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Unfinished Business (part 6) - Medical Shortages & Big Pharma's Influence in the Medical Field

 1.) Big pharmaceutical companies discontinuing or actively combating generics in order to enhance sales of newer, more expensive, brand-name drugs. Companies discourage sales of their own cheaper brands. For an example, pharmaceuticals “tweak” their drugs slightly to apply for a renewed patent in a process called “ever greening.” 
2.) Prices of generic drugs fixed at prices too low to cover manufacturing costs (e.g., in US Medicare). In June 2012, this cause was endorsed by a report of the US Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and by pharmaceutical lobby groups in Europe.
3.) Pharmacists choosing not to stock cheaper drugs because profit margin is too narrow.
4.) Shortage of substrate (materials to make drugs).
5.) Growing demand for medicines in the Developing World.
6.) Manufacturing or quality control breakdowns within production lines due to lack of investment to improve or maintain standards.
7.) Manufacturing slowdowns characterized as “meaningless red tape” by a report of the US Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in June 2012.
8.) Canada has almost no drug manufacturing industry of its own and is vulnerable to changes elsewhere. Massive layoffs and closures at pharma companies in 2010-12 are said to be owing to the expiration of patents on blockbuster drugs. These changes further distance sites of manufacturing from Canada.
9.) Legislative changes to financing arrangements for generic drugs, for example in Ontario, resulting in declining profitability for pharmacists and manufacturers. Pharmacists decide not to stock the drugs, and manufacturing further declines in response to lower demand.
10.) No Canadian controls require the pharmaceutical industry to warn of shortages in advance, let alone provide the reasons. Notification is voluntary and, so far, incomplete. 

11.) Unethical and anti-trust business practices such as vendor kickbacks or
“pay for delay” schemes that have placed profit above manufacturing standards and patient supplies. 
12.) Effect of large Hospital Group Purchasing Organizations in USA –in effect a “monopsony” (also "monopsomy") -(single buyer, many sellers).  This cause figured in a report of the US Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, 15 June 2012. 

13.) Political sanctions in countries
(ex: Iran).
"The vast majority of the published scientific literature on cancer and cancer research is inherently flawed and non-reproducible, reveals a new review published online in the journal Nature. Researchers C. Glenn Begley and Lee Ellis found that a mere 11 percent of 53 papers on cancer published in reputable, peer-reviewed journals was solid, while the other 89 percent could not be reproduced, implying that it may be false or at the very least misleading.

Pre-clinical studies are the basis upon which the scientific community at large determines how best to develop treatments for disease, including potential new approaches to treating cancer. However, such studies, though sure to contain some minor flaws from time to time, appear to be missing the boat in major ways on a regular basis. The end result of this intrinsic failure is a cancer treatment system that is not only outdated but potentially completely misguided.

'The scientific community assumes that the claims in a pre-clinical study can be taken at face value - that although there might be some errors in detail, the main message of the paper can be relied on and the data will, for the most part, stand the test of time," wrote the authors about their findings. "Unfortunately, this is not always the case'.

Based on a review of 53 published papers on cancer, Begley and Ellis discovered that only six of them could be reproduced and confirmed in a clinical setting. The worst part was that the 53 papers were considered to be 'landmark', which means they are generally recognized as having had a significant impact on cancer research due to presenting some new cancer treatment approach or novel therapy for targeting cancer cells.

'It looks like the scientific literature is contaminated with a growing number of tainted studies, which may reach 89 percent, the results of which are not reproducible by any means," writes Eleni Roumeliotou for about the shocking findings. "This means that to an extent, we have based our healthcare and clinical guidelines on fake studies that reported untruthful results in order to accommodate the interests of industrial corporations'.

Many cancer studies influenced by Big Pharma have conflicts of interest.  “The fact of the matter is that a considerable amount of published scientific research is questionable at best due to influence from the pharmaceutical industry. A similar but unrelated study that looked at research funding found that at least 17 percent of published research papers in general were conducted with serious conflicts of interest, which more often than not stemmed from drug industry funding that steered the research in a pre-determined direction.  'Given the frequency we observed for conflicts of interest and the fact that conflicts were associated with study outcomes, I would suggest that merely disclosing conflicts is probably not enough,' says Dr. Reshma Jagsi, M.D., author of a University of Michigan (UM) study that found a considerable percentage of cancer research to be tainted by conflicts of interest. 'It's becoming increasingly clear that we need to look more at how we can disentangle cancer research from industry ties' ”.

The cure is not profitable, it never was. Patents are (and always will be) more profitable than the cure.  Out of crisis and chaos, creates profit, and opportunism.  Careers and livelihoods stimulate the economy and therefore crises, threats, fears, and dangers will be maintained, manipulated, and allowed to exist so that diseases, sickness, illnesses, injury, and death may flourish.  Many will die for many to live in this society. Many of the problems that exist presently -are first engineered and created by intellectuals and the elites; then sold to the masses through the media, social institutions and the entertainment sector; then bought by the masses; and then maintained by the corporations, social institutes, and the national governments for the "benefit" of profits and opportunity. 

Benevolent nurses and benevolent doctors, well meaning fundraisers and well meaning volunteers, as well as positive and hard working charity organizers and charity organizations enable the system to run the way it is presently though they want nothing more than to find the cure and help those that are ill and dying.  In truth,
 "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" and when profits is our sole objective in our individual lives and our national economies, reality is often blurred.  "It is not true that good can only follow from good and evil only from evil, but the opposite is true as well". 

Presently, the way the system is structured and built, there is not much that can be done to alter the way the system runs.
  There is too much monopolization and control of power, control of patents, control of research, and control of the financial resources by Big Pharma, by Corporations, by Social Institutions, and by the Media -that very few options exist in order to alter this system in place.   It is a "lose-lose" situation for those that find themselves infected by diseases.  The infected can choose either to take the institutionalized medications/procedures or find alternatives.  Very few options exist in this regard once someone is infected.  There is no guarantees once someone is infected.

For those that cannot allow the truth to resonate deep inside and fail to believe that purpose for the masses on a collective level is created by the Elite and held together by the money and institutes they create and control.  Individuals must also come to grip with the fact that the whole system in place is held in check by individuals who are willing to work in order to survive and therefore because of that fact the system is held in place the way it is.  It is the collective masses who are complicit in all the activities that exist in the world that allow the system to function the way it does (and always has).  Some individuals turn to God and Religion in order to sanitize their souls and elevate themselves better than others, some turn to escapism in the many forms that it exists in this physical reality.  It doesn't change what exists in the physical world.  One can choose to believe what they perceive to be reality.  However, it doesn't change the reality that exists outside of their perception. 

Unfinished Business (part 5) - Why Nationalization of Foreign Assets Leads To Failure

“In Venezuela, like other socialist governments before it, Chavez nationalized foreign assets.   When you nationalize foreign assets in your own country, there isn't going to be any more foreign investment.

These countries always try to negotiate first under the threat of nationalization but that never works because private business and industry whose assets are going to be nationalized know that it really doesn't affect them that much because the country still has to export whatever those assets are producing.

In other words, just because the assets are nationalized does not mean that the companies that formerly owned those assets are completely out of the picture. The country that did the nationalizing does not have the infrastructure or expertise to run the assets that it nationalized. Then they have to keep the corporate managers and workers around because they are the only ones that know how to maintain the asset.

The corporation is still earning the same amount of money that they earned before. It is Exxon and Chevron who are most affected by this, but they still have a contract with the Venezuelan government to run the facilities because the Venezuelan government cannot run the facilities themselves. The corporations do not want to lose their investment because they know that the likelihood is that eventually -since it has happened in every case, except for Cuba -the assets are going to be returned to them anyway when there is a change in government. 

With few exceptions that has happened in every country that has brought in the socialist government which has nationalized assets. When the socialist government are thrown out of power because the country is broke and the conservatives are put back into power, they return the assets to their rightful owners because they know it is the only way they can bring in foreign investment back into the country. They have to make the country a credible place to do business in again. This is the inherent problem of putting the peasants in charge”.

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Unfinished Business (part 4) - "Dollar Peg", the "Petro Dollar", Currency Manipulation, and Currency Devaluation

A Dollar peg is a fixed exchange rate between the Dollar and another currency in order to control the value of its currency and to make their exports to America cheaper.

In countries that maintain a Dollar peg, which are inherently unstable countries in the southern hemisphere, it is the only way they can prop up their currency and then use their currency to settle international trade. However, this practice also limits the convertibility of that currency into Dollars in its own currency.

Without a Dollar peg, the currency would simply fall apart.  The currency can no longer be used as a medium of exchange in international trade.

When there is a black market, it tells you that people are scrambling to convert their currency into Dollars while the converting is good and they're prepared to pay a premium for it because they think the government in power won’t be able to maintain a Dollar peg for much longer.

This has happened in virtually every "developing" country south of the hemisphere, meaning Africa, South America and Asia.

“If the dollar loses the reserve currency role, the US becomes just another country with balance of payments and currency problems and an inability to sell its bonds in order to finance it’s budget deficits”

With the US dollar weakening since 1913 and countries presently running to stock up on gold and silver, the "Dollar Peg" is no longer sustainable.  Countries who hold a lot of US currency such as Russia, China, Brazil, and India are now looking to dump the US dollar and in doing so, bring down the old existing monetary system in place.  This is why many countries presently are stocking up on gold and silver, devaluating and manipulating their own currencies in order to export to other markets, and why the US is reacting defensively and imperially all over the world.

Unfinished Business (part 3) - Urban Planning, Building Booms, and the creation of Modern Day Slums

It's amusing that the media will always talk about the "fear of the growing power of Big Governments" when in fact, it's the growing power of the Private Sector since 2001, colluding with politicians in the World Governments that has occurred (and is still happening presently).  All the collusion is done in order for the Government to do what the Private Sector wants done.  Pointing to the government's corruption, ineptness, and lack of resolve by the media hides the fact that behind the scenes it's the private sector who is manipulating the economy in order for the government to fail and for the masses to have no one to turn to but themselves and the private sector.

The masses are being stretched thin to the point of breaking and this is done by design.  When you reject the belief in God, when you reject your government, when you reject your family and friends, and you solely depend on the individual to succeed, it only works for so long.  It only works as long as the individual is successful.  It only works as long as the individual is financially stable enough to be an individual and exist without depending on anyone or anything else.  This is because individualism depends on the individual succeeding.  Individualism's whole identity is centered around individual success and since his whole identity depends on it, once the individual succumbs to the outside forces that always exist in every day reality (that he doesn't want to pay attention to due to the illusion that egoism and individualism created), he has no one to turn to.  The individual at that moment is lost and broken, disillusioned and depressed.  This is what our manufactured, manipulated, controlled, and illusionary societies have led us to since the end of the Cold War.

The marketed and manufactured image of  individual happiness and success as the "be-all, end-all" model of success, achievement, and purpose of life is starting to wear off as the economy falters.  The strengthening of the Mental Health Sector, the growing Prison sector, and the growing success of Big Pharma simultaneously -while at the same time the erosion in the belief and success of individuals due to a faltering and weakening economy is a designed formula that destroys society and individuals bit-by-bit

Presently, in many First World countries, there exists an over abundance of foreign investment.  An over abundance into any one country and into any one region in such concentrated areas as the construction sector (especially in the housing boom and the condo boom since 2000) is paving a way for the creation of modern day slums.  Just as it did in the past in the Third World when their housing booms popped up overnight after Colonialism ended, the effects of the housing boom have yet to be felt in the First World.  They have yet to be felt by those running to buy property or by those who have invested into these construction projects.  This is due to the fact that markets overheat and native resident of that country are unable to afford the property or land that is up for grabs (without going deep into debt).  Once foreign investment dries up and the overheated markets are devalued, the government and banks then sell the property for dirt cheap to whoever wants to buy it.  Usually the bidders are either private companies or the lower middle class and poor since the rich and upper middle class want nothing to do with those that are lower than them on the social standing of society (unless they can profit from them).  Without opportunities for upward social mobility, newly created neighborhoods stagnate over time. This is how a modern day slum is created out of thin air.

Surrounded by service sector jobs and minimum wage paying jobs
-those that inhabit these areas do their best to live pay check by pay check while still providing for their families.  Since all the housing and jobs will be concentrated in one area, it will force people who live out in the fringes (where jobs are scarce and manufacturing jobs are moving overseas presently) to move to these newly created areas.  For now, Toronto for example is a "Crane City".  Everywhere you look presently you see Cranes building condos, houses, and commercial areas.  In many of these places, they will become modern day slums because the building boom pace presently is unsustainable and will slow down with deep ramifications for Torontonians who will have to face congestion and competition that they are not used to (but is the reality for the Third World).

Though urban planning in an area or region by governments have been successful in the past, it has also failed to avoid overcrowding and congestion due to an instant population boom without the infrastructure in place. Heavy amounts of garbage have been created as well as heavy traffic congestion and traffic gridlock.  Meanwhile there is a lack of infrastructure in hospitals, transportation, and in schools in order to deal with the population explosions.  Lack of money being infused into the infrastructure enables the problems to stay in place until the economy itself stagnates.  Though the government will invest and allow construction projects to start up, the governments will never have enough money to finish these construction projects without more money being borrowed from either the tax payer or the private sector. 

The benefits of being wealthy and influential inside of the private sector and when working with the government is that you can invest in a project and start it up, then afterwards ransom the government for more money in order to complete the project therefore footing the bill to the tax payer (ex: the T.T.C and doing dual projects of revitalization and extension but not fixing older issues with the track system in place).  Therefore,  the city is left with the problem of needing money for both things simultaneously:
(a) you need money to expand and revitalize
(b) you need money to do repairs
This enables the private sector to be able to charge the government and tax payers for it in mid-project. When you're wealthy and influential, this amounts to a “smart business move” and “smart investing”. For everyone else, it looks absolutely criminal and absurd.  However, this is reality.  Citizens are trapped between "back room" business deals by private investors and the government with very little choice in the matter.

“As democracy ebbs, Americans retreat into private cocoons, feeling helpless to make a difference.  In a democracy, civic participation and the belief in one's ability to contribute to the common good is the most important guarantor of public morality. When that belief fades, so too does the vision of the common good itself"

"Inflation is theft pure and simple. What you thought you saved for in the past can't buy what you hoped for in the future. And that is how the state robs you without you even knowing it"

Unfinished Business (part 2) - Why you cannot rely on Bank Savings and Government Pensions

Unless the governments and the banks can use it for themselves (presently or at a later date), they are not creating it for the people.  In the past decade, governments have created measures so that their citizens are less reliant on the government and more reliant on themselves as individuals.  What they create in order to pander to citizens for votes, they can take away when the need arises.  The elite classes created the social programs we are familiar with presently in the First World in order to fight against Communism during the Cold War.  Now that the threat of Communism is gone, the elites and their social instruments engineered, directed, and created the economic crisis in 2008.  In doing so, they are slowly taking away all the social programs and social assistance that they gave to their citizens in the past.  Presently, there are now four major economic problems facing the world (aside from the Global War which will eventually occur since all the puzzle pieces are almost in place). 
1.) Continuation of devaluing a national currency in order to export and keep national economies stable and functioning.  This causes inflation and a higher cost of living.
2.) Bank Runs by citizens in individual countries, taking all the money out of the banks and the stock markets.  Banks runs usually happen in a day or a week with devastating results worldwide 
3.) Bubbles bursting which will crash the stock markets and cause huge losses for individuals invested in the stock market.  This can happen in a day or a week with again devastating results worldwide

4.)  Whole currencies failing which again will cause bank runs, stock market crashes, and bubbles to burst.

 There is no solution unless you liquidate the debt and possessions that central banks and national banks own (which the Elite will not do).  Iceland was the only country to pull this off successfully and be free from the banks.  Either way, right now, people are going to start defaulting on mortgages and loans in order to feed their families and stay alive in this unstable global economy.  The civil unrest, which will occur when the markets tank and the massive job lay-offs occur worldwide, will bring to fruition the "Fascist" state into place.  In truth, we already have a "Surveillance State" in place.  Look at all the Security Guards and CCTV's that are in place presently everywhere you go (give the guards facial recognition technology and you don't need to hire out massive amounts of police officers because they will have information and evidence that can be used against you in court).

National militaries automatically get called in when civil unrest cannot be held in place by the Police. Currently, all military units, worldwide are stocking up on weapons and deploying on training expeditions. Not just for the upcoming war but also the civil unrest in their respective countries. Some of the civil unrest in countries that occur will be used by the Elites in order to bring about "Regime Change" like in Iran, Malaysia, and Syria.  Other civil uprisings will be put down brutally like in Bahrain.  Quickly, just like that, the world changes for everyone before they even know what hits them.

Unfinished Business (part 1) - Terrorism

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

 “Terrorist Act” is a term that is used by the national governments, social institutes, and the media "ad nauseum" in order to evoke fear and terror among its citizens (as well as affecting the markets simultaneously).  

 “Collateral Damage” is a term used by the governments, the military, and the media to hide the atrocities committed by their personnel when their personnel are on campaigns of “national interest” (ex: during the "War on Terror" or the "Cold War").  

1.) Both terms are completely political in scope. 
2.) Both target innocent individuals, symbolic structures/political structures, historical locations, and civilian populated regions.
However, one term (“terrorist act”) is viewed as being worst than the other ("collateral damage"). 
One term ("terrorist act") evokes automatic disgust and fear by the masses.  The other term,
 "collateral damage" brings out apologists from the masses, from the media, from social institutions, and from the government.
One term
 "Terrorist act" is viewed as being unacceptable and inexcusable.  The other term, "Collateral Damage" is seen as being a necessary act used in a time of war. 
"Two wrongs don't make a right"
 and both of these political terms do exactly the same thing.  The only difference is the perception of it by the masses.

The term
 “Terrorists” has been associated historically with a poor man’s fighting force consisting of rag tag members fighting for an ideological cause.  The term "Soldier"/"Military personnel"/"Army" has been associated with the State’s/Government’s fighting force consisting of citizens fighting for an ideological cause.  The term “Private Contractors”/Mercenaries is a wealthy man’s fighting force consisting of individuals trained and equipped with the best weapons and equipment money can buy who are unaccountable to governments and work solely for financial gain.  All terms listed are engaged in wars. Sometimes, these terms/forces work together for the same cause in war.  Something these forces work against each other in war.  Sometimes these forces work together and work against each other simultaneously in war.  One must get past the infancy of thinking of terms in a polarized manner and see war for what it is.  Often times, war is nothing more than an instrument for those with money, power, and influence to exert their will in order to get their main objectives completed.

“State Terrorism”
 funds terrorism, terrorists, and terrorist acts as well as the use of Private Contractors.  However, very little is mentioned about the impact and effects of “State Terrorism” on mass populations. Social Institutes, the media, and the government rarely and barely touch this topic yet “State Terrorism” has always been a threat to sovereignty and has always been used by those with power for their own objectives.

The Roman Catholic Church used their own mercenaries (the Jesuits/Society of Jesus) as well as hiring out foreign mercenaries during their political endeavors.  Islamic Empires have used the Hashashins during their political endeavors.  Emperors, Kings, and State Governments have used Terrorists, Militaries, Private Contractors, and have used Foreign and Domestic Mercenaries for their own means.  This continues presently.  What looks like one thing due to the narrative created by governments, social institutes, and the media is in fact, something different altogether. 

The Boston Marathon, 9/11, the USS Maine, the Reichstag Fire, the Tonkin Incident, etc. –are all events orchestrated by the Elites and their forces to bring about the changes they need.  Similar to a master chess player making moves on a board where one move forces a whole series of other moves in order to counteract the original move, politics is similar.  The Boston Marathon Bombing was a chess move made which will have ramifications yet to come.  One example of a move made because of the Boston Marathon Bombing is the fact that the U.S. military will now be taking over civilian disturbances, "The 
Pentagon Unilaterally Grants Itself Authority Over 'Civil Disturbances'.  Issued on May 11, 2013, the U.S. Code titled, 'Defense Support of Civilian Law Enforcement' will permit military intervention in the event of civil disturbances.  This therefore enables the militarizing of domestic law enforcement in preparation for the social upheavals and social unrest that will occur during the Economic Collapse and during the creation of the War Economy needed during America's passing of power over to the Global Government.

The elite and their pawns have been prepping for the economic collapse and the next big war longer than you can imagine.  The elite just need events to unfold in order to lock pieces in places and move the agenda as originally engineered.  The only thing left for the elite to do presently is pop bubbles and flick switches since all things that are needed for them to succeed are in place.  It is just a matter of time before the implosions take whole economies and its citizens down.

Side Notes:
1.) “Wealth Drains” and “Brain Drains” are occurring presently in First World countries such as France, U.K., U.S.A., Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, etc simultaneously as the contracting of their economies are occurring presently. "In the first three quarters of 2012, more than 1,100 Americans renounced their citizenship and made their homes elsewhere, according to the Federal Register. Available data does not yet include those who left in the fourth quarter, but it is on track to surpass the 1,781 Americans who relinquished their passports in 2011. The number of Americans who ditched the US in 2011 was seven times higher than those who left in 2008.   Over 670 U.S. citizens have said, 'sayonara' in the first 90 days of 2013". The truth is, the Wealthy and Rich are already fleeing First World Countries therefore already weakening a fragile economy and creating "Wealth Drains".  The ship is sinking and like the Titanic, the poor are the first to feel the effects but are the last to know about it.  Not knowing about it until the last minute postpones action in order to reduce the pain or prevent the effects of the problem.  The government's "everything will be all right" slogan hides what is really occurring in the political and social landscape and enables the government and it's instruments to control the narrative.

2.) Cities (Detroit, Rome), Countries (Japan, Spain) and Regions (Stockton, California) in the First World are now declaring bankruptcy and insolvency while asking for government bailouts in order to prevent it from total collapse.  This therefore causes those regions/areas and their citizens to go further into debt without actually being the cause of the problem but still being footed the bill.  "Gov. Rick Snyder said Friday he has declared a financial emergency in Detroit.  A determination that leads to the appointment of an emergency manager over the city's finances.  Emergency managers have the power under state law to develop financial plans, renegotiate labor contracts, revise and approve budgets to help control spending, sell off city assets not restricted by charter and suspend the salaries of elected officials".  In the troubling regions of Europe, such as Spain, Ireland, Italy, and Portugal -"a record 2,564 companies filed for 'insolvency proceedings', a more palatable version of the word bankruptcy, in the first quarter - an increase of 10% from Q4 and up a whopping 45% from Q1 2012".  Japanese banks are on next, being on the verge of insolvency presently, "The inability of the B.O.J (Bank of Japan) 'to control' Japanese interest rates (J.G.B rates spiking unprecedentedly day after day) has put the banking system in a lot of trouble".   All of these under reported issues by the media, by social institutions, and by the government hide the storm that is brewing behind the sun that you see presently.
3.) What's amazing about the Boston Marathon is that without evidence or a trial, the masses have judged two men to be deemed "Guilty".  In the public eye, you are guilty until proven innocent (and even if you are proved innocent by the courts, society will still question your innocence).  The media and police will often simultaneously flash images on TV while creating a narrative.  Instantaneously, the man hunt was on for "guilty", "domestic", "terrorists" with connections to "terrorist networks" and "terrorist cells"  (these words will be used repeatedly in the near future to manipulate minds and hearts).  Beware of your associations and ties because any link to anyone even remotely suspicious can implicate you if you need to go down for something that has to be solved symbolically in order to appease the masses and calm their fears.
In the past,
The FBI’s History of Supplying Live Explosives to “Terror Suspects”

Boston Bombing Suspects Were on FBI Radar for Years
BOSTON TRUTH: The “Chechen Connection”, Al Qaeda and the Boston Marathon Bombing
Suspected Boston Bombers: “They Were Set Up, The FBI Followed Them for Years”

Global awakening to false-flag terrorism, Copernican revolution

4.)  Read up on Operation Gladio and Operation Northwoods (to understand how intelligence agents, private contractors, the media, "sleeper cells", social institutions, and National governments work together in order to create fear in the minds and hearts of their own citizens). Just because the cold war ended in the 1990's,  it doesn't mean that this manipulative tactic is over!!!