Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sex, Prostitution, and Female Poverty during Inflationary and Hyper inflationary eras

The 1920's-1930's in the WIEMAR REPUBLIC (while going through inflation & hyper inflation) 
"Prostitution rose in Berlin and elsewhere in the areas of Europe left ravaged by World War I. This means of survival for desperate women, and sometimes men, became normalized to a degree in the 1920's. During the war, venereal diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea spread at a rate that warranted government attention. Soldiers at the front contracted these diseases from prostitutes, so the German army responded by granting approval to certain brothels that were inspected by their own medical doctors, and soldiers were rationed coupon books for sexual services at these establishments. Homosexual behaviour was also documented among soldiers at the front. Soldiers returning to Berlin at the end of the War had a different attitude towards their own sexual behaviour than they had a few years previously. Prostitution was frowned on by respectable Berliners, but it continued to the point of becoming entrenched in the city's underground economy and culture. First women with no other means of support turned to the trade, then youths of both genders. Crime in general developed in parallel with prostitution in the city, beginning as petty thefts and other crimes linked to the need to survive in the war's aftermath. Berlin eventually acquired a reputation as a hub of drug dealing (cocaine, heroin, tranquilizers) and the black market. The police identified 62 organized criminal gangs in Berlin, called Ringvereine. The German public also became fascinated with reports of homicides, especially "lust murders" or Lustmord. Publishers met this demand with inexpensive criminal novels called Krimi, which like the film noir of the era (such as the classic M), explored methods of scientific detection and psychosexual analysis. Apart from the new tolerance for behaviour that was technically still illegal, and viewed by a large part of society as immoral, there were other developments in Berlin culture that shocked many visitors to the city. Thrill-seekers came to the city in search of adventure, and booksellers sold many editions of guide books to Berlin's erotic night entertainment venues. There were an estimated 500 such establishments, that included a large number of homosexual venues for men and for lesbians; sometimes transvestites of one or both genders were admitted, otherwise there were at least 5 known establishments that were exclusively for a transvestite clientele.There were also several nudist venues. Berlin also had a museum of sexuality during the Weimar period, at Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld's Institute of Sexology. These were nearly all closed when the Nazi regime became a dictatorship in 1933Artists in Berlin became fused with the city's underground culture as the borders between cabaret and legitimate theatre blurred"

Chinese GDP Set To Plunge As Government Shuts 20 Million WeChat Prostitution Accounts

Greek Prostitution Soars By 150% As Youth Unempoyment Hits 75% In Some Areas

"As the NYT reports, in just the past two years, the numbers of Greeks engaging in prostitution as a last course source of income has more than doubled: according to the National Center for Social Research, the number of people selling sex has surged 150 percent in the last two yearsFurthermore, with every business in which there is exploding "competition" and rich client scarcity, it is not just any prostitution, but very deflationary prostitution"
(THIS IS THE PARALLEL WITH GERMANY during the 1920's and early 1930's)

About America's Sudden Fascination With Hiring Young Women

"Men aged 20 and over were the recipients of a paltry 48,000 jobs, or 10% of the total increase"
"2 out of 5 jobs were as bartenders, waitresses, and in retail"
 (Many of these jobs will be seasonal and depend heavily on business during the 
Christmas  season and New Year events)OCTOBER's "SUCCESSFUL" JOB NUMBERS. Sex brings business because sex sells.  Being attractive and amiable allows for big business to make profits from women's bodies.

SIDE NOTE:-Women are going to feed their families, women are going to feed themselves, women are going to go shopping and buy things to feel good about themselves so if they have to sell sex to do it, they can rationalize it by what it gives them and allows them to afford.  Historically, women facing poverty have resorted to selling their bodies in order to survive.  When economies have been bad (especially in Third World economies where Prostitution, Sex Tourism, and Brothels are rampant) there will always be a buyer when a woman sells sex.  This is why prostitution, porno, web sex, and escorting services is an easy career to get into, harder to get out of. You can never get rid of this in any society where jobs are scarce and people are trying to survive.

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