Saturday, February 22, 2014

Poetic Perspective (part 8) -What If?

What if you can’t tell the difference between the cops and the criminals?
How can you comfort the sick when they are terminal?
What if all the ads on TV are subliminal?
What if this is the reality you are already in?
Where nothing matters and there exists no sin?

What if God was created and a figment of someone’s mind?
What if it was the “blind leading the blind”?
If happiness was sold so that you don’t commit suicide?
A disguise that keeps you alive
For the truth would eat away at you until you faded away and died
Moment by moment eating away slowly on the inside
Like cancer spreading inside your body –there is no way to hide
Just dying to survive
So you can say goodbye
But why say bye when death isn’t the end of life and your soul’s energy is keeping you alive?

What if politicians were thieves and the government worked solely for profit?
What could you do if you did not have firearms to overthrow, replace, or stop it?
What if the poor kept the rich alive and the rich exploited the poor?
Why is it a crime when the poor rise up and want to settle the score?

What if parents scarred, damaged, and traumatized their children?
What would be the point of enabling life to begin?
What if doctors prescribed medicine only for profit?
What if the patient couldn’t afford it?
How could you treat the patient if he refused the medication and stopped it?
What is worst, the cure or the disease?
Slow death in agony? or passing away quickly and easily?

What if demons existed but only in our hearts?
Existed with us since men evolved, civilization expanded, and modern society began to start
Murder, violence, bloodshed, war, rape, and forced incest
Coping mechanisms that failed to deal with our stress
What if killers imitated violence on the TV screens?
Nothing is as it seems?
What you see in front of us, even though it is real, is constructed and make believe
The media tells lies, what’s recorded in history is half a truth, half faked
History written by winners, crooks, and thieves
Making sure, they control your mind and all that you see
Entire groups silenced, exploited, killed off, and left for dead
Entire countries and land ravaged, pillaged, and populations left to starve to death
Peoples, books, symbols, and languages all burnt or erased
Until they are left, as a case study since that was their “fate”

What if society celebrated death by celebrating killers instead of victims?
What if victims were used by those who seek opportunism, money, and those willing to trick them?
Giving them hope and shattering it just as fast
Like watching your dreams die slowly, melting away like bodies in a car crash
Life’s not meant to last and neither are dreams
Only when you eliminate society will you end this disease
Otherwise life is repetitive, no reason to believe we can proceed

No reason to believe this cycle will end and civilization will ever succeed.

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