Saturday, February 22, 2014

Poetic Perspective (part 5) -Opportunity Lost, Lessons Forgotten

Technology has evolved but have we as people?
If we have, then how come we still don’t respect other people?
Their views, their opinions, their beliefs
We just seem to think about, “me, me, me”
We find what we believe to be reality
Instead of seeing others as being unique
We see them as being different, as the “Other”, as being diseased
Needing to be cured
If they don’t conform, they are ignored
Pushed to the fringes, stigmatized, and pushed away

So what does that say about civilization today?
Gays and Lesbians, Jews, and Immigrants - tolerated due to “Hate Laws”
Laws used to hide civilization’s flaws
To pretend we’re better than we really are
But watch how everyone stares
When they do not want you there
Awkward conversations and strained words
Absurd because nothing is really shared

Opportunity lost, lessons forgotten
Every generation is the same, we hope for a change
But we forget that we have already got to this stage
Then disaster strikes and we look for scapegoats
All those differences that were tolerated before now seem to, “rock the boat”
Immigration rules change and Refugee laws get created and enacted
Will “progress” go backwards? Will our attitudes and behaviors become retroactive?

Intolerance is bred, hate resumes
Until our whole civilization is engulfed and consumed
Opportunity lost, Lessons forgotten

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