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Entrenched Into Place -The Leviathan

What National Governments use when they deem an Individual a threat to THEIR system:
(1) Character Assassination
(2) Character Vilification
(3) Public Humiliation
(4) Public Demotion
(5) Public Indictment
(6) Freezing financial assets, Seizing property 
(7) Assassination/Murder
(changing the face, not the structure, “though things change, they remain the same”)
National Governments use many different instruments at their disposal against people:
(a) the Mainstream Media
(b) Social Institutes
(c) the Entertainment sector, 
(d) Celebrities
(e) Social Network sites
     People forget how closely linked: Death Squads, Gangs, Intelligence Agencies, Mercenaries, and National Governments are.
Terms that National Governments & the Media use in order to assassinate an individual's character:
(a) “Terrorist”/”Subversive”
(b) “Quarantine due to medical emergency”
(c) “Child porn network affiliations”
(d) “Individual Suicide” (which is really an Assassination that took place)
(e) “Gang Affiliation”
(f) “Tax evasion”
     This leads to the complicity and acceptance by the Public who will ask no questions and will do everything to ensure that they are not associated with that individual.

In Order to Get An Individual's Compliance when they are deemed a threat, National Governments resort to using:

(a) Bribery
(b) Blackmail
(c) Intimidation
(d) Entrapment
(e) Assassination
1.) National Government have a monopoly on the use of force.  This comes into play when understanding that well meaning individuals who are stuck in their roles, and positions, and have very little choice than to carry out their orders from their administrators in order to keep their position, careers, livelihoods, and identity will not do what is “right”.  Too much is on the line when fighting for a minority, or subject/ideology, or to disobey an order that they will not do what is “right” but what is “necessary”. Hence, they cannot fight for “truth” and are tools of the Leviathan that is our social reality.  Often you are on a ship of your own fighting the leviathan that is our socially constructed, manufactured, and an instituted reality.
2.) You will never be able to outlast, outspend, outrun, or/and overpower the powers that be (the Leviathan).  You can decide to conform, to isolate yourself, or play dumb and go along with it suppressing your true feelings and beliefs.
3.) Once you rebel against the Leviathan, you will either be: (a) written right out of history -an obscure footnote in a fictions narrative or (b) you will be written and portrayed as an obscure romanticized legend -no more than a trivial jeopardy question and answer that very few technocrats, academics, and specialists will know about.  This goes for groups, individuals, and whole cultures that have been whitewashed and footnoted throughout the annals of history.  Many people and groups fear not being remembered yet that is what often occurs when going up against the Leviathan.  Unless you serve a present or future purpose, you will not be needed to be known or remembered.
4.) Whitewashing of history happens though the collaboration of national governments, social institutions, individuals, and business/financiers/investors.  The public is complicit in accepting the transformation of the historical narrative and the whitewashing of history
5.) Misinformation and Disinformation use “facts” as well as bold face lies which also mislead the public by the over use of false information and false statics which was created and portrayed a certain way by experts, academics, and technocrats.  In courts, there is no right and wrong, it is how you argue the case, and this is how the media and social institutes work.  They are selling you what is“right” and what is “wrong” based on how they argue the case in order for you to react a particular way to get the desired present and future result the Elites want.  Lying and misleading you is not wrong for them but a fact of their lives and how the Leviathan is constructed.  It doesn't matter what is said or not said, as long as the Leviathan survives.  That is what comes first and foremost over any and everything.

The ELITES use Bankers and Investors to fund Leaders, Political Parties, and use War in order to break the strongest economies, indebt it, and own it (therefore being able to direct it in the future):
France and Britain (becomes indebted to Investors and Central Banks)
(b) WORLD WAR 1:
Germany, Austria-Hungary
(Ottoman Empire –weak)
--->All 3 Empires become indebted to Central Banks as does Tsarist Russia
(c) WORLD WAR 2:
Hitler's Germany, Japan
(Italy and Spain –weak)
--->Germany becomes occupied by USSR and USA, Japan becomes indebted to Central Bankers
China, USSR, USA (are have become completely indebted to Central Banks)
(e) WORLD WAR 3:
China, Russia
(Middle East, North Africa –weak)
--->All Banks in North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia that are not yet Centralized and Privatized will become so

-The weaker nations that are caught in these global conflicts are sometimes the prize that Elites are seeking, other times they are the bonus. 
(a) Since World War 1, the World has become indebted to Central Bankers;(b) World War 2 is what indebted Europe to Central Bankers(c) The "Cold War" indebted the "independent nations" (coming out of Colonialism) to Central Bankers
(d) The "War on Terror" is leaving the last few pockets remaining to become enslaved by the Central Bankers (Are individuals and groups culpable? Of course!  It is individuals and groups that bought into the ideas and dreams of bankers and borrowed lavish amounts of money in order to buy property or own cars thus rising themselves upwards in regards to the perception of social mobility in society which allows for the “American Dream” to continue onward in public.  One can honestly argue that in business, one must keep up with competition, and in that sense, it is true, one must keep up with your competitors, however when it comes to houses and property, it is less of a business and more about pride and lavishness that enables borrowing from banks to continue which puts individuals and whole economies at risk).
-"This is the shabby secret of the welfare statists’ tirades against gold. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of property rights. If one grasps this, one has no difficulty in understanding the statists’  antagonism toward the gold standard."

-"Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play." 

-"Politics determines who has the power, not who has the truth." 

- The Elites used Nationalism in the past and are using Technocrats now (ex: Technocrats now are “Progressive” Academic Liberals andProgressive” Academic Marxists/Socialists –who are useful tools for their agendas).
- People accept "Fast Food" Wars: First Drive-thru bombing occur followed quickly by Claiming victory.  That is how the public and mainstream masses want wars to be. Distant (away from their own country) and Fast (with little to no deaths of their own soldiers or damage to their country's military equipment). Droids are the best way to achieve this and this is why most present and future wars will be wars of "no fly zones" embedded into place by Imperialist Nations which destroys a nation's infrastructure and a nation's economy therefore bankrupting them and not enabling them to recover financially.  Once "No Fly Zones" are established, it is a downward spiral for the attacked nation economically and politically because their country and their government will never be able to recover to a time before they were invaded.
- Imperial funded rebels will first, always take oil fields (ex: Libya, Syria). Syria was then bombed by the West because rebels had seized it. Secondly, the rebels will free prisoners in jail (political prisoners, criminals, dissidents, and terrorists such as Al Qaeda).  Third, Rebels will attack a state's military weapons depot and now say, "that they have the weapons needed to overthrow the tyrant". However, seizing the nation's military depot is just an excuse for the sending of weapons by Imperial Nations to reach the rebels undetected and unquestioned by the public. Taking over a nation's military depot will enable the disguising of how the rebels actually got the weapons (for example: in Libya, how did the rebels get such newly U.S. manufactured weapons in pristine and good condition -as well as heavy machinery- when Libyan troops used mostly Russian weapons?). "Humanitarian Aid" will also be sent to rebels who are working for the Imperial nations.  "Humanitarian Aid" is not sent to the people or citizens of the country though the media will show citizens in desperate conditions in order to manipulate the minds of people so the government can pull off the "bait and switch" trick and send very little food (which will be shown by the media) and hide the heavy amount of weapons given to the rebels (which will not be shown by the media).  Usually the rebels will consist of young idealists taught in Western schools who want to be romanticized revolutionaries, drug addicts and criminals, foreign mercenaries and foreign intelligent agents (as well as foreign terrorists such as Al Qaeda).  They are not concerned with what happens to the nation or the people ('nor do they understand the future repercussions of their actions).  These rebels are just there for themselves and to feed themselves from whatever they can get off the land whether it be through drugs, raping women, land they can own and control for themselves, or money when Imperial Nations privatize the now invaded country.
-“This is a pattern we have seen repeated by the US around the world. Overthrow the elected government, install a puppet who allows US interests to loot the nation, driving the people down into abject poverty until they stand up and kick out the puppet, then reassure the American people that the victims of US imperialism only hate us for our freedoms!”.

-the West shows an individual how to rule and hold onto a nation-state with sheer force and fear. The West even equips this individual with weapons and military training.  Afterwards, the West then use clips and footage of that particular time period when he came to power and was in power against him in order to vilify him across the world and for the world to act on this individual.  The West uses the media and social institutes calling individuals as a "tyrant" and a "dictator". There is no way to win if you are an ally of the West. By coming to power, you are "making a deal with the devil" and ruling on "borrowed time".

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