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INTELLECTUAL TYRANNY: The Forced Indoctrination of Equality on Society

     Everything forced to be equal has failed.  Whether it has been the ideology of Communism/Socialism, the ideology of Feminism, or the ideology of Multiculturalism -all 3 have failed because they have all either weakened or "watered down" one sphere in order to strengthen another.  All 3 ideologies refuse to admit that they have failed and yet by forcing equality in a naturally and biologically unequal world, you create more problems than solutions.  By forcing equality through intellectual theory, the entertainment sector, and espousing ideas through social institutions and the mainstream media (all of which are controlled and maintained in the hands of a few) -you create more of an anxious and uncertain individual and a divisive and repressed society.  We can be similar but not equal.  Everyone is similar but simultaneously uniquely different.  Everyone has inherent differences which make us different from one another in the way we think, act, speak, and react.  We can be programmed and conditioned to think and act a certain way but even then our differences leak out in reactions, conversation, and goal setting.  You can substitute one person for another numerically but the results you get in action and during situations will be different (subtly or exponentially).  The ideology of Equality has to be programmed into us and has been programmed into us since the 1900's.  This is something we have to understand in order to understand our reality.

     Arguments made by Abolitionists in the past such as, "slavery is unfair and has kept blacks in shackles" did very little when Black slaves were given their freedom and were forced to make it on their own when no one was hiring Blacks, when Blacks had no housing to go to, when Blacks were often isolated and segregated into areas  which left many former Black slaves impoverished.  When slavery ended, many Blacks moved from one impoverished type of living to another impoverished type of living and Black areas became ghettos. Abolitionists did nothing for Blacks at that time. Furthermore,  nothing was done by those screaming for "equality" when COINTELPRO was launched on American Blacks in the 1960s by the FBI.  In fact, COINTELPRO allowed for American Blacks to be leaderless, voiceless, and pushed into the ghettos that became violent slums which were nothing less than 'black holes' in society.

     We are made not to be equal but to accept our differences and use it to our advantage when opportunities arise.  It is our choice to work together with others or isolate ourselves, however when that choice is taken away from us and we are forced to act and think a particular way, it echoes through every interaction we have in society.  We then become actors wearing masks and having surface level conversations where our tolerance is only on the surface and yet we become defensive about every argument based on our own ignorance of the subject.  For example: "you can't say that", "why?", "because it's offensive", "why is it offensive?", "I don't know I just know it's offensive".  And then the topic stops with an uncomfortable pause and everything is repressed.  This is how society works presently.  Terms like, "racist", "islamo-phobe", "anti-semite", "sexist", "fascist", "communist" -fly out of people's mouths on a regular basis because of our failing educational system that has taught us Liberal values of "political correctness" but nothing historical about cultures and terms.  The masses understand that they live in a "multicultural society" and yet contradictory, many of the regions in our cities have cultural cleavages where cultures have cocooned itself to their own cultures and isolated itself from the dominant culture of the country.

      However, when you do not force tolerance and equality, you allow for the market to take hold.  The market enables individuals to come together to keep each other and themselves alive.  The market provides nothing more than that.  Like the corner stone of economics theory, the baker does not make bread for you, he makes bread for himself in order to feed himself and his family.  When we get past trying to make everything "neutral" and forcing "equality and tolerance" on everyone due to "political correctness" we will be able to understand the uniqueness of everything and everyone we encounter rather than living out the adage, "the meaning of everything and the value of nothing".  This is what our society (and the individuals living in modern society) finds itself dealing with it.  Our minds seem to replicate through our actions, thought patterns, and goal setting process -confusion, anxiety, and uncertainty when it comes to identity. 

     Moreover, every belief system has a cornerstone, foundational thought it wraps itself around, builds itself upon, and cocoons itself inside in order to protect itself and it's adherents.  For example:
(a) Feminism has the fight for Equality and the Subjection of Patriarchy
(b) Marxism has the division of Labor between Workers and Owners
(c) Muslims have the belief that Muhammad speaks for God & is the only one that speaks for him
(d) Christians have the belief that Jesus lived, died for our sins, and rose again to redeem us
(e) Global Warming Adherents believe Global Warming is Man-made
     However, every belief system also protects itself rigidly and defensively (and often emotionally) in order to do everything it can to protect that "cornerstone theory" it is built upon.  Weakening the "cornerstone theory" opens Pandora's Box and for adherents it is too dangerous to open Pandora's Box so they do everything they can to keep that secret inside their "cornerstone theory" protected and unexposed -even if it means remaining ignorant themselves in the process.

     Since I have covered Islam, Socialism, Christianity, and Liberalism at length -let's look deeper into the contradictory views of Feminism and Global Warming and how they relate to us presently. 

"Feminism is the idea that we can make both sexes equal by focusing solely on the issues of one of them"(so Feminists create equality and demand reparations by searching through history for any sign of mistreatment by women at the hands of men and by making men feel guilty in order to allow for equality to be created?? Does anyone else think that's emotionally manipulative?  Feminists go around deconstructing society and civilization in order to have examples of how women have been neglected and yet Feminists fail to bring in historic examples when women have had power or position and have done the exact same thing as their male counterparts when faced with the exact, or similar dilemmas.  They fail to bring up women who have had power over men and populations). So moving aside from Feminists selective and biased historical searches let's focus on the present.

     Since there is an uproar on Jian Ghomeshi and Bill Cosby sex allegations presently, one must ask, where's the uproar for Prince Andrew's sex scandal and Bill Clinton's sex scandal?  Where's the, "We Believe the Women" signs?  Where's the "media circus"?  Where's the ad nauseum media coverage on these topics that run simultaneously parallel with Jian Ghomeshi and Bill Cosby's sex allegations?  How come so little on Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew and yet so much on Bill Cosby and Jian Ghomeshi?  How come Feminists stand outside protesting wherever Bill Cosby goes and yet are nowhere to be seen when Bill Clinton attends Economic Summits?  There has been no verdict on Bill Cosby or Jian Ghomeshi and yet because of Feminists everywhere, they has already been a public verdict of guilty assigned to both Bill Cosby and Jian Ghomeshi.  Where is the outrage for Prince Andrew's exploits and Bill Clinton's exploits? (listed below) Or that of Dick Cheney, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, and George Bush Jr? (listed below).  Why do Feminists pick and choose particular targets and individuals and not others?  Why does the Media cover particular sex scandals "ad nauseum" and not others?  This is when it dawns on the masses that Feminists are nothing more than pawns used to push a particular divisive agenda.  

 "People tend to forget that 90s-style militant feminism is rearing its ugly head again, including a tsunami of fake rape charges seen as 'empowerment' ". 

Article 1:
"Believe Her! The Woman Never Lies Myth"

Article 2 & 3:
The New Mythology of Rape -Politicizing Women's Pain

Article 4:
Why 'Rape Culture' is Essential to Feminism

     "Feminists plan to use anger to chip away even more at the due process rights of the presumptively innocent.  Ignorance by the public allows for media images and media coverage to carry a visceral impact that the written word can't, and it will get people a lot angrier about the imaginary rape epidemic gripping society presently.  The term 'Rape Culture' generates automatic fear and anxiety and that's the problem.  The risk of wrongful conviction is the highest when there’s public outcry. Most of the exonerations and wrongful convictions have occurred in rape cases."  Feminists cannot quite wrap their heads around the fact that they are playing right into the Eugenics and Transhumanism Agenda and are creating more of a divisive society than an inclusive and equal society.  You cannot create equality for all by solely blaming one gender for the ills of society.

Prince Andrew arrives in Davos to answer claims of 'sex orgy with nine teenagers'

Bill Clinton drawn into Prince Andrew sex scandal

(Ronald Reagan and George Bush)

The madam, her girls, and a city in fear (Dick Cheney)

 (George Bush Jr.)



"We live in a world in which politics has replaced philosophy".  For those who are unfamiliar with Agenda 21 and Carbon Taxes, one should realize that blaming humans for "Global Warming" allows for a penalty to be passed onto humans that will put them on the hook for a natural cyclical occurrence and allow governments to collect revenue that they will use for their Transhumanist and Eugenics Agenda.  

     The "Global Economic Recovery" is doing so well that the "new affordable" is 10 by 10 cubicle houses being promoted and sold all over the West and Asia to millennials and Generation Z as the new "cool" fad.  This becomes more problematic when you realize that when the National Economy goes bankrupt, bail in's and bail out's are enacted, Free Trade deals are signed, and the masses default on everything -from auto loans, student loans, and mortgages -there will be very little to own and call your own but these compact 10 by 10 cubicles.

“When the citizenry cease to believe the lies, the nation suffers a nervous breakdown” (we are going into that stage presently where our national, regional, and global identity is being recreated top-down, not bottom-up).  "We are entering an Era of Shattered Illusions" with severe consequences for all who survive the catastrophic changes occurring presently.

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