Saturday, December 27, 2014

War Propaganda (through Print media and Video)

War never ends if there is still profits to be made, people to be commodified, and lands to be taken control of and invested in (monopolized).

Leading up to the War, War Propaganda will always focus on:
(a) the Vulnerable (Women and Children),
(b) Demonizing and Vilifying targeted enemies,

(c) Predictive Programming,
(d) Allies that are fighting against the Targeted enemy already & therefore their lives are in peril unless action is taken (or a defenseless group of people that needs imminent military aid)
(e) Creating a Climate of Tension and Hatred
(f) An imminent Attack that is within striking distance
(g) Civilization about to fall unless war is prevented by attacking first and immediately
(h) Unavoidable and therefore everyone must do their part
War Propaganda is never different no matter the era it is used in or masses that it is used on. 


WORLD WAR 1 (1914-1918)

WORLD WAR II (1939-1945)

COLD WAR (1947-1991)


Gulf War, 1990-1991

The Incubator Babies Conspiracy  (2:46 mins.)

War on Terror, 2001-PRESENT

(a) Bush after 9/11: "Go out and shop" (23 secs.)

(b) "We want everybody in America to own their own home. That's what we want"  (1:13 mins.)

(c) Bush Warns "Entire Economy is in Danger"  (3:13 mins.)

Iraq War, 2003-2011, PRESENT

(a) Iraq War Propaganda One Man Tried to Warn Us (3:39 mins.)

WORLD WAR 3 (Axis of "Terror" -Pakistan, Iran, Venezuela, Libya, Syria, Russia, China, North Korea)

(a) Pakistan: Living Under Drones  (6:59 mins.)

(b) Pakistan army attacked in retaliation for US drone strikes  (1:25 mins.)

(d) Ahmadinejad DID NOT threaten to "wipe Israel off the map"  (1:12 mins.)

(e) Iran Propaganda " Wiping Israel Of The Map " (3:19 mins.)

(f) Corporate Propaganda on Venezuela  (9:09 mins.)

(g) Manipulated Social Media Propaganda About Libya (6:38 mins.)

(h) Brzezinski on Syria: US is engaging in "mass propaganda", "Who's fighting for democracy?"  (2:13 mins.)

(i) Member of Iraqi Parliament collapses in tears after calling upon World to Rescue the Yazidis  (2:35 mins.)

(j) The desperate struggle to save Iraq's stranded Yazidis  (2:58 mins.)

(k) Pentagon: Russia Attacks Ukraine Confirmation Missile Launches From Russia  (3:49 mins.)

(l) Flight MH17 - What You're Not Being Told  (14:17 mins.)

(m) U.S.: China hackers could shut U.S. down (1:37 mins.)

(n) Sony Hack: What They're Not Telling You  (6:53 mins.)

9/11 was a Watershed moment:
- Leads to Bank Deregulation which leads to Subprime Borrowing thus leading to the Housing Crisis in 2008 which caused the Global Recession and the creation of Bubbles in all facets of society presently

- Leads to the "peak oil" scare and the move for protecting oil worldwide through the use of military force.  It also leads to the start of Fracking, Shale Oil, Oil Sands, and the economic BOOM in countries such as Alberta (which now is dwindling away because of massive offloading of oil)

- Leads to the "War on Terror" being launched, the Iraq War being launched, Drone strikes, "Black Sites" used by the CIA, Surveillance Society and growth in the Security Industry, "Arab Spring", containment and encirclement of Russia, Iran, and China, and torture being prohibited in order to gather Information for "National Interests". Also speeds up the transfer of wealth from Public Services to the Military. The Transfer of Wealth is has created a hole which can only be filled through Privatization or Massive Public Donations and Massive tax hikes.

- The Idol Worship and Mythology of Celebrities, Athletes, "Heroes" and "Superstars", Politicians, and Social Activists and Revolutionaries have led us to believe in an illusory system of decadence and unsustainability. The masses don't know nothing about the people we know "everything" about.

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