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"WHITE WASHING" History: How Governments & Social Institutes Alter Your Perception of Reality

This is how social institutes, intellectuals, academics, the entertainment sector, ignorant masses, and the mainstream media have just as much blood on their hands as the military industrial complex:
     "In case you were not aware, the Pentagon is set to roll out a 50th anniversary commemoration of the Vietnam War. Personally, it is hard to get excited about commemorating an event that led to the death of over 58,000 American soldiers and more than a million Vietnamese, particularly since much of it was the direct result of well-documented lies and deception, such as the Gulf of Tonkin incident.  What is worse, the Pentagon intends to rewrite history by whitewashing this period of civil unrest and government shame from American history. The propaganda is so blatant that it has resulted in many of the era’s most well known protesters and activists to come together in order to stop it".

The New York Times reports that:
WASHINGTON — It has been nearly half a century since a young antiwar protester named Tom Hayden traveled to Hanoi to investigate President Lyndon B. Johnson’s claims that the United States was not bombing civilians in Vietnam. Mr. Hayden saw destroyed villages and came away, he says, pretty wounded by the pattern of deception.”  Now the Pentagon — run by a Vietnam veteran, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel — is planning a 50th anniversary commemoration of the Vietnam War. The effort, which is expected to cost taxpayers nearly $15 million by the end of this fiscal year, is intended to honor veterans and, its website says, “provide the American public with historically accurate materials” suitable for use in schools. But the extensive website, which has been up for months, largely describes a war of valor and honor that would be unrecognizable to many of the Americans who fought in and against it. Leading Vietnam historians complain that it focuses on dozens of medal-winning soldiers while giving scant mention to mistakes by generals and the years of violent protests and anguished debate at home. In one early iteration, the website referred to the 1968 My Lai massacre, in which American troops killed hundreds of Vietnamese civilians, as the My Lai Incident. The glossy view of history has now prompted more than 500 scholars, veterans and activists — including the civil rights leader Julian Bond; Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the top-secret Pentagon Papers; Lawrence J. Korb, a former assistant secretary of defense under President Ronald Reagan; and Peter Yarrow of the folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary — to join Mr. Hayden in demanding the ability to correct the Pentagon’s version of history and a place for the old antiwar activists in the anniversary events. Mr. Hayden, 74, and other 1960's-era activists who helped him gather signatures, say they do not quarrel with honoring the sacrifice of soldiers. However, they object to having the military write the story. “All of us remember that the Pentagon got us into this war in Vietnam with its version of the truth,” Mr. Hayden said in a recent telephone interview from Berkeley, Calif., where he attended a rally to mark another 50th anniversary, that of the free-speech movement. “If you conduct a war, you shouldn't be in charge of narrating it.” He promised “educational materials, a Pentagon exhibit, traveling exhibits, symposiums, oral history projects and much more.” The mission, he said, is to “help the nation take advantage of a rare opportunity to turn back to a page in history and to right a wrong, by expressing its honor and respect to Vietnam veterans and their families.” Many of the longtime activists also see the petition as deeply relevant today. “You can’t separate this effort to justify the terrible wars of 50 years ago from the terrible wars of today,” said Phyllis Bennis, a Middle East expert who has known Mr. Hayden since the early 1970's. “When I saw this, I thought immediately, ‘We've got to stop this. This problem of people in power rewriting history to serve their own ends has been an issue throughout human history.

     In conclusion, every culture has a war machine and a propaganda machine infused into their institutes (religious, social, or both), which “whitewashes” their true history.  Their cultural narrative is then transformed into nothing more than myths and legends built and cemented into place cocooning those inside the culture from their actual historical narrative and origins.


      For those that think Trans-humanism is nothing but a science fiction fantasy (at best) and (at worst) 30-40 years away from happening, the next phase of our reality is in fact closer than you think.  "Predictive Programming" has been under way preparing us for this reality since the 1960's through literature and through the entertainment sector.  In fact, many of the present day wage issues will be solved not through raising wages for workers but through the incremental addition of automation in the work place.  This will eliminate many of the human beings in the workforce presently which is useful to pushing through privatization and the elimination of the public sector workforce (which is dependent on unions and salaries through governmental taxes).  Like the Luddites who were 19th-century English textile artisans protesting against newly developed labor-replacing machinery from 1811 to 1817 and trying desperately to stop the Industrial Revolution, this present day endeavor of trying to stop the next phase of our reality is futile.  Mainly because the machines are already here!  In fact, the only thing that has prevented these automatons from being seen in every fabric and level of society is that they have not been mass manufactured yet.  

     However, this economic collapse happening presently is opening those doors gradually and as the labor unrest and strikes occur and continue globally and the Corporate takeover of national governments continues through Free Trade Deals such as: Trans-Pacific Partnership, Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act, Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, Trade in Services Agreement, and Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement -you will see the push for more automatons in every level and sector of society.  Now, many people will argue that "people united, will never be defeated" however, that runs against the fact that since 2001 there has also been a gradual increase in police militarization which means the government has also been preparing for this economic collapse and mass unrest to occur. Not to mention the increase of CCTV's in society and the acceptance of constant surveillance of individuals in society since 2001, there is very little the masses can do from preventing this reality from occurring.  In truth, those rebelling against the changes that are presently happening will be considered "domestic terrorists" and without trial will be held and placed into privatized prisons which will be the new labor camps of yesteryear.  In a cashless society, filled with CCTV's and facial recognition at every place a human being may turn, rebelling against the regional governments in place will only lead to one's isolation and one's eventual liquidation.  The society of tomorrow has deemed the humans of today as being volatile instruments that are deemed expendable and are only temporarily useful.  This is why there is also presently a push for the acceptance of Euthanasia for seniors.  

     Human beings are living on "borrowed time" presently and the elimination of human beings will come through due to our acceptance of governmental control.  Increasing the acceptance of governmental control is happening presently through the: (a) fears of disease pandemics and disease outbreaks, (b) through the unending "War on Terror", and (c) due to the Economic Collapse. The reality that is emerging presently and will crystallize when all is said and done will be different than the reality that people have experienced and lived through in the past.  It is a reality where human beings are expendable and Robots-R-Us. 

Humans Need Not Apply (15:00 mins.)

Nine Real Technologies that will soon be inside you (article)

Robots Sales Assistants in California (in Lowe's retail stores) 
Just like human beings without having to pay them
- Stays with you and guides you in the store to where you need to go and helps you find what your looking for 

INDUSTRY 4.0 (Smart Factories)
Because of the Free Trade deals presently that were signed (such as FIPA) you cannot stop this from moving forward and from being implemented.  If you try, the National Government will be sued by the Corporations implementing them and still be forced to implement them.  Therefore, social activism works against the National government and still doesn't  create jobs.

Google’s New Computer With Human-Like Learning Abilities Will Program Itself
-Computers and devices will talk to one another, and therefore need humans less and less

The robo karate kid! Terrifying two legged giant robot being developed by Google learns to stand on one leg - and recreates scene from cult film
- This is why article 3 is important. Because these robots are going to learn and program themselves at a super fast pace.  Just like "Sky Net" and the movie "Her".

Google Wants To Store Your DNA On The Cloud
"According to the MIT report, Google started working on the Google Genomics program 18 months ago and is already making progress.  For around $25, the search engine giant will store your genome in it’s cloud service that also powers Search, Maps, YouTube, Gmail and Drive".
Google nanobots: Early warning system for cancer, heart disease inside the body
- Less leaning on doctors and nurses and their diagnoses and observations and more on machines to do it

Google Takes Over Operations Of Moffett Airfield From NASA, Will Invest $200M Into The Site
"Once renovations are complete, Hangar One will again be home to high-tech innovation as Planetary Ventures begins using the historic facility for research, development, assembly and testing in the areas of space exploration, aviation, rover/robotics and other emerging technologies. Hangars Two and Three will be used for similar purposes(FUTURE MASS MANUFACTURING CENTERS)

Google signs 60-year, $1 billion NASA lease
(Same story as above. Just from a "legitimate" source)

Debt Until You Die: How Some Senior Citizens Are Still Paying Off Their Student Loans
SIDE NOTE: UTSC wanted to try a pilot project (in the late 1980's and early 1990's) and wanted to have taped "podcasts" used on the big screen in a lecture hall instead of a professor doing the lecture.  The pilot project failed because students didn't want to go watch a video in class.  The school scrapped it.  However, 20-30 years later with the acceptance of the internet and streaming videos, many programs are now allowing for Graduate students to learn everything online and therefore Professors are more focused on research and creating patents for universities and their funders.

There are only enough full-time jobs for 50% of the working-age population across the world 
(a) A
tyrannical assembly line of incarceration is now in place that will involve forced 
labor, volunteer labor, and work camps to take place
(b) Which basically means Debtor prisons and Privatized prisons in play(c) Garnishment of paychecks in place so if the economy were to crash, inflation and hyperinflation would make it almost impossible to pay back mortgages and debt therefore indebting you to your lenders.

In the future, PEOPLE will only be used for: as a OCCUPYING FORCE, RESETTLEMENT FORCE, AND TO ASSIST ROBOTS (though the rulers will sell it as "robots helping humans to maximize efficiency and prevent mistakes").

     "Predictive Programming" is the subtle use of images and words through different outlets (ex: institutional literature, commercials, movies, advertisements)  that prepares the subconscious and unconscious human mind to consciously accept a set of events and actions that will occur in the future.  

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Project for the New American Century and Pre-planned Wars

Written in September 2000

Drawn in June 2006

Operation Enduring Turmoil drawn in 2010 
Operation Enduring Turmoil drawn in 2010

Webster G. Tarpley in 2007 warning about Obama

REVOLUTION (part 3): Regime Change and Creating "Protesters" and "Democracy Movements"

STEP 1: Dispatch your CIA, MI6, & Mossad agents to the target nation. Use various covers such as "exchange student", "tourist", "aid worker", "businessman", "journalist", "diplomat". 

STEP 2: Use the humanitarian guise of "pro democracy" or "human rights" to start up your NGO's (Non Governmental Organizations) inside of the target nation. Provide cover for yourself by doing actual good works, while building up your N.G.O. with local malcontents, liberals, and gullible idealists.

STEP 3: Recruit your network of domestic traitors. Target intellectuals, academics, politicians, journalists, and, if possible, military men. Use bribery to target those who can be bought. Use blackmail to target those who have some stain in their private life. 

STEP 4: If the target nation has large Labor Unions, corrupt labor bosses will be very happy to cooperate with you. American dollars and Euros are king!

STEP 5: Pick a catchy theme or color for your "revolution".  Examples include "Prague Spring" (Czechoslovakia, 1968), "Velvet Revolution" (Eastern Europe 1989), "Saffron Revolution" (Myanmar), "Cedar Revolution" (Lebanon), "Rose Revolution" (Georgia), "Orange Revolution" (Ukraine), "Green Revolution" (Iran), "Arab Spring" (Egypt, Tunisia, Libya) and Hong Kong's "Umbrella Revolution". It's all about marketing!

STEP 6: Kick off your "revolution" with a "spontaneous protest". Use your CIA agents and their controlled N.G.O. idiots to make allegations of "human rights abuses", or "government corruption" or "election fraud". It doesn't matter if the allegations are true or not. Just be passionate!
*OPTIONAL STEP (6.5): In certain cases, "WikiLeaks" may be able to assist your fake revolution by "leaking" embarrassing secrets about key officials within the target government. When your paid journalists run with the "leaks", many enraged citizens will then join forces with your N.G.O. rent-a-mob.

 STEP 7:  Roll out your "spontaneous" banners and protest signs, written in English. You are, after all, trying to manipulate American policy makers and the gullible American public.

STEP 8: Add in your wholly-owned labor bosses, academics, and spoiled "Western wannabee" college brats. Turn up the heat on the target government. This will swell the ranks of the protesters to include malcontents, people with legitimate grievances, "bandwagon" types, and folks who are just bored and want something to do (and want to be a part of something "bigger than themselves" while simultaneously fitting into the social fad at the moment).

STEP 9: The major American and European media outlets will now assist you by portraying the uprising as a "popular" and "spontaneous" reaction to corruption / tyranny / voter fraud, etc. 

STEP 10: Now that "the world is watching", stage an incident. If you can manipulate some fanatic into setting himself on fire, do so! Otherwise, fake an atrocity, Use fake blood, fake tear gas, and photo shopped images. Make sure the "victim" is a woman! The international media and your paid local propagandists will run with the atrocity story. The destabilized target government will soon lose support among many of its own people!

STEP 11: Add in your violent agent provocateurs. Use them to FORCE the police into violent acts. This will embarrass, intimidate, and destabilize the government to the point where it becomes de-legitimized in the eyes of "the world community."

STEP 12: Add in your paid-for-politicians and wait for the US, UN, & EU to "pressure" the "oppressive" target government into submission. The threat of economic sanctions, "no-fly zones", bombing, or even an armed "rebel" uprising, should convince the government to either bend to your wishes, or to step down and call for new elections.

REVOLUTION (part 2): The Manipulation of Revolutions and Protestors through Social Institutes and Organizations

     “Color revolutions are, without a doubt, one of the main features of global political developments today.   Color revolution(s) is a term used by the media to describe related [political] movements that developed in several societies in the C.I.S. (former USSR) and Balkan states during the early 2000's. Some observers have called the events a revolutionary wave. Participants in the color revolutions have mostly used nonviolent resistance, also called civil resistance. Such methods as demonstrations, strikes and interventions have been [used to] protest against governments seen as corrupt and/or authoritarian, and to advocate democracy; and they have also created strong pressure for change. These movements all adopted a specific color or flower as their symbol. The color revolutions are notable for the important role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and particularly student activists in organizing creative non-violent resistance. These movements have been successful in Serbia (especially the Bulldozer Revolution of 2000), in Georgia's Rose Revolution (2003), in Ukraine's Orange Revolution (2004), in Lebanon's Cedar Revolution and (though more violent than the previous ones) in Kyrgyzstan's Tulip Revolution (2005), in Kuwait's Blue Revolution (2005), in Iraq's Purple Revolution (2005), and in Czechoslovakia's Velvet Revolution (1989), but failed in Iran's Green Revolution (2009–2010). Each time massive street protests followed disputed elections or request of fair elections and led to the resignation or overthrow of leaders considered by their opponents to be authoritarian.  Massive foreign funding is the key to color revolutions that are psycho-social operations of deception.  It is a fact that Western governments (especially the US government) and various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) spend millions of dollars to co-opt and "channel" local populations of targeted countries against their own political leadership.  Empty democracy slogans and flashy colors aside, color revolutions are good old-fashioned regime change operations: destabilization without the tanks.   The secret ingredient is a sophisticated science used to manipulate emotions and circumvent critical thinking. History shows that, too much of the power elite, humanity is seen as a collection of nerve endings to be pushed and pulled one way or the other, sometimes made to tremble in fear, sometimes made to salivate like Pavlov's dogs. These days the manipulation is so pervasive, so subtle, so effective, that even critical individuals at times must necessarily fail to recognize how often--or in what context--they have fallen prey. Of course, fear is the most obvious emotion played upon to effect massive social change. One need only to reflect upon the last ten years, since 9/11, to know that fear is a primary instrument used to initiate and justify dangerous shifts in public policy. However, as humanity has been physiologically equipped with a range of emotions, and is not merely arrested and controlled by fear alone, a strata of behavioral and political science also found it useful to master the flip-side of the emotional spectrum, and by that we mean desire, and all that drives groups of individuals to act, even in the face of fear, in pursuit of something worthwhile.  Many are the professions that utilize this type of understanding, including (but not limited to) marketing, advertising, public relations, politics and law-making, radio, television, journalism and news, film, music, general business and salesmanship; each of them selling, branding, promoting, entertaining, sloganeering, framing, explaining, creating friends and enemies, arguing likes and dislikes, setting the boundaries of good and evil: in many cases using their talents to circumvent their audiences' intellect, the real target being emotional, oftentimes even subconscious. Looking beneath the facade of the color revolutionary movement we also find a desire-based behavioral structure, in particular one that has been built upon historical lessons offered by social movements and periods of political upheaval. It then makes sense that the personnel of such operations include perception managers, PR firms, pollsters and opinion-makers in the social media. Through the operational infrastructure, these entities work in close coordination with intelligence agents, local and foreign activists, strategists and tacticians, tax-exempt foundations, governmental agencies, and a host of non- governmental organizations. Collectively, their job is to make a palace coup (of their sponsorship) seem like a social revolution; to help fill the streets with fearless demonstrators advocating on behalf of a government of their choosing, which then legitimizes the sham governments with the authenticity of popular democracy and revolutionary fervor.  Because the operatives perform much of their craft in the open, their effectiveness is heavily predicated upon their ability to veil the influence backing them, and the long-term intentions guiding their work. Their effectiveness is predicated on their ability to deceive, targeting both local populations and foreign audiences with highly misleading interpretations of the underlying causes provoking these events. Color revolutions are bound up in the larger geopolitical universe. A color revolution is only an instrument of foreign policy--only a tool--the ultimate object being the geopolitical advantages gained by powerful financiers and the brain trust they employ. It follows that understanding geopolitical context (and motive) is necessary to understanding the purpose of the color revolution”.