Saturday, October 11, 2014

CIVIL FORFEITURE in North America (Canada & the U.S.A.)

Thought Civil Forfeiture was created in 2002 it is something that is: very little heard about, very little reported about by social institutions, very little covered about by the media, or very little talked about by individuals and communities -but it can affect you all especially with a broken economy and a broken public sector workforce presently (where money is scarce and hard to come by and yet debt is so high for so many individuals, companies, organization, and families):

Civil Forfeiture (HBO) -16 mins clip

Actual PDF document from the Attorney General Office of Canada in 2002 (Ontario)

"Legalized Looting" or what the First World media has been calling how it feels like to be living in the "Third World"   -"living in a police state filled with corruption and no freedom of rights or democratic rights where you are always looking over your shoulder unsure of who to turn to and trust".  This law mainly affects minorities and those living in poorer communities but can affect anyone at anytime.  It all depends on the police officer that you come across and his or her "discretion".  

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