Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Present Day Black Identity & Black Culture Created by the Black Boule, the 5%, & Order of the Eastern Star

      Everything that Black People presently know about their culture and their history has been carefully and meticulously crafted for them by others and taught to them so that a false Black consciousness and a fake Black identity can be viewed by the masses.  This fake Black identity and false Black consciousness is also held in place by a few select blacks that work with those in charge of Black identity and Black culture. Present day Black identity and Black culture allows real, independent Black Consciousness to disappear and instead replaced by an emotional and dependent Black consciousness that allows Blacks to be a pawn in a Global agenda. Sadly, once the agenda is complete, Black will be discarded. Awareness and Consciousness can prevent this from happening but Blacks need to get past the Black VS White dichotomy and see their past for what it actually is, not what is taught to them.

      This is the Narrative never mentioned in Public Discourse or taught in Academia. Black Wall Street and Black success is rarely if ever mentioned. Instead Blacks happen to fall into history as secondary characters or tertiary characters not primary characters with a history of their own.  Whether it is the Black Boule or the 5%ers -a complete Black narrative is never mentioned. Only a skewed Black narrative where Blacks have been nothing but victims throughout history is taught and mentioned therefore indoctrinating the masses for a Hegelian Dialectic well underway where Blacks are subtly taught to hate themselves and hate others.  This hatred leads to self destructive thinking  and reckless behaviors and creates vacuous, destructive neighbourhoods that systematically destroy everything inside of it.

BLACK BOULE -the elite of the Black hierarchy:

the 5%'ers:



Lebron James and the NBA "hoodie reaction" is actually a Masonic ritual. All members of Fraternal societies do not have to do much.  They only have to play their role and play it well in order to move the agenda forward.  It is similar to a nudge in your stomach or to your arm in order to get your attention or to get you focused on a particular topic or narrative in play.  Lebron James's role was to get you focused on the narrative at the time of the Zimmerman-Martin trial and have you focused on the Black VS White narrative in society and fragment society between racial divides. This racial divide will soon play out and cause the Problem-Reaction-Solution the Elite want. "Out of Chaos, Order".

ORDER OF THE EASTERN STAR & PRINCE HALL FREEMASONRY-the Freemasonry aspect of Black Consciousness:

      For celebrities and entertainers, a ritual they perform in public for the masses and their masters and handlers  is humilation.  Through public humiliation, the individual is allowed to advance in Degree.  This is how the individual gains trust from his brothers and sisters of the Fraternal Orders he/she is a member to.  Due to the fact, the individual has signed a contract, he is obliged to do as his handler suggests, otherwise he is in breach of his contract.  This is why celebrities have their images carefully crafted for them.  This is why the saying goes, "you sell you soul to the Devil for fame and fortune" because the contract you sign allows the other person not only to control you but to vibrationally alter your soul through acts and rituals.
the "Baggy Pants trend" that swept through Hip Hop Culture in the late 1990's and is still alive today also has homosexual connotations which was derived out of the prison system which many people are unaware of today. 

 As well as public humiliation rituals as a "rite of passage" for members of these Fraternal Organizations, there are also "Blood Sacrifice rituals" (such as the Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman case) where you have to be willing to sacrifice someone you love to advance or gain Occult ability (similar to Abraham willing to sacrifice his son to God). "Sex Rituals" are also performed at these gatherings where group orgies, homosexual sex acts,  and sex with multiple partners takes place.

The devil preys on ignorance, fear, dissatisfaction/boredom, and emotion.  Consciousness and Wisdom allows you to sidestep the Devil and his Death Cult Matrix he has created on Earth.

 Do not personify Jesus, 'nor refer to him as "Jesus" for the letter "J" did not exist until the 16th c. Christ Consciousness is your only goal to freedom.  Freedom from ignorance, attachment, and emotion. Freedom from Saturn's matrix of deception.