Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Celebrating Your Enslavement (Unintended Consequences)

We celebrated the Industrial Revolution which ended (or at best, isolated and stigmatized) the Agricultural way of Life therefore making people move away from Rural Country areas And Farm Lands making them more dependent and reliant on Banks, Lenders, and Corporations for everyday living.  This led to the Centralizing of Governments and the growth of Monopoly Corporations and the Banking sector which led to 3 wars in the 1900's (World War I, World War II, and the Cold War).

We celebrated the growth of Public Service Sector unions, the Middle Class, the Growth of Cities, and the Expansion of Keynesian Economics though it just led to to more borrowing of money from Private Central Banks.  This debt accumulation allowed for more Debt to be passed onto future generations so that the Present generations could enjoy the fruits of illusory success.  This opened the door for Free Trade Deals to be made in order to diversify and stimulate economies that were creating cities but did not have enough of a population to live in the cities or work there. Without the population in the cities, there could be no start to the Consumer Age.

We celebrated Globalization in the 1990's which led to the elimination of manufacturing jobs but brought in cheap commodities in order to entrench Consumerism into our everyday lives.  Globalization sped up the Technological and Information Revolution which made us more dependent on machines and the web and is now leading us to Transhumanism.

We celebrated an Educated Population though the saturation of degrees thus enabling a growing Underclass to be created which allows for maximum exploitation by Corporations and Big Businesses while also allowing Education Institutes to be more about Business profits and Business expansion through Factory Output Criterias.

We celebrated a Booming housing market though it has led to massive household debt for individuals and families creating Debt bubbles in regions and countries.  Though it has allowed Banks, the Real Estate industry, Mortgage Lawyers, the Construction Sector, and the Insurance Industry to make record profits -it has made majority of individuals susceptible to economic shocks and economic crises that could occur at any moment.

We presently celebrate Cheap Oil Prices which in turn is weakening our Global Economy bringing the Keynesian Economic System and Petrodollar to collapse.  This is ushering in more Bankruptcies by Companies and Small Business Owners, causing volatile Stock Markets and a Derivatives Crisis, as well as pushing through Free Trade Deals, Privatization of Public Sectors, and the Sell Offs of Natural Resources in countries.

      Since the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the masses have celebrated the agendas of Multinational Corporations and Transnational Corporations.  Since the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the masses have celebrated the massive profits of the Banking Industry and the entrenchment of Publicly funded Institutions into society as if their achievements and their profits belonged to the masses and they had something to gain from the success.  That is how you know Institutional Indoctrination and Government Propaganda was successful and that the masses are not as knowledgeable or "free thinking" as they pretend or believe themselves to be.  
      The masses are so indoctrinated, socially engineered, and manipulated in order to manufacture a way of thinking and existing that they are constantly celebrating the success and expansion of banks and institutions.  The masses are so programmed that they celebrate wage and debt slavery, the erosion of small business owners, and the continual entrenchment of the military industrial complex, the prison industrial complex, and the militarization of the police force.  All of this is easily done on the "educated population" because of ignorance, nieveity, wanting to believe in illusionary reality rather than actual reality, and the use of Sophistry which is a rhetorical art form relying upon ingenuity,  fallacies, and specious effectiveness rather than soundness of argument. 
     A 'sophist' (in the modern day sense of the word) is therefore a person who debates adroitly but reasons superficially. In some cases, sophistry is used to cover up one's underlying ignorance of the subject matter. Other times, the purpose of sophistry is to deliberately mislead. What distinguishes the sophist from the run-of-the-mill ignoramus or liar is his ability to sound intelligent and well informed. In some cases, the sophist will indeed display sound reasoning and deep knowledge on a given topic. However, when an ignorant sophist opines on matters which he does not understand, his bloated ego compels him to 'fake it'. Whether he is a cunning liar or simply a puffed-up fool, the tactics of the sophist are the same. Sophists are generally quite erudite and engaging, combining a powerful command of the language and excellent diction with a vast vocabulary of $100 words that they throw around to impress their weak-minded targets. The really effective sophists are also skilled at using body language to enhance their phony facade of deep wisdom.  Dramatic pauses for effect, nose in the air, pensive looks, constipated grimaces while speaking, pen-in-hand while making a point, and a hand-to-the-chin-and-lips (ala Rodin's 'Thinker' statue) are some of the more recognizable gestures of the show-time sophist. In the worlds of Academia, Journalism, Hollywood, and Politics, these pseudo-intellectual imposters are a dime-a-dozen and too many to name. However, they are also often employed by the Social Institutions and the Media to create ideas and thoughts that are needed to spread like wild fire in order for the next phase of human existence to be celebrated.

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