Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Pedophilia Empire/Network Among Us (Satan/Saturn grows stronger each day)

Either be a Hypocrite and Live in Fear and Anxiousness while Living a Life of Contradiction and Stress OR Fight Against the Satanic Network Engulfing your Mind & Body and thus Limiting Your Choices.

Putin Exposes the Active Pedophilia Network in America

PEDOGATE: Systemic Global Pedophilia EXPOSED  (17:08 mins.)

#PizzaGate: Sex Code Words And Clinton Connection Exposed!   (9:09 mins.)

#PizzaGate: Massive Child Sex Trafficking Busts

What does Islam, Socialists, Catholicism, Judaism, Satanists, Secret Societies, Hollywood & Political Pedophilia groups have in common? 
     the DEATH CULT OF SATURN (8) aligned with Mars (3)  & Venus (6) =17 (8) -which means Lucifer, "God of Light" hence this is where the Illuminati gets their name from. The "God of Light" is also known as the "Black Sun" aka the "False Light" of the Earth.

Focus on "sparked outrage" and "whether allegations Should be reported". It did not state that it brought about "consensus that it Must be reported"

     This is why Christians must understand that the Old Testament and the New Testament are not 1 collection of books but 2 collections of books. The Bible has 66 books in total with the Old Testament having 39 books and the New Testament having 27 books. The Old Testament has been bonded with the New Testament to prove that Christ was a prophecy fulfilled to the Jews through Christ's arrival.  However, the New Testament can stand alone on it's own without being bound to the Old Testament because the whole collections of 27 books is about the Holy Spirit coming unto Mary and then Christ at the age of 33 and then after his death, the Holy Spirit coming onto all who believe in the life of Christ and therefore who also seek the Spirit and the connection with God (which is what the Spirit will give you). The Old Testament has more to do with Jewish law and has more in common with Islam than Christ's teachings. You can only use the Old Testament as context to what Christ had to live through and deal with historically but the Old Testament and the New Testament are 2 entirely different collections of books bonded into 1 book which they were never meant to be.

     For Hollywood & the Entertainment Sector this Pedophilia Operation is called: "Project Monarch"/"Project Butterfly"/"Project Monarch Butterfly"

      For the mainstream masses participating in this network, it is also known as "NN Honeys" -"Honey" being "Honeypot" which is a term the Global Intelligence Agencies used for Female Sex Agents/Female Sex Slaves in the "field" or at "play".  However, other more subtle terms have been revealed since the "Pizzagate" scandal came out.  Since this operation is pyramidal in form, low ranking members participate at a "need to know level" and are not privy to the information that high ranking members have.  Also, similar to covert drugs operations, the lower minions take the hit, the higher ups keep power and their position and avoid jail time unless there is an informant or whistle blower that will reveal addresses, names, dates, and provide evidence. At worst, if the higher ups are revealed by an informant or whistle blower (or a cop or lawyer/judge that stumbles upon the operation while doing his/her job) higher ups receive charity time, a conditional sentence, and house arrest for a short period of time (if they get anything at all) and minimal mainstream media coverage is spotlighted upon the issue unless a distraction is needed for a much bigger agenda in play.

     Social Workers, Nurses, Doctors, Politicians, Parents, Athletes, Coaches, Celebrities, etc all participate in these operations, networks, and rituals in order to have "access" to the "light" of the material world -fame, status, money, recognition, name being dropped in "important circles", opportunities, etc. Other times, these same people turn a blind eye or play they game in order to fit in and avoid stirring the pot or engage in illegal activities in order to be accepted by those in the same field that they work in.
     Once initiated into the membership and once you have performed rituals you cannot leave, similar to a gang, for if you do want to leave -everything falls on your legs and you take the fall for all of it whether you engaged in it or not.  Otherwise, you and your family will be silenced and so will your "first born generational children".  Also, those exposing these nefarious networks are often also framed one way or another through Backdoor entrances on their laptop or desktop computer via Windows and Apple Computer programs, their phones are hacked into, their houses are "bugged",  they are framed by Intelligence Agents and Fraternity Members, they are "blackballed" at work due to rumors and unfounded scandals. Also, Law Enforcement Agents that are part of this network will make life difficult for individuals at routine police "check ups"/Police "stops" and giving them tickets or provoking them in situations in order to get a reaction.  The mainstream media also ridicules them in public and the individual is made to look"crazy" and therefore dismissed, or ignored, or just "silenced all together". The amount of proof and names you have is key to what happens to you.

Dave Chappelle on Martin Lawrence and Hollywood Culture (1:55 mins.)

Michael Jackson on The Jews  (19 secs.)

    That's is how the "Network"/Prince of Darkness works. The Prince of Darkness/Lucifer needs people to willingly and knowingly carry out his goals as does the "King of Kings" which reigns in the Holy Spirit.  Both the Prince of Darkness/Demon Spirit and the Holy Spirit is engaged in battle for possession of your Soul and the "Prince of Darkness" traps your soul by making it attached and drawn to the Material Plane of existence via thoughts, choices, words, ego, and vibration. By making your vibration heavy through emotional attachment, ego, and emotional guilt -you are weighed down and therefore cannot leave this vibratory plane for eternity.  This is what is at stake.  The "Prince of Darkness" will give you "access to his light" if you serve him and his mission. Christ/Buddha/Nanak/Rumi/Kabir/Krishna will give you their light if you serve the Holy Spirit.  Do not personify the teacher, use their spirit -the Holy spirit -in order to gain wisdom, discernment, fortitude, etc to battle against evil in all its forms. The teacher is the example but through them you will find the Holy Spirit and you will be free from Saturn's clutches. You will still be attacked once the Holy Spirit engulfs you but you will no longer be attached to the material plane or anything on it.

This is what true faith, wisdom, and understanding means. Let your spirit live in you in the present, so the past and future are simultaneously fused and mixed into your present (for they are all one).  Do not be emotionally attached or attached by ego to the outcome of the material present. Live for truth, live with the Holy Spirit, and you shall be set free on this material plane. Life is a journey and when you live with the Spirit, you have no regret for you see, speak, live, and feel truth.


      The Government is filled with Child Peddlers, Drug Runners, Money Launderers, Human Traffickers, Weapon Smugglers, Organ Traffickers, Narcissistic Liars, and Sociopaths running a Criminal Global Network. Due to the Mainstream Media and the Indoctrination of State Education, their crimes are barely touched and are severely under-reported hence making them "the Untouchables".