Monday, February 2, 2015

"Paganism" & the Ancient Wisdom that Abrahamic Religions Replaced in the Ancient World


     What we know of  as "Paganism" was far more useful and practical than any of the Abrahamic religions that replaced them and thus were forced upon the people at the time.  Abrahamic religions replaced "Paganism" with the "Great Man Theory" of the one man who will save us all.  The Guilt Conscious is cemented and embedded into Abrahamic religion whether it is the story of Moses, King David, or Jesus.  Martyrdom entrenched inside of Abrahamic religions creates zealousness and emotions that need to be contained because it is often politicized and therefore serves a purpose that has very little to do with you and your actual existence. By realizing this you allow for yourself to be accountable for your thoughts and actions and you will realize that only you can save yourself, not anyone or anything else.  The Guilt Conscious that is cemented and embedded into Educational and Social Institutes even today and is used to politicize our reality needs to be seen so we can avoid being manipulated.  Removing the Guilt Conscious from your mind enables you to be free and understand the control, manipulation, and "whitewashing" that has occurred at the hands of the Elites throughout history.  Our existence depends on it.  The practical is often the most useful and simple and yet we choose to believe in the impossible based on "hope" and "faith" (though we realize now even in our present day, "hope" is abused by politicians and political parties).  It was the same in the past - "hope" and "faith" was used as manipulative tools by those with power. We need to return to ideas of the past that Abrahamic religions and the "Great Man theory" wiped from our collective conscious mind.

The Stoics (4:53 mins.)

10 Themes of Stoicism (14:59 mins.)

Epicurus (5:24 mins.)

     Abrahamic religions want to save everyone. Abrahamic religions believe that it is their duty to save everyone and in believing that, they have gone around forcing their religion and views on others while ridiculing and erasing other school of thoughts. Abrahamic religions have guided us to fulfilling a prophecy that could have been avoided. We need to bridge the gap created between Eastern and Western schools of thoughts and realize that both Eastern philosophies and Greek philosophies which focused on the individual being the only person to save himself is the only chance we have of saving our physical reality.  Not God or Jesus will save us (therefore no "Great Man Theory" in play).  No "first sin", no need for Jesus to redeem us, no Abraham or Moses.

     The West (especially the Catholic Church during the Renaissance) has whitewashed history and enabled us to misunderstood images of Fire, Wind, and Water (which are the active eternal energy in play), while Wood and Metal are instruments that allow for the active eternal energy to channel around and harness.  The West has erased our collective history by eliminating their competitors (Byzantine, Coptic Churches, and Persia) and allowing for the narrative of the West as being "the protectors" of Western civilization to be imbedded into our thought).

     The West has allowed for our collective conscious to forget that we have to understand thoughts, vibrations, energy, and manifestations as being our only reality and harness it rather than being afraid and letting the "Guilt Conscious" live through.  The "Guilt Conscious" limits and eliminates a lot of our actual cosmic energy.  We have to be attuned to astrological, planetary, geometrical, and numerical vibrations.  We also have to understand the energy and vibrations we emit (for example from our subconscious -or as some know it as the "evil eye") and allow blessings to flow through us through the use of our senses because it also plays an effect on our lives and the lives of others.

     We have to be more like Stoics, Gnostics, and Libertarians than constantly reading books that come after Abrahamic religions have influenced us.  We need to stop cocooning ourselves in ideologies we already believe in and want to only understand which only allows for the creation of "tunnel vision" and blocking out the rest of the world and our actual cosmological reality.  We have to realize that there are no real gods. "Gods" were just vibrations for the exoteric and uninitiated to pray to, focus on, and worship.  They were just symbols centered around vibrational thought and vibrational focus, nothing more.  Majority of the images you know of about Christianity and about Jesus come from the Venetian period and the Renaissance era. Previously, Christianity's symbols were the cross and the fish, not images of Jesus or Jesus being on the crucifix (that comes directly through the Western Church who inflicts upon us the Guilt Conscious).  This Guilt Conscious is what is carried and transmitted through the mainstream news and teaches us to be powerless, anxious, and fearful of ourselves, our world, and our future.

     We have to give up the "Great Man Theory" and pull away from our Guilt Consciousness and infancy due to dependence on something and someone saving us.  Only we can save ourselves through the thoughts and expectations we have of life, no one else. Not a force, not a person.  We have to adjust to our situations and environment and not run away from it or become medicated to avoid the pain that comes living in the physical world.  We as human beings have become imbalanced after the Industrial Revolution.  We as human beings have become imbalanced because of GM foods.  We as human being have become imbalanced by not paying attention or focusing on the natural cycles of the Earth and instead working irregular hours for things we don't need but want because it will allow for us to be accepted in this imbalanced Consumeristic reality we live in presently.

     When you fear death, you need to control life.  When you fear change, you decline to see another point of view or another perspective and instead cocoon yourself inside what you are familiar with and already know.  When you fear sickness or old age, you have lost the understanding of the life cycle and have become imbalanced.  We have become a society presently that is transfixed on attaining education, gaining credentials and titles from institutes, and sounding "educated"/"well informed".  However, we as a society and as individuals, have become imbalanced with our everyday reality.  We as individuals and as a society have become imbalanced with our breathing cycle.  We as individuals and as a society have become imbalanced with our thought processes and with the consequences of our actions.  We as individuals and as a society  have become unaccountable and irresponsible and therefore seek risks and thrills in order to have a "story"/"adventure" to tell others or to post on Social Networking sites to seem "fun".  Due to the fact we have acted like infants and children, the New World Order is now creating a system based on total control of our every existence and thought.  The New World Order is part and parcel with the way we live our lives.  You cannot create the New World Order without chaos and since they create "controlled chaos" to achieve the results that they seek, we the masses have given them all the reasons and abilities to do it.  We are complicit in the creation of the New World Order, we are not removed from it.  However, only understanding yourself, your thoughts, your actions, and your choices will allow you to break away from the complicity needed in creating the New World Order.

Buddhism (5:43 mins.)

Daoism (5:29 mins.)

Nietzsche (6:56 mins.)

Heidegger (5:23 mins.)


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