Saturday, May 14, 2016

Death & Life are but 1 thread. Spiritual Consciousness is your key to Freedom. Faith is your key to Peace

     How one views Existence & Death affects an individual’s identity, actions, & everyday thoughts.
Existence & Death written on a horizontal chart starting from Zero Theorem & ending with Heaven:(a) Zero Theoremeverything returns to nothing and everything fades to blackness and chaos from which it came.
(b) Nature cycleeverything and anything is recycled, reused, and filtered back into the universe
(c) Infinity (vibration/energy) –though your body dissipates, your body’s soul lives on in other things
(d) Karma & Transmigration/Reincarnationthe life you live determines the next life that you live
(e) Heaven/Paradise/Valhallathe life you live determines the afterlife that you live
(f) Infinite Cycle/Saturn's Cube -you are trapped in vibration to repeat the same life repeatedly making the same choices in life ad infinitum.(g) Infinite Consciousness -you only task while in material form and in material existence is becoming one with God Consciousness so that you may never be born again but escape the cycle of death and rebirth.
(h) Atheism/Hedonism -you have no purpose in life and when your physical body dies, you die therefore engage in as much material pleasure as possible because you only live once.
Your perception of death affects the way you look at your life and the life of others.  It also influences your life’s meaning and your life’s purpose.  It affects your motivation and actions on a day-to-day basis.  However, your view is given to you through the “birth lottery”, the culture that you are born into, and is shaped by your experiences and thoughts.  Nonetheless, it subconsciously and consciously stays with you as you age.

Though it is painful for the body to die, one must not fear death for it is natural.  Though death comes when we least expect it (and even when we do accept it, we cannot come to grips with it as it is happening to us or someone we love) death is something we must understand and embrace.  As we embraced life, so we must embrace death and not fear death.  We must come to accept death as part of our life's journey for like a shadow, it follows us each step of the way.

1.) Take Nothing for granted

2.) Be open-minded and unbiased.  Fill your brain with truths not illusions and distractions.

3.) Do not ignore people and things around you.  There are lessons to be learnt from every encounter.  Look at the world with fresh eyes each day and at every moment.  Otherwise you will miss something that you might never see again.

4.) Do not take what is not yours.  Do not be envious, jealous, or greedy.  Work hard and earn everything and look back at the end of your day at your hard work.  Confidence in your abilities, and the ability to earn from your talents is the reward for hard work, nothing more.  This reward strengthens your body, heart, mind, and soul and builds experiences with it.  Anything more is excess.

5.) Do not support people or rally behind causes you know nothing about.  When money, ego, power, and position is connected to people or a cause, "nothing is as it seems". Do not be deceived by your senses.

6.) Be humble, remove ego, live simple.  Do not be trapped in the material world aiming for material ambitions for all things are temporal especially emotions.

7.) Do not worry about how you will be remembered for it is out of your control.  Live your life with awareness and respect, with understanding and love.  The rest will take care of itself.

8.) Do not apologize for your age for with age comes experiences and wisdom (and hopefully maturity, love, awareness, and understanding). Without aging, you have minimal life experiences and very little awareness and understanding.  Embrace change for it is a part of life.  It is the road that you must travel on.

9.) Hear your inner voice not your ego speaking.  To discover you inner voice look within, breath, understand.  Peace is within, not without.  You are made perfectly but material illusions blind you from that perfection.

10.) You cannot remove physical pain from your life but you can remove mental and emotional pain by understanding the source of the pain.

11.) Do not judge one's actions.  Try and understand one's actions.  You do not have to agree with it, you just have to see the reasons and possibilities as to why the individual choose his/her course of action.  That is all.  Judgment is not for you to make.

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