Thursday, January 29, 2015


"Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rapidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end."

If the Elites, their Institutions, and their Instruments are selling it to you, then it isn't in your best interests, it's in their best interests.  Since they have been selling you: (a) the benefits of Smart Meters, (b) scaring you with urgent action on Climate Change, (c) pushing out the ideology of Sustainable Growth, (d) promoting you to Purchasing houses in order to stop the terrorists from winning, (e) scaring you with the need for "Bail-Ins" and "Bailouts", (f) promoting the Benefits of "Quantitative Easing", (g) scaring you with the "War on Terror", (h) pushing the need for Vaccinations, (i) scaring you with Food Shortages and GMO products, (j) pushing out the ideology of "Peak Oil", etc. they have been doing it in order to move money from one sphere to another sphere. What the masses do not realize yet is that "moving money around won't make us richer" and in fact makes us more reliant on the state therefore more dependent on the state when crisis hits.

"We have to recognize that the era when Central Banks improvisation can be the world's growth strategy is coming to an end" and the crisis that the masses did not foresee but the Elites, their Institutions, and Instruments planned for is here, we have to understand exactly what is occurring in order to act appropriately and come out with the least amount of losses.




"After Ebola, World Bank Chief Proposes Global Insurance Program for Future Outbreaks"

1.) "Equality" is indoctrinated to us during our Elementary schooling; "Political Correctness" is indoctrinated during High school and in the Work world; "Emotional Intelligence" is indoctrinated during Post Secondary school, Graduate school, and for Management Level/Administrative Level personnel.  We are taught to perceive others a particular way at every stage of our life.  Society has been conditioning us from birth.  We have not rose above our conditioning to see why it is that we are conditioned a particular way to our own detriment.

2.) Society is constructed to sell you a conditioned way to look at the future.   For children, society sells them the belief that when they are teenagers they will have more freedom and choices.  For teens, society sells them the belief that when they are adults they will have more freedom and choices.  For adults, society sells them the belief that when they retire, they will have more freedom and choices.  When people pass away, society argues that "now they are in a better place".  Society is constructed to sell you the future in order to keep you motivated and keep you from not committing suicide.  Society is constructed to hide the high rates of suicide and death inside society in order to distract us from human frailties, human vulnerabilities, and the powerlessness that is within human beings and human civilization throughout each part of our lives.

3.)  Generation XGeneration Y (the millennials), and Generation Z have been conditioned by television and social institutions to be accepting and accommodating of Degeneracy in society and have become the most Distracted and Confused generation(s) allowing for the Crisis Stage occurring presently that will be creating new identities for all since there is a need for identities to be created into place. This is the three step formula: Crisis, Reaction, Solution in play which the Elites love to use on the masses.

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