Saturday, November 22, 2014

Social Engineering and Social Experiments

“Social engineering refers to efforts used to influence popular attitudes and social behaviors on a large scale, whether by governments, media, or private groups”.

In fact -Liberalism, Communism, Socialism, Mercantilism, Capitalism, Nationalism, Corporatism, Multiculturalism, Racism, Feminism, and Tourismare all socially engineered and social experiments created, used, and maintained by influential groups in power in order to produce a particular way of thinking and viewing the world for the masses.  A particular set of beliefs and views that are time sensitive.  These socially engineered views are artificial, politicized, and manufactured and yet when they become personalized they are difficult to separate from the individual and therefore become divisive (and useful) for the influential groups in power.

The “Soviet Unions’ Collectivization” effort and China’s “Cultural Revolution” are both examples of Social Experiments conducted on a population by the National governments.  These social experiments are done on a living populations in order to achieve particular results and usually come top-down, not bottom-up.  Majority of the time, the living population do not understand what is taking place.  This disconnection of historical reality by individuals and groups allows them to accept and participate in the social engineering efforts conducted on them.  The Industrial revolution, Colonialism & Chartered companies, and Globalization & the expansion of Corporate culture enabled and allowed for many people to invest and make quick profit.  Each generation must be complicit in the crimes committed during his era and lifetime and therefore each generation is given the chance to invest in a particular social experiment and social engineering project being conducted that needs his or her help to be actualized and achieved. Presently, in our historical timeline, the investment that will open up for the masses to invest in will come in the form of mass manufacturing of automatons and robotics.  

An “Age of Borrowing” fueled the “Golden Age” after World War 2 ended.  This “Golden Age” led to Individuals and National governments borrowing from Private Central Banks therefore accruing heavy debt in order to maintain their system of living and their way of life.  Construction booms, and Corporate & Commercial  expansion during the "Golden Age" allowed people to believe the myth that everything was going well while hiding the truth of the “Age of borrowing”.  However, this ever evaporating myth has led presently to massive debt accumulation which is unsustainable, unmanageable, and very difficult to correct and therefore it is also ready to pop.   This pop when it occurs will therefore change the way life was lived and experienced from the middle of the 1940’s until today -ending the social engineering experiment conducted on the world and changing the fabric of society as we all know it.

An example of present day social engineering efforts is USA’s "Common Core State Standards Initiative" started in  which affects the minds and views of a huge populous.  In this new age, social engineering will create for us a new belief systems, new identities, and new traditions and values that will therefore create a new culture for us to accept and live with.  The old world is gone and a new social experiment has begun.  The present world as you know it fades away into dust and a new world shall be created from it's remains.

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