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A Rich Man's Game/The Black Nobility (11 Questions by Readers)

This quote sums it up perfectly (even though it was meant in a positive, progressive, and benevolent way) it's ironic that it applies to the Black Nobility perfectly.

Question 1 -You say in an earlier article that the Black Nobility have impacted the course of events.  Can you give me a Historical Timeline that would help me understand this concept better?

1.) Sacking of the Byzantine Empire during the Fourth Crusade leading to the Annexation of Byzantine land to the Venetian Empire (1202-1204) which leads to the eventual fall to the Ottoman Empire (1453)
2.) Funding the arts, historical narrative, and culture of the Renaissance Era from the 1453-17th century **
3.) After the Battle of Vienna in 1683, not pushing forth with John III Sobieski  in order to capture more Ottoman held lands in the Balkans and therefore pushing the Ottomans out of the Balkans
4.) Intervention during the Crimean War of 1853-1856 in order to save Constantinople from Russian capture
5.) Interference during the Turko-Russian War and thus creating the Treaty of San Stefano (1878) and eventual Treaty of Berlin (1878) which allows for World War I to break out
6.) Annexation of lands in India to create East and West Pakistan (1947)
7.) Preventing Pan-Arabism from taking root in the 1950s & 1960s and instead supporting Arab Conservatism (as well as using heavy French, American, and British investments in the Middle East and North Africa to prop up Conservative Arab dictators)
8.) Espousing and propagating MultiCulturalism and Liberalism in Western Educational Institutes and Western Social Institutes (1971-2015) therefore allowing for an Underclass to be created which is heavily dependent on Socialist Democracy in order to survive. Simultaneously, also censoring any forms of criticisms against Multiculturalism, the Law of Accommodation, and Liberalism as being "hate crimes" which allows for the slow erosion of Western culture into a "Neutral Culture" that is centered around Consumerism.
9.) Supporting the Mujahideen and the Taliban during the Soviet Invasion (1979-1989)
10.) Support of Khomeini during the Iran Revolution (1979) and during the Iran-Iraq (1980-1988) conflict through finances and arms
11.) Activating "sleeper cells" for False Flag attacks (9/11,7/7, 11-M,13/7, Shootings at Parliament 2014, Sydney hostage Crisis 2014, Charlie Hebdo attacks 2015, etc.)  thereby changing the course and direction of government policies.
12.) Fall of Secular and "Liberal" ruled Islamic Regimes (Iraq -2003 and Libya -2011) at the hands of Al Qaeda
13.) The creation of ISIS and the support of Jihadis in Syria and Iraq (2014) and the creation and support of Boko Haram (2014)

**Every image you know of Jesus presently comes from the Renaissance era.  The Protestant Reformation (1517-1648), the publishing of the Gutenberg Bible (1454) & The King James Bible version (1611) -that the world is familiar with. The use of the letter "J" for Jesus' name.  The narrative that Islam preserved the texts of Western civilization so that during the Renaissance era the Western rebirth could start -are all items and narratives that the Black Nobility have used to "white wash" Byzantine influence from history.  In fact, Russia has always been attacked by the Black Nobility who tear them down (1917), to bring them up (1941), to tear them down again (1991), to bring them up (1999-2013), to tear them down again (2015).  The Black Nobility are the same bloodlines that in 956-969 were removed by Sviatoslav I of Kiev and therefore dispersed into the Ottoman held areas and the Venetian held areas. "The destruction of Khazar imperial power paved the way for Kievan Rus' to dominate north-south trade routes through the steppe and across the Black Sea, routes that formerly had been a major source of revenue for the Khazars. The removal of the Khazars changed the demographics and culture of the transitional area between the forest and the steppe".  The Black Nobility has used the Ottoman Empire (1850-1878), Britain & France (1850-1918), Japan (1904-1905), and the U.S.A. (1947-1991) against Russia in war.  The Black Nobility have always used the Roman Catholic Church and Communism against Russia and Russian Orthodox Churches.  Now a distracted generation will see the full horrors of war that has been kept from their eyes and held away from Europe and North America since World War 2.

Question 2 -Have dictators worked with the Black Nobility?
     Ottoman Sultans, Adolf Hitler, Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Gamal Abdel Nasser, and Napoleon Bonaparte (to name a few) were all Dictators that worked with the Black Nobility. All the Dictators mentioned received funding and arms from the Black Nobility through their networks and agents.  All the Dictators were allowed to take power and do as they wished to their own people and their own country but when it came to altering and diverting revenue sources that the Black Nobility had built into place (similar to Kiev Russia in the late 900s when Sviatoslav I of Kiev took control of their major sources of revenue) -all the Dictators became expendable and were disposed of accordingly.  The Black Nobility often fund "both sides of coin" therefore allowing the victor of the war to be indebted to them.  This is how the Black Nobility controls the choices and decisions Dictators and Rulers make.  The Black Nobility use Dictators like pawns and often force the Dictators into a course of actions that will eventually be his downfall and overthrow.  The Dictators do not realize this until "the dagger is hanging over their head" and by then it is too late to change course.  Influential public leaders such as JFK Jr, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Robert Kennedy, etc. that have been used by the Black Nobility have tried to do more than what was needed of them and thus were all eliminated in public view as a message to anyone that wanted to follow in their steps.  Public executions of prominent figures sends a message similar to the executions that the Mafia performed in Public or Public Beheadings and Public Executions in Medieval societies.  For example it was, "Business as usual" after Napoleon subdued the French Terror, consolidated the French under his power, and created the Napoleonic Wars in order to expand his French Empire.  By the time that Napoleon had eliminated Rome's power during his occupation in 1797-1815 -the Venetians and Khazars (the Black Nobility) had already established international networks, businesses, and fraternities worldwide.  However, after Napoleon has outlived his usefulness, Napoleon was removed from power during the conclusion of the "Battle of Waterloo" in 1815 at the hands of the British.  The Black Nobility had no problems removing Napoleon and restoring the Bourbon Dynasty.  The Black Nobility are now entrenched in societies all over the world and therefore are harder to remove.  Dictators are helpless against their powerful network and are often slaves like the rest of the masses.

Question 3 -You write that the Khazars were able to influence Western history, how is that possible if they had lost their Empire?
     During wars, the first people to leave are the Wealthy and Influential.  Often, there is a symbolical figure from that sector of society that is left to "fall" so symbolically it looks as if the Wealthy and Influential have lost their power.  However, the "Wealth Drain" weakened the country for the new rulers and simultaneously enables the Wealthy and Influential to go undetected by the masses (similar to what happened to the Byzantine Empire when the Ottomans ruled over it).  The Elites who form particular social circles, networks, and fraternities go into these social circles when "their" country falls and now work in their new country continuing forth with their agendas and plans as if nothing happened and it is "Business as Usual".  These social networks, fraternities, and social circles protect their members and since it is an exclusive membership -majority of the masses are from the outside looking in. This is why it is difficult if not almost impossible to eliminate an entrenched network of social, financial, and military elite once they has been created and why historically it has never been liquidated.  This is why the Khazars and Venetians (the Black Nobility) are almost impossible to defeat.   On a side note, the second group of people that leave during wars are the Intellectuals, Theorists, and Academics because they too fled to other countries as the infrastructure and economy crumbles around them (this is how the Renaissance era was able to start in Venice and Florence once Byzantine fell to the Ottomans).  The poor are left on their own and are caught in battle zones with very little choices left to them -either fight or submit and be occupied (ex: Iraq in 2003).

Question 4 -How do these Networks orchestrate "False Flags"?
     Intelligence Agents recruit average people as patsys and scapegoats to be disposed of at a later date.  Everyone including the Intelligence Agents are expendable and therefore once they have served a purpose they are expendable.  You have to realize that in life, there are Assets and Liabilities.  The Black Nobility and their members are Assets.  The Black Nobility's revenue sources are Assets.  The Black Nobility's Infrastructure are Assets.  Everything and everyone else is a Liability.  The Black Nobility have no problem using hooligans, gang members, and criminals to start fights in order to raise tensions in any one particular area.  The Black Nobility have no problem killing anyone through the use of foreign mercenaries and "hired guns" (ex military agents).  The Black Nobility have no problem using the Police and Private Investigators to spy on individuals.  Since everyone and everything is a pawn to the Black Nobility, they wait for the right time to use these pawns and then dispose of them.  That means they will send pawns on trips, set up meetings with individuals for pawns, train pawns, photograph pawns, and create a backstory for pawns and then when the pawn least suspects it, use all the trips, the meetings that they had with individuals, the training, the photographs, and the backstory to create a particular narrative that enables the pawn to be a "scapegoat" allowing for the opportunistic agenda to play out in society and their next phase to commence.

Question 5 -If the Black Nobility have everything under control why are there "leaks"?
     Individuals such as Ed Snowden, Anonymous, and Julian Assange are "Controlled Opposition" and "Double Agents".  This means that they are serving the Black Nobility's purpose and therefore are allowed to survive.  "Whistleblowers" however who find a way to "leak" a story are often court martialed, sent to jail with long prison terms, are publicly humiliated and therefore fired and "blacklisted", or killed before their stories pick up any real traction.  Majority of Charities and Human Rights groups are also "controlled opposition" needed in society in order to move the masses to a particular useful purpose.  Even the message of "Piracy hurts everyone" is something that is used for the benefits of the Black Nobility because though it is a benevolent message, the truth is that Piracy mostly hurts revenues from the Entertainment sector.  However, that is also a useful spin for the Black Nobility and their networks because: (a) Piracy allows for the argument created that due to low "profit margins" and below "revenue expectations" it allows the laying off of employees as opposed to saying, "the movie or show tanked because of a bad writing or bad acting" or the "movie tanked because of the economic situation and the masses not having disposable income to spend".  The Black Nobility do not want to stop piracy because it actually allows for more of their propaganda, disinformation, misinformation, and narrative to filter through the entertainment sector and out into the masses.  This is the exact same thing they do with wars and with charity groups where "they play both sides of the coin" and still get the result they want at the end.

Question 6 -How come Law Enforcement and the Courts don't strip away the Black Nobility's power?
     "Beat cops" are instruments of Force.  They get their orders from "Higher Ups" and then act upon it.  Court Prosecutors are instruments of Law who get their orders from the Government and Select Interest Groups and then act upon it finding a way to get a conviction.  Defense Lawyer working for the State or Select Interest Groups -also do the same thing as Court Prosecutors in order to allow for an "Acquittal" or a "Mistrial".  With that said, since the Black Nobility controls Social institutions and Educational institutions, the Mainstream Media, and the Government -they already influence public opinion so that if any "Beat Cop", or Court Prosecutor, or Defense Lawyer tries to do more than is necessary he/she will be ridiculed by the public (for doing the "right" thing.  Often social pressure is far greater on the mind and body than physical pressure and is the main instrument that allows people to conform and become people and make choices that they would never normally make or become people they would never become).  Secondly, the Black Nobility also has high ranking members in the Police Department, as Judges, and as "Experts" so that they will often get the result that is needed once it gets to Court (if it gets that far).  The Black Nobility has countless of individuals who they use as informants and many times,  "Informants are paid to lie. They are only created in order to lie and mislead real cases and real cops so that the case can either be thrown out altogether or a certain verdict is assured".  The Black Nobility also intimidate and defund institutions and organizations that go against their agendas so it is very difficult to find the reason to overthrow them if your whole career, livelihood, and salary demands that you look the other way.  Finally, the Black Nobility is so entrenched and global that you cannot eliminate their actual power by stopping one individual or group in any one country.  Therefore, it is difficult if not almost impossible, to "strip away the Black Nobility's power".

Question 7 -What do you think of David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, & Alex Jones?
     The Reptilian Agenda (David Icke), UFO spin (Michael Tsarion), and the use of the European Elites ruling without including the power of the Zionists and Khazars (Alex Jones) are more harmful than helpful.  All these individuals discredit actual historical narratives by using "Red herrings" that lead to nowhere.  All individuals mentioned above actually use misinformation and disinformation to bring you close but then spin you away from the actual historical narrative in play.  Since propaganda is spewed forth from educational institutes and through the mainstream media who use selected "experts" and use "paid research" in order to back up their stories and narratives -which are then recorded as history and accepted as fact -it is very difficult to find ways to allow for other genuine historical narratives to flow into society.  Institutions allow for the  propagation of a particular viewpoint and mindframe inside of institutes and allows it to filter to younger generations who then grow up with that mindframe being entrenched into their worldview and way of thinking and acting in society.  It is very difficult to contradict the "official narrative" once it is promulgated.  The "alternative narrative" or "parallel narrative" will not be covered and though it might possibly be mentioned (because it is too hard to suppress since it appeared in "real time") it is then "snowed on and buried" never to be mentioned again.  David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, and Alex Jones are all individuals that will give you a head start but more has to be done by the individual that wants to learn.  You can't allow other individuals to think for you.  Research and think for yourself.

Question 8 -What is the main agenda of the Black Nobility?
     In simplicity, creating and maintaining control over Individuals and Nations through the use of dependency and debt.  Whether it's through Levies on Students (ex: Pan Am Games and UTSC) or Taxes on citizens (ex: World Cup in Brazil or Infrastructure Projects in Asia) people are the "insurance" that politicians need in order to ensure that Corporations and Banks don't take losses.  The Poor (or Students) get levied taxes and fees while the Corporations and Banks are allowed to be "Bailed Out".  The Black Nobility presently is creating it's Regionalization of the world and wants to make Russia smaller and smaller.  The smaller the state, the more Dependent they are on the global economy (especially "landlocked nations").  The bigger the state, the more Independent and self reliant they are therefore being able to look after their own citizens or their own country.  The Black Nobility is allowing for ancient lands and sites in the Middle East such as Coptic Churches to fall to "barbarians" like ISIS.  The Black Nobility has allowed for Greece to go bankrupt and their historical sites to fall into disrepair (in the past the Black Nobility has allowed Greece to be occupied and lose their lands to the Ottoman Empire).  The Black Nobility has allowed Ethiopian historical sites and Ethiopian Orthodox churches to fall to Communism.  The Black Nobility is allowing for the destruction of historical narrative and the re-writing of historical narrative for future generations.  The Black Nobility's main agenda is full and total control of populations and individuals through the use of technology, automation, debt, and dependence.

Question 10 -Is there a way to defeat the Black Nobility?
     No there is not mainly because majority of people think in "black and white" and when you think in "black and white" you get "black and white results".  Majority of people are caught in a "Rat Race" created by the Black Nobility because they are not honest with themselves first and foremost and secondly they are not honest to their friends and family.  Majority of people lie to themselves about their expectations and about their wants and needs.  Majority of people lie to themselves about why they work and what they work for.  In fact, most people work because they need money to eat, not because they want to work.  However, they justify that they love to work because they can contribute to the economy and because they can buy the things they want (and that is their identity marker presently -the possessions they own).  Ironically though, these are the same individuals that use Line of Credits and Credit Cards and go in debt and live in debt -living in lifestyles that have nothing to do with their real goals or purpose in life.  When you are honest with yourself -you can be honest about your motivations, your expectations, and your actions -which is what majority of the people don't do because they are living a lie in a disillusioned world therefore strengthening and speeding up the Black Nobility's agenda and being complicit in the Black Nobility's plans. Immigrants and Refugees will come to a country after leaving a "War torn country" and instead of being grateful for being in that country and being alive, majority of the Immigrants/Refugees will ask the country they now reside in, to accommodate their "Religious wants" and "Cultural needs".  However, staying alive was the main reason that the Refugee or Immigrant arrived in a country.  The secondary reason was because the country you choose was a better choice than the country you escaped from and had more economic opportunities and social programs that you could use and take advantage of.  Yet, because you are not honest (and therefore not grateful or humble) you are in a state of anger, anxiety, distress, jealousy, and envy which is what the Black Nobility thrives on.  People do things they hate so they can get social acceptance from other people that do not impact them very much in their everyday lives and because of this "black and white" thinking and not separating your want from your need the Black Nobility can never ever be defeated or overthrown. The Black Nobility preys on individual's weaknesses and strengths, making it impossible to defeat the Black Nobility.

Question 11 -What is the main strategy that the Black Nobility use for control?
     "Divide and Rule" through Distraction and Manipulation by using the Mainstream Media, Entertainment Sector, and Social and Educational Institutes.

In the past, some "Empire Cultures" such as Islam and Catholicism conquered and then multiplied in order to erase traces of groups and cultures they overthrew.


"It is the very nature of power that it attracts the very sort of people who should not have it. The United States, as the world's last superpower, is a prize that attracts men and women willing to do anything to win that power, and hence are willing to do anything with it once they have it. It is racist to assume that tyrants appear only in other nations and that somehow America is immune simply because we're Americans”

"The tyrant's sole power rests on forcing you to believe the official lies!"

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