Monday, January 26, 2015

The Effective use of Fear Mongering & Scare Tactics in Society


Who Uses it:
(a) Governments & Politicians
(b) Banks & Major Corporations
(c) Public Service Sector Unions 
(d) Mainstream Media
(e) Lobby Groups/Trade Boards/Medical Associations
(f) Religious Institutions and Religious Adherents

Examples of Arguments Used:
Politicians -"The future of our nation is at stake unless we act now"
Banks & Major Corporations -"If we don't get a bailout, then the whole economy would collapse overnight"
Teachers -"It's All About the Children", "The Only Reason We're Doing It Is For The Children" 
Medical Lobby and Medical Associations -"It's all about the Patients", "Without this done, Patients will not get the Proper Treatment they need and their lives are at risk"
Religious Institutions -"God sees everything and you're all going to hell", "You're living in sin and God will punish you"

     Governments & Politicians, Banks & Major Corporations, Public Service Sector Unions, Mainstream Media, Lobby Groups/Trade Boards/Medical Associations, and Religious Institutions all use worst case scenarios and downward slopes in order to create emotional manipulative responses.  Public Service Sector Unions always try to make taxpayers and governments feel guilty for not giving them pay raises in order to maintain their chosen lifestyle yet simultaneously not pointing out that raising taxes hurts everyone and helps only them.

     The real victims to Fear Mongering and Scare Tactics are Taxpayers, Entrepreneurs, and Small Business Owners.  This is because they are often forced to live in a state of anxiety and uncertainty and pay for taxes and chosen lifestyles while giving up their own financial dreams and financial aspirations.  When governments and public service sector unions clash over money during times of a weak economy, a "Bleed Out" is the worst outcome for all.  A "Bleed Out" does not prevent the inevitable of jobs being lost -it just slows it down and drags it out while causing burnout and stress on workers and clients that could have been avoided.  It enables a few people to accrue gains at the expense of others before everything "bottoms out" and job cuts, wage freezes, and hiring freezes are implemented.  However, by governments giving into public service sector unions, it leads to higher taxes for the majority, declining services for the majority, less jobs being created for those with the skills and degrees who have now formed the "Underclass", and many of the public services that the unions "fought for" becoming too costly to maintain and therefore defunded and moved over to the private sector because there is no more government money to spend on it.

     There is less upward mobility due to entrenched seniority positions in public service sector Unions.  With entrenched seniority positions in place inside of Unions, often times, the best person for the job does not get into that position.  Instead a senior union member gets that position which goes against the idea of Meritocracy.  In order to prevent an individual getting into a position that he/she is not qualified for, we must end Union Monopolies and allow for Free Markets to exist.  This in turn allows a victory for Taxpayers, Individuals, and Small Business Owners.  No need for Fear Mongering and Scare Tactics because no one is dependent on any one thing, people are more self-reliant on themselves and their community and their own ability to make the correct choices in life.

    Liberal governments brings in an Underclass of foreign workers (and future citizens who will be Liberal voters and therefore a future Liberal voter base) while strengthening Union power. However, Liberal governments weakens Private Sector, weaken Small Business Owners, and weaken Nationalism in favour of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness.  Liberal governments rack up debt while protecting Public Service sector unions such as the LCBO.  End the LCBO monopoly and let the market decide which jobs stay and which job goes.  The market should decide not Liberal governments whose strength relies on union voters keeping them in power and therefore in turn Liberal government keeping union jobs.  When the economy goes bust, which it is doing presently, the Liberal government cannot protect the jobs (and the "bleed out" that followed by supporting the unions) since it only resulted in raising the debt levels that could have been avoided had the debt levels been acted upon earlier and been reduced.

     It's not just children that live in an illusionary "make believe" world.  More often than not, it's adults.  Adults actually choose to believe in a lie and in an illusion rather than live in the real world and face their fears and anxieties.  This is partly because of the "Government Media Complex" & "Corporate Media Complex" that instills beliefs inside of people and allows the people to deny the truth that there is no actual government. That the government is nothing more than a "straw man" acting on behalf of banks and corporations (and politicians are nothing more than insurance salesmen at best).  Denying that politicians are nothing more than puppets allows the people to deny the fact that a Private banking cartel seeks to enslave humanity through Socialism and Debt before their final eugenics/transhumanism end game is revealed.  Instead, the voters think politics is nothing more than musical Chairs where "Bad monetary policy means a bad economy, which gives power back to the party that did not have it before" (and around and around we go in circles with this pattern in play).  People don't realize that "Control of thought is more important for governments that are free and popular than for despotic and military states. The logic is straightforward: a despotic state can control its domestic enemies by force, but as the state loses this weapon, other devices are required to prevent the ignorant masses from interfering with public affairs, which are none of their business...the public are to be observers, not participants, consumers of ideology as well as products.".  In fact, "the major media are large corporations, owned by and interlinked with even larger conglomerates. Like other corporations, they sell a product to a market. The market is advertisers - that is, other businesses. The product is audiences, [and] for the elite media, [they're] relatively privileged audiences. So we have major corporations selling fairly wealthy and privileged audiences to other businesses. Not surprisingly, the picture of the world presented reflects the narrow and biased interests and values of the sellers, the buyers and the product." 

     People must come to realize that we must break our dependency on politicians and the government and realize that: 
- Free Markets and Nationalism can work together for the good of the citizens living in a country. 
- Protectionism and Nationalism can work together for the good of the citizens living in a country.
- National Socialism can work for the good of the citizens in a country.
- Free Trade Deals and Nationalism cannot work for the good of the citizens in a country because it prioritizes Corporations ahead of citizens and gives Corporations the power to dictate laws to the government in order for the Corporations to meet their financial objectives (THIS IS THE PATH WE ARE ON NOW DUE TO THE "Bleed Out" OCCURRING PRESENTLY).

  People don't realize that reality is measured through economics and economics is painted through Quarterlies.
- Q4 (Jan), Q1 (Apr), Q2 (July), Q3 (Oct)
People don't realize that the Strongest Quarterly is Q4.  If that Quarterly is weak, the Company has to decide on it's future which often means reducing their workforce in one form or another.
Q1-Q3 is always weaker than Q4 because Q4 has Thanksgiving, Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, Boxing Day, Internet Monday, Diwali, and Karva Chauth.  All events where money is spent by individuals in retail stores and online.  If Q4 fails, it often spells trouble for any given economy.
     Historically, the Fall season is when things collapse (ex: stock markets).  In the Winter season, preparation for war begins.  In the Spring season, preparation for Revolution or War takes place.  In the Summer season, Continuation of the Winter and Spring events ensues.  Measured by Quarterlies, the 3 months that people need to focus on is: Fall (Q3), Winter (Q4), and Spring (Q1).
     People are manipulated not only by Strong Arm Tactics, Intimidation, and Emotional Rhetoric but also by the use of Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) and Emotional Manipulation.  Being smarter does not mean that you become a better human being or that you care for others more.  In fact, it enables you to hide your true feelings better and hide your real wants and needs better. "At least half of the people who enter politics are actual undiagnosed psychopaths and actual undiagnosed sociopaths. The worst of the worst inevitably reach the higher levels of government (Congress, Senate, Governors, Administrators, etc) with at least 80% of the high climbers being hard core psychopaths or sociopaths. I mean true clinical psychopaths and sociopaths, albeit undiagnosed. Degenerate psychopaths and sociopaths dominate politics. The media, entertainment sector, and documentaries show you Charles Manson, Hannibal Lector, etc, to say psychopaths are easily distinguished but usually they are not.  They are everywhere in society (and usually in positions of power and influence).  Most of us "normal people" are able to contain our dark sides; being more 'good' than we are 'bad'. Then there is another group of people who are generally more bad than good, yet not totally evil either. Those are the people we talk about as, "He's a real such and such, but he does have a good side to him."These types can still be salvaged, or at least contained. Then there is the true psychopaths and sociopaths - heartless, soulless, shameless devils who will smile in your face, charm you and flatter you as he (or she) sticks the knife in your back. He is often charismatic, likable, and energetic. He lies effortlessly. He will draw anyone into his orbit that can serve to further his ambitions, or fuel his ego with "narcissistic supply". He manipulates. He cheats. He sucks the lifeblood out of you and then, when you are no longer of any value to him, he will discard you like a used up lemon. To achieve his nefarious ends, the narcissistic psychopath will play every emotional card in his manipulative arsenal; alternating between outbursts of anger and verbal abuse, empty flattery, fake sympathy for others, false pity for himself, fake smiling or laughing, fake crying, fake humility, false charity and fake piety. When these self-centered lunatics are confined to ordinary jobs and professions, they may cause great harm to their employers and immediate contacts, but society at large remains relatively unaffected. The problem is that psychos, particularly the semi-intelligent ones, will instinctively gravitate towards positions of power, and then use their cunning psycho "skills" to advance above the good guys. In his study of the links between psychopathy and success, Oxford psychology professor, Kevin Dutton wrote: "I’d done research with the special forces, with surgeons, with top hedge fund managers and barristers (politicians). Almost all of them had psychopathic traits, but they’d harnessed them in ways to make them better at what they do."  He totally misses the point that "what they do" is often kill innocent people, push surgeries on patients who don't really need them, heartlessly fire people while off-shoring jobs to Third World countries, and rack up huge deficits while fomenting endless wars around the world. Do we really want such characters to be "better at what they do"? In the realm of Democracy politics, in which the object of the game is to sell 51% of the brain-dead public on the idea of voting for you, the psychopath will rise to the top more easily than an honest man.  It is very difficult for a good man to compete with someone who is willing to lie, cheat, make empty promises and take bribes in order to win an election. Compounding the problem are the "team owners", who are extremely skilled at identifying, recruiting and developing the most promising "players" to their advantage. Hitler was so correct about 'Democracy' when he wrote: "It (Democracy) is, first and foremost, the cause of the incredible inundation of all political life with the most inferior, and I mean the most inferior, characters of our time (psychopaths)”. Now a single psychopath in a position of power is bad enough, but when they federate together, the exponential evil can secretly overwhelm entire nations. After all, what is a conspiracy but a group of psychopaths coming together to do evil. Indeed, conspiratorial activity is standard operating  procedure for The League of Unjust Psychopaths currently misruling the West. In his excellent piece, Why Elites And Psychopaths Are Useless To Society, Brandon Smith explains: “The problem is humanity is not only hardwired with a dark side; we are also hardwired with a conscience — at least, most of us are. All people are born with a shared moral compass that is often expressed in various religious works throughout the ages. It is a universal voice, or guide, that we can choose to listen to or to ignore. Organized psychopaths have struggled with the existence of this inborn compass for centuries." You see, our consciences pose a threat to The League of Unjust Psychopaths. So it's not enough for them to rise to the top an to do evil; they must also corrupt the people, especially the children. A degenerate public will never rise up in righteous indignation against their evil oppressors. How can they if they can no longer even define evil, let alone recognize it? The day will come when the psychopaths become the majority of the public. Samuel Adams summed it best:  "it is always observable,  that those who are combined to destroy the People's Liberties, practice every Art to poison their Morals." 

"He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would fully suffice. This disgrace to civilization should be done away with at once. Heroism at command, senseless brutality, deplorable love-of-country stance, how violently I hate all this, how despicable and ignoble war is; I would rather be torn to shreds than be a part of so base an action!”


(a) Canada is the only country that thinks Canada is not in a Recession yet.  All levels of Canadian government are in a Recession but none have admitted it yet.

(b) Just imagine if the British could cause an uprising inside of the Ottoman Empire in the 1900s.  What makes people think the British can not do it anywhere else in the world when they want? They have succeeded time and time again in regions all over the world at different times throughout history and yet every time there is an uprising in any part of the world, people dismiss the fact that foreign governments like the British play a role in them.  This is how TV has hypnotized the masses.  People only believe what they see regardless of information in the past that prove the TV images are being manipulated and falsified.

BUSTED! 9 Bullet Holes on WALL  (10:14 mins.)

The Missing Corporal  (10:08 mins.)

(c) It's more advantageous & opportunistic to let things happen that you know about rather than to stop it or notify anyone about it.  Plan around it but don't plan to prevent or stop it. In fact, let it happen and then play it off like it was a "surprise" and "unexpected" (ex: 9/11, Bay of Tonkin, USS Liberty, Pearl Harbour, 2008 Global Recession, etc.)

(d) Historically, Farmers & Small Business owners woke up at the the crack of dawn and worked into the darkness of the night, all day long, 7 days a week.  Both the Farmer and Small Business Owner were motivated by their own self preservation survival instincts because they realized they either sank or swam depending on how hard they worked, and they could not afford to sink therefore they avoided taking on risky debt or engaging in risky behavior.  However, the "Golden Age" filled with Credit Cards, Line of Credits, Micro loans and Macro loans masked reality for many.  Our culture of dependence and entitlement has made us think that we deserve to be rewarded for risky behaviour and that has never been the case as all historically since the adage of "the chickens come home to roost" is occurring presently as the market corrects itself (with rapid fluidity and pace).
(e) With the economy's revenues strained by Public Service Sector Union salaries and an ever stagnating job market presently, it allows for most Developed nations in the West with Social Democracies to be in the stage of "bleeding out" and having a "Piecework" economy being created with the "Underclass" of workers in place presently.  This allows for part time jobs to exist for all regardless of education or skill.

(f) There will always be Trade Blocs and Empire in existence.  To avoid being pulled into conflict, Protectionism must be enacted and only a self sufficient, yet well funded militarized nation can afford to impose Protectionist policies successfully since it leaves the nation very isolated from the world's affairs.  Therefore it can only be done successfully by resource rich nations that provide only for their own citizens first and foremost (ex: U.S.A., Brazil, Canada, Russia, South Africa, Australia, Libya).

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