -of the Individual.

      By being ignorant of the existence of the Private Central Banking system you are allowing yourself to be a "Useful Idiot" and an Ignorant Pawn in a Controlled Hegelian Dialectic being played each and every day in reality. Understand your reality, understand your choices, and stand firm behind your choice. Know yourself, know your reality, know your choices, and live for what you stand for -otherwise you lived and died for nothing.

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