Sunday, July 31, 2016

4 things Goyim are NOT allowed to alter for themselves -System of Usury, Trade routes/trade networks, Historical Narrative, & Laws

"All the emphasis on crime and drugs and pornography used to justify the suppression of the internet is really aimed at suppressing knowledge of the radical political alternatives that are now available."

Understand WHO & WHAT the: (a) Khazars are, (b) Radhanites are, (c) Nicolaitians are, (d) Synagogue of Satan is, (e) Babylonian Talmud is, (f) Death Cult of Saturn are, (g) the Jewish Sanhedrin are, (h) Noahide Laws are. Then FOCUS your enemy on defeating their system in place presently so the future can be brighter than the past and present. Vibrate all your thoughts, actions, and words on this sacred purpose.

       Globalists fear "Nationalists", "Conservatives", and "Traditionalists" vilifying them inside Institutions, the Entertainment Sector, & the Mainstream Media often and regularly as "Fascists".  This is because you are going against what they have been trying to create -their New World Order/Collective Oligarchism. Awaken your consciousness and when you realize that you oppose their plans, you are on the right side of reality and history!  
      To defeat them: (A) Do NOT borrow money and go into debt to banks by living beyond your means, (B) turn AWAY from their Educational Institutions, Mainstream Media, & Entertainment Sector, (C) Turn AWAY from Porn & the focus on Sexual Gratification & Promiscuous behavior, (D) Turn AWAY from Abrahamic faiths (Catholicism, Islam, Judaism), (E) Turn AWAY from Union support and Union Dependence, (F) Turn AWAY from Big Pharma, (G) Turn AWAY from exploitative charities & fundraisers, (H) Turn AWAY from Big Government & Regulated Markets, (I) EXPOSE their actions and speak and walk in truth, with integrity and character, (J) Do NOT follow trends and fads promoted in Public Discourse and Do NOT bow to pressure and appease others. Stay firm in your convictions which must be based on research and reasoning. Be adaptive and flexible but do NOT compromise to win favor or to fit in, (K) Do NOT allow yourself to be a pawn, or a "useful idiot", or a "tool" to agendas and plans you know nothing about, (L) Do NOT allow yourself to be a "sell out", (M) Do NOT worry about what you do NOT have. Work hard and through hard work you will grind out a honest reality that you can live with.