Saturday, May 9, 2020

YOUR LIVING, MATERIAL, PHYSICAL REALITY: Domesticated, Free Range Humans living on Human Tax Farms (FINAL ARTICLE)

My brothers and sisters, my dearly beloveds, 

- depictions of Drug Lords, War Lords, Crime Lords, and Organized Crime Syndicates
- the imagery and act of Embezzlement, Corruption, Tax Evasion, Money Laundering, and Bribery

- the continuation, preservation, and perpetuation of Elitism, Favoritism, Nepotism, and Cronyism
- the implementation of Oligarchical Collectivism and Oligarchical Totalitarianism
- committing Murder for Hire Schemes and hiring Contract Killers

- scheming up crime sprees in secrecy and then committing them on unwitting targets
- acts of rape, murder, torture, violence, pedophilia, incest, destruction, and gore
- occult rituals and demonic possession
- the use of Bio-weapons and Ethno-Bombs
- the use of Weather Warfare, Weather Manipulation, and Cloud Seeding 
- the use of Chemical Weapons and Germ Warfare
- the use of EMP weapons, Sound weapons, and Laser weapons (directed energy weapons)
- the usage of Devices to manipulate the masses and control one's mind
- the use of Private Investigators and Intelligence Agencies in order to cover up a crime, to commit a crime, or to frame someone innocent 
- the existence of Secret Societies and Fraternal Organization who operate like a cabal behind closed doors and conspire for their own selfish gains 

Is actual and present day entertainment and distraction for the COLLECTIVE MASSES who believe with cognitive dissonance that everything that they see in front of them 
only happens in the movies and on TV shows (even though there is a disclaimer even before the movie or TV show starts stating, "all characters and events in this show, even those based on real people, are entirely fictional. Any similarities to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental"). Once the legal ramifications are covered by the disclaimer the movie or TV shows then begins for the collective masses to be distracted and escape their actual living reality.

The collective masses then engage in watching the movie or TV show while being predicatively programmed and subliminally imprinted with ideas and thoughts about reality, about themselves, and about people. This is being done due to the fact that the unconscious and subconscious mind is absorbing everything that it sees and hears in front of it and around it which means the mind is absorbing everything that it watches and hears on TV. Furthermore, the collective masses (as a defense mechanism) believe that what they see on TV shows and movies could never have happened in the "real world" and if it did actually happen, then it could have only happened in the "Third World" or the "Developing World" but not in their world, not in their community, not in their neighborhood, and not in their perceptual reality. As a last defensive resort, the collective masses will even say to themselves and each other, "this only happened in the past, it could never happen now. We are far more advanced and smarter than they were in the past" in order to feel safe and comforted by their own illusions, fallacies, imagination, myths, and outright lies in the present day. The collective masses instead of seeing truth in front of them when it is presented to them will instead believe in what they have been Indoctrinated with and thus what makes up their present day Ego and Identity, telling themselves generational cultural myths, preconceived notions passed on like "old wives tales", and fabricated lies given to them by someone in authority from the past in order to distract themselves from their actual reality of confinement and servitude in their daily and regular present lives.

All of this mentioned above highlights the sheer selective ignorance and egotism involved in individuals and mankind on a day-to-day basis as well as the willful complicity in denying Truth in order to preserve Self-identity and Ego inside of an Illusionary world. That the individual and mankind as a collective mass would rather stay in a trance like state and believe in lies about themselves and the world at large than confront the truth of reality that the world is controlled and run by Sociopathic Psychopaths from a Predatory Class who see everyone and everything as a commodity and thus feed off the energy, production, and blood of the Collective masses while growing in size and power and monopolizing the world around it for themselves and their own Predatory class. A sociopathic and psychopathic predatory class who can be summarized in one sentence as everything that is wrong with this world and with individuals. This is due to the fact that the individual and the collective masses are mimicking these Sociopathic Psychopaths in order to climb up the social and corporate ladders of success. A group and class of people who are Elitist and live very different lives than the collective masses and therefore believe themselves to be distinguished, separate, and different from the collective masses and thus untouchable and infallible.  These Elite sociopathic psychopaths run organized crime syndicates and organized crime cartels with unlimited power, unlimited money, and unlimited influence that they prey on everyone below them including our children for their own gains. 

A group and class of people who engage in Occultist ritual practices based on their understanding of true reality being an "Electro-Magnetic Plasma Reality" that repeats for Infinity with a Grand Reset at the end and then a Restart at the beginning (therefore, a infinite time loop that circles over and over again with no real purpose or meaning except what was performed and pursued before the Grand Reset and Restart occurs). That in this "Electro-Magnetic Plasma Reality" one can summon spirit/energy forms to guide you onward in your own journey in the material flesh and in doing so, allow spirit to overcome flesh.  This is why this group and class of people are also called "Luciferians" and those that worship "Fallen Angels"/Demons from the Spirit World/Unseen World. The "Electro-Magnetic Plasma Reality" is the reason why Ancients believed in Astrology and Numerology and why ALL religions are based on and centered around Astro-Theology. This is also why this Elite group believes in "The Secret" of manifesting your will, incantations, casting spells, blood rituals, sex magick, and replacing God by becoming Gods

Ignoring this fact is what allows for the collective masses and mankind to continue to be willfully complicit in accepting their own reality and colluding with it which in turn allows the Elite to continue onward with their Agenda. It allows for the individual mind and the collective mind to dissociate from actual reality and for the mind to perceive reality selectively and with cognitive dissonance so that the mind only sees what the mind wants to see and accept.  The often overused and cliched adages of "you only know what you know" and "there is only so much time in the day that you don't have time to take it all in" while simultaneously turning away from the Truth of reality and spending your free time with sense based distractions and ego based gratifications centered around material identity and material status while dumbing down in the process. Turning away from the truth or selectively seeing the truth reveals the lack of open mindedness, the amount of rigidness, the amount of stubbornness, and the amount of hardheadedness involved in denying the truth and only seeing reality with "tunnel vision" and thus seeing what you want to see perceptually, subjectively, and with discretion. Anything outside the perception and acceptance of your self-serving identity and your selfish ego is false and untrue and everything inside the perception and acceptance of your self-serving identity and selfish ego is true and real for you. Amusing enough, your understanding of reality is based on the amount of time spent on introspection, self-introspection, truth, and rationalization.

All of this reveals the falsity in how mankind thinks, behaves, acts, reacts, and chooses to live while being hypocritical and contradictory from birth to death. That in fact, mankind does not search for truth or wisdom while being alive but instead pursues material gains and material successes in order to feed his/her ego and in doing so find identity, purpose, and meaning in one's life in order to be accepted by those around him/her. The need and urge for acceptance by those around him/her reveals that mankind is focused regularly, daily, and often around the pursuit of ego and identity and thus Truth is left in tatters in the shadows of his/her own mind and created self-serving personality which originated by mimicking his/her environment (which is often movies and TV shows) watched from an early age. 

Mankind only acts and reacts based on primal and primitive urges often, daily, and regularly while the rest of his/her actual personality is based around the manipulation of his/her own Emotional Intelligence and the Manipulation of those around him/her. This is why mankind will often ask for Truth but instead of accepting Truth when it is presented or given to him/her, the individual will rather be lied to and will choose the lie of reality over the truth of existence. This is why mankind will want to engage in transparent and open communication with others when they want something for themselves and thus self serving but often only speak with others in vagueness and willful omissions in every day, regular conversations while being highly charged and emotionally reactive. This is why mankind will ask to be included in the decision making process when there are selfish and self-serving gains to be made but often and regularly make unilateral decisions when it comes to what they want while maintaining the cliche of, "I did this because no one will ever truly understand me" OR "I am what I am, so I did what I did because I had to do it. This is me"

This continues to reveal a fragile, weak, volatile, and inept personality inside individuals due to the lack of time spent on self-introspection, introspection, and self correction. This reveals a childlike personality inside individuals that has not gone beyond the childhood habit of being distracted by TV shows and movies and wanting to escape into another world while being someone else and something else. Movies and TV shows feed this part of us knowing that we are still immature children who are acting out based upon primitive urges and primal desires who think subjectively and with sheer emotion. Moreover, this immaturity and child-like response mechanism is what: Movies, TV shows, Mainstream Media, Corporate Ads, Institutional Indoctrination, and Government propaganda understand. These entities understand that no matter our age, majority of individuals and especially the collective masses, are child-like and act like children in any given situation. Therefore, we are not mature, rational, cognizant adults that can think objectively in any given situation that we find ourselves in. These entities know and understand that as children they must spoon feed us through constant repetition in order to program us and indoctrinate us to believe and accept what they want us to believe and accept. This is how Propaganda, Indoctrination, Programming, and Public Relations and Media relations work. The manipulation of images and sounds in order to feed a childlike, primitive, reactive, and emotional part of ourselves is exactly what Propaganda, Indoctrination, Programming, and Public Relations and Media relations was created for because it works to perfection with infants and children but fails to work on cognitive, actualized, and mature adults who stop and think and actually factors in everything into the narrative/picture/reality/situation/environment. However, majority of individuals and the collective masses are not mature adults but rather dependent victims looking for a direction and purpose given to them by: (A) someone in Authority, (B) someone with Power, (C) someone with Influence, and/or (D) someone with a Position higher than their own position. This is the void that Propaganda, Indoctrination, Programming, and Public Relations and Media Relations fills in for.  This is also why these same entities always overuse the term "experts" instead of "technocrats" when presenting something to the individual and collective masses. By using the term "experts" instead of "technocrat" these entities present information given to you as "factual" and "absolute" instead of "opinion-based", as an "option" (among many other options), and as a "possibility" (among many other possibilities). 

A great example of this would be how these entities continue to introduce Bill Gates during the COVID19 "Plandemic" while omitting pertinent information to the individual and the collective masses such as: Operation Lockstep, Event 201, ID2020, patent W02020060606 cryptocurrency system using body activity data, the Quantum Dot Vaccinations using Luciferase as the active component, the influence that Bill Gates has on WHO (since he is the main financier to the WHO due to the USA removing their financing recently), the connections he has with Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Wuhan Lab where the outbreak supposedly occurred, the connections Bill Gates has with Monsanto, Big Pharma, and Tyson Meats, as well as the Global Monopoly that Bill Gates has on Global Health through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's money. Not to mention that Bill Gates was found guilty of violating antitrust laws in 1998 AND that his vaccines have caused side effects in India and Africa. Meanwhile, these same entities, censor out other voices and narratives that would affect the options available for those affected by the COVID19 "Plandemic".

No matter the masks that people wear and the Emotional Intelligence involved in pretending to be Spiritual and searching for God by going to Church, or the Gurdwara, or the Monastery, or the Temple -mankind is not looking for Truth, or Wisdom, or Spirituality. Mankind is only looking to feed his tribal Identity and Ego. Mankind is looking for a backdoor and a shortcut into Paradise, or Heaven, or Rebirth, or Transmigration. Mankind will live one way, think one way, and act one way while saying the contrary to himself and others. Mankind will criticize others in roles and positions of power and influence but do the exact same thing when given the opportunity, role and position. This is all due to the lack of understanding of those that create and maintain our physical reality and instead the individual believing in Ego and self-determination in a self-serving Identity. This is why the world never improves beyond the material gains made decade-by-decade. This is also why civilizations continues to go in a circle of replacing one master for another master and switching "one world order" for a "new world order" time-and-time again.

Due to the fact that mankind has allowed himself/herself time-and-time again to become superficial individuals, shallow and hallow reactive zombified dummies, wallowing alone in our own individual self pity and creating self victimization narratives while denying what actually exists in reality, mankind will continue to have "Masters" and "Owners" and mankind will continue to be considered "Sheep" and "Cattle". To be used as "Pawn pieces" by those who control the Chess board. By denying reality and ignoring what actually exists -we allow those same powers to shape our minds, our identities, our actions our reactions, our behaviors, our lives, and our communities. We allow the Elites to conform us into what they need us to be in order to serve their purposes and their end goals. Therefore, you are actually a key player in bringing about their envisioned goal and reality. This is why you have been allowed to live and exist.

Mankind will spend hours watching TV shows and movies, playing video games about secretive organization who work in the shadows such as: the Umbrella Corporation from Capcom Video Games, or the Hydra from Marvel Comics, or the Hand from Marvel Comics, or the League of Shadows from DC comics, or the Foot Clan from DC comics, or the Firm from Hollywood movies, or the Skulls from Hollywood Movies, etc. AND yet it will not dawn on mankind that these types of organizations actually exist in real life and operate in our communities, in our neighborhoods, in our cultures, in our societies, and inside of our Corporations, Institutions and Organizations. Therefore, these entities not only exist inside of our physical, living, material world but they in fact control and influence our world just like in the TV shows, movies and video games.

These Elite individuals who do in fact exist shape our physical, living, material world and the way that we: think, believe, act, and react. These Elite individuals influence the collective masses through TV shows, movies, social media outlets, and mainstream media outlets thus impacting the actual culture that we live in leaving us the opportunity to: imitate, mimic, copy, conform, and replicate ourselves into being what the elites want us to be in order to serve their purposes and end goals. 

The tragic truth is that mankind only follows along repeating in: action, behavior, mannerisms, fashion, and trends what has already been created and promoted for us by the Elites. That by rejecting what has been created and promoted by the Elites you are: peer pressured, bullied, rejected and ostracized by the collective masses who are following what the Elites want them to do. In fact, mankind has become so domesticated that all mankind wants and seeks subconsciously and unconsciously is to be accepted by our peers and the Elites that we are willfully compliant and willfully serve our masters by willfully absorbing into ourselves everything that these secret organizations create for us while thinking that we were and are free to choose for ourselves. It is even more sad that we think we are free and in control while actually giving them control over us, our relationships, and our lives by becoming exactly what they want us to be. 

We play these caricatures and roles in reality by believing that we are in control by strengthening our self-serving Ego when we talk about our: wealth, affluence, position, power, status, prestige, and material possessions when compared to the Elite it is nothing more than bread crumbs left at the table held together by a debt cycle that they manipulate and control us with. You have become a wage slave and a debt slave by creating your identity solely around: wealth, affluence, position, power, status, prestige, and material possessions.  However, by holding onto these bread crumbs left by the Elites we allow for our self-serving Ego and our emotional Pride to  become our Identity markers and thus we allow for ourselves to think we are better than others when in truth we have more in common with the common man than we do with the Elites. 

When you do not seek Truth or Wisdom with "Truth and Spirit" then you will never realize that you are a Pawn in the game of life controlled by the Elites for their own gains and their own uses. This prevents the individual and mankind from realizing that we are living on tax farms as free range humans. That mankind is essentially cattle and this is why the Elites treat us as cattle. Similar to domesticated free range cattle that is fed only to be milked and then squeezed dry before being bled dry and then fed upon by the Elites. This is the purpose of our existence when we are compliant with creating ourselves into what the Elites want us to be. This is our living, physical reality when we seek everything else but Truth and Wisdom "in Spirit and Truth".

The term "the Illuminati" is an overused word, an overstated expression, a popular catch phrase, and an accepted cliche with very little meaning which is why it is ridiculed in public by everyone. This is why the Elites do not mind individuals and the collective masses using the term "the Illuminati" and this is actually why the Elites even play into it and promote it for public consumption. Unless you know:
key terms, key names, key dates, key events, and the symbolism involved then the term "the Illuminati" means very little on its own. It is the same thing with the term "the New World Order". Unless you are able to go down the "rabbit hole" and connect the actual dots in play by understanding: 
key terms, key names, key dates, key events, and the symbolism involved then knowing the term "Illuminati" and "New World Order" is just the tip of the iceberg and you do more damage by tying everything into it without actually understanding it. Instead of being ignorant on the subject, spend time in solitude researching it while you still can before the internet kill switch is activated in certain zones, the smart cities are activated, and censorship is performed by your peers during Social Credit Scoring.

"New World Order" in simplistic terms is just an expression for when the Elites go into their new phase of their plans. This current phase that the Elites started occurred in the 1700's with the Rothschild Dynasty and their private central banking system with the "End Game" being Agenda 2030. Before the light was passed onward to the Rothschild, the Elites operated under the Venetians and their banking system in conjunction with the Jesuits and the Roman Catholic Church who were revived by Charlemagne and allowed to survive after the split occurred between the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) and the Western Roman Empire (Roman Catholic Church). What occurred afterwards was the pursuit of becoming the sole power with monopoly control over the influence of the world by destroying competitors and enemies (Byzantine Empire and Persian Empire) while indebting nations and rulers (Ottoman Turkish Empire, Arab Empire, Moors, and European dynastic rulers).

Key players that crossed over from the "Old World Order" of the Venetians, Jesuits, Rosicrucians, and Roman Catholic Church and onto the "New World Order" is: the Black Nobility, the Radhanites, the Khazars, the Donmeh, the Rosicrucians, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Jesuits. New players that appeared onto the scene for the actualization of the "New World Order" being finalized under the Rothschild Dynasty are: the Freemasons, the Fabian Society, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Committee of 300, Skull & Bones (322), the Tavistock Institute, the Council of Foreign Relations, the Royal Society, the Frankfurt School, the Black Boule (Sigma Pi Phi), the CIA, Mossad, MI5 and MI6, Military and Naval Intelligence, NASA, Zionists, Wahhabists, the United Nations, and the Club of Rome. 

Key families and key players that allowed for the success of the "New World Order" in the 19th-21st century are: Gates, Soros, Schiff, Rockefeller, Trudeau, Sassoon, Kissinger, Mao, Bush, Clinton, Oppenheimer, Roosevelt, Freud/Bernays, and Darwin. Key events and key years of the "New World Order" were: the assassination of JFK in 1963, the Removal of the Gold Standard by the Nixon administration in 1971, allowing for China and Russia to be accepted as a trading partners in the Western World 1972-73, the CIA working with and under the influence of George Bush, the presidency of both the Bush presidents, the Clinton presidency, the 3 Arab-Israeli wars which caused the Oil Crisis and thus allowed for Petro-Currency and Petro-Wars to begin, 1979 in the Middle East and Central Asia (Iran, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia), and 9/11.  

With the development of: the internet, WIFI, 5G technology, smart dust and nanotechnology, weather modification and cloud seeding, project bluebeam and holographic technology, directed energy weapons (DEW), Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons and Electronic-magnetic Pulse Weapons, Sonic and Ultrasonic weapons (USW), Tsunami weapons, Chemical Weapons, Biological Weapons, Vaccines, and Nuclear Bombs -the Elites presently have all the tools ready to continue onward with their Eugenics program and depopulate the world at a whim. Add in human experiments conducted under the MK Ultra project and the Elites have a multitude of weapons to use at their disposal to ensure that the "New World Order" will come to pass without a hitch and with very little that the collective masses can do about it (especially if the collective masses do not even know who or what they are fighting and are just acting out in anger and violence at each other due to the divide and conquer, Hegelian dialectic of controlled opposition created by the Elites)

It is true that the Elites do not have the numbers over the collective masses but they do have the banking system, the political structure, the educational and medical institutions, academia and gatekeepers covering for them. The Elites also have the government and the politicians creating laws for them, the military and the police willing to fight for them, the corporations willing to take taxpayer bailouts thus impoverishing the collective masses, and the Elites have the mainstream media (as well as control over social media and "influencers") thus spreading their misinformation to the individual and the collective masses. The Elites also control celebrities who are under "slave contracts" and have signed confidential contracts for the Elites that the Elite have made everyone dependent on them in order for the Elites to survive (similar to earlier generations and Old World Orders). Therefore, the unified collective masses have less numbers than they think they actually have when engaging in a struggle with the Elites.  The Elites have ensured victory through dependence, complicity, ignorance, and collusion ensuring that Agenda 2030 is further along than many of the collective masses can actually fathom.

Years of governmental propaganda, institutional indoctrination, predictive programming through the entertainment sector, academic programming, and mainstream news nonsense as well as outright lies has allowed for many divisions to occur in society that the masses are more divided than they have ever been. In fact, there is no homogeneous ideology that binds the collective masses under a strategy to overthrow the Elites and replace them with a system that can ensure peace, prosperity, or safety for all. Instead, what we will get is chaos due to the fact that we have yet to become mature, actualized adults and instead we still act like volatile children who seek instant gratification for our primal desires and primitive urges.

The world is an illusion (Maya) due to the unsustainable debt that allowed adults to play "make belief" way past their childhood. Everything set into motion after the end of World War II is presently coming into fruition with Agenda 2030 on the horizon. The only way you can free your mind is by allowing your spirit to guide you and by not focusing on "Idol Worship" which is putting anything above or equal to God and the Spirit. This includes: your emotions, your thoughts, your Ego, your identity, your possessions, and any and all things in this material, physical, living reality. 

My brothers and sisters, my dearly beloveds, stay safe and stay vigilante!!

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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Melting Ice Caps?: Operation Highjump, Operation Deepfreeze, & the Antarctica Treaty

Environmentalists, Politicians, Governments, Mainstream Media, & Social Justice Warrior Activists always protest about "Global Warming" and "Melting Ice Caps" and yet none of them, not one of them, has ever brought up the "Antarctica Treaty". A treaty where countries all over the world have signed. That is a little bit peculiar to say the least given indebted Governments all over the world are spending millions of dollars a year on this project without public oversight while having it turn ZERO fruits for Taxpayers who are funding these Government projects. Moreover, Environmentalists, Politicians, Governments, Mainstream Media, & Social Justice Warrior Activists agree with "the Malthusian Theory" and argue that due to Overpopulation resources are scarce and limited. They even all agree that Fresh Water will be a resource that will be fought over by Governments and yet, Antarctica is one of the biggest places for Fresh Water resources and is never mentioned. Governments are spending billions of dollars in creating "silent weapons for quiet wars" on the collective masses and yet the collective masses believe that the same Governments who frivolously waste money by paying out their own cronies would suddenly spend millions of dollars on Antarctica every year for "the good of humanity". In truth, the same families who control the "Antarctica Treaty" also control Environmentalists, Politicians, Governments, Mainstream Media, & Social Justice Warrior Activists and thus it is THEY who limit the discussion on the Antarctica treaty.

Operation Highjump:

Operation Deepfreeze:

the Antarctica Treaty - is peace possible between all nations? It sure looks like it!!:
Peace seems to be impossible in other places all over the World with natural resources but given the fact that Antarctica has natural resources (especially fresh water that the academics and scientists say is scarce and therefore limited) there has been no conflict or war over it. So is peace possible? Absolutely!! When the Elites want it to occur.

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