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Dravidian Empire, Dravidian Influence, & why Religions are so similar

You have to understand:
1.) How the Dravidian Empire stretched in ancient history to understand how religions came about over time and altered over time due to culture.  Their alterations that occurred over time had more to do with environment, culture, and politics (power struggles).  Though much of the Dravidian Empire and Dravidian history is obscured due to politics presently, unraveling this piece of history unravels much of actual history. 

2.) You have to understand that the "3 original races of the world" are: Mongoloid, Negroid, and Caucasian (and that Caucasian is politicized because it had to hide Dravidian and Aryan simultaneously so they created the politicized word of Caucasian in order to do it).

3.) There was no "Hinduism" until British Colonization, what existed before was sects and philosophies after the conquest of the Dravidian people by the "Aryans".  It is the "Aryans" that invented a power structure for themselves called "Brahmanism".  They did not invent"Hinduism" as we know it presently and are familiar with it presently.

4.) Hindu gods, Roman gods, Christian saints, etc. -are symbolic not literal (though many people prayed in the past to them literally and pray to them literally in the present).  All the statues are symbolic.  You pray to what you want most so for example -education adherents would pray to: Saraswati -Hindu, Minerva- Roman, Athena -Greek, St. Benedict -Catholic, etc.)  However you are praying to 1 monotheistic god and asking for it.  Hence the phrase "God comes in many forms though he is shapeless, formless"
5.) Regions adopted different Gods and Saints and politicized them over time thus being impossible to separate the God and Saints from the region and it's people.  Over time, once it became politicized, they identified that form of God as their God and could not remove the God from their identity.

6.) Matsya, the fish, who appears in Dravidian texts r
epresents the beginning of life and is no different than the Ichthys symbol in Christianity which represents Jesus (who represents God) and is the beginning of life.
7.) The "Clash of Cultures" occurring presently has to do with Arabization VS. Westernization and Easternization.  Arabization absorbs Western and Eastern cultures, traditions, progress, and advancements into themselves and calls it their own (i.e: Arabic numerals which were not Arabic numerals but instead Indian numerals.  Hence the reason why they altered the term grammatically and presently call it Hindu-Arabic numerals or Indo-Arabic numerals.  However, even that will be altered gradually and the Arabic part will disappear since Arabs did not invent it, they just called it their own.  This is the same with Arab mosques that used to be Hindu sites of Worship or Christian, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, and Jewish sites of worship and were altered slightly when Muslims took over non-Muslim lands).  Arabization is nothing more than swallowing whole cultures into themselves, the phenomenon of a "black hole" because over time, the memory of what existed beforehand disappears.  By eliminating what enabled it to be constructed in the first place -science and technology -and replacing it with devout worship it slows progress down and over time it eliminates progress all together.  This is what the "Clash of Cultures" is about so know what you are actually fighting for and trying to protect and what you are actually up against.

8.) Debunking the myth of Sugar being an Arabic word and introduced to the world by Arabs and Muslims: "The etymology reflects the spread of the commodity. The English word "sugar" originates from the Arabic word سكر sukkar, which came from the Persian شکر shekar, itself derived from Sanskrit शर्करा śarkarā, which originated from Tamil சக்கரை Sakkarai" (which again will confirm the influence of the Dravidian Empire in ancient times).

9.) Debunking the myth of Martial Arts originating from Asia when in fact it has "derived from Sanskrit or Dravidian sources. The oldest recorded organized unarmed fighting art is 'malla-yuddha' or combat-wrestling, codified into four forms and pre-dating the Indo-Aryan migrations.  While they may seem to imply specific disciplines (e.g. archery, armed combat), by Classical times they were used generically for all fighting systems.The most common term today, 'śastra-vidyā', is a compound of the words 'śastra' (weapon) and 'vidyā' (knowledge).  'Dhanuveda' derives from the words for bow ('dhanushya') and knowledge ('veda'), the "science of archery" in Puranic literature, later applied to martial arts in general. The Vishnu Purana text describes 'dhanuveda' as one of the traditional eighteen branches of "applied knowledge"or 'upaveda'. Another term, 'yuddha-vidyā' or "combat knowledge", refers to the arts of war used on the battlefield, encompassing not only actual fighting but also battle formations and military strategy".

10.)  Presently, the above picture, is the best map I can find revealing the Dravidian, Aryan, Indo-Aryan, Indo-Iranian, Proto-Indo European languages which influenced the language composition for the rest of the known ancient world.  The Dravidian Empire stretched from Central Asia outwards to Asia, Arabia, Africa, and the Mediterranean (not through war since these locations were not habitable beforehand and therefore power struggle and war was not needed since you are not conquering people but you are conquering environments and learning to adapt to it).  Over time though, which means decades and centuries, these regions became populated and habitable and splintered off from their original culture into a culture all it's own.  The regions therefore started differing from the Dravidians and creating their own language, culture, customs, and rituals.  Once the "Aryan" conquest took place, the Dravidian influence was slowly eradicated from history and our present known Western and Eastern history starts to take form.

11.)  Problem with Dravidian Empire and Dravidian Influence is that so much history has to be re-written in order for it to be included.  More so, many of the sites that need to be excavated upon and that have turned up Dravidian influence and Dravidian history in the past is under the control of Pakistan and India.  This is currently problematic since India's Brahmins do not want to give up their political power and influence in society by opening up a history that would chip away at their power and influence.  The current "clash of civilization" is enabling history to be excavated but more of it will have to be done in order for the Dravidian influence to come to the surface.  Only now have historians admitted that numerals have pre-dated Arabs and that there is in fact problems with their "3 race original theory". More though has to be done to chip through the history that we are currently being indoctrinated with.

Landlords, Citizens, Governments, & Identity

         Many individuals have grown up with the belief that Governments and their Country owe them something and it is the government and country that is failing them.  This thought process comes about because we are ignorant to the history of our own identity.  Before I touch upon that fact, one must realize metaphors are good for simplifying truth and making it apparent.  Therefore, I am going to use the metaphor of Landlord and Tenant relationship to reveal to you the similar dynamic in the relationship between Government and Citizen.
        A tenant is born into a property not of his own  but because his parents reside there and as he ages, he decides to either stay in that property or move outwards.  During the time that the tenant resides there, the Landlord of that property decides what services will be provided and based on that decision, charges a price for the tenant to stay in the property.  The tenant then has a choice of: (a) deciding if it is reasonable to stay and pay the price of rent on the property OR (b) he has a choice of either moving out and paying another landlord.  This in simplicity how the tenant-landlord relationship works.
       This is also similar to how a citizen-country relationship works.  The government of the country (whichever party it may be) decides that he needs investment in order to expand the country's influence and power on the world stage.  The government then allows for refugees and immigrants to flock to his country in order to create a resource pool of workers for investors to invest in and in order to create businesses which then will allow to strengthen the government's influence. By allowing refugees and immigrants to migrate into the country, the government then extracts what is known as taxes from these refugees and immigrants who over time will become citizens of the country (if that was the agreed upon deal, since some countries will allow you to work but will not allow you to become citizens).  
       In order to attract immigrants and refugees, the government will provide services.  This is similar to landlords and tenants, as a landlord will always want a responsible tenant and therefore will do that by allowing access to certain services such as: free laundry services, free TV as a service, free lawn maintenance, access to the BBQ machine as a service, etc. However, if the landlord decides over time that he is not making enough money and he is not sustaining himself and therefore missing his"profit margin", the landlord will reduce access to services or he will raise the rent.  The tenant can then decide if he will move out or if he will bear with it and stay (since other landlords might provide him with less services and higher fees).  There is risk involved for the tenant since he can either stay with something he is comfortable and familiar with or move on and try something new.
       Now that you understand this concept and relationship, let me expand on this further.  Historically, countries and regions that needed a labor force and a population boost allowed it to occur by expounding the accommodating values of"Multiculturalism" (especially in recent history since the 1970's).  This allowed for people all over the world to flock to Western countries and bask in it's opportunities.  However, this is no different than the "Tolerant Ages" under Emperors and Kings when they allowed for other minorities (different from their own existing populations) that they already controlled to live under their rule.  
         This is why a government (just like a landlord, owes you nothing).  No matter what property you are born under and that you reside in, you have to create an opportunity to succeed.  The government or landlord does not owe you that opportunity.  You have to carve it out yourself.  "The government owning you something" mentality has been indoctrinated through the educational system since the Cold War.  In fact, 
Social Services, Social safety nets, and Social programs that we are familiar with presently were all created during the Cold War era.  Beforehand, individuals and families depended on their regional community for all their support systems since one way or another, the community was related to each other through blood lineage and blood ties so it was important that you succeeded as it reflected heavily on the community and the family. Through war and conquest, as well as migration, communities changed and altered over time.
        This is why there is particular timelines in history that seems like the "golden age" or the "good old days" where everything is handed to you.  When an area is not invested in, rulers are starving for people to come to their lands and will do whatever they can to entice you to choose their country over other countries.  However, when there is a saturation of people, the ruler and the landlord cut back on services and charge higher fees because they know someone will take the property if you decide you are not interested in it.  This is why standard of living has been going down since the 1970's and more presently since 2008.
          War is what creates Empire and after World War 2, America was in fact lending money to countries and collecting interest therefore becoming rich on the misery and rebuilding of other nations.  However after the Korean War and the Vietnam War, America went into debt and in 1971, Nixon took the USA off the Gold Standard. In doing so, Nixon made the USA dependent on the success of the Petro-Dollar, the U.S.D. as a currency reserve, and American hegemony remaining in place. However since the 1970's, America's standard of living has also gone down since America has been going deeper and deeper into debt in order to provide anything for their citizens and in order to entice investment to the country.  America has also been hiding inflation by going deeper and deeper into debt.
        However, with that said, It is still very hypocritical to hate the country you are born into and reside in because it is you, especially if your an adult, that decides to stay in that country.  You have the choice to either: (a) move to countries that will allow you to better your life OR (b) to move to a different region in that present country (since not all regions in a specific country are the same and some newer, growing regions are presently offering more opportunities than other older regions).  Similar to the times of the "Age of Discovery" and  Colonization when there was very few opportunities for European people to have upward mobility in their country (due to massive populations in Europe), those that felt they would succeed elsewhere settled in the "New World" taking with them their families and their investments.  This is how Africa, India, South America, etc. were all resettled with Europeans and this is what enabled Africa, India, and South America to become modernized and Westernized.
      This though is where the 
"Birth Lottery" comes into play.  In every era, no matter the era, there will always be areas, regions, and opportunities to invest in.  It's just a matter of having the resources, social networking, and skills needed to exploit them.  For example, presently there is a clout of teachers in Ontario who are unable to find work.  However, there is a huge need for English teachers in Asia and the Middle East -so using the skills you invested in when you were in school-, you head outwards in order to make money and have a career.  Another example would be property.  Many areas in America that have foreclosed on property since 2008 allow for those with money to invest in those areas.  If you have enough money to sit on the property for as long as you can -until the Recession and Depression is over -you can make profit.      Getting back to the original point of this essay, it is within your hands to maximize the opportunities around you for there is opportunities all around you.  There is also much risk involved but if the gains outweigh the risks, then why not take the risks?  If the risks outweigh the gains, then do not take the risk.  It is as simple as that.  Being mad at the government, or the country you live in, or the region you live in -is nothing more than infantile.  You must be able to maximize your opportunities and your skills by realizing the reality you are living in and seeing it as a blessing because if you think it is bad now, in many countries and areas, the worst has yet to come.  The Leftist approach of "the government must find money to provide for me and invest in me" is over.  The Centrist approach of "borrow borrow borrow. Tax and save, tax and spend" is over.  Both of those only truly work during BOOM eras not BUST eras.  Since economic reality is nothing more than Cycles and individual realities is nothing more than "peaks and valleys", "risks and gains, risks and losses" -understand your reality around you and your social situation before deciding on what you do next.  Life is a chess board, not a checkers board -so think one move ahead before you make your move.       Whining, complaining, and criticizing will not help you.  Seize the opportunity you have in front of you and make the choices you believe will enable you to succeed.  Sometimes you will need to fail in order to succeed.  Other times, you will succeed at first but then have a hard crash.  Whatever outcome occurs, waiting for the government or another entity to help you, will not help you in the long run.  More often than not, it will never be enough since you have created the mentality of dependence which is hard to break.  Seek within yourself and go outward as conquerors, as kings and queens, as victors. Do not go out as individuals unsure of themselves and uncertain of the reality they are walking into.

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ISLAM: Myths created inside historical Islam (part 1 out of 3)

Problem with the Warring Tribes Theory & Mohammed being the ONLY great Unitary Leader:
Four times in the history of the Arabian Peninsula, the Arabs united and burst forth from the deserts conquering other nations. The first is described in the Qur'an as the people of 'Ad’. The Bible describes these as an alliance of tribes led by the Edomites, living in the land of 'Uz’. The Egyptians described them as “Hyksos”, or shepherd kings who invaded Egypt. By combining these three identities together, evidence is revealed that pointed to a powerful alliance from archeological remains in present day Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Jordan, Yemen, and Oman. In the end, the Egyptians crushed the alliance and the remaining tribes dispersed, becoming small, isolated tribes in the desert.  Arabia eventually unites again, this time under the leadership of the “Midianites”. The Qur'anic and the Biblical records clearly remember when the tribes united under Midianite leadership and challenged the nations outside of the peninsula. This time they meet their defeat in the Levant.  Many centuries later, “the tribes of Ishmael” take leadership, this time under the direction of the “Nabataean” tribe, descendants of the eldest son of Ishmael. This empire would be different, for the backbone of this empire was trade not military force. The Qur'an calls them the people of “Thamud”, meaning “after 'Ud”. The Jews called them “Nabataeans”, and the Romans simply refer to them as “Arabs”. In 106 AD, the northern part of their kingdom was absorbed into the Roman Empire and eventually they faded from view.  It was not until 600 AD that the Arabian Peninsula was united again, this time under the flag of Islam.  Once again the tribes of Arabia burst from the deserts challenging the surrounding nations.
           These historical facts proved detrimental to Islam because it proves that Mohammed was not the only leader that united the Arabs and Islam was not the only cause that united the Arabs.  That in fact, geo-politics enabled three times earlier, before Mohammad and before Islam, warring Arab tribes to unite and set forth to expand outward.  All three times though, they had failed because the regional superpower at that time beat them and sent them back into the deserts dispersed.  The only difference this time under Mohammed and Islam was that the Superpowers of the region and at that time (Byzantine, Rome, and Persia) were weak from years of war with each other that they did not protect their entire regions of control.  This allowed Islam quick victories and enabled them to expand outward at a lightning pace.  Just like in sports, in war, momentum is everything.  Where as in the past, Arab tribes could not gather momentum and victories, this time under Mohammad and Islam they did. This is the only difference between united Arab tribes from the past and united tribes under Mohammed.  Mohammed appeared at a very opportunistic time and was able to seize on it in allowing Islam to expand out of the deserts of Arabia.

The Problem with Mohammad being the sole creator of the direction of Islam:
         The conflict between history, archaeology, and the classic account of Islam’s beginnings is crystallized even further since there is no explanation in the Islamic sources for the original Qibla being in Petra.  In fact, Arab conquests came first and only then, did the term “Muslims” appear. “Islam wasn’t a fresh start but an accumulation of elements from Christianity, Judaism, and Zoroastrianism”.  It can be referred to as a mishmash of earlier sects and religions. In fact, Arabs did not first convert to Islam before setting off to conquer other countries. Only when the Arabs had gained power across a wide area did Islam gradually develop over a time span of around two centuries. 
         In 632 A.D.,  Muhammad dies.  By 650 A.D.,  the Koran is finally written under Uthman’s rule.  However, it took over 200 years to write the Hadith and 240 years to write the Sira.  All books (the Koran, the Hadith, and the Sira) are depended on oral tradition by people who never knew Mohammad first hand.  All three Islamic texts were in fact, never written out by the ones close to Mohammed (except the Quran). 
         In 685 A.D., Mohammad is first referred to by Muslim sources.   “Muslims” as a term is referred to afterwards in the 690’s. What in fact occurs is that Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan  (the 5th Umayyad Caliph, 646-705 AD) revises Islamic history and creates the Mohammad we know now, the Islam, we are familiar with, what a “Muslim” is, and he also changes the direction of worship from Petra to Mecca.  Under Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan, Arabic becomes the state religion.   This is no different than Christianity under  Constantine the Great (
272 –337) who does exactly the same thing with Christanity as Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan does with Islam.
          Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan is still considered in the Arab world as a great Muslim reformer.  Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan wanted to unite the Arabs he ruled over and just like Constantine realized that religion was the best way to unite the areas he controlled.  Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan realized that Mohammad and Islam was the best way to unite Arabs and give them continual direction.  In fact, Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan
cements Mohammad as a Prophet and the Messenger of God.   By the time, Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan is ruler, Islam as a religion failed.  However, Islam as a quasi-political religious force could be useful and this is what enabled Islam to spread and grow.  Islam as a political force was a success.

Problem with the historical Quran:
        In regards to Mohammad, historical sources do reveal that he
in fact did exist as a prophet.  However, the further away from Muhammad’s birth date you get, the more extensive the biographies become.  There is hardly any material from the time of Muhammad. Everything dates from at least two centuries later. What further compounds the problem with Muhammad and Islam is that it did not come about in “a flash of divine inspiration” and in fact, more than one version of the Qur’an existed.  In fact, under Uthman ibn Affan, four original copies of the Quran were created and sent out.  The manuscripts however come into existence in the 8th century not the  7th century as first believed therefore rendering the romanticized myth of the creation of the four Qurans into question.  This again proves problematic for Islam since it would show that Mohammad has nothing to do with the Quran though he is given full credit for them.  The older manuscripts used by those who wrote the Quran were burnt after the Quran was written. In fact, as many as 11 different Qurans existed with over 15,000 differences existing in them.  “Many Muslims have this belief that everything between the two covers of the Qur'an is Allah's unaltered word. They like to quote the textual work that shows that the Bible has a history and did not fall straight out of the sky, but until now, the Qur'an has been out of this discussion. The only way to break through this wall is to prove that the Qur'an has a history too. The Sana'a fragments will help us accomplish this”. 
           If there exists more than one version of the Quran and there exists differences between the Qurans due to dialect, translation, and interpretation then historically the Quran follows a similar path of many other religious texts that came before it and after it.  This is problematic, as many Muslims believe that there exists only one version of the Quran that was never altered since the time of Mohammed.  However, "the oldest manuscripts of the Quran still in existence date from not earlier than about one hundred years after Muhammad's death.
  Western researchers generally assume that the Qur’an wasn’t written all at once and Muslim scholars also recognize that Islam developed over the course of the centuries.” 

The Problem with Mecca and the first Mosques:
           During the Arab conquests, the Arabs adopted local customs and rituals since the “new world view” had to connect with the world of the people living in a region, or the people living in the region would not have accepted it.  Historical sources, both Islamic and non-Islamic, reveal that from around 730 AD, terms like “Islam”, “Muslims’’ and specific religious customs such as “zakat” (charity) were already being practiced and described.  Strangely, though, for over a hundred years after Mohammad’s death, many new mosques pointed to Syria. By examining the dates of the construction of these mosques, the Islamic date of February 624 AD, during Mohammad’s lifetime, seemed incorrect as archeology showed the Qibla was changed much later. In fact, historical, archeological, and literary indicators strongly point towards Petra, not Mecca as being the founding place of Islam.  There is no mention of Mecca in the writings of any classical writer or geographer.  This fact is an important argument against Islam's claim that Mecca has existed since the time of Abraham.  Presently we have complete records of Greek and Roman writers, as well as many geographers who visited Arabia from the 4th century B.C. through the 3rd century A.D.  Some of these people drew maps of Arabia telling us about every city, village, tribe, and temple existing there -yet none mentioned Mecca.  If Mecca did indeed exist at the time of any of these geographers and writers, surely someone would have told us about this city, yet none did.
What’s more alarming is that Greeks were well known for their accuracy in geography. So much so, that they did not put much stock in reports provided by merchants.  This is revealed in the writings of Strabo, a famous Greek geographer and historian, who lived between 64 B.C. and 23 A.D.  He emphasized how important it is to not depend on reports from merchants, but to depend upon the official findings provided by geographers and historians who visited the regions themselves.  This makes the research on the geography of Arabia provided by ancient Greek geographers and historians a valuable resource, especially when they tell us which cities existed in West Arabia since the end of the 5th century B.C. through the 4th century A.D.  We see, then, that facts gathered by Greek geographers and historians are extremely important in establishing the dates when these cities first appeared.  Since those geographers provided us with accurate reports dated between the end of the 5th century B.C. and the 3rd century A.D., scholars can easily determine within approximately 20 years the date of each city built in West Arabia. With reliable accuracy, we find that Mecca is absent from all the years documented by the Greek and Roman geographers. How ironic it is to claim that a city like Mecca existed as early as the Muslims claim, when it was never mentioned by the historians and the geographers who documented that same time period? Therefore, the case for Mecca existing as a city since Abraham's time is more than a lost cause. It is the most unhistorical assertion that anyone could claim or insert into history. At worst, a case for Mecca’s existence can only be made as early as the 4th century A.D. not before.
In the 19th and early 20th century, Mecca was mistakenly identified with a place called Macoraba mentioned by Ptolemy.  The text itself dates from the second century AD.  However, Macoraba was not only an interior settlement of Arabia, it was a relatively new settlement at the time that Ptolemy wrote about it.  Therefore, even if Mecca were considered Macoraba, it would reinforce the fact that Mecca was new to the scene during Ptolemy’s time.  “Upon further study of the facts concerning Macoraba, we can conclude with certainty that Macoraba can’t be Mecca, and we can refute the idea that Mecca was built in the 2nd century A.D.  All the facts point to the historical argument that Mecca was constructed in the 4th century A.D.”
       What’s more alarming for historians is that historical sources prove that Mecca is not on any trade route in the 7th century, Petra is instead.  In fact, most trades came from India and China at that time and used historical trade routes that were severely hampered and often disrupted by Persia and Byzantine going to war for centuries.  Since it was cheaper to travel by sea than travelling by land (and historically majority of Arabs were not boat travelers), Africans did most of the boat trades.  This again puts the theory of Mecca being an important trade route as a fallible theory.  Mecca is not even mentioned in history until the 9th century as having any real historical importance.  This is why the first mosques faced Petra and not Mecca.  The first Mosque facing Mecca appears in 727 A.D.

The problem with Islam having a Golden Age & being a protector of Education, Science, and Medicine:

           The rise of Islam occurred during the decay of the Roman, Byzantine, and Persian empires.  In fact, by the time that Islam had conquered the Byzantine Empire, the Byzantine Empire was collapsing due to war with Persia, the Black plague (where 1 in 3 people died), and the fact that 2/3 of their economy had already collapsed.  In fact, before Byzantine had fallen to Islam, the Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos begs Pope Urban the 2nd (his rival who represented Western Europe and the Roman Catholic Church) to help him.  This was unprecedented to ask a rival for help in order to save your Empire but this was the state of Byzantine before they fell to Islam.  Byzantine was a shell of its historic past by the time Islam takes over.
The conquering of Persia, Byzantine, and India actually allowed Islam to have a very literate population under their control.  Hindu advances in Mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, geography, and medicine flowed freely into the Arab world after the conquest of Sindh in 712 A.D.   Translations of Indian books in 753 A.D. onwards started what is known today as the "Islamic golden age".  Though Arab Muslims were illiterate, their subjugated populations were literate.  Muslim historians even tell us that ancient library such as the library of Alexandria (under Omar ibn al-Khatab’s orders), the great Zoroastrian library in Ctesiphon, the destruction of the great Buddhist library at Nalanda in India (under Bakhtiyar Khilji) and even the burning of the Quran (under Uthman -since many Qurans were at variance with his Uthmanic codex) were all burnt.  Muslims at the time believed that, “If it’s in the Quran, we don’t need it, burn it.  If it’s not in the Quran, we don’t need it, burn it”.
Islam’s “Golden Age” also serves a purpose for the ruling class and the ruling elite.  Rome’s “Dark Ages” and Islam’s “Golden Age” are both intertwined and interwoven with one another.  Both “Ages” serve a purpose and both are needed in today’s present day history and therefore are continuing to be taught in elementary and high schools presently.  However, both “Ages” are myths.   Rome’s “Dark Ages” hides the fact that the Byzantine Civilization and Byzantine Empire still remained and flourished long after Rome was sacked.  In fact, Byzantine the keeper of Western civilization and Western progress, is not mentioned as a political force in Western history since the West always sees itself separate from the East who they associate with present day Russia (which you can presently see is still in conflict with and has been in conflict with the West since 1700's) .  This division of history due to politics from one whole history into two different histories (Eastern history and Western history) allows room for Islam’s “Golden Age” myth to perpetuate today.    
          More so, another reason why Islam’s “Golden Age” and Rome’s “Dark Ages” is needed in today’s present day society is due to the fact that it is needed to perpetuate the success of the Protestant Reformation. Protestants see themselves as enabling Western society to revive itself and they are the force that enabled Western science and Western civilization to progress outwards into what it is today.  Without the Protestant Reformation (which started in 1517), the West would still be living in the “Dark Ages”.

1.) Muslim Harems and Muslim concubines were all captured Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and Christians.  Though Muslims perpetuate the fact that Muslims “gave life” to women by marrying them especially when it came to widows, those women only became widows because their husbands were killed in battle against Muslims (as was a woman’s brothers, uncles, and father).  In other words, Muslims would not have to “give life” to widows if they did not invade the lands of other civilizations and kill off the males in war.  Women who were widows were given a choice of either marrying a Muslim or becoming a slave to a Muslim.

2.) Arab Christians from more northerly regions played a major role in the further development and distribution of Islam.  In fact, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and Hindus played a major role in the further development and refinement of Islam (than did the Arabs that brought it with them).

3.) The Arab “baby boomers” era never stopped because repopulating an area with children is a political move in order to enable Islam to grow once it has conquered lands.  This is why Islam gains so much ground so quickly after they conquer lands and civilizations and why whole cultures are destroyed, forgotten, and replaced over time.  This is what is called Arabization and it is still occurring in Europe presently.  Muslim countries have the biggest birth population in the world and is the main reason why Islam is the fast growing religion in the world. It also explains why Islam is also the most impoverished population in the world.  Too many mouths to feed without enough food or money to go around causes governments to weaken and for populations to become radicalized and therefore topple governments in the name of Islam.  This is one of the major reasons why the West (after Colonialism) left Dictators in charge of Islamic countries.

4.) The view Muslims espouse to Jews and Christians of the, “Brotherhood of Abraham” and the “People of the Book” cannot exist if Muslims were killing all their “brothers” in order to gain their lands, their wives, and take their money from them.  You cannot argue that, “convert, pay, leave, or die” and giving unbelievers the chance to sell their property in a short amount of allotted time before they left is humanitarian since those selling their lands will not get fair value from Muslims on the land they are now forced to sell.

5.) “Law of Islamic saturation” –Egypt, Turkey, North Africa, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.  Every nation that has allowed Islam to enter into the lands without driving them out afterwards has become an Islamic nation over time.  Islam does not leave once it enters and it does not leave until it transforms that area into an Islamic state, Islamic region, or Islamic area.  It is not by accident that Muslims are asked to have multiple children and Muslims are asked to speak Arabic when praying.  This is how the Law of Islamic saturation and Arabization takes place.

6.) 2/3 of the Quran is about unbelievers: How to talk to them, how to convert them, how to befriend them, and how to have relationships with them. 

7.) Taqiyya (the sacred deceit of the Kaffir.  “Kaffir” =Unbeliever)

8.) Though the Quran itself is one book, the book itself is separated into two different periods. The Mecca suras and the Medina suras.  The Mecca sura was written when Mohammad was still a preacher, the  Medina sura was when Mohammed was a politician and warlord.  Both suras are radically different books but both are in the Quran that Muslims read presently.  Since there exists Abrogation in the Quran –meaning that a later verse is stronger than the earlier verse (but yet both are true) this allows for the later Jihad verses to replace the Tolerant verses. However, both are true at the same time.  By nature, Islam is dualistic –one doctrine or verse you will like, another doctrine or verse you will not (“stealth coding”) –ex: espousing Jew hatred, yet Muslims are coming from the line of Abraham.  Both are true at the same time since nothing can be altered in the Quran as stated by Mohammad.

9.) The millions killed by Muslims (Conservative approximations) -60 million Christians, 80 million Hindus (includes Sikhs), 10 million Buddhists, and 120 million Africans.  (List does not include Communists or other “deviant” Muslims).

10.) A “Kaffir” can be murdered, raped, deceived, and tortured.  The Quran orders it for their adherents in their day-to-day lives.  Kaffirs must be forced to convert to Islam, forced to marry into Islam, forced to leave Muslim lands, or forced to pay higher taxes (in order to over time financially weaken them and force them to leave).

11.) Islam -is the Koran, Hadith, and Sīrat Rasūl Allāh Everything else on Islam is commentary on Islam (whether it is from a Caliphate, an Imam, or a Muslim scholar).

12.) “There is no such thing as a Moderate Muslim.  There is only a Practicing Muslim and a Non-Practicing Muslim.  Moderate Muslims and Westernized Muslims are all Non-Practicing Muslims and therefore are deviants of true Islam”.

13.) Identity is a very strong notion in Islam as Muslims must identify themselves as Muslims firstly and lastly and not be defined or re-defined by anything else.  This is a political maneuver, which enables the past identity of the adherent to dissolve over time. Why instead of Muslims saying they are Indian they will say they are Muslim (for being an Indian is being associated with that of being Hindu). Why instead of Muslims saying they are Sri Lankan they will say that they are Muslims (for being a Sri Lankan has associations of Buddhism or Hinduism.  Hence ,why the LTTE were forced to kick Muslims out of Tamil Eelam in 1990 and Buddhist clashes with Muslims still occur presently).  Why instead of Muslims saying they are German, French, British, Canadian, Finish, Australian, etc. they say that they are Muslim
(for being a Westerner has associations of Christianity.  Which is very peculiar since all Ontario Driving License plates have the cross and crown on the license and Muslims do drive cars in Ontario).  This is also why instead of using the Red Cross in Islamic countries, Muslims call themselves the Red Crescent (since the Red Cross has associations of Christianity attached to it).

14.) Islam only wants its adherents to study the Quran, the Hadith, and Sīrat Rasūl Allāh and memorize it.  It forbids anything else as it would take away time a Muslim would be spending on Allah.  This would put Islam in conflict with Western and Eastern education, Western and Eastern degrees, and Western and Eastern institutes.  As you can see historically, only when Islam submitted Persia, Byzantine, and parts of India did their “Golden Age” begin.  Before that, Arabs were nothing more than nomads.  Islam strictly forbids having relationships and friendships with anyone that is not Muslim and to allow them to distract you with their false teachings,
"Let not the believers take for friends or helpers unbelievers rather than believers; if any do that, in nothing will there be help from All: except by way of precaution that ye may guard yourselves from them.  Allah cautions you for the final destination is Allah" (3:28).  Pagans, Atheists, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and Jews have taught Muslims everything they know about the world except for the Quran, Hadith, and Sirat Rasul Allah.  This is why countries that follow the Quran, Hadith, and Sirat Rasul Allah strictly have no civilization.  This is why countries that follow the Quran, Hadith, and Sirat Rasul Allahr have not been able to help society or civilization develop.  No scientific discoveries or scientific advances come from these countries and areas.  The most successful Muslims are ones that live in Western nations and are non-practicing Muslims. The Taliban, ISIL/ISIS, and Boko Haram are the actual representation of Islam before they conquered Persia, India, and Byzantine and became deviant by learning teachings not meant for them to have.

Islam has always perpetuated itself with “victim status” all throughout history (especially, some may argue, during times where Islam has gained its many peacetime converts).  Mohammed used it to gain adherents in the 7th century before setting forth in building his Arabic Empire.  Blacks in America used Islam in the 1930’s until the late 1970’s under the banner of the Nation of Islam.  In addition, since 9/11, Muslims all over the world have used it.  “Victim status” garners many sympathizers but hides motives behind why it is used.  Mohammed was able to use it as he crusaded against Rome, Byzantine, and Persia.  The Nation of Islam was able to use it to separate itself from the “White Man’s Religion”.  This tactic of “victim status” is presently used by Muslims to decry Western Civilization and Western culture.  The irony though is that Muslims still need Western and Eastern foreign aid to prop up their countries.  The irony is that Muslims still need Western and Eastern money to live in subsidized housing.  The irony is that Muslims still need to live in Western and Eastern countries in order to have a better life for themselves.  The irony is that Muslims still need Western and Eastern technology to function in their every day lives.

16.) The “Clash of Civilization” occurring presently is not Christianity versus Islam as it is being projected.  Instead, it is Westernization vs. Arabization.  Arabization is what Islam is all about and this is what the West (and the East –since China, Russia, and India will also participate and will be working together to eliminate).  Muslims like to believe that Islam is growing and gaining strength but look again at present events:
(A) 2014 -China bans Ramadan fast,
(B) 2013 - Russia declares the Quran as extremist material and asks for it to be destroyed,
 (C)  2014 – India cuts all funding to UN team on Kashmir and asks them to leave,
(D) 2014 –European Court declares that Burka Ban does not violate Human Rights violation (allowing for other countries such as Belgium and Netherlands to enforce it)
(E) 2014 –Russia, Canada, U.S.A., German governments all support Israel and IDF excursions into Gaza against Hamas. 
What will be viewed as Political Theater when the USD collapses as a reserve currency and will enable NATO to take on China and Russia across the globe will also enable Arabization to be stopped and eradicated as Islam’s population and their dependence on government aid to sustain their population is also weakening their countries and causing unrest.  Muslims have been the hardest group of people to integrate into society and their hostility towards the governments and countries that they live in is allowing for the eradication of Arabization to occur.  Take into fact that Muslim countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan are all dependent on Western aid and Western food to sustain them.  Without it, those countries cannot sustain themselves.  Take into the fact that the Middle East is dependent on Oil to sustain themselves and Fracking, Oil Sands, and recent Oil Pipelines (as well as Hybrid cars) are allowing for people to wean themselves off their dependence on Middle Eastern oil therefore weakening the profits going into the Middle East.  The rulers of the Middle East (which are predominately handpicked Muslims that were chosen after World War 1 and after Colonialism) need the West to be dependent on oil.  Realize that recalls on cars are occurring and newer models of cars do not rely on oil as much as older cars.  Again, Political Theater is allowing the landscape to change and Muslims are not aware of it or the trouble that their growing religion is in.

17.) 9/11; the war in Afghanistan; creating chaos in stable Islamic states by toppling Islamic dictators such as Kaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, and Prevez Musharraf (allowing for radicalization of the civilian populations to begin); “the Arab Spring” revolutions in Egypt and Libya; the emergence of Boko Haram and the kidnapping of 276 schoolgirls in Nigeria; the emergence of ISIL/ISIS in Syria and Iraq, etc. -is showing the West and the East the true face of Islam as it appeared under Mohammad and as it spread outwards into the world.  As the chaos unfolds, Muslims will be forced to answers questions about their past and open up more of their history.  All religions fade into the dustbin of history, some just take longer than others for it to occur.   Opening up more about Muslim and Arab history will also force the world to open up Dravidian history and Byzantine history and finally interweave with the whole of human history instead of having Western history and other histories separated from it.

18.)Muslims are not terrorists”, but those that apologize and protest for Muslim lands being invaded by the West when the West is defending themselves against ISIS are protesting against the West therefore promoting ISIS’s ideology.  Those people can and will be considered terrorists.  Nations who protest against the West can be considered as enemies of the West and allies with ISIS.  This will enable Draconian laws to be passed all through the West.

19.) The only way to subdue Islam and restrain it is by not arguing against it Religiously but instead using Identity Modification techniques.  For example, this is why the French and British during the Colonial Era used Secularism and Nationalism when subduing Islam and incorporating Muslims under their rule after the Ottoman Empire fell.

20.) Only an Islamic Caliphate can call an “offensive jihad”.  Individuals such as Osama Bin Laden can only call for a “defensive jihad” and this is why individuals like Osama Bin Laden stated grievances the West had committed against Muslim lands before attacking the West.  For 100 years, since the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the beginning of the Colonial era, there was no Islamic Caliphate.  Only today has an Islamic Caliphate emerged with ISIS in the Middle East calling for an "offensive jihad" and why presently acts of terrorism are being perpetuated by Muslims all over the world.

21.) There exists presently (and historically) 
26 Different Arabic Qurans (with thousand of textual variants) proving that the Quran was not perfectly preserved as Muslims like to argue when they argue against Christians and Jews.