Monday, December 22, 2014

Banking Made Simple (The Banking Hierarchy)

Why it matters that you accrue debt.  Without you (or your country) in debt, banks could not make profits.

Banks only survive (and thrive) because people and countries live in debt.

Quick expansion, whether it's at an individual level or a collective level, cannot start without hope being created, risks being taken, heavy debt accrued, and the right economic climate of prosperity (where people are willing to spend and buy).  This is why bankers will expound the message of, "Borrow, borrow, borrow. Spend, spend, spend" and will spend in order to filter that message through the advertisement campaigns, entertainment sector, and government propaganda.  

Banks and National Governments can only be held at fault and accountable if the masses are also willing to accept accountability and complicity in the world structure that is entrenched in place.  Otherwise, blaming bankers, the rich elites, corporations, the media, advertisements, and social institutes does not fix the problem.  The masses must stop believing in their illusory reality of wealth through what their eyes see and understand the way that wealth is accumulated and spread.

The world has always been about "lenders" and "borrowers".  It is the individual that has to choose which one he is and what he does in the position that he finds himself born into through the "birth lottery".

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