Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Smoke and Mirrors (part 8) - The Faltering Economy & the Corporate Driven "War on Terror" Campaign

"The pullback in spending causes companies to cut back on inventory and staff – Creating unemployment. Which causes spending to fall and companies to cut back on inventory and staff -Creating more unemployment. Causing spending to fall even further, forcing companies to cut back on inventory and staff – Creating even more unemployment resulting in 263,000 jobs eliminated in September. At this pace, Full UnEmployment is on Track for 2012. The world is engulfed in a global economic crisis of staggering ferocity"

The global economy will also be weakened by defaults in CREDIT CARDS, MORTGAGES, and to INSURANCE COMPANIES since majority of people will be unable to pay for any of those services once their jobs are gone or their hours are cut thus weakening the governments, corporations and companies, and bankers who will retaliate by cutting more staff, cutting pay (while saving or trying to raise their own), and raising taxes as well as creating more opportunities for the government to make money (toll roads, larger fines and penalties, etc.). It won't matter how educated you think you are, the religion you believe in, the race/gender/ethnicity you are, or what social class or caste you feel you're from. This SOCIALLY ENGINEERED and CONSTRUCTED CRISIS was built to affect everyone.

The WAR ON TERROR was created to have an eternal enemy that can be perpetuated for as long as they need until they eliminate ALL people who protest against them and label them as insurgents or terrorists (and that's only because majority of the world are misinformed, uninformed, and dis-informed as well as being apathetic, indifferent, and nonchalant about what is occurring and thus do not speak up for what is really happening. Innocent people are dying and it has nothing to do with TERRORISM. It's about MONOPOLIZATION of land and resources and creating GLOBAL TENSION so fake wars between governments who think that we as human beings are expendable can eventually create A NEW WORLD ORDER based on WORLD REGIONS and not based on nationalities, religions, or countries and borders).

This has nothing to do with SOCIALISM (that's double-speak), this has more to do with FASCISM. It doesn't affect the wealthy, just the "NEW MONEY". The OLD MONEY already own all the lands, the gold, the natural resources, and they own you. This is about DE-POPULATION, EUGENICS, TRANS-HUMANISM, a society and world totally and absolutely self sufficient on technology without the need for majority of human beings being needed to run the technology. This isn't a conspiracy theory, it's a GLOBAL AGENDA at full tilt and it's on US to inform others and to wake everyone up. Schools and the media won't teach you this, any MARXIST theorists can tell you why though. It's because the wealthy control ALL the tools needed to perpetuate the society in existence until they feel the need to move it in the direction that benefits them. 

It's time to realize our interconnection with this world and everyone around us and understand that we are responsible for the world that we create and leave behind for our children. If the world's not worth living in for you personally, at least make it worth living for those you love. For their children and the generations that will come after you. For them not to be enslaved. Do not lose everything that our past generations and ancestors fought so hard to create and build. The future is worth living in but it must start with you taking responsibility for every thought, word, and action that you do.

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