Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bank Runs, First Hours of Collapse, and Surviving the Economic Collapse

     An economic collapse takes years to build up, yet days to materialize, and within seconds -your economic reality has changed never to be the same again.

The First 12 Hours of a US Dollar Collapse  (7.07 mins.)

     In order to avoid any type of market fears and bank runs, national news networks and mainstream news networks will by design not cover it (and at best if they do, it is not in detail as you would see done for celebrity gossip or an isolated murder).  For example, very few knew that on the week of December 15th-21st in Belarus and Russia there was currency panics:
Russians Rush To Stores As Country Fears Bank Run

Belarus Is Taking Extreme Measures To Stop A Currency Panic

     A minor bank run in a country such as Cyprus in 2013 is not as dangerous as a bank run in a country like: Russia, Brazil, Greece, and Argentina (which affect so many other countries globally).  All 4 countries presently face imploding economies. For example in Brazil:

     In order to avoid economic collapse in their Belarus and Russia, both countries enacted raised bank rates causing inflation to occur on their currencies and in their countries.  The only reason presently, why the global economy has not crashed is because the elites are allowing for a "bleed out" instead of "freefall".  In simplicity, this means it is a "controlled demolition" which is allowing for national economies to weaken over time without any growth (or minimal growth).  In metaphorical terms, the elite are allowing for the guillotine t hang over the captors head, ready to drop at any moment as all chessboard pieces are now in play geopolitically.  In fact, with today's geopolitical situation, what looks like one thing is something else entirely since "nothing is as it seems to be".  Whether it comes through a "Cyber Hack"/Cyber Attack, or through bad news either from a government source or corporate source which affects the stock markets, or through admittance of losses from Corporations and Governments in their quarterly, or through reports of war and military conflict -national and global economies are going to sink and sink hard in 2015.  There is no avoiding that.  It is now a matter of when the deepest decline occurs and brings everything down with it.
     For many individuals born after the 1970's when institutes and economies were flooded with the ideologies of Liberalism and Keynesian Economics it created a lot of entitlement, ignorance, and complicity in mainstream society.  Majority of individuals missed the macrocosmic understanding of their reality and instead were ingrained in a microcosmic view which is best summed up in the phrase, "Y.O.L.O." and self centeredness.  However, ancient wisdom has left us with the expression, "Pride before a fall" because pride has blinded so many of the people living today.  In fact, "The closer you are the less you will see" and with that said, since most people are completely absorbed in their own lives and their own concerns they believe that everything they have done and that has happened to them in their lives is because they have "earned it".  They are not incorrect, and "yes" they have "earned it" and worked hard for it, however luck also plays a major part which an individual does not control.  Numerous things have to go a certain way for an individual to be where they are presently in life.  Do not take that for granted.  For success to occur financially, a certain economic climate has to be in play, and that beneficial economic climate was engineered into play in the First World.  Currently, the economic situation is so dire for many economies that National Governments are actually losing money printing and coining money.  That is how bad the situation actually is presently.  The current Petrodollar system/Fiat System/Western backed system is going to be overthrow since the cracks have already been in place with major countries now engaging in bilateral trades with each other and other countries trading gold for oil. The next currency that is going to be implemented will be an online currency since the new restructuring efforts of the Elite will allow for a cashless society.  You have been predictively programmed since the 1980's to accept this.

     What you are seeing presently by Corporations is "Price Wars" in order to salvage any profits they can while the "Retail apocalypse" presently is causing them severe losses.  What you are seeing currently by National Governments is "economic wars" and "proxy wars" involving blocs of nations destabilizing other nations for control of natural resources.  The West is doing everything it can to eliminate China and Russia's influence on the world by attacking it's key financial and military allies and alliances -Malaysia, North Korea, Pakistan, Burma, Syria, Iran, etc.  In return, China and Russia have (and are currently) dropping their holdings of American treasuries, backing their currencies with gold, opening up BRICS bank, opening up an alternative to the SWIFT banking system, starting an Eurasian Economic Union, and starting an Economic Corridor.  This is why the West is expounding the message that China and Russia are "isolated" when in fact it is the West that is extremely "isolated" from the rest of the world and losing it's influence on the rest of the world. This is why the West is currently focused on destabilizing not only other countries but allowing for the destabilization of it's own country.  This is why the "race card" is being played and reported by the US media, instead of what actually is occurring with people standing up against Police Brutality and the Militarization of the Police.  This is why "Rape Culture" is constantly being promoted through the mainstream media and the vilification of men.  This is why the Ebola virus is being shown with Black faces and "terrorists seem to be everywhere" presently.  If the masses are too busy fighting each other and too busy fighting other manufactured and created enemies, they will not realize how the Elites are trying to recreate their  economic and political system once the current economic system collapses and they allow for Regionalization to occur.

     Every World empire eventually collapses and adapts accordingly leaving a disaster for it's citizens to work through.  Though I can not prevent the Economic collapse from happening, 'nor can I live through it for you, I leave you with:

1.) Pay off Debt urgently and with purpose.
2.) Avoid accumulating savings in Banking institutes because that can be frozen without a moment's notice in order to avoid a "bank run".  The prevention of a bank run could cause you to lose all of your savings.
3.) Avoid loans (banks or from individuals).  Avoid anything that makes you dependent on institutes or others. Getting into debt was expounded as something people needed to do in order to get ahead in life in the late 1990s (and up until the present with subprime loans given) in order to help the economy from stagnating. That is why Banks created macro loans and micro loans and why individuals like Robert T. Kiyosaki were promoted at such a frenetic pace to the masses.
4.) Avoid Franchisee Ownership.  It is too high of a risk leaving the individual on the hook with losses.
5.) Create your own small business.  Find your niche, get ready to compete, and get like minded people to work with you (without taking a loan).  Focus on client centered relationships and get ready to go the extra mile.  Every dollar counts, and every dollar dropped is picked up by someone else. This will allow for some money to be possibly earned when jobs are hard to come by.  The economy now is not about careers but jobs, for no tenure is certain.
6.) If you already own a house, rent every room so that you can pay off your mortgage, help out yourself and others in the process.
7.) If you are renting a commercial property already, allow other businesses to operate on your store property so that you can keep it open and in business (ex: if you own a store and are finding it difficult paying rent, lease part of your store to a merchandiser and ask him for a piece of the rent. This will allow you and the merchandiser to make some profit rather than suffer losses from hydro bills, rent, taxes, and ordering supplies).
8.) If you are renting an apartment, rent space in the apartment. Will it be cramped? YES, Will there be privacy? NO.  However, it better than not being able to pay your rent and facing eviction? YES
9.) Make only the purchases you need not want.  If you can live without it, do so.
10.) Be comfortable in your own skin.  If you are not comfortable in your own skin and with your own thoughts, then nothing you buy will give it to you.  What you buy to make yourself feel comfortable about yourself will only be temporary and it will be fleeting.
 11.) Be cautious when using the, "I deserve better" mentality. Yes you do deserve better.  In fact, everybody deserves better but not everyone gets the "better" that they are seeking (for one reason or another).  Make the most with what you have when you have it for nothing is promised today or tomorrow.

Monday, December 29, 2014

AFRICA: A Playground of the Powerful

     Without the most prominent face and voice of  Africans, Muammar Gaddafi (d. 2011), Africa is now voiceless against the plans of the West and their neo-colonial ambitions.  Through the usage of "humanitarian aid" and "right to protect" (r2p), the West has been expanding its military bases all over Africa.  In regions that have been invested in by BRICS nations and their allies, biological weapons and terrorists have popped up destabilizing whole regions and dispersing whole populations.  The West is now moving into Africa through the military and cementing it's foothold in Africa that was slipping since 2001. 

Africa again, like in the past, is the playground of the powerful.

Remembering Muammar Gaddafi (9:23 mins.)

"Gaddafi actually worked on an African broadcasting network and connected the entire African continent by radio, television and telephone. In the early 90's, Gaddafi funded the establishment of the Regional African Satellite Communication Organization, which eventually provided Africa with its first own communications satellite on December 26, 2007. A second African satellite was launched in July 2010 and advanced plans for a continental broadcasting network were made. Gaddafi funded 70% of this revolutionary project.
Gaddafi thus angered the Western bankers, since Africa no longer would pay the annual $500 million fee to Europe for the use of its satellites, and of course no “self-respecting” banker was willing to fund a project that frees people from their claws. And this was not the only way in which Gaddafi angered the West to the point that he had to be eliminated from their agenda. The leader of the Libyan Al-Fateh Revolution worked hard and came close to embody the famous 1865 quote by American economist Adam Smith, saying: “The economy of any country which relies on the slavery of blacks is destined to descend into hell the day those countries awaken.”  On the eve of the NATO-led war against Libya, Gaddafi’s booming country largely co-funded three projects that would rid Africa from its financial dependence on the West once and for all: the African Investment Bank in the Libyan city of Sirte, the African Monetary Fund (AFM), to be based in the capital of Cameroon, Yaounde, in 2011, and the African Central Bank to be based in the capital of Nigeria, Abuja".

"This gruesome end to Gaddafi's rule has likely confirmed what many must have long been aware -a dictator who wants to hold on to power should also hold onto his nuclear weapons.  Libya once had the materials needed to make nuclear bombs: centrifuges, weapons designs, and fissile material.  Finding their manufacture exceedingly difficult, the country gave up its program in 2003, under strong pressure from the U.S. and its allies. Enticed with an end to heavy sanctions it had endured since the 1980s, improved relations with the West, and a guarantee of security, Gaddafi ended his nuclear quest. Just 8 years later, his position was as far from secure as one could imagine.  The only true security guarantee for a fragile autocracy, one that must fear internal dissent as well as outside aggressors, may be a nuclear arsenal.  Conventional weapons have time and again shown themselves to be unreliable deterrents when state survival is in question. Nuclear weapons have never failed to deter other states -no matter how powerful those states may be. The strong have been able to deter the strong -the United States and Soviet Union did so for decades -but, alas, the weak can also deter the strong. This surely played a large role in why the U.S. was so eager to disarm Gaddafi in 2003. It has been shown to the corners of the earth that Libya's giving up its nuclear arms was used as an invasion tactic to disarm the country by sugarcoating it with words like 'the guaranteeing of security' and the 'bettering of relations. Having one's own strength was the only way to keep peace and avoid invasion."

World War 3 & the Encirclement of Western Enemies


"From the moment the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the United States has relentlessly pursued a strategy of encircling Russia, just as it has with other perceived enemies like China and Iran. It has brought 12 countries in central Europe, all of them formerly allied with Moscow, into the NATO alliance. U.S. military power is now directly on Russia’s borders" 

The illusion of Human "Rights", the overuse of Political Correctness, and the eroding Wealth of National economies

Human "Rights" is an:
(a) Illusion of abundance
(b) Illusion of prosperity
(c) Illusion of wealth

      Human "Rights" is a philosophical illusion and a legal term binding all individuals to a "social contract".  In fact, you do not have a "right".  You do not have anything promised to you. What you have is a "collective privilege".  Human "rights" is a "human privilege".  Human "rights" is a "social privilege".  There are "property rights" and there are "social privileges", however since any type of property either belongs to private individuals or belongs to the public (which means it belongs to the government) there is no place where "property rights" does not take hold and therefore certain social behaviours are expected from all individuals.  It is time for youths and adults to be more realistic and mature about their rights and privileges and to stop expecting everything from politicians and government.  Human "rights" has been indoctrinated to us through the educational system and it has created a very entitled and idealistic mentality in the collective masses.

                Human "rights" was created as a philosophical argument to be used after Colonization ended (post World War 2) when the Cold War had begun.  At that time, the Communist bloc countries (led by the U.S.S.R.) and the Capitalist bloc countries (led by the U.S.A) fought over who had better "standards of living" for their citizens.  Each bloc arguing that their citizens had a better "standard of living" than their counterpart.  Regrettably, in many leading and prominent parts of the Capitalist world, countries such as Australia and the U.S.A., Apartheid Rule and Segregation still flourished (Segregation ending in the 1960's in America and Apartheid rule ending in South Africa in the 1990's).  However, to provide this illusion of the improvement of "standard of living" and "quality of rights" the term human "rights" was born.  Nevertheless for governments to create this utopian vision, both blocs borrowed vast amounts of money from banks and due to that, have become heavily indebted to banks with very little chance to pay the banks back without: (a) raising taxes or/and (b) shrinking the government and therefore minimizing the need for the public sector.  Choice (a) raising taxes without the simultaneous application of  choice (b) minimizing the government and therefore the public sector will not allow for the government debt to be paid off.  Since the government debt has not been paid off, taxes will have to rise for all.  Applying choice (b) minimizing the government and therefore eliminating the public sector will allow for the government to reduce it's expenditures and use government revenue to gnaw away at the government debt owed to the banks, therefore over time enabling taxes to be reduced for all.  Otherwise, if choice (b) is not applied, governments in order to pay off their debt will agree to Free Trade Deals that passes control of their economies to Corporations who will legally have the power to push through privatization so now you are left with a weaker economy than you would have had you allowed for choice (b) to go through immediately.

         Human "rights" has been a crutch many people have illogically used for their advantage due to the climate of liberalism and political correctness entrenched inside of our educational institutes and bred into our societies since the 1970's.  This has led to a climate of entitlement and expectation from many born during the 1970's and afterwards.  Some of these illogical expectations is the "right" of the government to provide for an individual's whims.  In fact, it is not your human "right" to buy over expensive and overinflated property that you cannot afford.  It is not your human "right" to demand to keep a job because otherwise you would lose your property.  Logically, money has to be transferred from one place to another.  Money does not pop out of black holes.  Money has to be transferred from one sector (government revenue) to another sector (public service sector).  That means the government is using tax money: (a) to hire staff, (b) paying for staff wages, (c) paying for supplies that staff uses on a daily basis, (d) paying for the infrastructure that the staff work inside, (e) paying for the insurance around the facility/institute that people are employed inside, (f) paying for the energy bills and hydro usage inside of a facility/institute.  All of this is done through government revenue and taxes and moving money around.  When public service unions hijack the government and push for wage increases in order for them to maintain a "standard of living" that they envisioned for themselves, where do they also imagine the money comes from?  Especially when governments are suffering financial losses from inflation and from rising costs.

     Universal human "rights" have never existed 'nor have they been applied universally.  There has been: (a) trading partners and (b) lands and resources that the First World did not have access to and therefore used "Human right" campaigns after the Cold War to overthrow dictators propped up during the Cold War (some regimes and dictators even being betrayed by the First World -which were in fact allies of the First World during the Cold War but once the Cold War ended they were deemed expendable and seen as liabilities).  Ironically enough, present ally nations like Saudi Arabia were human "rights" are abused daily are not spoken about or magnified in order for change to occur.  Instead, the First World, the unappointed guardians of human "rights"keep silent.

     "Universal human rights" has in the past had good intentions and good willed individuals fighting for it's causes and goals but human "rights" has been used and exploited time and time again for military, economic, and political gains.  The manipulative use of the terms, “Freedom fighters” and “terrorists” especially when it comes to groups fighting for "self determination and independence” as well as those trying to overthrow dictators and corrupt governments have had a huge impact on the geopolitical landscape you live in today.  During the Cold War, terms such as "freedom fighters" and "self determination and independence" legitimized groups favorable to the First World.  During the "War on Terror", these terms again became legitimized to groups favorable to the First World.  More so, National governments, the mainstream media, and social institutes are all complicit in supporting "State terrorism" when it suits their needs and the needs of their allies and hiding how some "terrorist groups" used terrorism in order to create governments (ex: the creation of the nation of Israel, Irgun, and using terrorism to scare off the British).  Human "rights" has never been universally applied when it comes to "national interests".  Something that a "Free Market" economy avoids.

     Unless you want to accept the hypocritical nature of human "rights" and the way it is applied therefore being complicit in all the atrocities and harm it has done all over the world, one must allow the "Free Market" to become the main determinate of success and upward social mobility.  Enabling the "Free Market" to rule limits government regulations and stops government "bail in's" and "bail outs" being made as well as legally binding Free Trade deals that are signed because of bad economic climates and governments that are overburdened with debt.  Since the start of the Cold War, individuals have become reliant on the government to cater to their whims, provide for them, and save them.  Individuals have not taken the responsibility though to look after themselves, to look after their neighbours, or even to look after their communities.  This has had a demoralizing affect on the climate of the world.

      Individuals must realize that they need to motivate themselves in order to survive.  There is no other option at this point.  End the dependence on governments (especially big centralized government) and limit governments services  presently because you will be severely disappointed in the years to come when you realize that national governments and politicians are nothing but spokesperson for Corporations and Banks.  They are the "middle man" buying time for Corporations and Banks to take over all sectors of society.  The governments have overspent, overborrowed and because of it -they have agreed to Free Trade deals that will hand over control to Corporations that have legally binding contracts therefore ensuring the monopoly control of people, lands, ideas, and resources instead of "Free Market" competition which avoids power in the hands of the few.
     Many individuals in the First World criticize when professional sports team pay an exorbitant amount of money for an individual athlete therefore limiting the opportunity for the team to afford other athletes to make the team better.  Many individuals criticize athletes for not taking a pay cut to help their respective teams improve.  Many people criticize athletes who "only play for money and not for the love of the game".  In fact, many people point out that big salaried contracts make athletes try less harder than before they signed that contract.  However, how is that any different with the way unions work?  Many individuals that get into the public service sector work hard until they become unionized and then afterwards sit back on their laurels, knowing this is the "pace" of business and how it operates. This shows the hypocrisy of people's attitudes.  In actuality, it reveals that people are too self absorbed in their own gains and success that they don't see the whole world around them and how their choices and actions affect others or even the affects the bigger whole -in this case being their region, their community, and their country.  The "Me Me Me", "Me first" selfish attitude in many individuals currently supersedes the actual reality that exists and enables them to want more for themselves and yet be able to criticize others who want the same thing (such as athletes for being selfish) and yet not accept any responsibility or blame for the society around them.

     The illusion of wealth, the illusion of abundance, and the illusion of prosperity has allowed for the illusion of universal human "rights" to blind us to our actual and literal economical realities. Social activism for campaigns such as "Drop Fees" led by the Canadian Federation of Student (CFS) calling for governments to reduce school tuitions by subsidizing education is delusion given the fact that it is everyone's individual choice to enroll in postsecondary education and take the risk of what that post secondary education can or cannot give you (especially in a bad economy).  Governments do not have to use tax dollars to subsidize education that only affects a small portion of any regional population.  However, this is the indoctrination that the education system has created for us since the 1970's in the First World.  That the government must provide for us and spoon feed us from cradle to grave and not fulfilling that means that they have neglected us.

     The education system that has embedded the Hegelian dialectic which spawned the construction of ideologies such as Marxism, Anarchism, and Feminism are divisive mentalities that still plagues society presently and have plagued society since their respective inceptions.  Marxism for instance divides workers into categories:  Workers vs Owners and Workers vs the "Rich" instead of realizing we are all workers and all of us want to make money and live comfortably like the "rich".  This envious, jealous mentality pits the "rich" vs the poor and pits union workers vs private sector workers or "rich" workers vs poor workers.  This is the political rhetoric that union leaders use and exploit in order to push through demands for wage increases that the government cannot afford without going further into debt or raising taxes in order to afford it which again burdens us all just for a small minority group to increase their pay and maintain their wages and maintain their standard of living.

(a)  National governments in the First World and Developing World in order to attract immigrants and therefore investments into their countries created social programs which took money from one area and moved it to another.  However, in doing so, it took money from pensioners in order to fund program for immigrants such as "newcomer" programs, job programs, and also allowed for pensions to be given to people that have never worked in the country that they currently reside in.  Big, centralized governments exploited their citizens nationalistic beliefs during the Cold War, accumulating money through pension funds, and instead of saving it for pensioners (when the seniors need it in old age), they have used it to promote the country and bring in further investments in order to make up for the shortfalls due to government debt.  A "Free Market" economy avoids this need for promotion by the government and allows for the government to do as they are designed to do and do what they promise to do for their citizens.  Instead of dispersing government revenue on people who can tap into it but have not paid a single cent into it and are therefore taking advantage of the government, governments should take care of people that have paid their pensions and are now vulnerable in their old age.  Those that have not paid into pensions should not receive pensions because by doing so, they are taking away from those people that have paid into it. This again is the fallacy of "standards of living" and human "rights".  Seniors who have not contributed to pensions in the First World and have come to the First World in old age, argue that their human "rights" are being diminished and therefore they deserve pensions.  However, how does that prevent the growing homelessness in the senior populations presently all over the First World?

(b)  Let the "Free Market" dictate which business survives and which falls.  Corporations and Governments are most fearful of competition that the "Free market" creates because competition limits the influence, power, control, and money Corporations and Governments can make.  This is why Corporations and Governments avoid implementing a "Free Market" economic system and instead create a system of dependence through the application of Keynesian economics.  The longer National Governments use Keynesian economics, the bigger the door opens for Free Trade deals to be signed.

(c)  Too many people claim the "race card" or "gender card" when they feel they deserve something and did not get it (ex: at a job interview, when trying to get a service, when quoted a price, etc.)  In fact these "cards" are pulled out almost at a whim as a way to silence any discussion into the events or subject matter at hand in order to gain the upperhand immediately.  This is the illusion of "free speech" that exists in our societies presently.  This is the illusion of "tolerance" that exists presently.  However, instead of bringing people together there are presently many areas in the First World that are nothing more than cultural and religious niches and communities (ex: Brampton, Markham, "Little Italy", "Chinatown", etc.).  "Hate laws" have created a climate of fear for any subject or topic to be broached and instead has led to a passive population blindly accepting the "law of accommodation" and multiculturalism as being the best a society can have.  Social and immigration policies have to be re-evaluated and re-examined presently especially given the fact that much of the wealth that a First World nation had has been squandered now and a rise of distrust and anger is boiling over in countries such as Germany and the U.S.A. who have used their national wealth to prop up the European Union (E.U.) and the international banking system.  Now left with nothing but debt and a faltering and sinking economy many Germans and Americans are turning away from their national governments and political parties.  However unless the "Free market" system is implemented, choosing a different political party and politician does not change the problem of dependence and entitlement that has plagued society since Liberalism has been enforced. 

Thousands rally at anti-Islam protest in Germany

Sudden Rise of Far Right Groups in EU Parliament Rings Alarm Bells Across Europe