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ISLAM: Islam is Not A "Religion of Peace" -ISIS is historical Islam (part 2 out of 3)

Religion of Peace?
1.) Here’s your Religion of peace in CHRONOLOGICAL JIHAD order:
Arabs (622-634)
Zoroastrian Persians of Iran/Baluchistan/ & Afghanistan (634-651)
India (638-1857)
Byzantine Christian (643-651)
Christian Coptic Egyptians (640-655)
Christian Coptic Nubians –modern day Sudan (650)
Pagan Berbers –north Africans (650-700)
Turks (651-751)
Spaniards (711-730)
Franks –modern day France (720-732)
Chinese (751)
Sicilians in Italy (812-940)
Armenians & Georgians (1071-1920)
Mongols (1260-1300)
Albania (1332-1853)
Serbs (1334-1920)
Romanians (1350-1699)
Bulgaria (1350-1843)
Croatia (1389-1843)
Poland (1444-1699)
Greeks (1450-1853)
Hungary (1500-1683)
Russia (1500-1853)
Austrians (1683)
The only places historical Islam did not wage jihad while causing the Arabization of whole areas and populations was in Australia, South America, & North America (though “stealth jihad” is occurring in those place presently). Everywhere else that historical Islam could reach -Islam waged jihad eradicating whole cultures, languages, and people in the process. (However, being unbiased, honest, and not using, “Kitman” or “Taqiyya” to win an argument I will acknowledge present day Malaysia and present day Indonesia as two countries that were not forcefully converted to Islam -for the most part. Both Malaysia and Indonesia fall in a “grey line category” since one would need to understand the geopolitical situation beforehand to understand how Islam was able to creep into those two countries. Either way, I will give Muslims, Malaysia and Indonesia because they are exceptions to the norm and an aberration, not the norm as Muslims would like to present to the world). Historical Islam spread through violence and jihad not through trade and commerce.

2.) Three main Jihadi groups that carried the banner of Islam after their conversions were:
Arabs –into Africa, Spain, Central Asia, and the Middle East
Turks (otherwise known as the “Ottoman Turks”) –into Western Europe and the Balkans

Mongols (otherwise referred to as the “Mughals”) –into India

When you understand how the Arabs got the Turks to finally convert after years of jihad on the Turks -you will understand why Turks themselves went about collecting tributes from besieged regions and areas. These tributes that the Turks asked for and received, which took the form of young children, enabled Turks to form their Janissary corps, which enabled them to sustain their Empire for as long as they did. What the Arabs did to the Turks when converting them to Islam is something the Turks did to entire peoples.

3.) Islam is not a “religion of peace” as “moderate Muslims” like to argue. The penalty for apostasy in Islam is Death. In other words, leaving Islam results in death. That alone proves Islam as a religion is not peaceful! Islam historically spread through Jihad and maintained control over its occupied population due to apostasy laws. Not through “trade” as Muslims would like to argue. Islam presently works the same way it did in the past. Islam is the fastest growing religion today because of two reasons (technically 3): (a) birth rate AND (b) prison conversion rate [and (c) since I said 3 -because other than Jehovah Witnesses and Christianity –there is not many religious groups going out there trying to compete with Islam and convert other people into their religion. Not Buddhists, not Sikhs, not Jews, not Hindus. In fact, from the three religions I mentioned above that are trying to “save us”, Christianity and Islam are statistically neck-in-neck when it comes to conversion rates]. Do not believe the “trading” myth Muslims love to perpetuate that Islam spread through trade and the flowing of ideas. That Islam was peacefully spread region-to-region by trade and embracing of cultures. No, historically that does not hold up. Islam spread through Jihad, resettlement of whole populations, law of saturation, and high birth rates (as it does presently in cities like France, Belgium, Ireland, Canada, Australia, etc.)

4.) ISIS is historical Islam. “Moderate” Islam is an aberration. ISIS is how historical Islam spread across the world, do not let anyone tell you otherwise! “Extremist” Islam that is associated with “radical” groups like ISIS is true historical Islam. “Moderate” Islam only existed during Colonization and after Colonization not before Colonization. Before Colonization, there were no “moderate” Muslims there was only Jihad.

 5.) Islamic Jihad comes in waves. Note the historical dates in chronological order of the timeline above. Islamic jihad and success does not happen overnight (for the most part). Jihad starts (usually after a “Da’wah” –invitation is issued). The invitation issued is technically an extortionist racket that the Mafia also used, a sort of “protectionist racket” as they say stating: (a) convert, (b) pay the Jiyza (so we will not attack you), or (c) we attack you. If that first Jihad wave is stopped in its tracks then the next generation of Jihadis continues the Jihad until whatever area was being attacked is subdued, resettled with Muslims, and the land is then considered Muslim land. This is similar to history unfolding today in present day reality. The first wave of immigrants to Western and Eastern lands after the end of Colonization came from Pakistan, the Middle East, Somalia, and North Africa -all in hopes of a better life than the life they had been living in their countries. This first wave (for the most part) was loyal to their Colonizers and embraced the country they immigrated into the. However, second wave and third wave of immigrants (which also includes native born immigrants of the First wave of Muslims in Western and Eastern lands –which would be the children and grand children of the First wave of Muslims that came, they are the “radical” Muslims you see today joining ISIS). As I stated, at the onset, Islamic jihad over non-Muslim lands and non-Muslim populations historically comes in waves.

6.) Many “moderate” Muslims argue that it is because of the West and their designs on Middle Eastern oil that Muslims are fighting Muslims. Muslims argue that historically, Muslims did not fight Muslims and it is a by-product of Colonialism, Nationalism, and Globalization. Muslims argue that without Colonialism and Nationalism being issues, Muslims would not fight Muslims and in fact, Islam is a peaceful religion. The problem with that is there are many occasions where Muslims square off against Muslims even before oil was discovered. There were Muslims fighting Muslims even before nationalism was formed. There were Muslims fighting Muslims even before Globalization was spread. There were Muslims fighting Muslims even before Colonialism had started. For example:
(a) Shiite vs. Sunni split starting from the 8th century onwards (and still continuing presently)
(b) Timur vs. Bayezid I, Ottoman Turks (in the 14th and 15th century) ; Timur vs. Nasir-ad-Din Faraj, the Mamluke sultan of Egypt (in the 14th century); AND Timur vs. the Delhi Sultanate (in the 14th century)
(c) Saladin vs. the Hashshashin’s (in the 12th century)

These 3 battles that I mentioned above are just a few times where Muslims fight Muslims. However, the reasons, battles, people involved, and the numbers dead are numerous. In fact, Muslims have only been ruled by “strong men” whether it is through a Caliphate, Sultan, Mughal Emperor, Military Leader, or Dictator. Whether it’s from the days of Mohammed himself or present-day Islamic states –Muslims have always been ruled by the sword. Muslims only know and understand violence and are ruled by violence. (Again, the exception to the rule is Malaysia who has a constitutional monarch in place since 1957. Malaysia again is the aberration not the norm). Muslim societies historically have not been peaceful. What is happening in Libya and what happened in Afghanistan after the Soviets left (with Muslims fighting Muslims for power) –that is historical Islam. Historical Islam creates power vacuums that only bloodshed and violence allows for those power vacuums to be sealed and controlled.

7.) Lastly, I leave you with a few quotes about historical Islam. Remember these when “Moderate” Muslims argue against ISIS and Radical Islam and state that ISIS and Radical Islam are not historical Islam. When “Moderate” Muslims say violence is not a part of historical Islam remember that in fact -violence is historical Islam. What is not part of historical Islam is Muslims protesting against violent Islam. What is not part of historical Islam is Muslims protesting against Islam forcing Arabinization on whole populations, and spreading fear and intimidation to achieve their goals. What is not part of historical Islam is Muslims protesting when Islam asks for tributes and asks for Jiyza payments. What is not part of historical Islam is Muslims protesting when Islam is raping women and pillaging village. What is not part of historical Islam is Muslims fighting tooth and nail against other Muslims in order to prevent harm being committed on non-Muslims and stopping the destruction of churches and temples. This is historical Islam. This is why Muslims are not protesting against ISIS yet there is major protests against Israel. This is why Muslims are not protesting to save the lives of the Yazidis but are protesting the lives of Muslims living in Gaza. Historical Islam does not value the life of a non-Muslim. That is historical Islam. That is why Islam is not peaceful, never was peaceful, and will never bring peace to Earth.

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