Sunday, January 4, 2015

"Free" Aid, "Must Save Everyone" Mentality, and Money out of thin air

Aid is:
(a) a loan
(b) an incentive to act a certain way
(c) a bribe 
(d) given so governments can focus on business instead of the masses and their problems

     Contrary to what people believe, Food Aid is expensive, it is not cheap.  Governments have to buy food from farmers, OR buy them from exporters, or  buy them from Corporations and then send it to countries and regions that need Food Aid.  It is not cheap and it is not free.  It is cheaper to find nearby countries or neighbouring countries that are located beside the troubled country and pay them to send the food aid rather than incurring the costs of shipping or flying it from your country to the country that needs aid.

     Rich people can pay for Lobbyists, for Private Contractors, for Military Trainers and Military Advisors, for Equipment, for Supplies, and for Food.  The only one else that can pay for these items of warfare are Corporations and Governments.  Military Advisors, Intelligence Agents, Contractors, Training, Supplies, and Food are all costly endeavours.  This is why before a military expedition is carried out, you must find Investors.  Especially when Countries cannot use Government money due to public reaction.  It is too costly if results don't come quickly so the longer a conflict takes place, investors either pull out completely OR go "all in".  Chaos ensues when the "all in" timeline starts and by then, Lobbyists and the Mainstream Media will be pushing for Government intervention.  

     It is actually cheaper for Corporations and the Rich when National Governments get involved and use tax money to support their cause and this is why they spend so much time and resources  Predictively Programming and using Propaganda on the masses.

     Usually when the conflict begins, it is cheaper to send Old military weapons instead of New military weapons for Ally rebel groups.  Old military weapons that will "Just be enough to do the job" but not good enough to be better than the weapons you have for your own army -if and when- a Government decides to invade or intervene.

IMPERIAL COLLAPSE PLAYBOOK -The goal is always the same: if they can't have the run of the place, they make sure that nobody else can either, by setting up a conflict scenario that nobody there can ever hope to resolve.   This opens the door for "divide and conquer" and allows proxy armies to protect the regions and resources needed for your particular endeavour.  The people caught inside the conflict are "Collateral Damage" and are therefore deemed expendable.  This is why there is no urgency to contain or prevent war and calamities once they have started.  Charities, Institutions, Celebrities, and Individuals all exploit this situation for their own advantage and need this conflict to drag out in order to get the most out of it.  This is "opportunism" at it's finest.

    Moreover, the West has betrayed rebels that they have armed, trained, and financially supported numerous times (ex: Cuba, Kurds, Tibetans). And also attacked those same rebel armies after they were allowed to consolidate power (ex: Jihadis in Afghanistan that formed the Taliban). 

     "Charities are businesses, if world poverty was to end then a lot of them would collapse. This is why charities never seem to report the positive efforts of the people living in these third world countries; because people would donate less. Look at Nigeria getting rid of Ebola without the help of international aid, that success story was barely reported. A third world nation solving it’s own problem and there wasn't much said about it, but as long as the news craves bad news and the charities need the money such news brings, then this story won't change until the issues that charities claim to tackle resolve themselves" Think about it? If you need a problem in order to keep your career, position, and salary alive, what in the world is the incentive to solve it?  In fact, why would you try and solve it?  You wouldn't solve the problem because by solving it you are out of business and therefore that is counterproductive to your business agenda and business mandate.  However, making people feel guilty for their own lifestyle and "greed" is a money making scheme so you get idealistic people in order to push out this agenda that you need in order to keep the charitable institution alive, your career, and your salary alive.

     "There are more than 195,289 registered charities and charitable institutions in the UK that spend close to £80 billion of our money a year. Plus there are another 191,000 charities that don't need to register.   According to a charity regulatory body, these charities make a huge thirteen billion ‘asks’ for donations every year – that’s around two hundred ‘asks’ for every man, woman and child in the UK.  With too many charities, at least half of our money goes on management, administration, strategy development, political campaigning and fundraising – not on what most of us would consider ‘good causes’.  A massive amount of waste with sometimes five, ten, fifteen or even more registered charities all covering roughly the same areas, yet all with their own executives, administrators, fundraisers, communications experts, advertising campaigns, awareness programmes, offices, computers, fancy logos, colourful reports and so on and so forth.  The vast majority in fact goes towards advertising, towards mailing that pen worth a few pence, towards commission for the chuggers who come knocking at the door with their carefully tutored persuasive chat-up lines and last, but by no means least, a very large proportion goes to paying the permanent staff of these charities, the higher echelons of which are paid salaries that most of the rest of us can only dream of.  Consultants take millions from charitable institutions and government departments while delivering little of value". 

     Moreover, Governments, Corporations, Institutions, and Charities can come together to stop the Underclass from forming in cities and towns and stop excessive immigration into any one area, but why stop it when you can exploit it, make profit from it, and have the most to gain from it?  

     Instead of bashing Jehovah Witnesses, Nation of Islam, and Christians on the street trying to get converts just remember that what they do (though it is a religious duty) is free.  How can people not respect individuals who volunteer their time and energy for FREE?  Instead of rallying around institutional charities and staff who get paid from charities to do ACTUAL work?

Secret Weapon that charities use -the Celebrity Army

     "If the celebrity is doing it, it must be the cool thing to do" mainstream mentality that the masses possess.  "If a celebrity has time to support it, I should find the time as well" mainstream mentality that the masses rally behind. The masses never quite see the economical or political aspect of it.  They just see the celebrity and rally behind it.  Being attached to a Charity Institute is good for the Celebrity and being attached to a Celebrity is good for the Charitable Institute.  This is why this tactic is often exploited by both parties.  It is a lucrative business for both sides.

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