Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sanhedrin, Majesty 12, Walt Disney, Monarch Mind Control/Indoctrinated Celebrity Slaves, & Screen Addiction



Focus on "Christ Consciousness" not Jesus as the person.  Focus on Jesus' words and the way he lived his life and you have the key to escape Saturn's plane.  Focusing on Jesus the person entraps you on Saturn's plane.  Furthermore, the letter "J" was not used until the 15th century. Hence, focus on "Christ Consciousness" not "Jesus" the man.

     Audio tracks use 3 different forms of spells on the listeners. The 1st form is called "backmasking" because the mind can interpret things forward and backwards and will pick up on the "backmasking" so that the message that was "backmasked" into the track has actually been subconsciously and unconsciously absorbed by the brain and the thought that was projected through being "backmasked" is now implanted inside the brain (ex: Jay-Z's -"Lucifer" soundtrack). 
The 2nd is where what sounds like rabble and nonsense actually has a spell cast into the words (ex: Rihanna uses this form of incantation very well).  In fact, the message, "good girls gone bad" is also often a reference to turning themselves over the Fraternity and serving the Fraternity's agenda.  This is where the "Monarch Programming" takes place after they are initiated into the Fraternity. Black entertainers often get initiated into the Fraternity through high ranking members of the Black Boule.
The 3rd is when they are talking directly to Lucifer through what sounds like a harmless love song (similar to Spiritual teachers such as Guru Nanak and Christ talking about the bridesmaid, the groom, and the wedding night in their verses.  Though it sounds like something innocent to the naive mind, in fact the spiritual teachers are talking about the body and divine spirit converging as one and the divine spirit taking over the body which is where God is taking over the body).  What seems like a love song on the radio (especially for celebrated pop stars) is actually a song directed to Lucifer and turning their soul over to him in service of his agenda.


    From the fashion trends you follow, to the symbols that you wear on your clothes, to the hand signs that you use -have you ever asked yourself why those hands signs became popular and not another hand sign? Why the "V" sign became popular, or the "3 six" sign?  or the "horned goat" sign? Why in fact, those signs are known worldwide?  Everything you do on a material level sends vibrations through you, around you, and outside of you and this is why Occultists want you to use their hand signs instead of another hand sign.  Their hand signs create specific vibrations that attract particular energies towards you, channeled through you, and are near you.  Their words, their symbols (that have sigils placed in them), and the trends that the Occultists want you to follow attract particular energies, vibrations, and entities.  Be weary of this before flashing hand signs, or wearing their symbols on your clothes, or when you are signing their songs.

Do not connect with Satan's vibrations though he may offer you everything.  Satan exchanges all the material pleasures of this world in order to build emotional attachment inside of you for his material plane and therefore trap you for eternity.  Seek your higher consciousness and your higher self. Stay away from his vibrations and temptations in all the forms that they come.