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I Ain't Charlie (i AM NOT Charlie) & The Myth of "Peaceful" Islam

PART 1:  "Je Suis Charlie Movement":

     First and foremost, I want to pay my respects to all those who died due to the Terrorist attacks in Paris last week.  I want to send my condolences to their friends, staff members, and families.  

     Police commissioner from Limoges, France, Helric Fredou

     With that said, let's now discuss this "overnight" public mass movement.  Before the masses go on raising their pens in solidarity for "Freedom of the Press", I hope the masses understand that there is NO "Freedom of the Press".  If 6 Corporations OWN all the press networks & every other form of the press is seen as "fringe" news, "conspiracy theories", and "alternative" news sites -then there is no "Freedom of the Press".  There is Corporate, Monopolized media with an agenda, nothing more.  

     For those going out onto the streets in solidarity holding a pen and a "Je Suis Charlie" sign you should first examine a few things and realize if that is where you want to stand when all the dust is finally settled.
(a) Charlie Hebdo was not as popular as the media pretends they are.  In fact, France is now going to give Charlie Hebdo a million Euros to "support free speech". That is wonderful news for a magazine that was on the verge of failure because very few readers bought it.  Charlie Hebdo offended Christians and Jews and was on the verge of collapse prior to the attack. Very few readers were buying their magazines due to the offensive content contained in their magazines.
(b) These are the satirical images that Charlie Hebdo was publishing. It was offensive to so many people all across different walks of society that it was the primary reason the magazine was on the decline.
(c) For all the offensive material published in Charlie Hebdo, unfortunately what is deemed as being funny when it comes to Muslims and Catholics, was not seen as being funny when it came to Jews.  In fact in 2009, Charlie Hebdo fired a writer for being Anti-semitic. 
     Now, if you want to argue for Charlie Hebdo and align with him, then feel free to argue for Charlie Hebdo.  However, it then raises a few questions about yourself and the country you reside in presently.  "When it comes to the power of speech, satire is often nasty, harmful, and grotesquely abusive" and since majority of countries and societies supporting the "Je Suis Charlie Hebdo" movement are known as Liberal countries that often take politically "safe" positions of Political Correctness, accept the "Law of Accommodation" when it comes to minorities, and feel that any criticism of one minority or ideological belief is considered "Hate Speech" -then how has all that been by-passed?  How are the masses rising up in support of Charlie Hebdo presently?  Did the masses just jump in blindly without knowing what they were supporting and that they were supporting a magazine and artwork that offended so many in the past? For those that do not understand the world that they live in, the Elites and their instruments are pinning two opposing sides and forcing them together in order to create a manufactured outcome. An over-the-top magazine -CHARLIE HEBDO (thesis) vs. an intolerant ideology -ISLAM (anti-thesis) where a manufactured outcome will become crystallized into place -the push for internet censorship, the acceptance of the ending of net neutrality, and a more militarized state in order to protect "freedoms" (synthesis).
     Many people reading this now will think that since I do not support Charlie Hebdo, I must be in support of the Muslim Terrorists -so without further ado, let us move onto part 2.

     The myth of "Islam being a religion of peace":
PART 2: "ISLAM is a religion of peace"
(a) Islam is not a religion of peace due to Apostasy Laws:

b)   Islam is not a religion of peace due to the division of people into The Two Houses of Islam:

Dar al-Islam (Arabic: دار الإسلام‎ literally house/abode of Islam; or Dar as-Salamhouse/abode of Peace; or Dar al-Tawhidhouse/abode of monotheism) -is a term used to refer to those countries where Muslims can practice their religion freely. It's the area of the world under the rule of Islam, literally, "the home of Islam" or "the home of submission." These are usually Islamic cultures wherein Muslims represent the majority of the population, and so the government promises them protection. Dar al-Islam is also known and referred to as Dar al-Salam, or house/abode of Peace. The term appears in the Quran in 10.25 and 6.127 as a name of Paradise.  According to Abu Hanifa, considered to be the originator of the concept, the two requirements for a country to be part of Dar al-Islam are: (a) Muslims must be able to enjoy peace and security with and within this country and (b) It has common frontiers with Muslim countries.
Dar al-Harb (Arabic: دار الحرب "house of war"; also referred to as Dar al-Garb "house of the West" -Territories that do have a treaty of nonaggression or peace with Muslims are called Dar al-Ahd" (Arabic: دار العهد "house of treaty/covenant/pact") or Dar al-Sulh (Arabic: دار الصلح "house of conciliation").

(c)  Islam is not a religion of peace due to Blasphemy Laws

 (d)  Islam is not a religion of peace due to the required usage of "Taqiyya" and "Kitman" in everyday life:

(e)  Islam is not a religion of peace due to The trained and conditioned argument of "if Muslims were not attacked by the Crusades then Muslims would not have used violence against the West"
 - Just to put things into historical perspective, Islam arrived in Spain in 711. By 732, Muslims had attacked France and were about to conquer France had Charles Martel not stopped them and pushed them out of France and back into Spain.  Now why is this important?  Because Charles Martel's youngest son is Pepin the Short who happens to be the father of Charlemagne.  Charlemagne happens to become the Holy Roman Emperor in 800 A.D thus uniting Western Europe for the first time since the Roman Empire ruled over the lands.  The Crusades are not launched until 1096. Furthermore, Muslims attacked and raided Rome as early as 820 A.D.  Again, the Crusades are not launched until 1096.  The West was actually on the defensive from Islam, not the other way around as Muslims often argue presently.

(f)   Islam is not a religion of peace due to The trained and conditioned argument of "Islam spreads peacefully through conversion"
-  Historically, (and arguably) the best proselytizers of Islam were Sufis.  However, Sufis are also viewed as heretics by Sunni Muslims who deem them as being heretical (even to this day).  It is amusing to realize that the best proselytizers of Islam were Sufis and yet their version of Esoteric Islam was deemed to be heretical meaning majority of converts that were converted to Islam converted at the sword and converted due to fear not due to proselytizing.  That most of those that converted, converted after their lands have been taken by the sword.  Non-Muslims who were deemed useful to society and did not convert had "Dhimmi Status" placed upon them which meant it was a way to offer protection to a non-Muslim in exchange for fees and taxes, and a reduced level of cultural benefits or freedoms.

(g) Islam is not a religion of peace due to The trained and conditioned argument of "If the West did not attack 'Muslim lands' then all of this extremism and violence would not have been happening today.  The West causes Muslims to be violent":
-  Historically, Islam appeared after Muhammad had his vision and therefore created it in 610 A.D.  Before that there were no "Muslim lands". Present "Muslim lands" are all conquered lands taken away from people who did not believe in Islam or Muhammad.  "Muslim lands" are lands that were annexed from others through war and kept in place due to high birth rates. Therefore, there is no "Muslim lands".  In fact, all the lands that Muslims inhabit and consider as "Muslim Lands" are occupied lands (stretching from Arabia, through the Middle East, Africa, the Balkans, Asia, and parts of Eurasia).  There are no "Muslim lands".
Furthermore, Dar al Hudna (Arabic: دار الهدنة "house of calm") means the land of non-believers currently under a truce, which is a respite between wars. A truce is bought by tribute or agreement to Muslim rulers. If anyone breaks the conditions for the truce, hostilities are resumed. Another way for the truce to end is after ten years, which ever comes first (which is what made Muslims so successful in wars.  It bought Muslims time for their high birth rates to pay off for them in future wars.  The brief respite was used for Muslims to launch a second or third Jihadi wave on their opponents when their opponents believed that the peace would last and there was no reason to continue fighting. More so, only treaties that conform to Islamic prescriptions are valid; if these conditions are not fulfilled, the treaty is worthless.  This tactic enabled Muslims to continue to conquer lands).  Moreover, Dar al-'Ahd (Arabic: دار العهد "house of truce" or Dar al-Sulh "house of treaty") was coined to refer to the Ottoman Empire's relationship with its Christian tributary states where many of the tributes were either Slavic children who were used as Janissary Corps or Concubines.
Dar al-Dawa (Arabic: دار الدعوة "house of invitation") refers to a region where the religion of Islam has recently been introduced. The term dar al-Dawa may be used in conjunction with, the older terms dar al-Islam and dar al-Harb, from which it is derived, and simply be seen as just another sub-category of dar al-harb.  In other words, once your region has been invited to Islam, it is given a certain amount of time to convert to Islam en masse or become a vassal state of Islam.  Those regions choosing not to convert en masse or pay the tribute face an all out war with Muslim Jihadis.

(h) Islam is not a religion of peace due to The trained and conditioned argument of "Islam will one day rule the world"
-  Historically, Islam was a spent force before the 19th century and before Western Colonization began. The only problem was that it was such a huge empire to break up with such a massive hostile population that it was allowed to stay active long after it was defeated military (this is also why the Ottoman Empire was known as the "Old Man of Europe" and why most Hindus were angered that Britain created East Pakistan and West Pakistan out of India).  The 1492 victory of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand over the Moors allowed for Spain to model its national aspirations as the guardian of Christianity and Catholicism and go outwards in naval expeditions for Church and country.  This opened the door for the discovery of the "New World", cut out naval and land routes that Muslims had not exploited to their advantage previously, and also limited further Muslim land and naval routes.  The victory by the Holy League in 1571 at the Battle of Lepanto devastated the Ottoman naval forces and prevented Islam from spreading through the Mediterranean thus ending Ottoman supremacy in the Mediterranean.  In 1683 at the Battle of Vienna, the victory by the Holy League decimated the Ottoman land forces and pushed the Ottoman Empire out of Western Europe leaving only the Balkans in their possession.  I1707, the Deccan Wars in India between Muslim Mughals and Marathas AND in 1799 between Sikhs and Muslim Mughals, both losses for the Muslim Mughals, allowed for the Mughals to be pushed out of power in most of South East India thus allowing for the creation of the Maratha Empire and the Sikh Empire respectively.  In 1878, during the Russo-Turkish Wars, Russia's victory over the Ottoman Empire allowed for Constantinople to almost be taken (due to France and Britain's interference during the Crimean War of 1856 and also in 1878, plus the forcing of the Treaty of San Stefano on Russia, Constantinople was spared . However, forcing the Treaty of San Stefano and later replacing it with the Congress of Berlin later led to World War I breaking out).  

(i) Islam is not a religion of peace due to The trained and conditioned argument of "Most of the people dying in these conflicts are Muslims and therefore extremists are different from me and don't represent true Islam" 
-  Historically, Islam has been at war with itself since 750 AD.  Muslims have killed each other countless of times in a quest for power, political influence, and regional control. This is no different.  Muslims have been separated by regions and blood lineages/"tribes".  Muslims have only collectively fought together when trying to overthrow their own rulers and when fighting against non-Muslims.  However, after Colonization, when the myth of "Peaceful Islam" came into play and Muslims emigrated to Western lands, Muslims have not collectively fought for a worldwide jihad.  Conflicted between the "modern", "peaceful" Muslim and their historical counterpart whose sole purpose is to spread Islam, Muslims are too afraid to rise up against non-Muslim populations where they are outnumbered.  Muslims are too afraid to rise up in countries with national militaries and police forces that are far more effective than militaries in Muslim ruled countries.  Muslims are not a collective military force. At best, Muslims are somebody's pawns and puppets.  Muslims can scare innocent civilians and unarmed civilians through terrorist attacks but not defeat actual militaries without the aid of Foreign intervention (Libya, Syria).

     Unless you understand that religion is rooted and entrenched in culture you will not understand historical religion or geo-political religious ideologies properly. The formation of religion has everything to do with culture, preservation of culture, and Empire building.

Three Stages of Jihad (24:50 mins.)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERou_Q5l9Gw

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(How to Distract the masses and re-direct their attention):

     Now, to understand the current situation, you must also understand Divide and Conquer tactics of the past because right now, Operation Gladio and Gladio B are being used Internationally while CointelPro is being used Domestically.  This involves the state using their own active "sleeper cells", their own Private Contractors, and their allies Foreign Intelligence Agents to bring about the results that they want and need.  This involves heavily recruiting willing participants and training them to be "bit players" in a grand agenda (this is where Muslims and "peaceful Islam" come into play).  These "bit players" are controlled by their "handlers" (which consists of Private Contractors and Intelligent Agents) and are sent on missions which cause massive damage to the psyche of the masses, therefore allowing for Military and Police States to be initialized and implemented (ex: Ferguson in 2014, Paris in 2015).  The mainstream media coverage of "Black Lives Matter" instead of the all inclusive "All Lives Matter" which encompasses the message of "People vs. Police Brutality" allows for society to be divided between Blacks and Whites.  The Elites are currently dividing society through sympathies, through a "black and white" dichotomy.  You either support: (a) the State and it's agents (police officers and military) trying to protect you and all the values you uphold, OR (b) you rally behind Islam and Muslims being persecuted worldwide by the West (Iraq, Palestine, Syria, Libya), OR (c) you rally against the State and it's agents who are their to suppress you and confiscate all that you have worked for (Ferguson, 99% vs. 1%).  What you do not understand is that the Elites are reformulating identity in order to create their New World Order around Regional powers (ex: North American Union, Latin American Union, Eurasian Union, Mediterranean Union, etc.).  Everything the masses believed from the 1900's is slowly being questioned and dissolved right in front of their eyes.  Presently, what is occurring is the clash of illusory realities and the clash of myths using the Hegelian formula of Thesis, Anti-Thesis, and Synthesis.  This is why the "Myth of Abundance and Wealth", the "American Dream", and the delusional strength of the Middle Class and Unions is clashing against the Myth of "Peaceful Islam". Meanwhile countries all over the world are trying to either separate from their historical regional identities and referendums are being held in Europe to see which direction they will be heading to in the future (Scotland, Catalonia, Lithuania, Crimea, Iceland, U.K., etc.)
     As these myths, delusions, and illusions collide with one another presently, the Elites and their instruments are using these distractions to divide the masses and avoid solving pressing concerns that the masses have based on their own illusionary expectations of their physical reality that was promised to them through Governments, Unions, Social Institutes, and Religious Institutes.  Politicians have no answers and are therefore using "fear mongering" and "scare tactics" to get the masses to look away from the issues at hand that they cannot solve.  Before 9/11 America and George Bush's main problem was the Economy.  9/11 ensured he never solved it but in fact, made the economy worse.  Same thing with France and Francoise Hollande.  Before the Paris attacks, his main problem was solving the economic woes of a stagnating and declining economy. Now, his position shifts to that of safety and security.  This is also why Canada continues to be named as a next terror target.  Canada has been caught in a bubble reality since the 1990s which has sped up since 2008.  Now because of the Oil prices dropping globally, Canada is going to face a harsh, hard reality check on how strong it's economy really is.  Since the Canadian government has no answer to the question on how to fix their economy or what their national identity is, a distraction is needed and this is why Canada is the next terror target.  Canada will also shift from their economic woes to that of safety and security once a "false flag", war game simulated, terror attack takes place.

USA and War Games

Australia and War Games

Canada and War Games

Side Note:
(a)     The Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris and the debate of "Freedom of the Press", Cyber attacks on American companies like Sony, NSA's failure to stop hacking of Credit Card companies like Home Depot, ISIS propaganda videos, and a growing network of bloggers questioning the "official" narrative will allow for for Internet to be censored and for the ending of Net Neutrality. Anything deemed to go against the "official" narrative will be deleted and those writing it will be closely monitored on the basis of "national interests".  Since NATO is at War, many people will be detained with false charges for things they post on the internet or things they text over the phone.  NSA and Social Media was designed to obtain information on you for the Government and for Corporations.  It is doing as intended.

(b)  Total Smart Grid Control: "Warren Buffett wants to tell you when you can wash your Clothes".  In conjunction with Siemens AG, Buffett’s UK Northern Powergrid Holdings Company is testing a new smart-grid system that will be able to literally take control of when a homeowner can use their appliances. They are testing, “a so-called smart grid that has the ability to control when consumer appliances will be used in the home.”

(c)  On YOUTUBE, "Disgusting content", is code-speak for "embarrassing revelation that undermines the official story".  Social networks from Youtube, to Twitter, to Facebook, etc. is either Censored or Regulated.  Those sites that are not censored or regulated (ex: blogs) will soon be censored due to Cyber Attacks and the Ending of Net Neutrality. You are only "free" inside your head.  "Freedom" is illusory.  You are "free" to consume whatever you would like (because it serves the economy), you are "free" to work wherever you want to work (because it serves the economy), you are "free" to go to school and enroll in whatever courses you want (because it serves the economy), you are "free" to watch whatever you want to watch (because it serves the economy), and you are "free" to think inside your head (because it doesn't affect anyone and if or when it does, you can receive medication or counselling (which serves the economy).  Other than that, "there are no free meals" and you are not "free".  Everything is bought and paid for through taxes and money.  Nothing is "free".  

(d) The Cost of Obama's "Free" Community College to Taxpayers? $60 Billion.  However, it comes with "strings attached".  It will require you to work for the government to pay it off (similar to a military contract when you want to pursue higher education paid for by the military.  You can go to school and the military will pay for it, however, you will have to give 2-4 years of military service in order to pay off the loan you took to go to school).  Yet, with no jobs in the economy, this doesn't help many of those people thinking of taking Obama's "Free" Community College program.  With no jobs in an economy except for Service Sector jobs and Part time jobs, this will allow Obama to create his "Civilian Force" to replace Unionized workers who the state cannot afford any longer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QZcX8Bj9_A (this video is actually ironic and amusing because it was made in 2008 and the person who uploaded it actually uploaded it in order to add context and alleviate people's fears and worries. However, it just reinforces how agendas are planned and actualized).


     But the layers of Illusion and Mass Delusion have to peeled, and it has to start somewhere.  You can distract yourself as much as you want, and it's clearly your decision.  However, the problem with distracting yourself for far too long is you fall for trends, agendas, and fads you have no idea about which will take you far from where you need to be.  You will do what the Elites want done without even realizing it.  Then in old age, you will talk about the "good old days" that you regret is gone.  You will however, not mention that you were complicit in helping eradicate the "good old days" because you were unable to think for yourselves, you were unable to understand your reality, and because of  "fear mongering" and "scare tactics" you joined in mass movements that the Elites mobilized and were actually used against the masses and for their own Elite agendas.

Editor's Note to Readers:
     The 3 articles in the past on historical, cultural, and geopolitical Sikhism have been put in the Archives folder.  Anyone wanting to read it, feel free to email me and upon request, I will send all 3 articles to your email address.

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