Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Fifth Column

"Fifth Column" -Zionists, Bankers, Freemasons, Orthodox  Muslims, Anarchists, Communists, Investors, War Profiteers, Liberalists, and Globalists. These groups have no loyalty to the country they live in, the culture they are surrounded by, their nationality, or even their own kin.  For them, it is just their ideology primarily.  Followed by assistance to their fellow associates.  Everyone else is expendable and seen as prey to be used and discarded after they have fulfilled their purpose.

- "Authority" and "truth" create difficulties since it is difficult to combine them both for a unified purpose and direction.
"Authority" and "action" work together well, for authority demands subservience and action simultaneously when seeking a particular purpose or goal.  "Action" does not demand rationalization or macrocosmic understanding but limited rationalizing and microcosmic understanding. 

- "Liberalism spells individualism" for Liberalism allows the individual to trump the society at large and hide behind "political correctness".  Liberalism is not unifying but divisive and does not allow for corrections to be made.  Instead, Liberalism allows for the weakening and dissolution of society's core values, core culture, and core traditions through subtle suppression while allowing for market forces and market mechanism to work inside of society.  Liberalism does not create cohesiveness but instead creates fragmentation and commodification. 

- "Time remains the same.  History remains the same.  Nature's laws remain the same.  Nature's laws apply to all nations and all political systems.  Nature has existed for billions of years.  People have only been here for 40,000 years.  Nature's laws are remorseless.  They cannot be changed by human political systems.  Every age in history has a theme.  Ours is debt and emptiness".

- "Leader" VS "Bully" (is on the same horizontal spectrum but at different points of that spectrum.  There is a very thin line of difference separating the two).  The mainstream media and social institutions thrive on creating conformity through subtle bullying though it argues it creates reasonable and rational individuals and an educated society with leaders.  In fact, it's repetitious propagation and carefully chosen material content does the opposite and creates not "leaders" but "followers", not "thinkers" but "doers" in a complicit society.  It creates replaceable and expandable actors playing discardable roles at any given moment and time.

Liberalism destroys culture, values, and traditions for profit, social acceptance, and political correctness. It does not replace it with anything though, just weakens what existed before Liberalism. Leaves society and the individual barren, empty, and isolated.

Race, Culture, and Nationalism: is a feeling and not a reality.  It is 95 %, a feeling and without the focus on race by social institutes and organizations race would not be an issue since all people were slaves and poverty runs throughout the world regardless if you are white or black. The West created this particular dynamic of segregation, and the use of the "race card".  The West promotes the use of Liberalism and the study and use of divisive topics through the use of theories learned in social institutes.

- The Liberal mentality surrounds itself on individualism and individual identity.  It takes advantage of what is useful, promotes what is useful to it's own position and power, and discards everything else and everyone else. It is built around opportunism.  No alliance can be kept unless it serves the individual and their purpose and goal. This is exactly how the business, military, and political world works presently.

- In the business world, you can do business with anyone even if they are your enemies.  Politically and Militarily you cannot.  Even if nations are at war with one another, unless the issue is politicized, it is Business as usual before, during, and after the war (and that is why the media is crucial in creating a particular mind frame for the masses to believe in).  Costs are deemed as necessary and everything else and everyone else is expendable.  This model thrives on debt and borrowing no matter the end cost.  This model measures success financially and positionally no matter what it does to the individual in the long run.

- Evangelical Christianity and Protestant Christianity differs from Gospel Christianity (real Christianity that Jesus was teaching not what preachers, religious institutes, and social institutes teach).  Evangelical Christianity and Protestant Christianity are deeply politicized and fuses well with Christian Zionism which causes devastating results to individuals and groups.

-British Imperialists and French Imperialists were more about, “keep your culture, but learn ours as well and over time, you will forgot yours”. Earlier Imperialists such as Portugal and Spain was trying to eradicate and assimilate other cultures upon contact. The British and French would eradicate it over time but subtly, not quickly. The British and French would do it without the other group even knowing it and therefore it would also enable the British and French to use one group against another by culture alone (divisive tactic, divide and conquer tactics. “They are trying to harm you, here, buy some weapons from us, and here’s some money we can lend you to buy those weapons). Simultaneously, however, the British and French armed both sides of the conflict.  In the same breath, Imperial Portugal and Imperial Spain cannot be judged the same way as Britain and France as Colonizers because they were chasing out Muslims and on the “Reconquista” campaign when they encountered Native populations. Hence, they were very brutal and violent because it is the mentality that they had encountered when they were suppressed and ruled over by the Moors. The Britain and France learned from Imperial Portugal and Imperial Spain when travelling to India and Africa and hence applied more manipulative methods to control their populations during the Colonial Period (though the British were very violent in South Africa, Australia, and in Americas when encountering First Nations and Aboriginals -as was Imperial Germans and Imperial Belgium in Africa).

-The Catholic Churches biggest enemies throughout history are: Protest and Evangelical Christians, Muslims, Communists, and Jews. This is also why the mainstream media and social institutes "reveal" a lot about the Churches inefficiencies and abuses.  Those you try and suppress on the way up, unless completely conquered and eradicated, will be able to work together to bring you down when they control outlets that enable them to control the minds of the masses.

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