Saturday, March 1, 2014

Unfinished Business (part 2) - Why you cannot rely on Bank Savings and Government Pensions

Unless the governments and the banks can use it for themselves (presently or at a later date), they are not creating it for the people.  In the past decade, governments have created measures so that their citizens are less reliant on the government and more reliant on themselves as individuals.  What they create in order to pander to citizens for votes, they can take away when the need arises.  The elite classes created the social programs we are familiar with presently in the First World in order to fight against Communism during the Cold War.  Now that the threat of Communism is gone, the elites and their social instruments engineered, directed, and created the economic crisis in 2008.  In doing so, they are slowly taking away all the social programs and social assistance that they gave to their citizens in the past.  Presently, there are now four major economic problems facing the world (aside from the Global War which will eventually occur since all the puzzle pieces are almost in place). 
1.) Continuation of devaluing a national currency in order to export and keep national economies stable and functioning.  This causes inflation and a higher cost of living.
2.) Bank Runs by citizens in individual countries, taking all the money out of the banks and the stock markets.  Banks runs usually happen in a day or a week with devastating results worldwide 
3.) Bubbles bursting which will crash the stock markets and cause huge losses for individuals invested in the stock market.  This can happen in a day or a week with again devastating results worldwide

4.)  Whole currencies failing which again will cause bank runs, stock market crashes, and bubbles to burst.

 There is no solution unless you liquidate the debt and possessions that central banks and national banks own (which the Elite will not do).  Iceland was the only country to pull this off successfully and be free from the banks.  Either way, right now, people are going to start defaulting on mortgages and loans in order to feed their families and stay alive in this unstable global economy.  The civil unrest, which will occur when the markets tank and the massive job lay-offs occur worldwide, will bring to fruition the "Fascist" state into place.  In truth, we already have a "Surveillance State" in place.  Look at all the Security Guards and CCTV's that are in place presently everywhere you go (give the guards facial recognition technology and you don't need to hire out massive amounts of police officers because they will have information and evidence that can be used against you in court).

National militaries automatically get called in when civil unrest cannot be held in place by the Police. Currently, all military units, worldwide are stocking up on weapons and deploying on training expeditions. Not just for the upcoming war but also the civil unrest in their respective countries. Some of the civil unrest in countries that occur will be used by the Elites in order to bring about "Regime Change" like in Iran, Malaysia, and Syria.  Other civil uprisings will be put down brutally like in Bahrain.  Quickly, just like that, the world changes for everyone before they even know what hits them.

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