Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bank Runs, First Hours of Collapse, and Surviving the Economic Collapse

     An economic collapse takes years to build up, yet days to materialize, and within seconds -your economic reality has changed never to be the same again.

The First 12 Hours of a US Dollar Collapse  (7.07 mins.)

     In order to avoid any type of market fears and bank runs, national news networks and mainstream news networks will by design not cover it (and at best if they do, it is not in detail as you would see done for celebrity gossip or an isolated murder).  For example, very few knew that on the week of December 15th-21st in Belarus and Russia there was currency panics:
Russians Rush To Stores As Country Fears Bank Run

Belarus Is Taking Extreme Measures To Stop A Currency Panic

     A minor bank run in a country such as Cyprus in 2013 is not as dangerous as a bank run in a country like: Russia, Brazil, Greece, and Argentina (which affect so many other countries globally).  All 4 countries presently face imploding economies. For example in Brazil:

     In order to avoid economic collapse in their Belarus and Russia, both countries enacted raised bank rates causing inflation to occur on their currencies and in their countries.  The only reason presently, why the global economy has not crashed is because the elites are allowing for a "bleed out" instead of "freefall".  In simplicity, this means it is a "controlled demolition" which is allowing for national economies to weaken over time without any growth (or minimal growth).  In metaphorical terms, the elite are allowing for the guillotine t hang over the captors head, ready to drop at any moment as all chessboard pieces are now in play geopolitically.  In fact, with today's geopolitical situation, what looks like one thing is something else entirely since "nothing is as it seems to be".  Whether it comes through a "Cyber Hack"/Cyber Attack, or through bad news either from a government source or corporate source which affects the stock markets, or through admittance of losses from Corporations and Governments in their quarterly, or through reports of war and military conflict -national and global economies are going to sink and sink hard in 2015.  There is no avoiding that.  It is now a matter of when the deepest decline occurs and brings everything down with it.
     For many individuals born after the 1970's when institutes and economies were flooded with the ideologies of Liberalism and Keynesian Economics it created a lot of entitlement, ignorance, and complicity in mainstream society.  Majority of individuals missed the macrocosmic understanding of their reality and instead were ingrained in a microcosmic view which is best summed up in the phrase, "Y.O.L.O." and self centeredness.  However, ancient wisdom has left us with the expression, "Pride before a fall" because pride has blinded so many of the people living today.  In fact, "The closer you are the less you will see" and with that said, since most people are completely absorbed in their own lives and their own concerns they believe that everything they have done and that has happened to them in their lives is because they have "earned it".  They are not incorrect, and "yes" they have "earned it" and worked hard for it, however luck also plays a major part which an individual does not control.  Numerous things have to go a certain way for an individual to be where they are presently in life.  Do not take that for granted.  For success to occur financially, a certain economic climate has to be in play, and that beneficial economic climate was engineered into play in the First World.  Currently, the economic situation is so dire for many economies that National Governments are actually losing money printing and coining money.  That is how bad the situation actually is presently.  The current Petrodollar system/Fiat System/Western backed system is going to be overthrow since the cracks have already been in place with major countries now engaging in bilateral trades with each other and other countries trading gold for oil. The next currency that is going to be implemented will be an online currency since the new restructuring efforts of the Elite will allow for a cashless society.  You have been predictively programmed since the 1980's to accept this.

     What you are seeing presently by Corporations is "Price Wars" in order to salvage any profits they can while the "Retail apocalypse" presently is causing them severe losses.  What you are seeing currently by National Governments is "economic wars" and "proxy wars" involving blocs of nations destabilizing other nations for control of natural resources.  The West is doing everything it can to eliminate China and Russia's influence on the world by attacking it's key financial and military allies and alliances -Malaysia, North Korea, Pakistan, Burma, Syria, Iran, etc.  In return, China and Russia have (and are currently) dropping their holdings of American treasuries, backing their currencies with gold, opening up BRICS bank, opening up an alternative to the SWIFT banking system, starting an Eurasian Economic Union, and starting an Economic Corridor.  This is why the West is expounding the message that China and Russia are "isolated" when in fact it is the West that is extremely "isolated" from the rest of the world and losing it's influence on the rest of the world. This is why the West is currently focused on destabilizing not only other countries but allowing for the destabilization of it's own country.  This is why the "race card" is being played and reported by the US media, instead of what actually is occurring with people standing up against Police Brutality and the Militarization of the Police.  This is why "Rape Culture" is constantly being promoted through the mainstream media and the vilification of men.  This is why the Ebola virus is being shown with Black faces and "terrorists seem to be everywhere" presently.  If the masses are too busy fighting each other and too busy fighting other manufactured and created enemies, they will not realize how the Elites are trying to recreate their  economic and political system once the current economic system collapses and they allow for Regionalization to occur.

     Every World empire eventually collapses and adapts accordingly leaving a disaster for it's citizens to work through.  Though I can not prevent the Economic collapse from happening, 'nor can I live through it for you, I leave you with:

1.) Pay off Debt urgently and with purpose.
2.) Avoid accumulating savings in Banking institutes because that can be frozen without a moment's notice in order to avoid a "bank run".  The prevention of a bank run could cause you to lose all of your savings.
3.) Avoid loans (banks or from individuals).  Avoid anything that makes you dependent on institutes or others. Getting into debt was expounded as something people needed to do in order to get ahead in life in the late 1990s (and up until the present with subprime loans given) in order to help the economy from stagnating. That is why Banks created macro loans and micro loans and why individuals like Robert T. Kiyosaki were promoted at such a frenetic pace to the masses.
4.) Avoid Franchisee Ownership.  It is too high of a risk leaving the individual on the hook with losses.
5.) Create your own small business.  Find your niche, get ready to compete, and get like minded people to work with you (without taking a loan).  Focus on client centered relationships and get ready to go the extra mile.  Every dollar counts, and every dollar dropped is picked up by someone else. This will allow for some money to be possibly earned when jobs are hard to come by.  The economy now is not about careers but jobs, for no tenure is certain.
6.) If you already own a house, rent every room so that you can pay off your mortgage, help out yourself and others in the process.
7.) If you are renting a commercial property already, allow other businesses to operate on your store property so that you can keep it open and in business (ex: if you own a store and are finding it difficult paying rent, lease part of your store to a merchandiser and ask him for a piece of the rent. This will allow you and the merchandiser to make some profit rather than suffer losses from hydro bills, rent, taxes, and ordering supplies).
8.) If you are renting an apartment, rent space in the apartment. Will it be cramped? YES, Will there be privacy? NO.  However, it better than not being able to pay your rent and facing eviction? YES
9.) Make only the purchases you need not want.  If you can live without it, do so.
10.) Be comfortable in your own skin.  If you are not comfortable in your own skin and with your own thoughts, then nothing you buy will give it to you.  What you buy to make yourself feel comfortable about yourself will only be temporary and it will be fleeting.
 11.) Be cautious when using the, "I deserve better" mentality. Yes you do deserve better.  In fact, everybody deserves better but not everyone gets the "better" that they are seeking (for one reason or another).  Make the most with what you have when you have it for nothing is promised today or tomorrow.