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Dravidian Empire, Dravidian Influence, & why Religions are so similar

You have to understand:
1.) How the Dravidian Empire stretched in ancient history to understand how religions came about over time and altered over time due to culture.  Their alterations that occurred over time had more to do with environment, culture, and politics (power struggles).  Though much of the Dravidian Empire and Dravidian history is obscured due to politics presently, unraveling this piece of history unravels much of actual history. 

2.) You have to understand that the "3 original races of the world" are: Mongoloid, Negroid, and Caucasian (and that Caucasian is politicized because it had to hide Dravidian and Aryan simultaneously so they created the politicized word of Caucasian in order to do it).

3.) There was no "Hinduism" until British Colonization, what existed before was sects and philosophies after the conquest of the Dravidian people by the "Aryans".  It is the "Aryans" that invented a power structure for themselves called "Brahmanism".  They did not invent"Hinduism" as we know it presently and are familiar with it presently.

4.) Hindu gods, Roman gods, Christian saints, etc. -are symbolic not literal (though many people prayed in the past to them literally and pray to them literally in the present).  All the statues are symbolic.  You pray to what you want most so for example -education adherents would pray to: Saraswati -Hindu, Minerva- Roman, Athena -Greek, St. Benedict -Catholic, etc.)  However you are praying to 1 monotheistic god and asking for it.  Hence the phrase "God comes in many forms though he is shapeless, formless"
5.) Regions adopted different Gods and Saints and politicized them over time thus being impossible to separate the God and Saints from the region and it's people.  Over time, once it became politicized, they identified that form of God as their God and could not remove the God from their identity.

6.) Matsya, the fish, who appears in Dravidian texts r
epresents the beginning of life and is no different than the Ichthys symbol in Christianity which represents Jesus (who represents God) and is the beginning of life.
7.) The "Clash of Cultures" occurring presently has to do with Arabization VS. Westernization and Easternization.  Arabization absorbs Western and Eastern cultures, traditions, progress, and advancements into themselves and calls it their own (i.e: Arabic numerals which were not Arabic numerals but instead Indian numerals.  Hence the reason why they altered the term grammatically and presently call it Hindu-Arabic numerals or Indo-Arabic numerals.  However, even that will be altered gradually and the Arabic part will disappear since Arabs did not invent it, they just called it their own.  This is the same with Arab mosques that used to be Hindu sites of Worship or Christian, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, and Jewish sites of worship and were altered slightly when Muslims took over non-Muslim lands).  Arabization is nothing more than swallowing whole cultures into themselves, the phenomenon of a "black hole" because over time, the memory of what existed beforehand disappears.  By eliminating what enabled it to be constructed in the first place -science and technology -and replacing it with devout worship it slows progress down and over time it eliminates progress all together.  This is what the "Clash of Cultures" is about so know what you are actually fighting for and trying to protect and what you are actually up against.

8.) Debunking the myth of Sugar being an Arabic word and introduced to the world by Arabs and Muslims: "The etymology reflects the spread of the commodity. The English word "sugar" originates from the Arabic word سكر sukkar, which came from the Persian شکر shekar, itself derived from Sanskrit शर्करा śarkarā, which originated from Tamil சக்கரை Sakkarai" (which again will confirm the influence of the Dravidian Empire in ancient times).

9.) Debunking the myth of Martial Arts originating from Asia when in fact it has "derived from Sanskrit or Dravidian sources. The oldest recorded organized unarmed fighting art is 'malla-yuddha' or combat-wrestling, codified into four forms and pre-dating the Indo-Aryan migrations.  While they may seem to imply specific disciplines (e.g. archery, armed combat), by Classical times they were used generically for all fighting systems.The most common term today, 'śastra-vidyā', is a compound of the words 'śastra' (weapon) and 'vidyā' (knowledge).  'Dhanuveda' derives from the words for bow ('dhanushya') and knowledge ('veda'), the "science of archery" in Puranic literature, later applied to martial arts in general. The Vishnu Purana text describes 'dhanuveda' as one of the traditional eighteen branches of "applied knowledge"or 'upaveda'. Another term, 'yuddha-vidyā' or "combat knowledge", refers to the arts of war used on the battlefield, encompassing not only actual fighting but also battle formations and military strategy".

10.)  Presently, the above picture, is the best map I can find revealing the Dravidian, Aryan, Indo-Aryan, Indo-Iranian, Proto-Indo European languages which influenced the language composition for the rest of the known ancient world.  The Dravidian Empire stretched from Central Asia outwards to Asia, Arabia, Africa, and the Mediterranean (not through war since these locations were not habitable beforehand and therefore power struggle and war was not needed since you are not conquering people but you are conquering environments and learning to adapt to it).  Over time though, which means decades and centuries, these regions became populated and habitable and splintered off from their original culture into a culture all it's own.  The regions therefore started differing from the Dravidians and creating their own language, culture, customs, and rituals.  Once the "Aryan" conquest took place, the Dravidian influence was slowly eradicated from history and our present known Western and Eastern history starts to take form.

11.)  Problem with Dravidian Empire and Dravidian Influence is that so much history has to be re-written in order for it to be included.  More so, many of the sites that need to be excavated upon and that have turned up Dravidian influence and Dravidian history in the past is under the control of Pakistan and India.  This is currently problematic since India's Brahmins do not want to give up their political power and influence in society by opening up a history that would chip away at their power and influence.  The current "clash of civilization" is enabling history to be excavated but more of it will have to be done in order for the Dravidian influence to come to the surface.  Only now have historians admitted that numerals have pre-dated Arabs and that there is in fact problems with their "3 race original theory". More though has to be done to chip through the history that we are currently being indoctrinated with.

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