Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Face of Change -A Precarious Underclass of Globalized Workers

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Little known fact reported by the Global media is that India's new PM, Narendra Modi, was not only invested in by Walmart for $50 million but that majority of his contributions came from Corporations (foreign and domestic) as well the Private sector.  The Investments in Modi's government, which won a majority and was pushed through by the youth vote, the unemployed votes, and the lower classes (similar to that of Obama in the U.S.A.) will forever transform  the culture of India forever.  The investment in Modi will mean the elimination of street shops and street markets which will now be gone (which was a trademark of India's culture in the past).  Investment in Modi means the introducing of standardization, safety protocols on products and services, and the demand of high customer service (among other things).  It will be a massive shakeup of India's culture and India's mentality with homogeneous communities changing forever.  Homogeneous communities (ex: Sikhs in Punjab) in present day India will leave the individuals living in that community to face the decision of emigrating out of their region and out of their area in order to have jobs and a chance at having families.  Homogeneous communities who have had a monopoly on farm land and other resources on their lands will have to allow investment into those areas or face the possibility of huge losses on their lands due to lack of investments and withdrawal of past investments.  This is why Corporations and the private sector invested so heavily in Modi winning in this election. With the standardization and uniformity of  the corporate world coming into India, religions will be put to the test, specifically Sikhs and Muslims (among others such as Rastafarian, Amish, etc -not in India) who have long beards as part of their religious uniformed identity.  Corporations like McDonald's who require their workers to be without beards and clean shave in order to get the job will now make it up to the individual to decide if keeping your beard (symbolic in regards to keeping your culture and your religious identity) is worth sacrificing the ability to have a livelihood and create a family.  Without a job, without land, and without money, those with highly religious identities will face limited opportunities in India.  The other part, not being mentioned about Modi is the fact the other part of his voters were religious nationalists and Indian nationalists which means Modi can easily form civilian militias in order to push through changes in the regions not allowing for it to occur.  By force and fear with his militia, by investment or lack of investment, and by rhetoric and charm, Modi's election win will forever change India.

In the First World, many countries and regions (ex: E.U.) that were accommodating in the past are changing towards a uniformed business model and are strengthening their anti-immigration policies as well as their tolerance for accommodating those from other countries and religions.  More countries in the E.U. are looking towards the private sector in order to garner investment in regions because they cannot borrow money from banks like they did in the past.  Centrist parties who have been in power for decades are falling now and failing their supporters.  What remains now is 4-5 years of pain if you vote for leftist parties who have no real support or finances and are shifting themselves to the center in order to get voters.  The Right will speed up market ideas with their "slash and burn" method and plans.  In other words, and in medical terms, it's a "wait and see" with the use of medication regularly (pushed through by the Centrist parties), immediate surgery with medication used immediately (pushed through by the Right parties), and getting other people to pay for your surgery and your medication (pushed through by the Left parties).  Either way, the individual/nation needs treatment and "No treatment" is not an option for the patient/nation who is in a dire situation presently.

In fact, the First World can only go down.  The Third World can only go up.  Somehow, both Worlds will meet in the middle but no Utopian reality will ever exist where all people will be equal and prosperous.  Unlike India (and the Middle East, Africa, and South America)U.S.A & Canada already have Walmart and superstores in place.  No street shops or street markets exist in their country meaning that the only resources Canada and U.S.A. can open up for investors is their land and their natural resources in order to get investment (as well as access to their workers/citizens).  Canada and the U.S.A. will be forced into selling off and privatizing all sectors of their country in order to find investment and create jobs for their citizens.  First World countries like Canada, France, and Germany have to catch up to the U.S.A who is trying to catch up to the living standards of the Third World.  This is what a "race to the bottom" looks like.  Who can get the most investment the quickest in order to create jobs and keep money moving.

Presently, the Third World is overpopulated, filled with congestion, has limited job opportunities, limited upward social mobility, is overcrowded, is over competitive, and has a huge underclass in place.  It is something that the First World and its citizens have to get used to because it is already here and consolidating into place presently in the First World.  Workers in the present and the near future will be needed in the First World for projects such as the expansion of roads, building of pipelines, routes for trains, ship building, ability to use drones and CCTV facial recognition screens, the ability to use certain new technologies, and the building of transportation routes.  This is eerily similar to Colonial expansionary during the Colonial period (16th century to mid 20th century) where whole populations were moved and societies forever altered by investment and job opportunities that were present.

In the First World presently, public front line workers (cops, social workers, security guards, EMS, nurses, firefighters, teachers, bus drivers, etc.) are burnt out, face more safety risks than ever before, face more fatigue, are overworked, and understaffed.  They are under resourced, under supplied, and the supplies left in place are "left to dry".  Many of them presently are facing more people with mental health and behavioral issues than in the past.  That is the social reality we live in presently.  The unions of the public front line workers have no real power to change the market and the reactions people are having when they face job losses and financial crises.  In fact, unions realize this issue is going to get worst with governments cutting subsidies and issuing wage freezes and hiring freezes on public sectors.  Yet, unions leaders and unions, need the income they garner from their workers and have yet to back down from the market and corporations.  They remain steadfast in their rhetoric about overcoming business, saving jobs, and preventing job losses but really can't do anything to stop it except to strike and hope the private sector does not move fast enough to: (a) create an alternative for the public to use and (b) do not withdraw their investment thus sinking the economy as a whole.

Service sector jobs in the future will be a privilege to have (like in the third world presently).  The masses will no loner be able to pick and choose anymore where they want to work, what they want to do at work, or the hours they want to work.  The employer will choose what he wants out of the employee and will choose what wage he will pay them and the contract given to the employee regarding his term of employment.  Individuals must consider r
elocating for positions and jobs because the employer will relocate if it does not make the profit it needs or wants to make.  Presently skilled Foreign workers and temporary foreign workers are being added by governments in order to help corporations and businesses make profits, stay in the country, and not move elsewhere thus eliminating more jobs in any given region. 

Garbage strikes of the early 2000's in Toronto led to capitulation by the governments at the time.  This led the private sector to create private garbage services and the next time the garbage strikes came around in 2011, garbage services were privatized and the city of Toronto garbage workers were cut from their jobs and many jumped ship to the private sector in order to stay in their profession.  Presently, public school and private schools unions face job cuts and wage freezes.  Both school boards in Ontario now face amalgamation by the two school boards coming together as one.  Both school boards face job cuts, wage freezes, hiring freezes, and the implementation of contract workers instead of unionized members. The private sector in the early 2000's spent money creating private schools and better funded programs that would enable those with money to get the best education possible for their children.  However by doing so, money that was going into public school at that time went to private schools and that created a vacuum in finances that the public schools are still unable to fill.  Though it may be better for your children, not everyone's children benefited by your choices when you withdrew your children from public schools and took them to more affordable private schools such as Montessori.  Something to think about when those that argue against the private sector and privatization take a look at the whole of the social reality they live in.  The middle class by their own choices, helped enable the private sector to take hold.  It's not the rich vs. the poor as the unions like to create.  Though one must ask the unions (specifically the public sector unions), which of the political parties in any country are actually trying to save jobs? and which of the political parties can actually save those jobs?  No one political party can defeat the market.  That is out of their realm and has always been out of their realm.

Presently, the private sector and the markets are working together to eliminate unions by weakening specializations and by delegating duties from one person to many persons in order to cut salaries (ex: an R.N's more expensive salary and duties for the lower salary of R.P.N's with the added duties of the R.N.'s).  In the past, this was the same principal that occurred with the creation of factories and the elimination of skilled workers and Guilds.  Though Guilds had power and influence in the 1200's, by the 1800's they were virtually useless, exclusive, and therefore not required.  In simplistic terms, if your skill is not valuable, then you don't hold any bargaining power and you don't need to be bargained with.  Therefore, you do a replaceable job and can be replaced at the snap of a finger for the smallest discretionary action or word.  Smaller tasks, easier to replace.  This enables workers to be non-unionized.  This is what is occurring presently, and how the private sector and the markets will eliminate the power of unions when it comes to nurses and other highly paid public sector jobs.  

When it comes to firefighters and police that depend on the public sector for their salaries, new technology like drones and CCTV facial recognition technology eliminates their jobs and the power of their unions.  When it comes to teachers, an amalgamated school board eliminates many of their jobs and their unions.  One by one, with the ending of government subsidies and a huge, hungry, skilled underclass in place ready for those jobs, any job for that matter, those public sector jobs all go on the chopping block since the government cannot pay for them any longer.  Therefore, unions and union power is a thing of the past.  The only thing left is how long the unions are going to fight the inevitable and how messy it will be for everyone involved.  The longer and messier the fight is, it won't change much since the unions still won't be able to save the jobs because the market is working full force against them.  Just like the Guilds before them, Unions are things of the past.

In fact, since the 1950's to now, the First World is filled with citizens who are having or who have had privileged thoughts.  Whether it's from thoughts of "global warming", thoughts of dieting fads and healthy eating trends, thoughts of recycling, thoughts of choice in leisure activities (ex: yoga, meditation, gym, fishing, paint balling, etc.), thoughts of other people's countries and the problems that those countries and their citizens are going through, and thoughts of "democracy" and "revolution" -majority of people living in Canada (and the First World for that matter) presently can't see the social reality and the economic reality they live in.  In simpler terms, they "can't see the forest for the trees".  People are "more vigilant, yet less tolerant". We live in a society that wants to be the first person to post a picture or"break a story" on Youtube, or Facebook, or Instagram. We are unaware of the political implications of it all.  Unaware that it costs people their jobs, money, and their livelihoods.  We rather focus on me, me, me.  We live through our pictures presently rather than through our thoughts and actions.  We stand for nothing and know even less (though we have no excuse for it since information is now at our fingertips everywhere we go).  What it reveals to other generations is that we are more vain than ever before and more isolated than ever before from one another.  We only see others as competition while trying to Y.O.L.O. are way to the top of an imagined"greatness".

In conclusion, the key to surviving and being able to thrive in the First World is to eliminate debt quickly whether it's debt due to education or debt through your mortgage.  There is no going back before Globalization, no going back to the days before technology or before industrialization.  We are past those points.  We are at a "point of no return".  This is where we are now and this is what we are facing presently.  The masses as a whole wanted equality, everyone wanted to be a "global citizen".  The masses got their wish but it's not what you pictured or what you wanted when you asked for it.  Is "Privatization is going to make people rich?".  Nope!! because most people won't be able to afford the services provided.  It's true that some will get rich, however many won't.  Other's who want to invest, can't afford to invest in opportunities in order to make the profits that will be possible when "sell offs" and "privatization" occurs.  Privatization does allow investment to come in.  Privatization will demand for government subsidies and government borrowing to end and taxes cuts to be implemented.  Privatization will eliminate the need for unions to exist and public union workers (meaning most of the public sector) to exist.  In this privatized and individualized reality, how you want to live is up to you.  How much debt you want to accrue is up to you.  However, no government or government agencies will bail you out.  The risks you take financially is up to you.  If you need it, the service will be provided, however, you will pay for it with your own money because though the government will function, it will not function the way it did in the past in regards to being able to give you money for tokens, or to pay for employees to hire you, or to pay for ambulances, or to ask the whole to pay for the few.  Those days from the "Golden Era" are long gone and they are not coming back no matter who you vote in.

Will there be another "Golden Era"? Perhaps, but not for a while and that is for certain.  Not until the Elites decide to create "Easy Money"again and inject money into the system for the masses to play with.  When that occurs will be anyone's guess (if it's even needed at all in the future).  In fact, with technology growing so expediently and our present youth and our present children being born into technology at their fingertips, many more jobs will be lost through "attrition and non-renewal" as well as "cost effective reduction measures".  So many of the jobs now are on the chopping block because of the advancement of technology.

We can't stop globalization and its next phase which is occurring now.  
 The massive amount of poverty slowly creeping into our societies will allow for labor camps to be needed and forced labor to be used when needed.  This is because the masses are dying to work and keep their possessions and are willing to do what is necessary to be noticed and to get a job.  This is why more people are accepting volunteer jobs and unpaid intern jobs.  In all honesty, there is very few doors open for those clawing at it in order to gain employment and gain a chance at making money.  Networking, Cronyism, Fraternities, "Old Boys networks", and social clubs all still permeate in society and play a part in people finding access to job opportunities.  Call it what you may, but it is the only access into jobs and into positions at work.  Upward mobility is very limited presently if you do not have much social IQ and social networking skills.

Realistically, there are 2 ways to get out of bankruptcy: (a) see a credit agency and have them create budget plans in order for you to stop spending money OR (b) get investors into your projects and keep spending money the way you both want so  both parties have an opportunity to make profits and eliminate any accrued debt.  The power of the unions and the public sector workforce days are over.  No one will invest in you if you are in debt and call the shots (what the "Left" wants to do).  You need government that can get investors to invest in them.  This is the social reality we live in today.  The "Right" is aligned with investors and business, the "Centrist" parties have to work for investment and juggle the support of weak unions as well in order to pass through their agendas and implement their plans.

As an individual, you must never give up.  Giving up will do more damage to you personally than the "system" you are fighting against.  Life will pass you by if you give up.  
"Predictive Programming" through the entertainment sector is allowing the world to get used to seeing ghost towns, illnesses and super drug resistance bugs hitting massive populations, massive poverty, huge food lines and large job lines, empty food shelves in stores, machines replacing humans and living in everyday society side by side with humans, the wealthy and the masses living in different parts of society and separated from one another (without access and contact with one another).

A part of this new phase of Globalization will be the implementation of sterilization to limit the population.  This was done subtly through the use of certain chemicals in our foods in the past as well as the high rising cost of living and the low cost of wages.  Now with ratio of women to men at work being in some places as low as 3:1 and other places as high as 7:1, women are working harder than ever and are pushing off the need to have children just so they can make "end's meat" and "not have another mouth to feed".  Added into the mix, is the fact that with no jobs to give people, populations will gladly accept these sterilization measures that are being considered presently and will be implemented in the near future.  

Regarding, Fusion Centers (as the above picture from the US Homeland security reveals), people without jobs and who are "newly homeless" will be government targets since they make up the numbers of "thinking" people who will be dependent on the government to bail them out of this crisis and save them from this predicament therefore being instigators and discontents when they are among others.  This is why the government will use their resources, such as Fusion Centers, to squash protest, to collectivize whole civilian populations, to eliminate uprising and discontentment before they begin and spread, to imprison those that speak up, and to annex weapons such as handguns from those with permits and licenses.  

Presently and in the future, investment opportunities will be certain.  Market volatility and market instability will be certain.  Devaluation, Inflation, Hyperinflation, or Stagflation -anyone of these is possible presently and in the future.  "The rise of China", and "the rise of America" is really more about the wealthy investors and where they will invest in and what country will be used as their instrument of power, as their "Global policeman".  Who will do their "dirty work" for them because with all due respect  to my readers, money's only intent and purpose is that it was made to move.  Money was not made to stay still, and you need a "global policeman" to control the flow of money and make sure it keeps moving the way you want it to move.  The future is yours if you believe in yourself enough to make it yours.  In truth, you have no other choice, so adapt, see the world and the markets for what it is, and make the best future possible for yourself.  In making the future as bright as possible for you, you simultaneously have the opportunity and possibility to make the future the best and brightest for those around you by how you use that money and what you invest in.  There is no other way in this present reality because there is no more government hand outs.  There never was another choice presently no matter what the education system and the unions have to say.  No one else but you can make you future better than it is at this moment.  The future is coming.  The only question left is are you going to be blindsided by it and go kicking and screaming and lose everything in the process or are you going to prepare yourself for the future and do everything you can to succeed?  The choice is up to you!!!


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"The definition of death rattle is a sound often produced by someone who is near death when fluids such as saliva and bronchial secretions accumulate in the throat and upper chest. The person can’t swallow and emits a deepening wheezing sound as they gasp for breath. This can go on for two or three days before death relieves them of their misery. The American retail industry is emitting an unmistakable wheezing sound as a long slow painful death approaches.  The inevitable shuttering of at least 3 billion square feet of retail space is a certainty. The aging demographics of the U.S. population, dire economic situation of both young and old, and sheer lunacy of the retail expansion since 2000, guarantee a future of ghost malls, decaying weed infested empty parking lots, retailer bankruptcies, real estate developer bankruptcies, massive loan losses for the banking industry, and the loss of millions of retail jobs".

Slavery More Profitable Than U.S. Banking System
"A report published by the UN’s International Labor Organization has made shocking revelations, claiming that in 2012, modern-day slaves worldwide brought in a profit of more than $150 billion for their masters. The figure is nine billion more than the estimated annual profit of the entire U.S. banking system at $141.3 billion and about $100 billion more than Google's yearly revenue.  According to the ILO's report headlined “Profits And Poverty: The Economics of Forced Labor”, $99 billion of this slave money came from sexual exploitation of poor people, mostly women and girls while the remaining $51 billion came as a result of economic exploitation of people at construction sites, in agricultural fields, mines, domestic care and others.   The report said that there were, in 2012 alone, 21 million people forced into slavery although the Global Slavery Index has put that figure at 30 million. More than 50 per cent of these slaves (11.4 million) were women and girls and about (5.5 million) 26 per cent children who were less than 18 years old.  Men and boys (9.5 million) comprised 45 per cent of these population. It isn’t surprising to see Asia-Pacific, reigned by developing countries making the most profit from forced labor at $51.8 billion. However, more astonishing is the fact that it is the developed nations, including the United States and those from the European Union, that are at a close second at $46.9 billion in profits". 

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"A disturbing trend in the water sector is accelerating worldwide. The new “water barons” — the Wall Street banks and elitist multibillionaires — are buying up water all over the world at unprecedented pace.  Familiar mega-banks and investing powerhouses such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Macquarie Bank, Barclays Bank, the Blackstone Group, Allianz, and HSBC Bank, among others, are consolidating their control over water. Wealthy tycoons such as T. Boone Pickens, former President George H.W. Bush and his family, Hong Kong’s Li Ka-shing, Philippines’ Manuel V. Pangilinan and other Filipino billionaires, and others are also buying thousands of acres of land with aquifers, lakes, water rights, water utilities, and shares in water engineering and technology companies all over the world.  The second disturbing trend is that while the new water barons are buying up water all over the world, governments are moving fast to limit citizens’ ability to become water self-sufficient (as evidenced by the well-publicized Gary Harrington’s case in Oregon, in which the state criminalized the collection of rainwater in three ponds located on his private land, by convicting him on nine counts and sentencing him for 30 days in jail)".