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Unfinished Business (part 1) - Terrorism

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

 “Terrorist Act” is a term that is used by the national governments, social institutes, and the media "ad nauseum" in order to evoke fear and terror among its citizens (as well as affecting the markets simultaneously).  

 “Collateral Damage” is a term used by the governments, the military, and the media to hide the atrocities committed by their personnel when their personnel are on campaigns of “national interest” (ex: during the "War on Terror" or the "Cold War").  

1.) Both terms are completely political in scope. 
2.) Both target innocent individuals, symbolic structures/political structures, historical locations, and civilian populated regions.
However, one term (“terrorist act”) is viewed as being worst than the other ("collateral damage"). 
One term ("terrorist act") evokes automatic disgust and fear by the masses.  The other term,
 "collateral damage" brings out apologists from the masses, from the media, from social institutions, and from the government.
One term
 "Terrorist act" is viewed as being unacceptable and inexcusable.  The other term, "Collateral Damage" is seen as being a necessary act used in a time of war. 
"Two wrongs don't make a right"
 and both of these political terms do exactly the same thing.  The only difference is the perception of it by the masses.

The term
 “Terrorists” has been associated historically with a poor man’s fighting force consisting of rag tag members fighting for an ideological cause.  The term "Soldier"/"Military personnel"/"Army" has been associated with the State’s/Government’s fighting force consisting of citizens fighting for an ideological cause.  The term “Private Contractors”/Mercenaries is a wealthy man’s fighting force consisting of individuals trained and equipped with the best weapons and equipment money can buy who are unaccountable to governments and work solely for financial gain.  All terms listed are engaged in wars. Sometimes, these terms/forces work together for the same cause in war.  Something these forces work against each other in war.  Sometimes these forces work together and work against each other simultaneously in war.  One must get past the infancy of thinking of terms in a polarized manner and see war for what it is.  Often times, war is nothing more than an instrument for those with money, power, and influence to exert their will in order to get their main objectives completed.

“State Terrorism”
 funds terrorism, terrorists, and terrorist acts as well as the use of Private Contractors.  However, very little is mentioned about the impact and effects of “State Terrorism” on mass populations. Social Institutes, the media, and the government rarely and barely touch this topic yet “State Terrorism” has always been a threat to sovereignty and has always been used by those with power for their own objectives.

The Roman Catholic Church used their own mercenaries (the Jesuits/Society of Jesus) as well as hiring out foreign mercenaries during their political endeavors.  Islamic Empires have used the Hashashins during their political endeavors.  Emperors, Kings, and State Governments have used Terrorists, Militaries, Private Contractors, and have used Foreign and Domestic Mercenaries for their own means.  This continues presently.  What looks like one thing due to the narrative created by governments, social institutes, and the media is in fact, something different altogether. 

The Boston Marathon, 9/11, the USS Maine, the Reichstag Fire, the Tonkin Incident, etc. –are all events orchestrated by the Elites and their forces to bring about the changes they need.  Similar to a master chess player making moves on a board where one move forces a whole series of other moves in order to counteract the original move, politics is similar.  The Boston Marathon Bombing was a chess move made which will have ramifications yet to come.  One example of a move made because of the Boston Marathon Bombing is the fact that the U.S. military will now be taking over civilian disturbances, "The 
Pentagon Unilaterally Grants Itself Authority Over 'Civil Disturbances'.  Issued on May 11, 2013, the U.S. Code titled, 'Defense Support of Civilian Law Enforcement' will permit military intervention in the event of civil disturbances.  This therefore enables the militarizing of domestic law enforcement in preparation for the social upheavals and social unrest that will occur during the Economic Collapse and during the creation of the War Economy needed during America's passing of power over to the Global Government.

The elite and their pawns have been prepping for the economic collapse and the next big war longer than you can imagine.  The elite just need events to unfold in order to lock pieces in places and move the agenda as originally engineered.  The only thing left for the elite to do presently is pop bubbles and flick switches since all things that are needed for them to succeed are in place.  It is just a matter of time before the implosions take whole economies and its citizens down.

Side Notes:
1.) “Wealth Drains” and “Brain Drains” are occurring presently in First World countries such as France, U.K., U.S.A., Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, etc simultaneously as the contracting of their economies are occurring presently. "In the first three quarters of 2012, more than 1,100 Americans renounced their citizenship and made their homes elsewhere, according to the Federal Register. Available data does not yet include those who left in the fourth quarter, but it is on track to surpass the 1,781 Americans who relinquished their passports in 2011. The number of Americans who ditched the US in 2011 was seven times higher than those who left in 2008.   Over 670 U.S. citizens have said, 'sayonara' in the first 90 days of 2013". The truth is, the Wealthy and Rich are already fleeing First World Countries therefore already weakening a fragile economy and creating "Wealth Drains".  The ship is sinking and like the Titanic, the poor are the first to feel the effects but are the last to know about it.  Not knowing about it until the last minute postpones action in order to reduce the pain or prevent the effects of the problem.  The government's "everything will be all right" slogan hides what is really occurring in the political and social landscape and enables the government and it's instruments to control the narrative.

2.) Cities (Detroit, Rome), Countries (Japan, Spain) and Regions (Stockton, California) in the First World are now declaring bankruptcy and insolvency while asking for government bailouts in order to prevent it from total collapse.  This therefore causes those regions/areas and their citizens to go further into debt without actually being the cause of the problem but still being footed the bill.  "Gov. Rick Snyder said Friday he has declared a financial emergency in Detroit.  A determination that leads to the appointment of an emergency manager over the city's finances.  Emergency managers have the power under state law to develop financial plans, renegotiate labor contracts, revise and approve budgets to help control spending, sell off city assets not restricted by charter and suspend the salaries of elected officials".  In the troubling regions of Europe, such as Spain, Ireland, Italy, and Portugal -"a record 2,564 companies filed for 'insolvency proceedings', a more palatable version of the word bankruptcy, in the first quarter - an increase of 10% from Q4 and up a whopping 45% from Q1 2012".  Japanese banks are on next, being on the verge of insolvency presently, "The inability of the B.O.J (Bank of Japan) 'to control' Japanese interest rates (J.G.B rates spiking unprecedentedly day after day) has put the banking system in a lot of trouble".   All of these under reported issues by the media, by social institutions, and by the government hide the storm that is brewing behind the sun that you see presently.
3.) What's amazing about the Boston Marathon is that without evidence or a trial, the masses have judged two men to be deemed "Guilty".  In the public eye, you are guilty until proven innocent (and even if you are proved innocent by the courts, society will still question your innocence).  The media and police will often simultaneously flash images on TV while creating a narrative.  Instantaneously, the man hunt was on for "guilty", "domestic", "terrorists" with connections to "terrorist networks" and "terrorist cells"  (these words will be used repeatedly in the near future to manipulate minds and hearts).  Beware of your associations and ties because any link to anyone even remotely suspicious can implicate you if you need to go down for something that has to be solved symbolically in order to appease the masses and calm their fears.
In the past,
The FBI’s History of Supplying Live Explosives to “Terror Suspects”

Boston Bombing Suspects Were on FBI Radar for Years
BOSTON TRUTH: The “Chechen Connection”, Al Qaeda and the Boston Marathon Bombing
Suspected Boston Bombers: “They Were Set Up, The FBI Followed Them for Years”

Global awakening to false-flag terrorism, Copernican revolution

4.)  Read up on Operation Gladio and Operation Northwoods (to understand how intelligence agents, private contractors, the media, "sleeper cells", social institutions, and National governments work together in order to create fear in the minds and hearts of their own citizens). Just because the cold war ended in the 1990's,  it doesn't mean that this manipulative tactic is over!!!

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