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Occult Rituals & Demon Possession - "How to Become a Living God" [Demon Spirit(s) VS the Holy Spirit]

1.) “Why the HELL would anyone actually want to be possessed?” -In order to really answer this question, we need to take the idea of demons and devils out of the subject at hand, because most people have linked the words “demonic” and “possession” together, and misunderstandings are bound to occur from there. Possession is when any intelligent entity, force, or current inhabits your body and, with varying degrees of intensity, controls your body and your mindSo, when you see people in church, wearing their Sunday-best, jumping in the pews, speaking in tongues, convulsing, and calling the name of Jesus, chances are that they’re possessed! When you witness someone channeling the spirit of a loved one who has passed over to the other side, this is a form of possession as well. In fact, making any sort of spiritual contact at all, with any nonphysical entity or force,these are all types and degrees of possession.  You see, in order for such an intense connection to be made between a physical person and a spiritual force, that which is connected with cannot remain outside of the observer in order for them to observe, as there is nothing that the senses can behold that would trigger the contact.  Instead, the external entity or force has to penetrate into the mind and body of the individual in order to begin transmitting communication.

2.) "Why Do Black Magicians REVERE Demonic Possession?" -The whole matter of spiritual discovery hinges upon spirit contact.  Some people will have all of their questions answered by one or two ghost sightings or unexplained occurrences.  Some of us, though, have more questions, and have deeper questions, and need to delve even deeper into spirit contact in order to reveal the Mystery to us. In this way, full possession is the most intimate and most intense form of spirit contact available.  With the spirit inside of you, its thoughts become your thoughts, it’s feelings become your feelings, and its power becomes your power. This is not without danger, though.  If you’re not careful about what entities you allow to possess you, and if you haven’t trained yourself in being able to control the spiritual forces that you call, then a temporary, short-term possession can easily turn into a long-term abusive spiritual relationship, and can cause all sorts of negative consequences in your life. So, the best way that you can protect yourself against invasive and malevolent possession is to learn how to interact with spirits, learn how to control the invisible power around you, and learn how to command all of existence through spiritual means. Of course, possession occurs in various degrees.  Simply seeing a spirit is not quite the same as a spirit forcing your lips to speak in ancient tongues and contorting your body without your controlIn fact, as I’ve studied hundreds of different systems of possession and exorcism, I’ve identified 5 different stages of possession. 

Stage 1: Manifestation – This is when the spirit first appears, or when the Operator first makes contact with the spirit.  If the Manifestation happens spontaneously, then the individual will feel much more out of control of the situation than if the Manifestation is coerced through evocation.  This stage of possession is quite non-invasive, for the most part, and is usually fleeting, other than the psychological impression it may leave behind.

Stage 2: Infestation This is when a spirit infests the life of the individual, outside of the ritual of evocation.  In various ways, the spirit or spirits will demonstrate that they are still there, and they will often do things to bring attention to their presence.  This can manifest in poltergeist activity, phantom voices or footsteps, or in the constant felt presence of the spirit.  These are actually pretty common occurrences for people who evoke spirits often.  If you experience this stage of possession, and are discomforted or harassed by it, it can almost always be solved by a simple area cleansing or banishing.
Stage 3: Mounting This stage of possession is when the body and mind of the individual need to adapt to allow the spirit to take control.  If you are attempting to become willfully possessed in a ritual setting, you will feel the spirit entering you as an almost electrical force, and as it nests inside of you, you’ll feel your sensory, nervous, and muscular faculties fading from your conscious control, and being controlled by something else.  The more that you fight against this external control, the more violent it will become.  What you should know is that the struggle is not between the spirit and the person, but is between the person’s willingness to give him or her self over to the possession fighting against their reluctance to release control of themselves to something else.  In a ritual setting, the Mounting stage only lasts a few minutes, and is rarely a dangerous situation.  When this process starts in someone who has not trained themselves to handle these sorts of influences, this stage can often last for days or weeks, or sometimes even years, as they battle with themselves, while the entity waits patiently for the individual to make up his or her mind.  In such a situation, most classical, orthodox exorcists call this stage “Oppression,” or “Obsession.”  Either the spirit will do and say things in order to urge the individual into relinquishing control and allowing the possession, or the individual becomes guardedly obsessed with the spirit, praying to it, sacrificing to it, and doing everything short of allowing it to take full possession.
Stage 4: Riding At this stage, the spirit fully possesses the individual.  Any struggle and adjustment ceases, and the spirit can speak, act, and live through the body of the individual.  This is where possession has its real benefit.  As the person who is possessed, you basically become a passenger in your own body and mind.  What this allows you to do is to observe the possessing spirit.  How does it think?  How does it plan?  How does it perform ritual?  How does it move power?  Gather notes during your period of possession, and then when the spirit has departed, you can start a series of experiments in reproducing all of this, so that your magick will become as strong as the magick that the spirits use!
Stage 5: Perfect Possession This is a fifth stage of possession, and is pretty rare.  This occurs after repeated possessions, when the individual willingly allows the spirit to permanently co-inhabit his or her body, and co-experience his or her life.  Rather than the spirit driving the vehicle of your body while you merely observe, you’ll become co-pilots.  This becomes a merger between the individual and the spirit, until eventually there is no observable distinction between the person and the possessing spirit.  Obviously, extreme care would need to be taken in which spirit you would do this with. Something that you definitely need to know about possession, though, is that it never happens for no reason.  You won’t find yourself walking down the street, and suddenly you’re fully possessed.  In order to activate any of these stages of possession beyond Manifestation, you absolutely must will it to happen.  This process of “willing it” can be as simple as thinking intensely or constantly about a spirit, thereby calling it to you through your thoughts and intentions. Once the process of possession escalates through these stages, though, it becomes harder and harder to stop, as a certain psychic enmeshing is underway between the will and mind of the spirit and the will and mind of the individual.  However, what is vital is to recognize that at all times, you are the Master of your Self, and that the spirit is connecting with you only because you, too, are connecting with it.  If you want to invite possession, you can do so by establishing contact.  If you want to stop a possession in the early stages, you can do so by spiritually cleansing  area, ceasing making contact, and stopping yourself from even thinking about the entity.  What you’ll find is that the spirit’s involvement in your life wanes at the same rate as your involvement in the spirit’s life wanes.
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3.) Can You Terminate A Possession Prematurely? -If you are in the latter stages of possession and you don’t have the fortitude or the desire to see it to the end, then you have two options:

1st Exit Strategy: Receive an exorcism.  For the most part, these are not very effective, as the power of the exorcism is not in the exorcist or any priesthood or initiation that he might hold, but the power of the exorcism is as a ritualistic way of removing your attention from the spirit and putting it back onto yourself.  This requires a full confrontation with the spirit, and a conclusion of the contact that has been established.  Exorcisms by priests or reverends are usually pretty ineffective as well, as for the most part, they have no idea what they’re doing, and have only a dogmatic understanding of the nature of spirits and spirit contact anyways.
2nd Exit Strategy: The better method would be to perform an evocation of the spirit that is possessing you, thereby forcing it to leave your body in order to appear before you.  At this point, you can then make contact with the spirit externally, resolve any remaining communication, and dismiss it from your life. Of course, the efficacy of exorcism is only as strong as your desire to have the spirit out of your life, and unfortunately many people who feel that they are under demonic attack are themselves clinging to the spirit for support, for attention, or sometimes just for companionship.

4.) Can Opening Magickal Gateways Allow You Full Access To The Spirit World? -Yes but it can also give spirits access to our world too! Magickal gateways are portals that a sorcerer can open between the spirit world and the physical world. In fact, there are several types of portals between the worlds.  The most obvious are those that are detailed in some grimoires.  These are drawn on the ground, and are magickally opened through rituals that awaken the inscribed gateway as an opening to a bridge between the worlds.  Stepping inside of the drawn gateway and awakening your astral vision, you will see the lines of the gate around you glowing, and as you look towards the sky, you will see the gateway above you, ready for you to travel through it to the other side. Another type of portal is a natural gateway, usually found in the wilderness where the separation between the worlds has for some reason grown thin.  These will usually feel like “cold spots,” and when you step into the vortex of the gateway, winds will arise and a sense of falling will overtake you. Gateways are also formed between the worlds accidentally, or unconsciously, when certain spiritual or highly emotional activities are repeatedly performed in the same place over long periods of time.  These gateways almost always lead to “kingdoms” or regions in the astral plane which are connected to the practices of the people who created these gateways. The flow of energy through these portals is not one-directional! But, every grimoire warns that the flow of energy through these portals is not one-directional.  Instead, like Jacob’s Ladder, there are spirits moving up into the gateways, and there are spirits flowing downwards, out of the gateways, coming forth from the spirit world and emerging into our world. When astral gateways are opened, this world is flooded with energy and with entities from the other side. This makes the practice of using such gateways very interesting to the sorcerer, as they not only will allow him to visit the world of the spirits that he wants to work with, but these portals allow those spirits to enter this world by the legion, which can be very useful for the sorcerer’s most powerful spells! In fact, because of their special knowledge and skill with opening astral gates, ancient magi were often referred to as “Keepers of the Gate,” and were tasked to always be on the lookout for open and unguarded gates, and to do whatever is necessary to close them, so the beings from the other side don’t overtake our world completely. The most powerful of these magickal portals, though, are often overlooked.

1. FIRE is a manifestation of power itself, and is the gateway to the forge of creation.  The Godlike Power associated with the Fire Gate is Omnipotence.  When fire is opened as a gateway, your ritualized desires will begin to materialize and reality become transfigured. Candles, torches, lamps, and bonfires can be used as the physical medium from which the gateway will arise.
2. WATER is the manifestation of spirit, the ether, the field of consciousness and essence in which all things exist.  The Godlike Power associated with the Water Gate is Omniscience, and immersion into its essence will allow you to see the unseeable and know the unknowable.  In ritual, a cauldron or chalice of water can be used to access the portal of Water, as can a scrying mirror or quartz sphere.  The best place to open this gate, though, is near naturally running water, like a river or stream.
3. BLOOD is the manifestation of the self, the Omnipresent manifested in a unique form in a physical embodiment.  Opening the Gateway of Blood, through sacrifice, blood offerings, or sex rites will open a gateway to yourself, to your own abilities, potential, and your own Godlike Powers!

5.) Incantations conjure Limitless Power that help you develop a deep supernatural relationship for speaking with Demons - Once you get on speaking terms with spirits, they never stop talking to youEven though they have a lot to say, the spirits never get boring.  They are constantly revealing ways to further grasp your own Limitless nature, and to truly Become A Living God, here and now!
What is even more interesting though, is when they speak, they speak in a language you don’t understandSometimes, these messages turn out to be in Latin, Greek, Zulu, or Portuguese, and these turn out to be one or two words, like “Black Serpent” or “Stairs into Darkness,” or other such cryptic communications. Sometimes, though, the messages aren’t words or sentences at all, but are incantations, words of power whose translations are meaningless next to the raw power invoked and presenced through their speaking. At first, these will seem like some false, invented language, having substance in your own subconscious mind only. However I had scholars and linguists dissect their written forms, discovering a mixture of various dialects and derivations of Aramaic, which is a language that I can assure you that I have never studied. At this point, I really need to confess something: I don’t know what many of these incantations actually translate into English as. What I do know is that the entities who gave them to me – which mainly have been demons – presented them with instructions on how to use them, and what each one will do.I also know that through my experimentation with these demonic incantations, I have indeed produced remarkable results, always in alignment with what the specific incantation that I am using at the moment. These spoken charms create a rift between the worlds and these incantations are doing far more than simply directing the energy and intention of the individual towards a goal.  In fact, these spoken charms are actually creating a sort of rift in the veil between the worldsOne must not be frightened of demonic power, for if you are afraid of your own Godhood, or if you are prone to panic and paranoia, one cannot succeed. Approach these incantations with respect, and with awe, so that you will never underestimate their power or their mystery. Communication with spirits will be one-directional – until your ability to see and hear spirits is developed.  Put all of your will and trust in their coming and they will come. You can always feel the shift in the room when they arrived, and you will even see vague outlines of the spirits, faded in with the shadows and the night. Once the request to the spirit was spoken, intuition alone guides you me, in an internal feeling of peace and completion, as well as an automatic releasing of my desire to the spirit, acting as heralds of the spirit’s acceptance of the task. If anxiety overtook you and doubt and fear comes into you, this will be taken as a clear sign of a problem, at which point you will have no other choice than to retreat and try again. Of course, as soon as you learn how to communicate with spirits, that all changes.  This is why spirit communication is so vital to your Ascent

6.) Secret to delivering chants correctly -Most modern incantations, conjurations, and mantras are either spoken in an authoritative tone, or are sung or intoned. These incantations, though, are most potent when they are whispered, and when they are given in the darkness, the light of candles being the only illumination. As with all rituals, visualize your desired result as you chant these forbidden incantations

7.) What are the 7 Steps for using spirit sigils to get anything you want without fail? -As you progress you’ll also branch out of the basic forms of magick like candle magick spells and will begin to experiment with things like spirit contact, evocation, astral travel, and sigil magick. And that is where a lot of people seem to be having difficulty, specifically with sigil magick. Sigils are the symbols that are attributed to most spirits that are found in grimoires.  You can almost imagine the sigil to be the spirit’s phone number.  You can look through any major grimoire and notice the names of the spirits, their attributes, sometimes descriptions of their appearance, and their sigilThe first thing that you will obviously need to do is find a spirit that specializes in the task that you need to accomplish.  For instance, if you want to call on a spirit to heal someone, you could call on Marbas or Raphael, whereas if you want to bring greater financial prosperity into your life, you’d be better to work with a spirit like Clauneck. Once You Have The Phone Number, All You Have To Do Is Dial It. Calling up a spirit sigil  is as easy as calling a friend on a mobile phone.

A). It is important that you draw the sigil in thick, black ink. Gazing at the sigil is supposed to be an effortless task, so if you’re having to strain your eyes even a little to see the lines of the sigil, you’re going to pull yourself out of the necessary psychological and physiological states.  
B). Hold the sigil in your left hand, letting the back of your hand rest easily on your lap. Again, you don’t want to strain to see it, but instead want to simply gaze at the sigil easily.
C). Gaze at the sigil. Notice that I use the word “gaze” rather than “stare” or even “look.” There is a definite reason for this. When you’re staring at something, you’re putting quite a bit of effort into it. You’re straining your body, your facial muscles, and usually slightly increasing your heart rate and blood pressure as you do so. These will all detract from activating the centers that need to be activated to charge the sigil. If you are simply “looking” at the sigil, you are noticing it almost as a background object. “Gazing,” however, implies a certain sort of relaxation, as well as a familiar and even intimate observation. Imagine you are observing your lover. To drive this point home, think about it this way: Imagine that you are observing your lover. Looking at your lover, staring at them, and gazing at them all embody entirely different emotions, thoughts, and even physiological states!
D). As you’re gazing at the sigil, bring into as clear an imaginative picture as you can. You want to try to create a mental snapshot of the future that you’re trying to manifest. If you want money, see yourself spending the money, or holding it. If you want love, see yourself with your lover, embracing
E). Continue to gaze at the sigil, and concentrate on the mental image you’ve created, and now start to fill that image with emotion. In other words, start to feel the emotions that you anticipate feeling once your goal has been fulfilled. You want to get to the point where you feel the emotion of it so strong that it’s almost as if you already have the thing that you’re trying to manifest!
F.) This is where the magick starts to happen! About 80-85 percent of people that use this method start to see the sigil “flash.” The lines of the sigil will appear to disappear from the paper, and then they reappear. BUT, when they reappear, they are now in 3 dimensions, as if they are floating above the paper, or beaming out of it. They may take on different energetic colors as well. The remaining percentage of people who don’t see this instead are hit with an intense intuitive awareness that the sigil is charged, that the spirit has answered, and that their goal will be achieved. A fun side-note is that once you reach this point, you are in the seemingly elusive theta/gamma sync! And, once you’ve experienced that, it’s very easy to come back to whenever you want.

G). Finally, verbalize whatever it is that you want the spirit to do for you. Know that it is in the room, and that it will carry out your wishes.This is a very simple and unimaginably powerful form of magick. Think about something that you want in your life, find a spirit that can bring it to you, and fire up a sigil! From here you can take your basic, beginner competence with sigil gazing and sigil magick TO THE NEXT LEVEL, by opening your 3rd eye completely, and truly see, hear, feel, smell, and even taste the presence of spirits as well as psychic information.  There are also variety of forms of divination, like scrying into blood, scrying into fire, pendulums and dowsing, even Ouija boards and tarot cards. You can also always get accurate prophecies and information – what is call “Omniscience”. You can even apply this prophetic information to your life to improve your finances, love, health & more. In fact, you can TELEPATHICALLY communicate with demons and spirits. You are a magickal creature. You were BORN this way.

8). Important facts about contracting pacts with demons for personal growth. In order to employ the practice of spiritual pact-making in your life, you need to know how to perform evocation of spirits - The pact is a contract between the Operator and an entity, in which the entity guarantees the delivery of specific items or the cultivation of specific abilities, and in return the Operator covenants to serve that entity in some special way, either through devotion, or as is the case most often, in the dedication of works honoring that demon and doing some aspect of that demon’s work in this world. Indeed, the only reason that people suffer from any sort of demonic communion is not because the demon is trying to destroy them, but rather because the individual is in utter conflict with their own desires.  In other words, the demon is not at war with the person, but the person is at war with themselves, having called upon demonic alliances, while at the same time ashamed and afraid of their own will to power. 

9). What do Pacts/Contracts bring you? -When you summon forth entities, demonic or otherwise, and have written a pact, a contract, you have bounded yourself to the spirits to the terms of the pact. These pacts will bring you wealth, notoriety, love, inspiration, and success in many avenues of your life.  Imagine that we are not talking about demons, but we are instead talking about people: A pact is a long-term contract.  Most pacts are contracts that endure for the remainder of the Magician’s earthly life.  Some of them even extend beyond the life of the individual into subsequent incarnations. The pact will bind you to the spirit, and the spirit to you, in a sort of astral marriage that will tie your Work to the demon’s Work, and will create a psychic proximity to that demon that will likely never diminish. In order to negotiate the terms of the Pact, you will need to be able to evoke the spirit several times, as often the first set of demands and contractual terms may not be acceptable.  It’s always best to treat ancient and powerful entities with respect, especially when you’re asking them to bind themselves to the terms of a definite pact! For those of us who value these immortal relationships, and want to be able to utilize the full power of these Ancient Gods, calling on them and communicating with them is a prerequisite to a pact. Obviously, you can’t do this unless you’re already able to evoke and communicate with the spirit firstYou can see how it is an absolute paradox to imagine that you can make a pact with a demon – or any spirit, for that matter – which will automatically advance your ability to communicate with spirits.  This is most definitely a case of “putting the cart before the horse.”



10.) Why you should do the pact yourself and not have anyone else do it on your behalf? -The first reason why not is that you’re looking at a hefty number of rituals performed to get to this end result.  If you’ve ever tried negotiating a contract with another person, you probably know that the first draft is a “proposal,” and you can generally count on this first draft being rejected, and a counter-proposal will be made. From there, the terms are refined, usually in multiple steps, until both parties are satisfied and can agree with the terms of the contract. Demonic pacts are not much different.  Often, the spirit that you’re working with will make clarifications on the pact, will refuse to honor specific parts of it, or will let you know that your terms are simply out of the scope of realityOn the other side of the coin, the demon may make demands that are unreasonable, and so you’ll have to find to what it wants and measure that against what you’re willing to give. But, the second, and probably the most important reason that you should negotiate the pact for yourself is because you’re not just agreeing on how much money the demon will bring you, and how fast.  The terms of the pact are always grandiose.  You are going to such extreme lengths to make a pact because, simply, the things that you desire are out of reach by ordinary means even ordinary ritual means. It would then also stand to reason that what will be expected from you in exchange for the fulfillment of such extraordinary desires would be extraordinary as well.  What almost always takes place is the formation of an ongoing relationship with the spirit, through service, devotion, or work done in the demon’s name, for the demon’s benefitEssentially, what you are doing in a pact is forming a long-term, close, and binding relationship with the spirit

Why do Spirits Obey You & How You Can Command Limitless Power? -Not only does evocation allow you to call into materialization any spirit that you desire, and to command that spirit, but in the process of learning to effectively evoke, you’re also (mostly unconsciously) disciplining yourself in the template of creation of something from nothing. Moreover, if you think about it, the demons, angels, planetary spirits, intelligences, elementals, and diverse other entities that you can evoke are not only much older than YOU are, but they’re even older than the human race! These spirits have power that is beyond our normal comprehension, and their knowledge extends further than we can imagine. This makes evoking them very tempting indeed.

13.) Why would a powerful spirit listen to and obey me? -In order to answer this, we need to look at not only the underlying motivations of spirits, but also at the core nature of spirits. Spirits – which, once again, predate the human race – don’t exist in the form that they assume when evoked.  In other words, it wouldn’t make sense that an entity that has evolved in a realm absent of gravity, mass, time, and matter would have limbs and organs and orifices that humans have evolved in order to interact with our environment. In fact, it is pretty safe to say that the real environment that spirits are embedded in is one of pure consciousness and pure power. So, once you strip away the forms that spirits assume in evocation, not to mention the mythologies and folk-tales about them,  you can easily see them as super-conscious embodiments of pure power. Now, if spirits are power incarnate,  the next question is: “What does power want?” Most people will answer, “More power!” This assumes that the power in question is lacking, that it doesn’t possess or have access to unlimited power. Having performed thousands of evocations, I can assure you that any spirit evoked has access to more power than they’ll ever utilize in your service. So, if power is absolute, what then does it want? TO ACT! Power is not prone to stasis.  Power wants to move, to act, to do something! So, when you perform an evocation and you set the spirit on a task, you don’t have to demand that the spirit help you or worry about having to sacrifice something in order for the spirit to do its job. You’re already giving the spirit something that it wants: you’re giving it something to act upon! Predators want to hunt.  Lovers want to make love. Trees want to grow towards the sun.  Wind wants to blow. Consciousness wants to develop. And power wants to act! Taking this out of the context of evocation, once you recognize at an experiential level that power wants to act, and that all you have to do is to give power something to act upon, you’ll find that all of your desires can be fulfilled immediately!

14.) What is a “Universal Circle” – With The Universal Circle, you’re Going To summon absolutely ANY TYPE of spirit to full physical appearance, including angels, demons, gods, elementals, planetary intelligences, dead humans, and more. Unlike other circles, there is no limit on what kind of entity you can summon. Hence, the name Universal Circle. Receive enthusiastic cooperation from your summoned entity. The Universal Circle radiates an extremely compelling and appealing energy, that irresistibly influences spirits to be friendlier, happier and more submissive. Employ a circle that is truly one-of-a-kind, and completely original. It’s more powerful than the Circle of Solomon, and Circle of Demonic Pacts. It prominently features a series of ancient Aramaic commands that inspire the spirit to respect and admire you as an important magician – as opposed to circles that flaunt useless god names and try to violently “threaten” the spirit. Get DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED results from your evocations, manifest the spirits faster, receive messages more clearly, and have a safer, more intimate experience. The Universal Circle is indispensable. Received "the blueprint" for this magickal weapon directly from demons so that you’re handling a REAL SPIRITUAL technology and genuine demonic work of artThe Universal Circle also annihilates the 3 worst problems plaguing evocators:

A). Magick Circles Are Expensive, And Hard To Find -The bottom line is that to start evoking spirits, you NEED a magick circle. This is not optional, especially for beginners. Very few experts can evoke without a circle. The annoying truth is that there is NO reliable source for getting a magick circle, unless you know a private friend who hand makes them. Magicians are forced to construct their own. The problem is, they are a serious pain in the ass to make, and very time-consuming.

B). Homemade Circles Look And Feel Amateur -A professionally manufactured magick circle with all the lines, symbols, and geometry are perfectly aligned. As opposed to a homemade circle where the lines are crooked, distorted, and ugly. Furthermore, an authentic artisan-made circle consists of high-grade fabric, and fiber-imprinted ink for a near-permanent durability. Whereas, homemade circles are made with crazy glue, children's paint, and cheap fabric. It WILL affect the power of your evocations, knowing that you have a MASTERFUL circle.

3. Circles Fall Apart Under Wear And Tear -You are going to destroy the fabric of your circle sooner or later. The question is, will it be SOONER or LATER. The Universal Circle consists of particularly durable fabric, specially chosen for the act of performing evocation. Whereas, homemade circles tend to be the crappiest and cheapest fabrics available. As a result, the paint chips off and stitching rips, sometimes as quickly as its first use! Admit to yourself that a low quality circle is an insult and disgrace to your magickal practice.

15.) “Why would you want to stand face-to-face with a demon?” -Regardless of whether the demon that you’d call is a demon of destruction or a demon of sexual power, or if you’re performing the evocation to manipulate the mind of your enemy or heal the wounds of a child, one thing is common with demons: They are Mystery incarnate! Demons are embodiments of the forbidden, of the power and the knowledge that humans simply should not possess. Look even at the most ancient religions – demons have always been those beings that deliver forbidden knowledge and abilities to humans. It was a demon that first taught women how to seduce men; a demon gave people fire; demons taught warriors how to make weapons; demons taught priests the secrets of sorcery. Demons are older than this solar system, possibly even older than this universe. Imagine the knowledge that you could gain over that much time. Demons are the keepers of all of the secret methods of power. Let’s face it: very few of us have had the world bend over backwards for us. Very few of us have had life’s circumstances line out for us exactly the way we’d like. In fact, even while putting all of our physical effort into achieving our goals, most of the time our efforts come to naught.Imagine being able to tap into unlimited power at any moment, and cause the most impossible situations to blossom in seconds! Imagine that you could call into visible appearance any demon of your choosing. Would having an ally that is older than this universe, along with near omnipotent power be useful to you?

16.) Will I go to hell if I summon a Demon? -Time is infinite so there is no “heaven” versus “hell.”. Be concerned about the here, and now. We are not here on this earth to suffer. We’re not being tested by some sadistic god. No, we are here to Become Living Gods. And Demonic Evocation is one of the tools to accomplish that. Be concerned with building an empire here on earth, where you can live comfortably, where you can provide for your loved ones without ever worrying if you’ll have enough. Attain Godlike Powers and manifest as much wealth, sex, love, passion, and fulfillment in your life as you desire! 

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