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Landlords, Citizens, Governments, & Identity

         Many individuals have grown up with the belief that Governments and their Country owe them something and it is the government and country that is failing them.  This thought process comes about because we are ignorant to the history of our own identity.  Before I touch upon that fact, one must realize metaphors are good for simplifying truth and making it apparent.  Therefore, I am going to use the metaphor of Landlord and Tenant relationship to reveal to you the similar dynamic in the relationship between Government and Citizen.
        A tenant is born into a property not of his own  but because his parents reside there and as he ages, he decides to either stay in that property or move outwards.  During the time that the tenant resides there, the Landlord of that property decides what services will be provided and based on that decision, charges a price for the tenant to stay in the property.  The tenant then has a choice of: (a) deciding if it is reasonable to stay and pay the price of rent on the property OR (b) he has a choice of either moving out and paying another landlord.  This in simplicity how the tenant-landlord relationship works.
       This is also similar to how a citizen-country relationship works.  The government of the country (whichever party it may be) decides that he needs investment in order to expand the country's influence and power on the world stage.  The government then allows for refugees and immigrants to flock to his country in order to create a resource pool of workers for investors to invest in and in order to create businesses which then will allow to strengthen the government's influence. By allowing refugees and immigrants to migrate into the country, the government then extracts what is known as taxes from these refugees and immigrants who over time will become citizens of the country (if that was the agreed upon deal, since some countries will allow you to work but will not allow you to become citizens).  
       In order to attract immigrants and refugees, the government will provide services.  This is similar to landlords and tenants, as a landlord will always want a responsible tenant and therefore will do that by allowing access to certain services such as: free laundry services, free TV as a service, free lawn maintenance, access to the BBQ machine as a service, etc. However, if the landlord decides over time that he is not making enough money and he is not sustaining himself and therefore missing his"profit margin", the landlord will reduce access to services or he will raise the rent.  The tenant can then decide if he will move out or if he will bear with it and stay (since other landlords might provide him with less services and higher fees).  There is risk involved for the tenant since he can either stay with something he is comfortable and familiar with or move on and try something new.
       Now that you understand this concept and relationship, let me expand on this further.  Historically, countries and regions that needed a labor force and a population boost allowed it to occur by expounding the accommodating values of"Multiculturalism" (especially in recent history since the 1970's).  This allowed for people all over the world to flock to Western countries and bask in it's opportunities.  However, this is no different than the "Tolerant Ages" under Emperors and Kings when they allowed for other minorities (different from their own existing populations) that they already controlled to live under their rule.  
         This is why a government (just like a landlord, owes you nothing).  No matter what property you are born under and that you reside in, you have to create an opportunity to succeed.  The government or landlord does not owe you that opportunity.  You have to carve it out yourself.  "The government owning you something" mentality has been indoctrinated through the educational system since the Cold War.  In fact, 
Social Services, Social safety nets, and Social programs that we are familiar with presently were all created during the Cold War era.  Beforehand, individuals and families depended on their regional community for all their support systems since one way or another, the community was related to each other through blood lineage and blood ties so it was important that you succeeded as it reflected heavily on the community and the family. Through war and conquest, as well as migration, communities changed and altered over time.
        This is why there is particular timelines in history that seems like the "golden age" or the "good old days" where everything is handed to you.  When an area is not invested in, rulers are starving for people to come to their lands and will do whatever they can to entice you to choose their country over other countries.  However, when there is a saturation of people, the ruler and the landlord cut back on services and charge higher fees because they know someone will take the property if you decide you are not interested in it.  This is why standard of living has been going down since the 1970's and more presently since 2008.
          War is what creates Empire and after World War 2, America was in fact lending money to countries and collecting interest therefore becoming rich on the misery and rebuilding of other nations.  However after the Korean War and the Vietnam War, America went into debt and in 1971, Nixon took the USA off the Gold Standard. In doing so, Nixon made the USA dependent on the success of the Petro-Dollar, the U.S.D. as a currency reserve, and American hegemony remaining in place. However since the 1970's, America's standard of living has also gone down since America has been going deeper and deeper into debt in order to provide anything for their citizens and in order to entice investment to the country.  America has also been hiding inflation by going deeper and deeper into debt.
        However, with that said, It is still very hypocritical to hate the country you are born into and reside in because it is you, especially if your an adult, that decides to stay in that country.  You have the choice to either: (a) move to countries that will allow you to better your life OR (b) to move to a different region in that present country (since not all regions in a specific country are the same and some newer, growing regions are presently offering more opportunities than other older regions).  Similar to the times of the "Age of Discovery" and  Colonization when there was very few opportunities for European people to have upward mobility in their country (due to massive populations in Europe), those that felt they would succeed elsewhere settled in the "New World" taking with them their families and their investments.  This is how Africa, India, South America, etc. were all resettled with Europeans and this is what enabled Africa, India, and South America to become modernized and Westernized.
      This though is where the 
"Birth Lottery" comes into play.  In every era, no matter the era, there will always be areas, regions, and opportunities to invest in.  It's just a matter of having the resources, social networking, and skills needed to exploit them.  For example, presently there is a clout of teachers in Ontario who are unable to find work.  However, there is a huge need for English teachers in Asia and the Middle East -so using the skills you invested in when you were in school-, you head outwards in order to make money and have a career.  Another example would be property.  Many areas in America that have foreclosed on property since 2008 allow for those with money to invest in those areas.  If you have enough money to sit on the property for as long as you can -until the Recession and Depression is over -you can make profit.      Getting back to the original point of this essay, it is within your hands to maximize the opportunities around you for there is opportunities all around you.  There is also much risk involved but if the gains outweigh the risks, then why not take the risks?  If the risks outweigh the gains, then do not take the risk.  It is as simple as that.  Being mad at the government, or the country you live in, or the region you live in -is nothing more than infantile.  You must be able to maximize your opportunities and your skills by realizing the reality you are living in and seeing it as a blessing because if you think it is bad now, in many countries and areas, the worst has yet to come.  The Leftist approach of "the government must find money to provide for me and invest in me" is over.  The Centrist approach of "borrow borrow borrow. Tax and save, tax and spend" is over.  Both of those only truly work during BOOM eras not BUST eras.  Since economic reality is nothing more than Cycles and individual realities is nothing more than "peaks and valleys", "risks and gains, risks and losses" -understand your reality around you and your social situation before deciding on what you do next.  Life is a chess board, not a checkers board -so think one move ahead before you make your move.       Whining, complaining, and criticizing will not help you.  Seize the opportunity you have in front of you and make the choices you believe will enable you to succeed.  Sometimes you will need to fail in order to succeed.  Other times, you will succeed at first but then have a hard crash.  Whatever outcome occurs, waiting for the government or another entity to help you, will not help you in the long run.  More often than not, it will never be enough since you have created the mentality of dependence which is hard to break.  Seek within yourself and go outward as conquerors, as kings and queens, as victors. Do not go out as individuals unsure of themselves and uncertain of the reality they are walking into.

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