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Awaken from your Indoctrinated Slumber in order to Liberate your Subconscious and Regain Your Freedom & Independence

     My readers have asked me to make a simple article in the most easy understandable way possible.  So for my readers, I present you this article summarized in a very digestible way.  Also, I like to take this opportunity to thank you readers for your support and viewership.  We are almost at 2 million views and since we have very controversial topics in each article, this means we did this with very little fanfare and just through word of mouth.  Thank you for the support and pass this website onto others so we can all grow together.

Problems in today's society:
Keynesian Economics (stealth Redistribution of wealth)

 Private Central Banking System:

Crony Capitalism and State Regulated Markets:

Progressive Tax System (direct Redistribution of Wealth):

Corporate and Plutocratic Monopolized Free Trade Deals

Enemies of Individuals, Liberty, Freedom, Nationhood, Culture, and Economic Independence:
Radhanites & Khazars (Jews):

International Bankers:

      The Elites are using your money to keep their system alive and using your money to commit atrocities and sins all across the world while advancing their Global agenda.



Brainwashed and Indoctrinated Social Justice Warriors/Mob Rule:

     We fought against the wrong ideology in World War II (Hitler and National Socialism) and instead backed Crony Capitalism (the West) and Marxist Globalism (USSR).  This has led our nations presently into signing Global Free Trade Deals that enrich the wealthy and indebt nations and individuals while destroying a nation's own historical culture.

Why Hitler wasn't evil

      You can march all you want against Corporations and the State but until you eliminate the Private Central Banking System, allow the Free Market to be Free and Unregulated, eliminate the Free Trade Deals that trap your nation -you are part of the problem.  If you want freedom for yourself and for your family you must:
1.) Eliminate the Rothschild Private Central Banking System in order to get your State out of Debt and therefore controlled by Bankers.
2.) Eliminate Government/State regulation of the Market and allow the market to be a "free market" just as Capitalism demands so that everyone at any time can participate in the market.  Therefore, allowing buyers and sellers to choose the price of an object not speculators or the government/state.
3.) Eliminate Corporate Free Trade Deals that create Global Corporate Monopolies and Global Plutocratic Cartels run by a few hands while draining the nation and individuals of everything.
4.) Eliminate "Free Speech" and Censorship so that individuals can Understand and point out Ideologies that actually harm society and cause degeneration in the individual and the masses.
5.) Eliminate Cultural Marxism from all Educational Institutions and Mainstream Media, allowing for Individuals and different Culture to flourish not be diminished and be swallowed into a Globalist version of it.

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When you compromise with evil, good and evil do not tie, evil wins because over time, little by little, evil will have all that it sought for and good will have less than it had the last time it compromised with evil.  Evil wins by compromising, good loses when it compromises with evil.  This is why Evil is done in darkness and out of sight behind closed doors.  Evil cannot be scrutinized and survive.  Always be wary and vigilant of evil, evil acts, evil intentions, evil individuals, and evil groups.  Do not compromise with evil for "no man can serve 2 masters".


      Your future, the future of your family and your bloodline, and your historical culture depends on figuring out who you serve and what you are willing to do to serve him.  That is what is at stake in the present.  However, if you serve Saturn you will be trapped on his realm forever and unable to ever be free from his material plane.  This is why so many serve Saturn.  It is advantageous for them as they will regain all their material comforts while being trapped on his material plane in an endless loop for eternity.  Others that do not serve Saturn, only journey and pass through his realm for a short period, where only traces remain on Saturn, yet they will never be trapped on his material plane or to live in material form on his plane for long.
 Degenerate Music

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