Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mammonism, Saturn's Sun, Fallen Angels, & Satan the False Light leading you back to the Matrix that he controls

KING SOLOMON -Master Occultist:
     "The ancient Sanhedrin believed that King Solomon was the Messiah rather than a type of Christ. This error led them to reject Jesus Christ as the Messiah.  Today, the same false belief will lead many Jews to receive the Antichrist as the reincarnation of Solomon. In fact, Jewish Kabbalists have taught that Solomon was the Messiah".



NIMROD -The Greatest Demon, The Soul Hunter, Infilitrator of All Religions, the Usurper:


The F.I.R.E (Finances, Insurance, and Real Estate) markets are the only things keeping some National Economies propped up presently which means a depreciating of their national currency and an accumulation of national and individual debt.

Due to the fact majority of people do not understand the Private Central Banking System in existence, they believe that the only two choices they have is: "Cut Spending" OR "Reduce Taxes" when that is not the case.  This leaves the masses either voting in "Republicans"/"Progressive Conservatives"/"Conservatives" or "Democrats"/"Liberals"/"Labour" to power every 4-5 years and yet improving nothing.  Unless you remove the Private Central Banking System in power, each election, you will have a far worse choice than you had the election beforehand because each year the Debt grows until collapse occurs.

        Due to the Holocaust myth, "Nationalism" is now called "Fascism" and the often perpetuated "Globalism"  which has been indoctrinated and instilled into us since World War II is the trend that has led mankind down this path of doom and destruction.


"A measure for a measure" applies when you make a wish so you cannot gain something without giving up something so beware of your thoughts, wishes, and manifestations.  Satan wants to give you everything on this material realm, so he can keep you on this material real.

CONCLUSION: -The Ruler of this Material Plane is Saturn. Upon Death, Do Not Be Attached to your material form and do not walk towards the light.  Otherwise, forever will you be trapped in Saturn's Infinite Loop:
Upon death, do not look back, follow the vibration and do not go towards the light.  Otherwise, you will be returned back to Saturn's material plane.
Demons are Intradimensional and Extradimensional beings of light that can be summoned to assist you in this material plane.


Once America loses its "PetroCurrency System", it loses the value of its Dollar making the US dollar worth as much as Third World currencies. Before that, America will have to go to war with Russia & China to prevent that from happening. This is where we are presently.

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