Friday, March 17, 2017

Inflation leads to Collapse (Unavoidable Historical Truth)


     Cheap Money leads to High Risk for Collapse

"Easy cheap cash which loses value over time and buys you less is what keeps this game going".  This game ONLY goes as long as people are willing to borrow money and people are only willing to borrow money if someone tells them, "not to worry and to live for now" and hence to borrow money (which is inadvertently also what Individuals subconsciously want to hear because they have been predicatively programmed). This is what the mainstream media, the entertainment sector, and education system creates by creating this "echo chamber" which then creates a particular mentality in individuals and allows for peer pressure to be created in society which will force people to act a particular way in order to fit into society which is not conducive in the long term and therefore unsustainable leaving the individual and the society open for "variables" which is dependent on uncontrollable global factors which are triggered by "shocks". One "shock" triggers an avalanche and all you can do is brace yourself, run for cover, or accept it but before you see it coming: (a) you hear silence and then nature moving (ex: birds, animals, etc), then you yourself hear it coming, then you feel it coming, then you see it coming, then it hits. "The Calm before the Storm" and "when it rains it rains on all houses equally" so beware of Shock, Inflation, Hyperinflation, then Stag inflation (in that order). In between Hyperinflation and Stag Inflation is when Collapse occurs and continues beyond the stage of Stag Inflation until "Reset" occurs.

      Decadence leads to Stagnation then Collapse. We are in the Decadent stage and Stagnation stage simultaneously presently on the cusp of Collapse.

P.S: Why are bankers and banks forcing through loans? Because in order to make the collapse occur the way they want with the "End Game" in mind they need you, all of you, In Debt and therefore Dependent on the Government to save you and also when you are Dependent, you are willing to throw away all Morals in order to survive. "Start Game" -Banks and Loans and Flooding the Market;"End Game" -Collapse, Dependence and Morals Eroded in order to survive.

      “If Inflation is so pervasive in society how come we do not see it?”
    Well you do see it but because "Credit" hides Inflation it therefore hides the base foundational cracks of Hyperinflation as well even though both Inflation and Hyper Inflation are in plain sight. Let’s explain it like this:

(A) "Credit" is the euphemistic terms for "Debt"
(B) Growing Debt = a need to print more money or allow money to be borrowed in order to keep the economy moving and alive hence avoid a "Credit Crunch"
(C) Printing Money from Private Central Banks (Quantitative Easing/Quantitative Stimulus) = Growing Inflation
(D) Growing Inflation = Rising Taxes (especially Property Tax) and Rising User Fees in Society
(E) Rising Taxes and Rising User Fees = "Standard of Living" weakening and "Quality of Living" decreasing since you have less money to spend as a Government or Corporation without incurring more Debt which in turn means that "Excess Revenue"/"Disposable Income" is lessened and therefore Services are being cut and "Quality of Service" falters.

EXCEPT FOR THE FACT…(and this is where we start the circle again from A to F, to A to F, to A to F, etc until BUST)

(F) Using Debt/Credit to keep up the "Illusion of Wealth" and hide Inflation from the massesOver the long term it creates Unsustainability and Dependence like a Heroin addict because without the Drug/"Money Stimulus" the body goes naturally into "Shock"/"Credit Crunch", and then"Withdrawal"/"Bank Run" & "Sell Offs", and then "Recovery/Reset".

       Since you use an Artificial Device/Financial Tool/Banking Instrument (which is what "Credit" is) to obscure and negate the Effects of Inflation you cannot see it or feel it unless you pause and reflect upon it (for example -why does a chocolate bar presently costs so much at the grocery store than it did in the past? It's not that the chocolate bar went up in price due to scarcity in the chocolate market creating that rise in the chocolate bar, it's the fact that your currency is worth even less now that it was in the past because of the fact there is nothing backing your currency except Debt presently)In fact, the only thing backing your Debt presently is "Bond Holders" who hold Government Debt for a fixed period -5 or 10 or 25 years -but they can sell it at any time and cause your Government to collapse which is the oldest trick in the book and it is called "Shorting Stocks" (which is where George Soros, the Rothschild's, and the "Network" comes in). You can "short" Bonds through the ETF OR you can "short" the National Market -both would trigger a shock in an Economy. Presently, Private Central Banks own most of the Debt of National Countries instead of Bond Holders/Individuals so they hold the fate of the entire country in their hands and whether they decide to raise rates or decrease rates, it affects the entire country and all it's citizens.  In other words, the Private Central Banks printed currency and allowed people to buy Bonds, then made the currency worthless by over printing, and when Bond Holders dropped their "holds", the Private Central Banks bought back the "Bond"/ "Debt" so they can now Blackmail and Ransom the Government in charge of the country to do their bidding or otherwise they will cause "shocks" that damage Individuals, Families, Businesses, and Markets.

     Due to Globalization (which in other words means the growing of the Banking Sector into all aspects of society through Bank loans and the Flooding of Economy with Cheap Goods in order to create an Unsustainable Middle Class and a Dependent Market which stays alive by Avoiding Market Shocks), Cheaper Goods with Smaller "Shelf Life’s" flood the Economy and Market. Hence, something new has to be advertised just to be advertised and bought in order to keep the economy going.  These Cheaper Goods however are created and therefore are Dependent on a “Consumer Society” to allow it to exist and co-exist simultaneously with the “F.I.R.E. Economy”. All of this is also heavily dependent upon Immigration and Emigration since when an Economy weakens or Falls into a Manufactured/Engineered War, Emigration from the Developed World leads to Workers/Borrowers going into the First World/Developed World and an influx of more Debt created inside Society is incurred which again weakens your country's currency which in turn creates more Inflation (this is why the "Cold War" was engineered). Immigration allows for the "Credit Crunch"to be avoided because it allows for Borrowers to be created -either the Government or the Immigrant will borrow -however when the Government borrows for the Immigrant it sells off Pensions to do it. The Immigrant then puts in money into the Pension system through his Taxes but that is only if the Immigrant is a middle to high earner. If he or she is not a Middle to High Earner -a Pension hole has been created that has not been filled. Which will lead to more Government taxation or Government borrowing and again more Inflation. 

      Inflation cannot be reversed without pulling off of the "Petro Currency" system which is what all countries are pegged to presently and why the USA goes to war against countries that try and weaken or/and eliminate the "Petro Currency" (ex: Iraq, Libya, Iran, Russia, and China). War leads to more Inflation/Hyper Inflation/Stag inflation because War means printing more money.

      Hence to answer your question with clarity, the Crack is already in the Foundational Stone at the Base of the Structure in place and the more pressure is put on an Individual, Family, Corporation, Small/Local/Domestic/Private (not Publicly traded Business)  - little by little the crack at the Base grows and eventually the Foundational Stone at the bottom holding everything up breaks and since it was one stone at the foundational base holding two stones above it which was holding three stones above it and so forth in a Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme, it all falls down and tips over resulting in Panic, Sell Off, and Crony Privatization which ends up happening simultaneously with a "Reset". 


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