Saturday, February 22, 2014

Poetic Perspective (part 11) - Sand In A Hour Glass

Time passes away never to return
Unlike sand in an hourglass, it can never be flipped upside down and reversed
A curse
That mankind must always live life forward
Any regrets, all mistakes, every remorse he may feel -stays
Whether it’s valid or not, it shapes his future, his actions, and our future thoughts

As we age we get frailer
Weaker, sicker, rigid, and desensitized
To the scenes in front of us which have shaped our very lives
Many we love -pass away in front of our eyes
Either through disease, accidents, natural causes, or suicides
Many hearts break, too much emotional trauma
How can you turn away from thoughts and ideas that haunt you?
Broken dreams, wrong career, many avoidable misadventures
Negative friends, abusive relationships, and ideas that have failed

Reality is built to break you
The media circulates utter nonsense
Don’t let it consume you
Become you
Or shape you
It’s nothing but propaganda and lies
Time is precious even thought it passes us by
Use it to your advantage and never watch the good inside you bleed out and die

Use time wisely, learning from mistakes, always ready to smile

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