Sunday, December 14, 2014

Perception Management

- Plummeting Oil Prices Could Destroy The Banks That Are Holding Trillions In Commodity Derivatives. Bill passed last week that makes citizens liable if Derivatives go Bust which means Governments will bail out Derivatives by using Tax paying Dollars and raising the national debt level of the country in order to do it.

Russia needs $100 oil to stay in business (at $50-$60 now, going to drop to $40 soon). Nigeria, Iran, and Venezuela also in deep trouble by dropping oil prices.  Canada and the USA cannot go lower than $45, though the price right now is still damaging them but not as much as it is Russia, Iran, Nigeria, and Venezuela whose economies are faltering, weakening, near default, and near inflation levels. 
Oil Bust Contagion Hits Wall Street, Banks Sit on Losses
Oil and Gas Bloodbath Spreads to Junk Bonds, Leveraged Loans. Defaults Next
COMEX put a collar around Precious Metals.  In other words, if Gold and/or Silver start to move up drastically in price, the trading can be HALTED to suppress any wild price swings.

- Over four centuries ago, the Dutch East India Company made history as the world’s first IPO. Known as VOC in the Netherlands, the company was one of the most successful ventures in the last several hundred years. When adjusted for inflation, its highest market capitalization would be worth over $7 TRILLION today (i.e. ten times the size of Apple).
- Corporations continue to borrow money to buy back their own stocks
- China is now No 1 in Economy. US is 2nd but China Is 175.6% Dependent on the U.S.
- Industrial Revolution replaced Guilds, Free Trade eliminated Unions.
Consumer Age starts in the 1950's in its inception age. Could not have flourished without the radio, then the TV, and now the internet. Had to build those 3 before Consumer Age could lift off. Consumer Age ended the Agricultural Era and Industrial Era.
- Alternative to Western banks (BRICS banks will be operational in January). Alternative to SWIFT being implemented this month by Russia and will be fully operational in May. "SWIFT is payment system, using a highly-specialized and secure messaging service to an institution, either in the US or overseas. It is an acronym for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications. The processors of the information sent are located in Belgium where they store the messages, generate reports and bill the members for the service.  In 1974, seven international banks met to find a way to replace Telex as the prime communications vehicle among them. They formed a society called SWIFT three years later after recruiting over 200 banks in five countries. They went live with the SWIFT system. SWIFT is now a consortium of most major institutions located in over 200 countries. Its headquarters in Belgium has 19 offices worldwide. SWIFT now handles about 3.5 billion messages each day" ... Bilateral currency trades by Iran, China, and Russia are by-passing the USD dollar making it even more worthless than it is presently (even with the price of Gold and Oil being manipulated and suppressed).
Do you remember seeing old pictures of the Great Depression, which depicted “lines”?  There were two types, bread lines and lines to the front doors of banks. 
- USA, Russian, and Canada's Government bonds will always be worthwhile due to their Natural resources and ability to have "Sell offs". France has nothing to offer, no natural resources. Always built on wars and expansion and borrowing money.
- Economy is crashing (unions want something done), national Government(s) recognize Native Indians/Aboriginals rights.  Leads to left and left clashing by design, leaves left fragmented, unsure, and divided. Good strategy! Why the rich and right will always divide the left. by design.
- Terms that signify the lack of control the average individual has on his or her economic situation during his or her life. Money moves in ways that the average individual can never control.  Money alters Social Realities and Social Institutions from the top-down"Financial Engineering",  "Economic Engineering", "Social Engineering"; and "Financial Restructuring".  As human beings, we are powerless when sweeping changes get pushed on us from the top-down.  We are left with the ability to control our emotions, thoughts, and choices -nothing else.  We are left only to react to the transforming reality that tries and takes everything we are familiar with and worked hard to believe in. 
- "Golden Age of Retail” then; “Retail Apocalypse” now
100 Years Before 'Ponzi', There Was "The Poyais Scheme" (1800s-1840s). Created by Gregor MacGregor
- "China used more cement in the last three years than the US used in the entire 20th century. We have all seen the headlines about rampant Chinese economic growth. Many have presented evidence — from ghost cities, to excessive financial debt — that China's growth is an unsustainable bubble. And maybe the boom there will soon give way to a bust"
- Technology advanced and expedited during the last Cold War, technology spread everywhere and changed reality.  
This Cold War will be the same as the last Cold War - Race riots, fragmentation, assassinations, old identities questioned and new identities, etc. manufactured then and will happen now
- Needed to create the Internet in order to allow for Globalization to occur and Before eliminating brick and mortar stores and thus, the expendability of humans and human jobs.
-"Overvalued" once said leads to market corrections. Not an empty phrase to be used lightly in public.  Being used presently in the media and by Bankers.
When the Market Moves Fast, Stuff Blows Up
- "We take because we can"
- Containment VS Expansion strategy (always in play)- between neighbors, rivals, and Superpowers
- the United Nations just transfers money from one sector to another by begging and making people feel bad, "public shaming" campaigns of countries and world leaders. All this is done in the name of "humanity" and "good will". The main purpose of the UN is to hold the "status quo" in place and to stabilize markets for the USD.
 - Banks were deregulated when Globalization started so money could be lent to anyone in order to look as if money was moving and Globalization was successful and good for everyone.  Without deregulation, money would not have moved and Globalization would not have expanded as far.  Deregulation helped USD circulate everywhere across the world.

- Once the media spins the story a certain way, it is hard for the cops to contain it or redirect it. Media will always control the public irregardless of what actually happened. 
- #BlackLivesMatter in photos and on social networking sites only. Systematically and structurally change cannot happen.  No money to finance it.
Thesis: Police are uncontrollable
Anti-Thesis: We need to hold them accountable
(a) Nationalize the police. Start the process of installing & converting all police forces to a federal jurisdiction. We will now have a civilian force just as well funded and just as powerful as our military. 
(b) Military (domestic or foreign takes over if police cannot contain the problem or the people) unless the police became nationalized and then they can act with impunity in order to preserve national interests. 
(c) Police become defunded 
(d) Police become privatized 

"People tell you who they are but we don't listen.  Instead, we want them to be who we want them to be"
"In advertisement, you can't judge you can only help and advise. It's not profitable to judge in advertisement.  Everywhere else people judge you".
- "We're flawed because we want so much more. We're ruined because we wish for what we had"
- "The business of sadists and masochists" (during interactions -you are either 1 or the other)
- How do you forget about the last war (and the debt it has incurred your nation)? You start a new war (ex: America waging war in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, etc.) in order to maintain your manufacturing sector and therefore use it to maintain your "military industrial complex".  This gives you the reasons for expanding globally though it will be argued publicly as "serving national interests" .  Britain in fact has just paid back their debt from World War 1 in 2014.  Profits raised from taxes that citizens pay to the government does not go to countries even if the country modernizes.  This is why countries take so long to pay back loans borrowed from wars.  Profits from taxes are used as expenditures to maintain a certain standard of living which is broadcast to the world through the media and entertainment sector that will allow others to invest in the country and do business there.  Taxes used to maintain a certain standard of living  by propping up the Public Service Sector Unions slows down debt repayment and this is why it takes so long for governments to pay back WAR loans.

- A"career"politician is someone whose main goal is doing whatever he or she can to protect their:
 (a) position, (b) livelihood, and (c) standard of living.  Regardless of anything else. If the career politician serves his constituents blindly it shall cost he or she their: (a) position, (b) livelihood, and (c) standard of living.  If the "career" politician serves business interests he or she is guaranteed a job elsewhere.  At worst as a lobbyist, adviser, or lecturer -which is still profitable and sustainable.  Serving only your constituents can provide neither. 
- Hacking (Anonymous) will lead to bio-metrics. Only way to avoid hacking is through the use of bio-metrics which the elites will push through.
- Ebola's death toll nearly 7,000 worldwide (16,000 infected) in Sierre Leone, Guinea, and Liberia. Ebola reports have been kept outside of the Media because of the lucrative holiday season in the West which started at the end of November (Thanksgiving) and lasts until mid January (end of New Year's).
- Most serial killers throughout history come after the Industrial Era and in Cities NOT on Farms and Rural Areas. Industrial Era commodified human value and human relationships.
- Fractured families and divorces started in the 1960's.  Families not eating and talking together because of the TV started in the 1970's.
"Human Farming" (Social Engineering). Cities are like farms, human farms. Animals go where the food is, where the grass is. Humans go where the money is, where the jobs are. Animals go where other animals are, humans go where other humans are. 

Have you ever noticed that the governments which are NOT pro-Western are named "regimes" such as:
Putin's (or Russian) regime.
Chinese regime.
North Korean regime.
Iranian regime.
Saddam's regime (former and toppled by the Western alliance)
Gaddafi regime (former and toppled by the Western alliance)
Syrian regime.
Cuba's regime. 

BUT: the pro-Western governments are named "governments" by the main-stream media, even though they are tyrant and totalitarian.
Saudi government.
Ukrainian government (current one, although eastern Ukrainian citizens did not participate in the last elections).
Bahraini government.
Qatari government.
Moroccan government.

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